The 10 Most Shared Video Ads of 2014

A certain Shakira video tops the list...
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Weekend Reading, 11/21/14

An assortment of data - spanning service sector revenues, mobile use and advertising effectiveness, product recommendations, email reputation significance, social care, corporate social responsibility, video ads, and B2B sales training - to get you through the weekend.
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What Motivates Americans to Engage in Digital Activism?

ConeComm-Digital-Activism-Motivators-Nov2014Among Americans who made a donation in the past 12 months, more gave online (27%) than via regular mail (23%), while about 1 in 1 donated via their mobile device, finds Cone Communications in a new study [pdf]. But donations aren't the only form of digital activism: the report also notes that 58% of American adults believe that tweeting or posting information about an initiative on social channels is an effective form of advocacy and support. So what motivates them?
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What Tech Marketers Want From Their Media Partners – And Why

IDG-Tech-Marketers-Media-Partner-Attributes-Nov2014More than 9 in 10 senior technology marketers believe that it's critical or very important that their media partners deliver on promises (92%) and demonstrate reach into key targets (91%), according to a new study from IDG Research Services. Beyond those top values, tech marketers are also looking for competitive pricing and demonstrated ROI (86%) as well as high quality premium audiences (84%). These attributes reflect the priorities of tech marketers today, as detailed in the study.
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Pay-TV Market Shrinks in Q3; Broadband Subs Pick Up Steam

LRG-Pay-TV-Broadband-Subscription-Trends-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (Pay-TV / Broadband)
    Notes: The largest pay-TV providers - representing about 95% of the market - shed roughly 150,000 subscribers in Q3, up from a loss of about 25,000 in Q3 2013. By contrast, the largest broadband providers - representing about 94% of the market - gained more than 700,000 high-speed subscribers, up 35% from last year. For the time being, the top pay-TV providers continue to have a larger subscriber base (95.3 million) than the top broadband providers (86.6 million), though that gap is steadily closing.
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    Growth in Time Spent With Apps Not Being Driven by Top Apps

    Flurry-Growth-in-Time-Spent-With-Mobiles-Nov2014Source: Flurry
      Notes: Americans spent almost 3 hours per day with mobile apps and the mobile web during Q3 2014, reports Flurry, up by 15 minutes a day from Q1. Increasing time spent with mobile apps (155 minutes in Q3, up from 139 in Q1) accounted for all of the growth in time spent with mobile, as mobile web consumption was flat. Interestingly, the data indicates that time spent with the top 25 apps (ranked by time spent according to comScore) was flat, and it was the "torso & tail" apps (those below the top 25) that were responsible for the increase in app time. In fact, during Q3, mobile users spent more daily time with "torso & tail" apps (85 minutes) than with the top 25 (70 minutes).
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      Are TV Audiences Really on the Decline?

      Rentrak-TV-Average-Audience-Trends-Nov2014The topics of TV consumption and cord-cutting have been back in the national conversation with the recent rash of announcements regarding stand-alone streaming services from the likes of HBO and CBS. MarketingCharts has been tracking trends in traditional TV consumption on an age basis for several quarters; now new data from Rentrak's Chief Research Officer Bruce Goerlich adds another dynamic to the discussion.
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      Amazon Search: How Important Is The Top Result?

      Compete-Amazon-Search-Click-Likelihood-by-Position-Nov2014Various pieces of research have illustrated the extent to which search rankings affect click-through rates, with a recent study from Marin Software demonstrating that the top result garners at least 30% of clicks across devices. But what about product searches on Amazon? A new analysis from Compete takes a look, noting that Amazon represented an impressive 22% of consumers' desktop visits to any online retailer in September.
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