How Do B2B Execs Find Content? Search

B2B executives find online search tools to be more helpful than other sources when looking for content from companies.
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Weekend Reading, 10/17/14

A list of recently-released marketing research data to get you through the weekend.
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More Data Indicates That Consumers Want TV on Their Own Schedules

comScore-Drivers-Online-TV-Viewing-Oct2014Although most consumers continue to watch original TV series on traditional TV, many are time-shifting their TV viewing, and this desire to watch on their own schedule is one of the primary drivers of online video viewing. That's one of the chief takeaways from a new comScore report [download page] based on a survey of more than 1,100 online adults.
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What’s The Good and Bad With Lead Gen? Depends Who’s Asked.

360Leads-Impediments-to-Sales-Lead-Gen-Targets-Oct2014Fewer than 1 in 5 companies around the world (19% in the US) meet their sales lead generation targets, reports 360 Leads in a recently-released study. The research examines the use of various lead generation channels, finding that different groups rate them in different ways depending on their performance, size, and function. In fact, about the only thing that respondents agree on is that internal issues are an impediment to meeting targets.
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Most Helpful Content Types, According to B2B Executives

EconomistPeppercomm-Most-Helpful-Content-for-B2B-Audiences-Oct2014Source: Economist Group / Peppercomm
    Notes: Articles top the list of content forms that B2B executives have found most helpful for a business-related matter during the past 12 months, with 71% citing them among their top-3 most helpful. Next up are research reports or special reports (51%) and white papers or briefing papers (27%). These are not necessarily the most-used content forms, though; an accompanying survey of B2B marketers finds that while articles are the most common form of content created, newsletters and social media posts are next.
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    Loyalty Rewards: Millennials Enticed by Hands-On Experiences

    LoyaltyOne-Millennials-Hands-On-Rewards-Experiences-Oct2014Source: LoyaltyOne
      Notes: More than 8 in 10 US Millennials (18-29) report that they'd be more likely to shop with a grocer if they could redeem rewards or loyalty program points for a session or consultation with a chef or nutritionist, per LoyaltyOne's research, with that figure being significantly above the overall general population sample average of 69%. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of Millennials said that a session with a technician or software expert would motivate them to shop more at the electronics dealer offering it as a loyalty reward.
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      B2B Content Marketing: Executive and Brand Perspectives, Compared

      EconomistPeppercomm-Successful-Content-for-B2B-Audiences-Oct2014How do business executives feel about content marketing - and do their perspectives align with content marketers' efforts? A recent study from the Economist Group developed in association with Peppercomm provides a host of fascinating insights, arguing that brand marketers are "missing the mark" by, well, marketing.
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      Mobile Neared 40% of Organic Search Traffic in Q3

      RKG-Mobile-Share-Organic-Search-Q2-2012-Q3-2014-Oct2014Mobile devices accounted for 38% of North American organic search visits during the third quarter of this year, up from 27% during the year-earlier period, details RKG Digital in its latest quarterly digital marketing report [download page]. The iPhone alone contributed 13% share of organic search traffic, slightly higher than the iPad's 11% share, such that Apple devices together accounted for almost one-quarter of US organic search traffic.
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