Internet Adoption Rates, by Demographic, 2000-2015

Almost 6 in 10 Americans aged 65 and older now use the internet.
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Are Young People Watching Less TV? (Updated – Q1 2015 Data)

With more than 4 years' worth of data to analyze, it's time to play "spot the trend."
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2015’s Most Patriotic Brands, in the Eyes of Consumers

BrandKeys-Americas-Most-Patriotic-Brands-Jun2015Source: Brand Keys [pdf]
    Notes: Jeep is the most patriotic brand in the US for the third consecutive year, being the closely associated with the value of "patriotism," according to Brand Keys' latest analysis, which is based on a survey of 5,427 consumers aged 16-65. Among the top 50 brands, Jack Daniels had the biggest lift year-over-year (+18% points to 93%), with its patriotic resonance with consumers carrying it into the top 10. Other brands absent from last year's top 10 but cracking it this year are Coors, American Express, and Gatorade.
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    Interbrand Top 100 Brands’ Social Media Adoption, by Platform

    SimplyMeasured-Interbrand100-SocNet-Adoption-Activity-Jun2015Source: Simply Measured [download page]
      Notes: All of the Interbrand Top 100 global brands have an account on YouTube and 92 posted content on the platform in April, according to a recent report from Simply Measured. Activity was highest on Twitter, however, which saw each of the 98 brands with an account also active during April. Of note, some 79% of the top brands were active on Instagram, and almost two-thirds were active on Google+. While two-thirds had an account on Pinterest, only 41% posted content on the platform in April.
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      Weekend Reading, 6/26/15

      NYAMACharneyResearchNow-Attractive-Emerging-Markets-US-Marketers-Jun2015China (71%) and Brazil (66%) are the two emerging markets clearly most favored as being "very attractive" to US marketers, per results [download page] from a survey conducted by Charney Research and Research Now and commissioned by the NY American Marketing Association. Interestingly, the survey of 315 brand owners (61% of respondents) and agencies (39%) finds that small companies (sales under $100 million) are about twice as likely as large ones (62% vs. 32%) to be planning to enter one or more emerging markets this year.
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      Where Do Americans Perceive Mobile Payments As Being Useful?

      HarrisPoll-Perceived-Usefulness-Mobile-Payments-Point-of-Purchase-Jun2015Source: The Harris Poll
        Notes: Consumer experience with various types of mobile payment opportunities is rising, per findings from a recent Harris Poll, although interest in "tap-for-pay" among smartphone users remains unchanged from late 2013. Privacy concerns and the absence of a compelling motivation are the top reasons given for the lack of interest in using a smartphone to process in-person transactions. Asked at which of various points-of-purchase it might be useful to replace cash or a card with mobile payments, adults surveyed pointed first to public transit (61%), followed by movie theaters (59%), big box retailers (59%) and gas stations/convenience stores (59%).
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        Which Pain Points Are Giving Marketers Headaches?

        EconsultancySmartFocus-Marketing-Pain-Points-and-Impact-Jun2015Forget proving ROI. That's a headache, but not a "migraine-inducing" one, according to results from a new survey [download page] from Econsultancy and SmartFocus. Instead, the biggest pain point for client-side marketers today - of those identified - is the major bottleneck presented by IT and web development teams, per the study.
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        Almost 1 in 3 Have Been Persuaded to Watch A TV Show Based on Social Buzz

        Digitalsmiths-Social-Impact-on-TV-Jun2015Some 31% of US and Canadian adults (18+) say they have at some point chosen to watch a TV show or movie because of all the buzz it was getting on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, according to the latest quarterly video trends report [download page] from Digitalsmiths. But growth in this area appears to have slowed, based on a review of past editions of the study.
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