Mobile Share of E-Commerce Spending, Q2 2010-Q2 2014

Mobile commerce grew far more rapidly on a year-over-year basis in Q2 than did desktop-based commerce, with mobile accounting for 11.1% share of total e-commerce spending for the quarter.
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Who’s Spending More on What?

Although they tend to display conservative spending attitudes overall, Millennials are the most liberal with their spending and the most likely to say they've increased their spending compared to a year ago. The degree to which adults are changing their spending behavior, though, varies significantly by generation and category.
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Mobile Ad Response Seen Differing by Gender, Platform

BurstMedia-Mobile-Ad-Response-by-Gender-Aug2014Men respond more to ads in mobile browsers, while women are more likely to swipe or click on in-app ads, finds a new study [pdf] from Burst Media. The study - based on a survey of close to 750 US online adults who use a mobile device to access the mobile web and/or applications - finds that some 28% of male respondents claim to tap or swipe on mobile browser ads either sometimes or all the time, compared to 19% of women. The gap is narrower when it comes to in-app ads, though.
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Top 10 Local Markets by Tablet Penetration

Nielsen-Top-10-Local-Markets-by-Tablet-Penetration-Aug2014Source: Nielsen [download page]
    Notes: Some 41% of US households owned a tablet in May per Nielsen's report - with Washington, DC (56%) the top local market by penetration rate, as it was 6 months earlier. Tablet penetration exceeded 50% in three other markets - San Francisco (53%), Atlanta (53%) and Boston (52%) - while approaching the majority threshold in Chicago (48%), New York (47%) and Portland (47%).
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    How Are Marketers Planning to Maximize Their Value in the Next Year?

    CMOCouncil-Marketers-Plans-to-Maximize-Value-Aug2014Several pieces of research of late have demonstrated that marketers are having trouble proving their value - and are being increasingly pressured to validate their impact on their organizations. Putting aside the struggles with quantitatively measuring ROI - how are marketers planning to increase their impact and value in the next year? Survey results from the CMO Council's State of Marketing report [download page] provide some insights.
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    CRM Software Users Rate Their Biggest Challenges

    SoftwareAdvice-CRM-User-Challenges-Aug2014Most CRM users are satisfied with their product and about three-quarters feel that it has improved access to customer data, finds Software Advice in a new survey. A majority of users also feel that their system has delivered when it comes to improved relationship management, interaction tracking and lead management. But, as the study results attest, CRM users also face a number of key challenges with their systems.
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    Top 15 Local Markets by Smartphone Penetration

    Nielsen-Top-15-Local-Markets-by-Smartphone-Penetration-Aug2014Source: Nielsen [download page]
      Notes: Smartphone adoption stood at 72% of Americans mobile subscribers aged 13 and older in May, per Nielsen's report - with Orlando sporting the highest penetration rate (82%) of the local markets measured. Dallas - the leading market 6 months earlier - joins a group of other markets (Dallas, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Sacramento and Denver) with the second-highest penetration rate, followed by Phoenix (77%).
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      What Various Industries Want Most From Their Digital Initiatives

      TCS-Desired-Capabilites-from-Digital-Initiatives-Aug2014Source: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
        Notes: Depending on the industry, between 51% (utilities) and 90% (media and entertainment) of large enterprises see digital initiatives as being at least of major importance to their market and financial success in the next 5 years. The capabilities that are most desired from digital initiatives range across industries; for example, retail respondents are most interested in creating micro-segments of customers (77%), while CPG and high-tech respondents are looking primarily to monitor customers so as to identify improvements to existing offerings.
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