State of Data Quality Continues to Worsen

US companies believe almost one-third of their data is inaccurate.
Continue reading » | January 30, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 Advertising: Viewer Attitudes and Spending Trends

A quick look at some Super Bowl advertising-related data that has been released in the lead-up to the game.
Continue reading » | January 29, 2015

Are Marketers Leveraging Data-Driven Insights For Their Top Priorities?

Teradata-Marketers-Ability-to-Leverage-Data-Insights-for-Priorities-Jan2015Source: Teradata [download page]
    Notes: Almost half of marketers report significant pressure to be more data-driven in their efforts, according to a recent report from Teradata, with this aligning with other research similarly showing that marketers are under pressure to become more analytic. The Teradata survey, fielded late last year among more than 1,500 marketers worldwide, also found that 87% consider data the most underutilized asset in marketing organizations, almost double the share (46%) feeling that way a year earlier. With a majority of respondents ascribed benefits to data-driven marketing such as more accurate (67%) and faster (59%) decisions, the study notes that marketers are currently most able to fully leverage insights from data for customer acquisition and retention (53%) and to prove marketing effectiveness by measuring outcomes and ROI (45%).
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    Mobile’s Share of Facebook Ad Revenues Continues to Rise

    Facebook-Mobile-MAUs-Ad-Revenues-Q32012-Q42014-Jan2015Source: Facebook [pdf]
      Notes: Facebook's advertising revenues grew by 53% year-over-year in Q4 to reach almost $3.6 billion, the social network reported yesterday. Mobile's share of ad revenues climbed yet again, to 69%, up from 53% during the year-earlier period. Some 64% of Facebook's 1.39 billion monthly active users accessed the site daily, with that figure unchanged from a quarter earlier. Nevertheless, that translated to 890 million daily active users (DAUs), of whom roughly 84% were mobile DAUs.
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      Top US Markets by SVOD Penetration

      Nielsen-Top-US-Markets-by-SVOD-Penetration-Jan2015Source: Nielsen [download page]
        Notes: Washington, DC and San Francisco are the leading US markets by subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) penetration, with 52% of households in each having access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or Hulu Plus as of November 2014. That's according to a recent report from Nielsen, which notes that 42% of US households have access to at least one service, with Netflix remaining easily in the lead (36% of households), ahead of Amazon (13%) and Hulu (6%). Some services are more popular in some markets than others: San Francisco (48%) edges Washington, DC (47%) in Netflix penetration, while Washington, DC (24%) takes the lead over Seattle (23%) in Amazon Instant Prime penetration, with San Francisco further back (18%). Seattle, meanwhile, has the largest share (9%) of homes with access to Hulu Plus.
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        Which Day of the Week Nets The Highest Share of Search Ad Clicks?

        Adobe-Global-Daily-Share-of-Search-Ad-Clicks-in-Q4-Jan2015Source: Adobe [pdf]
          Notes: Weekends tend to garner a greater share of search ad clicks on mobile devices than on desktops, finds Adobe in its most recent quarterly Digital Advertising Report covering Q4 2014. Indeed, almost one-third (32%) of mobile search ad clicks came on the weekend, with Sundays (17%) netting the largest daily share. By comparison (and not altogether unsurprisingly), weekends saw a lower combined share (27%) of desktop text ad clicks, with Monday (16%) seeing the largest daily portion. When it came to interaction rates on Facebook, though, Friday was best for likes and shares from brand Facebook followers.
          Continue reading » | January 28, 2015

          Customer Service Pain Points Still Driving Consumers Away

          Accenture-Customers-Main-Reasons-for-Switching-Providers-Jan2015Some 53% of US customers surveyed last year reported having switched providers during the prior year due to poor service, according to a recently-released Accenture Strategy study. That 53% figure is up from 51% in 2013 and 46% in 2012, though the most recent study tracked switching behavior in an additional industry (health care providers), which may have had an impact on the results.
          Continue reading » | January 27, 2015

          Mobile Estimated to Represent More Than 4 in 10 US Organic Search Visits

          RKG-Mobile-Share-US-Organic-Search-Traffic-Q32013-Q42014-Jan2015More than 42% of US organic search visits to US sites in Q4 2014 came from mobile devices, up from 31% share during the year-earlier period, details RKG Digital [download page] in its latest quarterly digital marketing report, which covers a cross-section of industry clients, though leans towards retailers. The study notes that iOS devices' share of mobile search traffic has declined, although they retain a commanding lead over Android devices. Indeed, iOS devices contributed twice as much organic search traffic share (27% share) as did Android devices (13%).
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