Which Advertising Channels Have the Biggest Purchase Influence on Millennials?

New MarketingCharts study looks at top purchase influencers across various demographic groups.
Continue reading » | June 2, 2015

Media Consumption Trends, 2010-2017

Time spent with the internet is growing quickly, but TV's still on top.
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Companies’ Most Effective CSR Info Communication Channels, Per Consumers

ConeEbiquity-Most-Effective-CSR-Info-Communication-Channels-Jun2015Source: Cone Communications / Ebiquity [pdf]
    Notes: How should companies communicate information about social and environmental programs and products? For consumers, communication on the product itself or its package/label is the top choice, cited by 19% as the most effective channel. Beyond that media stories (15%) and advertising (14%) are considered effective communication vehicles, although both have declined from years past. By contrast, more consumers this year (13%) identify social media as the most effective communication channel for information about CSR programs and products.
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    Majority of US Households Now Have a TV Connected to the Internet

    LRG-Internet-Connected-TV-Penetration-and-Viewing-2010-2015-Jun2015Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG)
      Notes: Some 56% of US households have at least one TV set connected to the internet through a video game system, smart TV set, Blu-ray player and/or streaming media device (such as Roku or Apple TV), continuing a climb from 49% last year and 44% the year prior, according to LRG. The study also finds that 29% of US adults watch video on connected TVs at least weekly, up from 24% last year, and that 52% of households have a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service from one of the major providers, a figure considerably higher than Nielsen's 42% estimate in February.
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      Weekend Reading, 5/29/15

      BrandZ-10-Most-Valuable-Global-Brands-May2015Apple is back on top as the world's most valuable brand, according to the 10th annual "BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands" report from WPP and Millward Brown. With a total brand value of almost $247 billion, representing a 67% year-over-year rise, Apple soared past Google's $173.7 billion value (+9%).
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      Brands’ Email Volume Continues to Grow in Q1

      Experian-Email-Volume-Growth-Trends-Q2-2012-Q1-2015-May2015Source: Experian Marketing Services [download page]
        Notes: Brands' email volume grew by 15.5% year-over-year in Q1 2015 says Experian Marketing Services in its latest quarterly email benchmark report, marking the 10th consecutive quarter of volume growth and the 9th featuring a double-digit increase. This latest study spotlights reactivation series (re-engaging with inactive subscribers), noting that while the first email outperformed the second in open and click rates, second mailings provided incremental lifts of at least 50% in opens, clicks and revenues relative to the first email's amounts.
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        B2B Research: Don’t Sleep on the Sales Rep

        SiriusDecisions-B2B-Buyer-Sales-Rep-Interactions-May2015A recently-released study from SiriusDecisions made some waves in the B2B marketing world, as it challenged the notion (spurred in part by SiriusDecisions' own research) that digital has disintermediated sales, with much of the buying process complete before contact with a vendor is made.
        Continue reading » | May 28, 2015

        B2C and B2B Marketers Name Their Most Important Social Platforms

        SocialMediaExaminer-Most-Important-Social-Platform-B2B-v-B2C-May2015B2C marketers are most likely to be found using Facebook (96%) and Twitter (77%), while for B2B marketers LinkedIn is on par with Facebook (88% each) as the most commonly used social platform, according to Social Media Examiner's latest annual "Social Media Marketing Industry Report" [pdf]. But which platform is most important?
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