Original Programming Grows in Popularity With Netflix Users

More than 7 in 10 subscribers have now watched Netflix originals.
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Holiday 2014 Data Hub (Updated)

A comprehensive review of holiday-related research.
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Viewable Video Ad Completion Rate in Q3? Just 20%

IntegralAdScience-Viewable-Video-Ad-Completions-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Integral Ad Science
    Notes: While more than three-quarters of video ads were played to completion in Q3, just 1 in 5 overall were actually in view to the users, reports Integral Ad Science in its latest Media Quality Report, based on an analysis of billions of impressions measured daily. Separately, the report notes that viewability for display impressions ranged from 36.7% (networks and exchanges) to 53.4% (publishers), while 3 in 10 video impressions were viewable.
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    How Frequently Are Top Brands Tweeting?

    SimplyMeasured-Tweet-Frequency-Interbrand-100-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Simply Measured [download page]
      Notes: 98 of the Interbrand 100 companies have a Twitter account, and 94 tweet at least once a day, per Simply Measured. Roughly half tweeted 1-5 times per day (including @replies and Retweets), according to the analysis of Q3 2014 activity, and 29% tweeted more than 10 times daily. Excluding @replies and Retweets, 77% of brands tweeted 1-6 times per day, while only 4% tweeted at least 10 times a day. Are they wasting their time? Forrester Research thinks so, suggesting that marketers concentrate instead on platforms with high engagement rates, such as Instagram.
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        Weekend Reading, 11/21/14

        CensusBureau-Service-Sector-Revenue-Increases-in-2013-Nov2014Revenues grew last year in each of the nation's 11 service sectors for employer firms, reports the US Census Bureau in new data from the 2013 Service Annual Survey. The information sector saw revenue growth of 3.4% to $1.3 trillion, with the sub-sector of internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals seeing the fastest growth, of 10.3%. The fastest-growing of the 11 service sectors examined was real estate and rental and leasing, with a 7% rise.
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        The 10 Most Shared Video Ads of 2014

        Unruly-Most-Shared-Video-Ads-of-2014-Nov2014Source: Unruly
          Notes: World Cup-related video ads trounced Super Bowl ads in sharing activity across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, says Unruly. Ads related to the World Cup accounted for 4 of the 20 most-shared video ads of the year, led by "La La La" (Activia's collaboration with Shakira), which picked up more than 5.8 million shares from launch in May through November 19th. In fact, the video is now the most-shared ad of all time, per Unruly's figures. Meanwhile, Budweiser's Puppy Love (#4 with slightly fewer than 2 million shares) was the only Super Bowl ad to make the top 20 most-shared.
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          What Motivates Americans to Engage in Digital Activism?

          ConeComm-Digital-Activism-Motivators-Nov2014Among Americans who made a donation in the past 12 months, more gave online (27%) than via regular mail (23%), while about 1 in 1 donated via their mobile device, finds Cone Communications in a new study [pdf]. But donations aren't the only form of digital activism: the report also notes that 58% of American adults believe that tweeting or posting information about an initiative on social channels is an effective form of advocacy and support. So what motivates them?
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          What Tech Marketers Want From Their Media Partners – And Why

          IDG-Tech-Marketers-Media-Partner-Attributes-Nov2014More than 9 in 10 senior technology marketers believe that it's critical or very important that their media partners deliver on promises (92%) and demonstrate reach into key targets (91%), according to a new study from IDG Research Services. Beyond those top values, tech marketers are also looking for competitive pricing and demonstrated ROI (86%) as well as high quality premium audiences (84%). These attributes reflect the priorities of tech marketers today, as detailed in the study.
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