Half of Millennials in the US Would Consider Banking With Amazon or Google

Close to one-third of adults worldwide would consider switching to a supermarket or retailer for their banking needs.
Continue reading » | January 20, 2017

Holiday 2016 Data Hub (Updated)

Recapping the 2016 holiday season, in numbers.
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Majority of US Adults Live in Cell-Only Households

A slight majority (52%) of US adults now live in households with cellphones but lacking landlines, reports GfK, with this being twice the proportion from 2010 (26%). Not surprisingly, it's Millennials leading the way in this transition, with 71% living in cell-only households.
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US Q4 E-Commerce Conversion Rates Were Almost 3 Times Higher on Desktops Than on Smartphones

While smartphones' share of e-commerce traffic continues to grow with each passing quarter, conversion rates have been slow to catch up, according to Monetate's latest benchmark figures covering Q4 2016. Indeed, within the US, conversion rates were almost 3 times higher on computers (4.31%) than they were on smartphones (1.5%).
Continue reading » | January 19, 2017

How Should You Advertise to Gen Z?

Millward Brown has released its latest annual AdReaction study, measuring consumer attitudes and receptiveness to advertising via a survey of almost 24,000 Gen Z (16-19), Gen Y (20-34) and Gen X (35-49) consumers in 39 countries. The study finds that while these generations share some attitudinal similarities - such as preference for traditional over digital advertising formats - they also offer up some distinctions.
Continue reading » | January 18, 2017

Mobile App Sessions Growth Slows in 2016; Category Cannibalization Begins

Year after year, mobile app sessions growth - while slowing - has been robust if not eye-opening. But that decade-long streak seems to be coming to an end, finds Flurry in its annual report, with the firm declaring that "on their tenth anniversary, mobile apps start eating their own."
Continue reading » | January 18, 2017

How Consumers Think Brands Can Use Virtual Reality For Marketing

Despite a high degree of interest in using virtual reality to watch movies, there's not much interest on the part of consumers when it comes to brands and advertisers using virtual reality (VR) to provide exclusive content and trailers, finds YuMe [download page] in a survey of more than 800 adults aged 18-54. But, there's reason to believe that virtual reality can be used effectively to demo products.
Continue reading » | January 17, 2017

Which Emerging Market Research Methods Are Gaining Favor?

Emerging market research methods such as mobile surveys and online communities may no longer be deemed "emerging," having well and truly broken into the mainstream, according to the latest edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report. By comparison, despite some gains in use, methods such as neuromarketing and wearables-based research remain niche.
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