Marketers Continue to Rate Email the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic

Email is a favorite with marketers the world over; interestingly, they feel that social media is the most difficult digital marketing tactic to execute.
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Which Brand Attributes Matter Most to Millennials?

Certain attributes are necessary for brands to exhibit if they are to overcome Millennials' skepticism.
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Global Ad Spend Share Forecast, by Medium

ZenithOptimedia-Share-Global-Adspend-by-Medium-2016-v-2013-Sept2014Source: ZenithOptimedia
    Notes: Mobile is the fastest-growing advertising medium around the world, says ZenithOptimedia, which predicts global ad spending growth of 5.3% this year and next and 5.9% in 2016. Despite accounting for just 2.9% share of global ad spending last year, mobile is expected to capture more advertising dollars than magazines by 2016, with 8.6% share of total spend. Separately, while desktop internet spend isn't growing nearly quite as quickly, it's projected to exceed print (magazines and newspapers combined) in ad spending share by the end of the forecast period.
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    Twitter: TV Shows That Live-Tweet Enjoy Lift in Follower Growth Rate

    Twitter-Live-Tweeting-TV-Show-Follower-Growth-Sept2014Source: Twitter
      Notes: TV shows that live-tweet have a better follower growth rate than those that don't, declares Twitter, with that generally true across genres and handle (show, host, and contestant, in the case of reality shows). The study also finds that shows that live-tweeted tends to see a higher overall volume of tweets than those that did not. The results follow other studies which have demonstrated that Twitter-supported TV campaigns drive higher ROI and that tweets have influenced ratings for some TV episodes.
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      Who Are America’s Affluents, And What Are Their Top Spending Categories?

      Ipsos-American-Affluents-Consumer-Expenditures-Sept2014Some 67.5 million American adults lived in a household with annual income of at least $100,000 ("affluents"), a 5 million (or 8%) increase from last year, details Ipsos in its latest annual study of the affluent population. As such, 28% of the adult population can be classified as affluent, as can 23% of all US households. So who are these affluents?
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      1 in 6 Commercial Emails Fail to Reach the Inbox. Which Industries Fare Best?

      ReturnPath-Global-Inbox-Placement-Rate-by-Industry-Sept2014Some 17% of permissioned emails from legitimate senders around the world failed to reach the inbox during the year-long period from May 2013 to April 2014, with 11% classified as missing and 6% ending up in spam folders, details Return Path in its "Inbox Placement Benchmark Report 2014" [download page]. The overall 87% inbox placement rate hides some wide discrepancies in performance, though, as industries reliant on customer relationships were most likely to be successful.
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      Local Digital Media Ad Spend Set For Double-Digit Growth

      BIAKelsey-Local-Digital-Media-Ad-Spend-Forecast-Sept2014Source: BIA/Kelsey
        Notes: Local digital media (online and mobile) ad spending will grow by 13.1% to $35 billion next year, forecasts BIA/Kelsey. Overall local media ad spend growth is expected to be a more muted 1.6%, as traditional media ad budgets decline by 1.7%. By next year, then, digital will comprise slightly more than one-quarter of local media ad revenues, up from 22.6% this year. Local search ($7.2B) will continue to be the largest component of local digital media ad revenues, but will experience the slowest growth. Local mobile ad spend, however, is expected to shoot up by 54.2% year-over-year to $6.6 billion, outpacing display ($4.9B), social ($3.6B) and video ($3B).
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        Mobile Share of Online Video Views, Q1 2012-Q2 2014

        Ooyala-Mobile-Share-of-Online-Video-Views-Sept2014Source: Ooyala [download page]
          Notes: Mobile now accounts for more than one-quarter of online video views, according to Ooyala's latest report, although it likely comprises a smaller share of time spent with video given smartphone viewers' appetite for snackable content. Nevertheless, the global data indicates that mobile's share of video views has doubled year-over-year and continues to rise quickly, with Ooyala predicting it will pass the majority threshold by the beginning of 2016.
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