B2B Marketers Say Email Delivers the Highest ROI Leads

Most say that social is a major part of their lead gen strategy, but it's not a top source of high-quality leads.
Continue reading » | February 20, 2017

US Retail Sales Forecast to Grow by 3.7-4.2% This Year

Retail sales growth in 2016 appears to have outpaced expectations.
Continue reading » | February 21, 2017

How Do Industries Score on Corporate Reputation Factors?

The technology industry continues to have the best reputation of any sector in the US, according to the latest annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ). But a breakdown of the different facets of corporate reputation reveals that consumer products companies tend to outperform tech companies in the various individual factors involved.
Continue reading » | February 20, 2017

App Retention Rates Still Low, But Improving

App retention continues to be a major challenge for marketers, according to a recent study [download page] by AppsFlyer which measured 3.5+ billion installs across 5,000+ apps. By day 30 after download, a mere 4.8% of organic users were active within apps on iOS devices, and only 4.5% on Android. Non-organic users were even lower.
Continue reading » | February 20, 2017

Customer Communities Used Primarily for Listening, Research

Customer and employee communities have quite an impact on the organizations that run them, according to a Leader Networks survey [download page] of 271 marketing and community leaders primarily from B2B (41%) firms and Associations/Non-Profit Organizations (34%). Among the almost three-quarters of respondents with a customer community, customer listening and research emerges as a far bigger goal than sales.
Continue reading » | February 20, 2017

Super Bowl 2017 Data [Updated]

It was a thrilling Super Bowl comeback. But how about the ads? Which brands fared best in the post-game analyses that continue to roll in? Here's a look at some of the winners and losers, mostly from research examining the digital reverberation or impact of the commercials (it'll take time to see what type of broader impact the commercials had for advertising brands).
Continue reading » | February 17, 2017

Which Account-Based Marketing Tactics Seem to be Working?

Not surprisingly, the leading objective of account-based marketing (ABM) is to grow revenues per existing account, although many marketers are also hoping that ABM will increase their number of new accounts, according to a new study [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. The survey delves into the tactics marketers are finding effective as well as those requiring the most effort.
Continue reading » | February 17, 2017

Inc. 500 Execs See Social’s Potential in Driving Sales, But Fret About ROI

A majority of Inc. 500 companies are using various social platforms including LinkedIn (94%), Facebook (88%), Twitter (79%) and Google+ (53%), while Instagram (46%) is growing quickly and nearing majority adoption, according to the latest annual study of this topic from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Inc. 500 executives surveyed as part of the study feel that social networking platforms have a greater role to play than other channels in increasing sales.
Continue reading » | February 16, 2017

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