Email Click-to-Open Rates Still Lag on Mobile

Mobiles may be used to open emails, but the ratio of clicks to opens on mobile devices remains far lower than on desktops.
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How is the Marketing Media Mix Changing?

Marketers are upping their investments in various digital marketing channels, with websites now rivaling traditional channels in expected share of program spending.
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Top Cable Companies Now Have More Broadband Than Pay-TV Subscribers

LRG-Broadband-Pay-TV-Subs-in-Q2-Aug2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG)
    Notes: After threatening to top the number of pay-TV subscribers last year, the number of cable companies' broadband subscribers finally reached that milestone during Q2, per LRG data. Overall, though, the number of US broadband subscribers (85.9 million) boasted by the top providers trails the number of pay-TV subscribers (95.5 million) enjoyed by the top providers, as cable providers have a larger share of the broadband than pay-TV market (which has gradually been shifting to telephone providers).
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    Majority of US Adults Commonly Research Health Info Online

    PhRMA-Americans-Typical-Health-Info-Sources-Aug2014Source: PhRMA
      Notes: Asked to indicate which sources, other than their doctor, they commonly rely on for information when they have questions about their health or physical symptoms, almost 6 in 10 survey respondents pointed to medical or health-related websites, with that figure highest among 18-34-year-olds (65%). A separate study by Harris Interactive, though, finds that just 1 in 10 adults have a great deal of trust in the health care advice they fine in online resources such as
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      What’s Holding Back More Effective B2B Real-Time Marketing?

      EconsultancyMonetate-Barriers-Effective-B2B-Real-Time-Marketing-Aug2014Close to two-thirds of B2B marketers employ some type of real-time marketing, details Econsultancy [download page] in a new report produced in association with Monetate. Adoption levels should only rise, as 86% of survey respondents agree to some extent that "real-time marketing is essential as behavior, device, place and time come together," and many perceive customer experience benefits to the practice. Yet respondents identify numerous challenges to more effective real-time marketing.
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      Marketers’ Mandates and Strategy Influencers

      CMOCouncil-Marketers-Strategy-Considerations-Aug2014Marketers are enjoying "greater elevation and influence in the executive suite," says the CMO Council in its annual "State of Marketing" report [download page]. Indeed, only 1 in 5 feel that the role of the CMO doesn't carry the same level of respect as other C-level executives, and more than two-thirds feel that the CMO is either a trusted member of the C-suite's "inner circle" or a part of the leadership discussion. So what does senior management want from marketing leaders - and what will marketers rely on to make their decisions?
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      Older Americans Feel They’re Stereotyped in Advertising

      GlynnDevins-OlderAmericans-Portrayal-in-Advertising-Aug2014Source: GlynnDevins
        Notes: 6 in 10 adults over the age of 70 agree that members of their generation, when featured in advertising, are portrayed as stereotypes, while only 3 in 10 feel the same way about advertisers' portrayal of Boomers. Moreover, only a minority 47% of survey respondents feel that their generation are portrayed as "people I can identify with." Nielsen has similarly found many consumers believing that advertising doesn't cater to the aging.
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        Radio Revs Fall in Q2

        RAB-Radio-Revs-in-H1-2014-Aug2014Source: Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) [pdf]
          Notes: Radio revenues fell by 3% year-over-year in Q2 as gains in digital (+9%) and off-air (+13%) were unable to offset a 5% decline in spot revenues. Automotive remained the top category, as it was in Q1, with category spending almost double that of the next-largest category, financial services. The only two top categories to increase spot spending for the quarter were healthcare and professional services, though. Meanwhile, for the first half of the year overall, radio revenues are down by 1%, with off-air (+15%) and digital (+12%) again bright spots and spot down by 3%.
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