These Social Media Behaviors Are Turning Off Your Followers

Be promotional, but not too promotional...
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TV Viewers Say OTT-Like User Interface Could Stem Cord-Cutting

TV viewers want better content discovery options.
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CMOs Still Report Little Impact From Mobile & Social, But Expect Spending Growth

CMOSurvey-Contribution-Mobile-Social-Company-Performance-Aug2016Chief marketing officers in the US remain bullish on the future of mobile and social media marketing, but they're not so sure about the current impact on the bottom line. That's according to the latest edition [pdf] of the biannual CMO Survey from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.
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The Typical Millennial Age Range is Fairly Wide. Within It Are Varying Social Media Preferences.

Fluent-Millennials-Most-Used-Social-Network-Aug2016There's no consensus view of the Millennial age bracket, but most research simply describes them as being 18-34-years old (though that doesn't seem to change from one year to the next!). But an 18-24-year-old might have a very different lifestyle and outlook than a 30-34-year-olds - and new research from Fluent [download page] suggests that social media preferences differ within the wider Millennial bracket.
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CMOs Not Making Headway With ROI Proof. And No More Willing to Use Analytics.

DukeCMOSurvey-Measuring-Biz-Impact-Social-Mktg-Spend-Aug2016CMOs aren't getting any better at demonstrating the impact of their marketing spending. Case in point: just one-third say they've proven the long-term impact of their spending quantitatively, according to the latest CMO Survey [pdf] from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, a figure unchanged from 2 years ago.
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No, Millennials Aren’t Ignoring Your Promotional Emails

Fluent-Promotional-Emails-Purchase-Influence-Aug2016There's been some buzz about the death of email among America's youth, but there's also data to contradict that notion. Here's one such stat, courtesy of a new Fluent study [download page]: Millennials (18-34) are 63% more likely than their older counterparts to say that promotional emails impact their purchase decisions most or all of the time.
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This Type of Smartphone Ad Appeals Most to the Youngest and Oldest Users

Nielsen-Main-Reason-Taking-Action-Smartphone-Ad-Aug2016There may be more than 50 years separating them in age, but Generation Z (born 1996 and onwards) and the Greatest Generation (born prior to 1946) share at least one similar characteristic: their top reason for taking action on a smartphone ad. Indeed, recent Nielsen data shows that the generations bookending the adult age groups are both motivated most by ads targeted to what they're searching for.
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How Companies Can Stop Customers From Leaving After A Data Breach

KPMG-Customer-Bank-Switching-Factors-Post-Breach-Aug2016Consumers believe that a data breach that exposes personal information is one of the most damaging scenarios possible for an organization's reputation. But it's not just a company's reputation that's affected: a new study from KPMG [pdf] finds that a sizable share of customers would leave a retailer following a data breach.
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