ONLINE MEDIA | July 10, 2014

Mobile Commerce: Email’s Influence Largest on Phones; Paid Search Drives Tablet Revenues

Custora-Share-E-Commerce-Rev-by-Channel-Device-in-2013-July2014A new report [download page] from Custora¬†detailing the growth in mobile commerce finds some interesting divergences in revenue drivers across mobile phones, tablets and desktops. According to the report, email drove 26.7% of revenues on mobile phones last year, compared to 23.1% on tablets and 20.9% on desktops, with this the latest finding to demonstrate¬†email's influence on mobile commerce. At the same time, the influence of paid search was greatest on tablets, driving a plurality 24.8% of revenues, compared to 18% on desktops and 13.4% on phones. Continue reading »

Globally, Consumers Say They Spend More Time Shopping Offline Than Online

    Source: PayPal [pdf]
      Notes: Across 15 countries tracked, consumers in 13 markets reported spending more time shopping offline than online, with China (narrowly in favor of online) and Brazil (online and offline on par) being the only exceptions. Interestingly, US respondents estimated spending the least amount of time shopping both online and offline. Meanwhile, the most common complaint about online shopping is a concern¬†that payment details might be stolen, cited by 57% of respondents overall. Continue reading »

      Facebook Ad CTRs Up in Q2

      July 10, 2014

      Nanigans-Facebook-Ad-Benchmarks-in-Q22014-July2014The average click-through rate for Facebook ads on desktop and mobile platforms in Q2 was 0.36%, details Nanigans in its latest quarterly benchmarks report [download page] covering activity among its customers, which are predominantly direct response advertisers at e-commerce, gaming and other pure play internet companies. The 0.36% CTR represents a 47% quarter-over-quarter increase and a 146% year-over-year increase, from 0.14% in Q2 2013. The upward trend comes as advertisers allocate a greater share of their budgets to mobile. Read more »


      More Than 4 in 10 US Households Forego Landlines, Are Mobile-Only

      July 10, 2014


        Source: National Health Interview Survey [pdf]
          Notes: Some 41% of US households were wireless-only during the second half of 2013, per the study, with this representing a 2.8% point increase from the year-earlier period. Close to 2 in 3 adults aged 25-29 live in wireless-only households, the highest rate of any age bracket. The results also indicate that men are slightly more likely than women to live in wireless-only households, while Hispanic adults (53.1%) are far more likely than non-Hispanic white (35.1%) or non-Hispanic black (42.1%) adults to live in wireless-only households. Read more »

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