How Do Senior Marketers Define Customer Centricity?

Marketers believe customer centricity is critical to their company's success, but their survey responses indicate that there are a number of areas in which they can improve.
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US Ad Spend Trends, by Medium, in Q2 2014

Ad spending grew by just 0.7% year-over-year during Q2, as most all media segments experienced a deceleration in growth rates compared to Q1.
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Fastest-Growing Mobile App Categories, by Time Spent

Localytics-Mobile-App-Consumption-Increases-by-Category-Sept2014Source: Localytics
    Notes: The overall amount of time spent with mobile applications grew by 21% between August 2013 and last month, per Localytics data, with that increase spurred largely by an increase in the average number of app launches per month. The analysis indicates that music apps (79%) experienced the largest increase in time spent, followed by health and fitness (51%) and social networking (49%). Separately, the study notes that while social networking apps are launched the most times on average (25 per month) among the categories identified, users spend the least amount of time with them, at just 2.5 minutes per session. Beyond social networking apps, sports and news apps see a high number of monthly launches, while music and entertainment enjoy the highest average session lengths.
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    Mobile Video Viewers Spending the Majority of Their Time With Snackable Content

    Ooyala-Online-Video-Consumption-by-Length-Device-in-Q2-Sept2014Source: Ooyala [download page]
      Notes: A slim majority of time spent watching video on mobile phones during Q2 was spent with content less than 10 minutes in length, per Ooyala's latest quarterly report. The study shows a correlation between screen size and content preferences, as 81% of time spent watching video on connected TVs was with content longer than 10 minutes. In fact, content at least one hour in length comprised a majority 54% of time spent watching video on connected TVs, versus less than 10% of time spent with mobile video.
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      How Are Enterprises Using Social Marketing – and Where Are They Seeing the Best Results?

      SpredfastForresterConsulting-Enterprise-Use-Social-Marketing-Sept20147 in 10 senior leaders managing or overseeing digital or social marketing at enterprise (at least $1 billion in revenues) companies in the US and Western Europe say that senior management believes in the value of social marketing, reports Spredfast [download page] in a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting. With roughly two-thirds of respondents indicating that social marketing is prioritized at their organization and that it's integrated with broader marketing efforts, it's safe to say that enterprises are paying attention to social marketing.
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      Print Newspaper Ads Seen A Key Influence on Consumer Shopping Behavior

      NAA-Actions-Driven-by-Newspaper-Ads-Sept2014Print newspaper ads are still a powerful medium for influencing consumer purchase behavior, details the Newspaper Association of American (NAA) in a new report. The study notes that 52% of adults use print newspapers - including ads in regular news and classified pages and inserted circulars - on a weekly basis to assist them with their shopping planning and purchase decisions. Many also report having bought something advertised in a print newspaper.
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      Brands Report Adoption of Data-Driven TV Ad Campaigns [download page]
        Notes: Brands surveyed for the report (limited to video ad buyers) estimate allocating 60% of their video budgets to programmatic channels versus traditional or direct publisher sales. And it appears that they're extending their use of data-driven practices to linear TV, too, as 43% say they currently use some form of automated or data-driven process to drive traditional TV transactions.
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          Young Multi-Screeners Continue to See Live TV as Important

          Viacom-Young-Multi-Screeners-Attitudes-to-TV-Sept2014Source: Viacom
            Notes: Multi-screeners are twice as likely as single-screeners to say it's important to watch their favorite shows live (47% vs. 23%), according to a Viacom survey of more than 1,500 Viacom viewers aged 13-44. The survey results also indicate that multi-screeners are more likely to be loyal to a few networks and less likely to give up pay-TV because they rely on DVR. Separately, the Viacom survey finds that live TV retains a key role in viewing behavior across the age groups tracked despite the proliferation of viewing screens and sources.
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