Benchmarks? Top-Performing Email Marketers Are Way Ahead of the Pack

It might be worth setting your sights on the top quartile rather than the average.
Continue reading » | July 26, 2016

These Industries Have the Highest Equity With American Consumers

The retail industry has a strong showing - but it doesn't top the list.
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Branded Content Seen More Effective Than Pre-Rolls For Various KPIs

Nielsen-Branded-Content-v-Pre-Roll-Ads-Jul2016Branded content - such as educational online video series or TV show brand integrations - is more effective than pre-rolls in driving a variety of KPIs including brand recall and purchase intent, research from Nielsen has found.
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As MarTech Understanding Becomes Critical, Where Will Marketers Invest Next Year?

DataXu-Increasingly-Important-Skills-Senior-Marketers-Jul2016Behold the marketing technologist: about 2 in 3 marketers in the US and Europe believe that understanding marketing technology is becoming increasingly important for successful senior marketers. That's according to a new report from DataXu [download page], which finds 66% of respondents saying that their company currently has a Chief Marketing Technologist in place.
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Video Ad Viewability Rates Across Devices And Countries

Google-Video-Ad-Viewability-Rates-by-Device-in-2016-Jul2016Video ad viewability seems to be improving from last year, reports Google in its 2016 Global State of Play report [pdf]. Some 66% of video ads were viewable on the web and in apps (excluding YouTube) across devices in April 2016, up from 54% in the year-earlier period. However, last year's study omitted mobile apps, so it's unclear to what extent their inclusion in this year's edition impacts the findings.
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Mobile to Exceed Fixed Devices in Global Video Consumption This Year

Zenith-Global-Online-Video-Consumption-by-Device-2016-2018-Jul2016For the first time, consumers around the world will this year spend more time watching videos on their mobile devices than on fixed devices (desktops and smart TVs), Zenith predicts in a new forecast. Mobile video consumption is expected to reach almost 20 minutes per day, representing a 30% increase from last year, and exceeding the stagnant fixed device video consumption of 16 minutes.
Continue reading » | July 25, 2016

Marketers Finding Email Personalization Effective, Web Content Personalization Difficult

Ascend2-Effective-Difficult-Personalization-Tactics-July2016The most important goal of a data-driven marketing strategy is to personalize the customer experience, with this of far greater importance than customer acquisition or measuring ROI, according to the latest study [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. Luckily, with marketers confident in their data-driven strategies, few feel that personalizing the customer experience is a significant barrier.
Continue reading » | July 22, 2016

These Brands Are Enjoying the Best Buzz So Far This Year

YouGov-Top-Brands-Buzz-H1-2016-Jul2016New data from YouGov BrandIndex reveals the brands that had the best "buzz" in the first half of this year. It's a good list to be on, considering that word-of-mouth tops all paid media in purchase influence among American consumers, and has a particularly large impact on youth.
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