Global Mobile Ad Spending Grows Rapidly; Majority Goes to Display

Global mobile ad spending rose by 68% last year, with display seeing the fastest rate of growth.
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Live Music Sponsorship Gets Spending Hike, Credited With Brand Favorability Lift

Live music sponsorship finds a receptive audience in Hispanics, festival-goers and teens.
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Which Digital Channel Budgets Are Most Affected by Attribution in Europe?

econsultancyadroll-attribution-impact-european-digital-budgets-sept2016Companies in the UK, France and Germany are more likely to decrease (46%) than increase (28%) spending across digital channels as a result of attribution, per results from an Econsultancy report [download page] produced in association with AdRoll. However, this masks distinct regional differences, with the opposite pattern seen in UK.
Continue reading » | September 29, 2016

Pay-TV Penetration Down Only Slightly From 2015 As Cord-Cutting Rates Remain Flat

lrg-pay-tv-penetration-rate-2010-2016-sept2016Some 82% of TV households in the US subscribe to a pay-TV service, reports the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in a new study, down only slightly from 83% last year. In fact, while pay-TV adoption is down from 87% as recently as 2011, it remains on par with levels from 2005.
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Lack of Integrated MarTech Platforms Hurting Omnichannel Activities

econsultancyadobe-biggest-obstacles-integrated-omnichannel-marketing-sept2016Just 5% of digital and e-commerce professionals describe their marketing technology as a single platform that manages data across multiple channels, while 10 times more (51%) say they have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels. Problems integrating platforms can present a serious barrier to omnichannel marketing activities, per the Econsultancy and Adobe report [download page].
Continue reading » | September 28, 2016

Retailers See Poor Marketing Efforts As Big Barrier to Customer Loyalty

forbessailthru-internal-barriers-retail-customer-loyalty-sept2016Engendering retail customer loyalty depends more on consistent marketing efforts than on creating seamless experiences, at least from the perspective of senior retail executives at large companies. That's according to a recent study [download page] on "retentionomics," from Forbes Insights and Sailthru.
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Smartphone Share of E-Commerce Visits Grows, but Conversion Rates Still Lag Other Devices

monetate-e-commerce-conversion-rate-by-device-q2-sept2016Smartphones and tablets grew to account for almost half (49%) of global e-commerce site visits in Q2 2016, per a quarterly Monetate analysis [download page] of its clients. In the US, mobile devices reached roughly 48% share of site visits, while in the UK - where mobile recently surpassed 50% of retail e-commerce transactions - these devices grew to almost two-thirds of e-commerce site visits.
Continue reading » | September 27, 2016

What Are Consumers’ Live Video Viewing Motivations and Frustrations?

yahoo-barriers-live-online-video-viewing-sept2016Legacy TV doesn't only need to contend with the rapid ascent of subscription video-on-demand services, it also needs to face a new challenger: live video online. Already, live video is getting a position reception from consumers and an enthusiastic outlook from advertisers. Now, new research [download page] from Yahoo delves into what it calls the "live video opportunity."
Continue reading » | September 27, 2016

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