ONLINE MEDIA | August 1, 2014

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – July 2014

MarketingCharts-Top-10-Charts-of-July-2014-entryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts features the following topics: TV viewing and ad effectiveness among youth and college students; most effective digital tactics and biggest digital priorities; how different content categories are shared across various social networks; preference for human insights or analytics; most important factors in the website experience; most and least respected brands; and top challenges with personalization.
TRADITIONAL MEDIA | August 1, 2014

Back to School Stats 2014

NRF-Back-to-School-Spending-2004-2014-Aug2014Families with children in grades K-12 will spend an average of $699.28 this back-to-school season on apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics, finds the NRF in a recent survey. While that represents a 5% increase from last year's average per-family spend, total spending is expected to remain mostly flatĀ at $26.5 billion due to fewer students in households. The study is one of many looking at back-to-school spending trends, including popular shopping destinations and purchases. Continue reading »

Almost Half of Desktop Video Viewers Watched Content on Facebook in June

August 1, 2014


    Source: comScore
      Notes: Roughly 186.9 million Americans watched online content videos in June, per comScore figures, and almost half of them (91.5 million) viewed content on Facebook, the second-largest video content property by unique viewers. The top property was Google Sites - dominated by YouTube - which boasted 153.3 million unique viewers in June. Separately, BrightRoll ranked as the top video ad property when measured by reach, delivering ads to 43.9% of the US population. Read more »


      2 in 3 American Adults Are Concerned That Social Networks Sell Their Personal Data

      August 1, 2014


        Source: Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies, and Craig Newmark of craigconnects
          Notes: 3 in 4 American adults claim to be very or somewhat concerned about having too much personal information about them online. The majority of respondents have little to no trust in social media sites, and 6 in 10 believe it likely than social networks sell their contact information. About two-thirds are concerned that social networks sell their personal data; similar proportions are concerned that websites (70%), online service providers (63%) and apps (67%) sell their information. Read more »

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