Search vs. Social vs. Direct: Mobile Commerce Traffic Sources Compared

Which mobile traffic source is the most valuable?
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Enterprise Organizations Shifting Budgets From Traditional to Digital

Enterprise organizations expect digital to occupy 40% of their marketing budgets by 2019, with the broadest increases next year taking place for mobile and content marketing.
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Video Viewers’ Ad Receptivity Most Influenced by Location

YuMe-Top-Indicators-Video-Ad-Receptivity-Oct2014Source: IPG Media Lab / YuMe
    Notes: Location has the biggest influence on video viewers' receptiveness to ads - and viewers are most receptive when they're in public places such as restaurants, stores, gyms and commuting, per the report. Mood and content genre are the next-most influential indicators of ad receptiveness, with excitement the top-indexing mood and business the highest-indexing content category.
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      US Digital Marketers on the Impact of Encrypted Data on Content Marketing

      AcronymForrester-Impact-Encrypted-Data-Content-Marketing-Oct2014Source: Acronym Media / Forrester Consulting [download page]
        Notes: Among US digital marketers who use keyword data to inform content and digital marketing efforts, most (59%) do so to inform paid media efforts and to understand customer intent (51%). When asked about the impact of encrypted data, almost two-thirds said it will negatively impact their understanding of customer intent, while roughly 6 in 10 see a negative impact on how they inform their paid media efforts (62%), determine content placement (61%) and identify themes to address with content (60%). Without keyword-level search data to identify searcher intent, digital marketers are most likely to turn to web analytics data (76%), paid search data (keyword performance used in paid search; 67%).
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        B2B Content Marketing: What’s Changed, and What Hasn’t?

        CMIMarketingProfs-Most-Effective-B2B-Content-Marketing-Tactics-Oct2014The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs have today released their latest annual report looking at content marketing trends among B2B marketers in North America. As the fifth annual report covering this area (2013 coverage here; 2012 here; 2011 here), the study allows for some comparisons to years past - but also includes new insights resulting from some additional questions in this year's survey.
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        US College Student Demographics in 2013

        CensusBureau-College-Student-Enrollment-Demos-in-2013-Oct2014The number of Americans enrolled in college (undergraduate and graduate) declined by almost half a million for the second consecutive year in 2013, details the US Census Bureau in a recent data release. Those two years of declines come after a period of expansion between 2006 and 2011 that saw net enrollment levels grow by 3.2 million. The new data indicates that some 19.5 million Americans were enrolled in college last year, equating to 6.5% of the 3+ population.
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        US E-Commerce Benchmarks, by Device, in Q2 2014

        Monetate-E-Commerce-Benchmarks-by-Device-in-Q2-Oct2014Source: Monetate
          Notes: Tablets (2.67%) continued to far outpace smartphones (0.94%) in conversion rates in Q2 (as they did in Q1), with the average conversion rate for tablet visitors being almost as high as the rate for desktop visitors (2.98%). Of note, though, smartphone traffic exceeded tablet traffic for the first time in Q2, at 15.6% share and 13.9% share of total e-commerce site visits, respectively. Globally, average order values were highest on desktops ($181), followed by tablets ($150) and smartphones ($116).
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          Most Influential Company Communications Surrounding Positive Societal Impact

          SNCR-Companies-CSR-Messaging-Oct2014Source: Vanessa DiMauro and Don Bulmer in conjunction with The Society For New Communications Research
            Notes: Consumers' purchase decisions are influenced far more by communications that show that a company takes care of its employees than they are by messaging about companies donating profits or employee time to charities. Consumers report, though, that the messaging that most influences their purchase decisions relates to companies taking extra efforts to keep their costs low and passing the savings on to customers.
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