Facebook Post Interaction Rates, by Industry, in Q3 2014

Retail not only performed best, but was the only industry of 5 spotlighted to see a year-over-year increase in interaction rates.
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US Millennials Identify Their Favorite Brands

Based on an unaided survey, Nike appears to best Apple and Samsung as Millennials' favorite brand.
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Weekend Reading, 10/17/14

comScore-Most-Important-TV-Content-Genres-Oct2014With the TV industry rocked by big news in successive days this week (standalone streaming services planned by HBO and CBS), it's well worth taking a look at what content is most important to pay-TV subscribers. According to a recently-released study [download page] from comScore, the two most important genres for pay-TV and non-pay-TV subscribers are news and prime-time shows. The real gap is for live sports, which pay-TV subscribers are twice as likely to consider important as their non-subscriber counterparts.
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How Do B2B Execs Find Content? Search

EIUPeppercomm-Top-Content-Sources-for-B2B-Execs-Oct2014Source: Economist Intelligence Unit / Peppercomm
    Notes: Online search tools are more important to B2B executives than company websites and recommendations when it comes to finding content from companies that is credible and trustworthy, according to a recent survey. Separately, when asked how they use various sources to find content created by a particular organization, 63% of respondents said they use search often, far ahead of the proportion saying they often consult the official online presence of the company (42%).
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    More Data Indicates That Consumers Want TV on Their Own Schedules

    comScore-Drivers-Online-TV-Viewing-Oct2014Although most consumers continue to watch original TV series on traditional TV, many are time-shifting their TV viewing, and this desire to watch on their own schedule is one of the primary drivers of online video viewing. That's one of the chief takeaways from a new comScore report [download page] based on a survey of more than 1,100 online adults.
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    What’s The Good and Bad With Lead Gen? Depends Who’s Asked.

    360Leads-Impediments-to-Sales-Lead-Gen-Targets-Oct2014Fewer than 1 in 5 companies around the world (19% in the US) meet their sales lead generation targets, reports 360 Leads in a recently-released study. The research examines the use of various lead generation channels, finding that different groups rate them in different ways depending on their performance, size, and function. In fact, about the only thing that respondents agree on is that internal issues are an impediment to meeting targets.
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    Most Helpful Content Types, According to B2B Executives

    EconomistPeppercomm-Most-Helpful-Content-for-B2B-Audiences-Oct2014Source: Economist Group / Peppercomm
      Notes: Articles top the list of content forms that B2B executives have found most helpful for a business-related matter during the past 12 months, with 71% citing them among their top-3 most helpful. Next up are research reports or special reports (51%) and white papers or briefing papers (27%). These are not necessarily the most-used content forms, though; an accompanying survey of B2B marketers finds that while articles are the most common form of content created, newsletters and social media posts are next.
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      Loyalty Rewards: Millennials Enticed by Hands-On Experiences

      LoyaltyOne-Millennials-Hands-On-Rewards-Experiences-Oct2014Source: LoyaltyOne
        Notes: More than 8 in 10 US Millennials (18-29) report that they'd be more likely to shop with a grocer if they could redeem rewards or loyalty program points for a session or consultation with a chef or nutritionist, per LoyaltyOne's research, with that figure being significantly above the overall general population sample average of 69%. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of Millennials said that a session with a technician or software expert would motivate them to shop more at the electronics dealer offering it as a loyalty reward.
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