Smartphone Penetration Nears 80% of the US Mobile Market

Eight of the top 9 apps by reach are owned by Facebook or Google.
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Super Bowl 2016 Data

A list of intriguing research related to Super Bowl advertising.
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Majority of Facebook’s Monthly Active Users Are Now Mobile-Only

Facebook-Mobile-Only-User-Share-Q42013-Q42015-Feb2016Source: Facebook
    Notes: Mobile isn't only accounting for a larger share of Facebook's advertising revenue (now at around 80%), it's also increasingly becoming the only way in which its users access the platform. Indeed, of Facebook's almost 1.6 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in Q4 2015, more than 800 million (or 52%) were mobile-only MAUs. That's more than double the share from 2 years earlier, when mobile-only users represented just 24% of total MAUs.
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    Most Commonly Used Metrics by SaaS Companies

    Totango-Metrics-Tracked-by-SaaS-Companies-Feb2016Source: Totango
      Note: A slight majority (56%) of SaaS professionals are satisfied with the state of their business metrics, per results from Totango's 5th annual State of SaaS Metrics report. Currently the most commonly tracked customer acquisition metrics are website unique visitors (84%) and the number of new trial or free signups (66%). Churn (80%) is the most commonly tracked metric on existing customers, ahead of customer usage statistics (63%) and add-on/expansion sales (58%).
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      What Times of Day Are Key Social and Messaging Apps Most Heavily Used?

      Nielsen-Daily-Multipurpose-App-Usage-Trends-Feb2016Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter all show similar usage curves during a typical day, though Tumblr tends to see heavier usage in the late evening and early morning hours, reveals Nielsen in a recent analysis. The figures indicate that 6PM is the peak hour for Facebook Messenger, while Twitter and Instagram usage are highest at 7PM and 8PM, respectively.
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      The World’s “Most Powerful” Brands in 2016

      BrandFinance-World's-Most-Powerful-Brands-Feb2016Source: Brand Finance
        Notes: The success of the latest Star Wars movie has driven Walt Disney to the top of the list of this year's "Most Powerful" brands, per BrandFinance, which ranks brands based on factors such as familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. Disney - in climbing from the #12 spot - supplanted last year's leader, Lego, which moved down to a close second.
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        Paid Search Trends in Q4 2015

        MC-Paid-Search-Trends-in-Q4-Feb2016Sources: IgnitionOne [download page], Adobe, Merkle|RKG [download page], Kenshoo
          Notes: Search advertising continued to show strong growth in Q4 in the US, with double-digit increases in spending and clicks reported by IgnitionOne and Merkle|RKG. Globally, Kenshoo indicates that clicks were up 32% year-over-year, driven in part by a 17% increase in click-through rates..
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          Where Do Marketers See Their Most Exciting Digital Opportunities Today And in 5 Years?

          EconsultancyAdobe-Most-Exciting-Opportunity-2016-and-in-5-Years-Feb2016Optimizing the customer experience continues to be the most exciting digital opportunity available to company marketers today, according to results from the latest Digital Trends report [download page] produced by Adobe and Econsultancy. Customer experience was also cited as the most exciting opportunity for marketers in both 2015 and 2014. But fast forward 5 years and respondents believe a different opportunity will take precedence.
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