Email Open and Click Rates, by Subject Line Length

Keep it short, suggest results from a new study.
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Holiday 2014 Data Hub

A comprehensive review of holiday-related research.
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Online Adults Report Spending Close to 3 Hours a Day Using the Internet At Home

LRG-Time-Spent-Online-at-Home-Oct2014Source: Leichtman Research Group
    Notes: The average time spent by an individual with internet service at home is 2.8 hours, finds the Leichtman Research Group, up from 2.2 hours in 2009. That 2.8-hour average rises to 3.3 hours among Millennials (18-34), who, for the first time, are spending more time online at home than watching TV, per the report. Separately, the study indicates that 79% of US households get broadband internet service at home, up a point from last year.
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    Mobile Now Two-Thirds of Facebook’s Ad Revenues

    Facebook-Mobile-MAUs-Ad-Revenues-Q32012-Q32014-Oct2014Source: Facebook [pdf]
      Notes: Facebook's advertising revenues grew by 64% year-over-year in Q3 to $3.2 billion, of which mobile comprised 66% share, up from 49% share a year ago. Some 64% of Facebook's 1.35 billion monthly active users accessed the site daily, translating to 864 million daily active users (DAUs). Roughly 81% of those were mobile DAUs.
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      US Email Open and Click Rates, by Hour Scheduled, in 2013

      MailerMailer-US-Email-Open-Rates-by-Hour-Scheduled-in-2013-Oct2014Mailer Mailer has released its latest annual "Email Marketing Metrics Report" analyzing data from almost 1.2 billion opt-in newsletters. While the topic of timing seems to often inspire debate as to its usefulness (and should always be based on an individual list's performance), it's certainly interesting to look at general trends based off a large sample.
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      How B2B “End User Buyers” Are Engaging in Online Commerce

      IntershopForrester-B2B-End-User-Buyers-Supplier-Decisions-Oct2014"B2B end user buyers" have various procurement policies in place, such as approval/authorization procedures (76%) and reimbursements policies (57%), but 3 in 10 report a lack of concern for such policies and say that they will buy the products and services they want anyway. That's according to a commissioned study [download page] conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Intershop, which looks at "nonprocurement business professionals who purchase products and services for work-related activities."
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      Mobile Ad Click, Conversion Rates Seen Higher Among Women

      AppLovin-Mobile-Ad-Behavior-by-Gender-and-Platform-Oct2014Source: AppLovin
        Notes: Women are more likely than men to click on mobile ads, and they also sport higher conversion rates and average purchase values, finds AppLovin in an analysis of more than one billion data points in July. That trend holds true across both Android and Apple operating systems, per the report. Separately, while click rates are higher on Android than iOS, iOS users convert at a greater rate and spend more when they do.
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        Where Are Demand Gen And Sales Training Teams Most Aligned?

        CorpVisions-B2B-Demand-Gen-Sales-Training-Alignment-Oct2014Source: Corporate Visions
          Notes: Only about 1 in 10 B2B marketers and salespeople from around the world report a complete level of coordination between their demand generation and sales training teams, per Corporate Visions, although roughly 85% report at least some degree of coordination. Alignment was (unsurprisingly) tied to performance, with 4 in 10 saying that their alignment leads to better lead conversion and closed deals, and one-quarter reporting that their lack of alignment leads to lost lead conversion and closed deals. In terms of the areas of alignment, conversation strategy (55.8% coordination) is highest, while asset/content development (34.6%) and analytics/metrics (31.8%) are lowest.
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