IT Decision-Makers Say They Notice Ads While Watching Video, Shopping Online

IT decision-makers say they use their mobile devices more in the afternoons and evenings.
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Traditional Media Still the Best Way to Reach Boomers, Advertisers Believe

TV leads the way in advertisers' estimation, followed distantly by print.
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Demand-Side “Tech Tax” Takes 28 Cents From An Advertiser’s Programmatic Dollar, ANA Says

In what it says is an attempt to establish some "accountability and transparency in programmatic media," the ANA has released a report [download page] in which it estimates how the flow of spending from advertisers moves through the supply chain to an exchange. The bottom line? The data it analyzed revealed that 28 cents of every dollar spent by advertisers gets eaten up by the demand side's "tech-tax."
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Pay-TV Customer Satisfaction Back Down to the Industry Cellar

Customer satisfaction with pay-TV companies has dropped this year, finds a new report [download page] from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The index for subscription TV services fell to 64 on the ACSI's 100-point scale, tied with internet service providers (ISPs), whose aggregate score remained unchanged from last year, for the worst score among all industries measured.
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Amazon Echo & Commerce: 1 in 10 Using Their Smart Speakers to Order Products

Various analysts and experts are talking about the future of Amazon Echo as a commerce vehicle and Alexa's potentially disruptive force in retail and for brands. But where do we stand now? New research from comScore [download page] shows that shopping-related activities remain fairly limited, though 1 in 6 households with Smart Speakers are using them to find local businesses.
Continue reading » | May 23, 2017

Here Are Americans’ Top Financial Concerns

American adults' biggest financial worry is the inability to pay the medical costs in the event of a serious illness or accident, reports Gallup in new survey data. A majority (54%) of the more than 1,000 US adults surveyed said they're either very (30%) or moderately (24%) worried about this.
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Inbound Marketing Prioritizes SEO as Traffic Generation Proves Challenging

Proving ROI has long been a top challenge for marketers. But marketers participating in HubSpot's latest annual State of Inbound report [download page] have bigger fish to fry: generating traffic and leads. In fact, growing traffic is not only a bigger challenge than proving ROI, it's also a bigger priority.
Continue reading » | May 22, 2017

1 in Every 6 Retail Dollars Spent Online Goes to Apparel & Accessories

Apparel & Accessories in 2016 consolidated its position as the top e-commerce product category, and new data from comScore [download page] shows how it has slowly gained a progressively larger share of online retail dollars in the last few years, up to 17% in 2016 from 15.4% in 2013. In fact, the category has enjoyed a growth rate exceeding the overall e-commerce average in all but 2 quarters since 2014.
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