Which Conversion Rate Optimization Method Is Trending Most This Year?

Website personalization is one of the biggest CRO trends this year. Find out which website areas are being tested and personalized, and where marketers are finding testing ideas.
Continue reading » | October 19, 2016

Global Market Research Industry Registers Growth Uptick

The 2.2% growth in spending after adjusting for inflation is the fastest rate recorded since 2010.
Continue reading » | October 20, 2016

Halloween Spending Expected to Reach New High

nrf-halloween-spending-forecasts-2005-2016-oct2016Almost 7 in 10 American adults plan to celebrate Halloween this year, according to a recent report from the NRF. Total Halloween-related spending is expected to reach $8.4 billion, the highest amount in the NRF survey's history, and representing a more than 20% increase from last year's expected total of $6.9 billion.
Continue reading » | October 20, 2016

Why Word-of-Mouth Should Be A Key Focus of Your Hispanic Marketing Strategy

kellerfaygroup-hispanics-and-brand-word-of-mouth-oct2016Word-of-mouth is the leading influencer of consumer purchase decisions in the US, topping all paid advertising channels. New research from Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs company, shows that Hispanics are not only more likely to engage in word-of-mouth than the general public, but also more likely to pass along the information they hear to others.
Continue reading » | October 19, 2016

What Incentives Would Drive Use of Mobile-Only Banks?

nielsen-incentives-driving-mobile-only-bank-use-oct2016About 1 in 4 mobile device owners around the world say they'd be highly likely to use a mobile-only bank, according to a Nielsen study [download page]. For the 45% who are somewhat likely to do so, some incentives would be more convincing than others, per the report.
Continue reading » | October 18, 2016

Do Men and Women Have Differing Approaches to Loyalty Programs?

crowdtwist-activities-earn-loyalty-program-points-by-gender-oct2016Women are more likely than men to always buy a brand regardless of price, quality, convenience or brand promise, according to a study from CrowdTwist [download page]. Based on a survey of more than 1,000 US adults, the study shows that women belong to more loyalty programs and consider themselves loyal to more brands.
Continue reading » | October 18, 2016

Data-Backed Insights to Increase Video Ad Effectiveness

yume-video-ad-persuasion-metrics-by-time-of-day-oct2016Digital video viewing may peak in the evening, but consumer receptiveness and response to ads are at their highest point in the morning hours, according to a recently-released study from YuMe. Based on consumer surveys and digital diaries measuring consumption habits, ad receptivity and branding effectiveness, the YuMe study offers up some insights designed to optimize video ad effectiveness.
Continue reading » | October 17, 2016

Sales Isn’t Taking Advantage of Content. Here’s How Marketing Can Improve Its Efforts.

seismic-b2b-marketers-pressing-content-challenges-oct2016[SPONSORED CONTENT] The old saying goes: "Half of my advertising is wasted – I just don't know which half." This maxim might as well also apply to the B2B content marketing sphere, according to a new study from Seismic that's based on a survey of 100 senior B2B marketers in the US, primarily from enterprise companies.

Continue reading » | October 17, 2016

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