Consumers: Brands’ Online Product Recommendations Spur Purchases

Brand enthusiasts in particular respond to product recommendations, with a strong majority finding them helpful and reporting having purchased a recommended item.
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Are Young People Watching Less TV? (Updated – Q2 2014 Data)

What does an analysis of 3-and-a-half years of TV viewing data say about youths' traditional TV viewing habits?
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Which Media Budgets Are Being Cannibalized to Fund Video Ad Spending? [download page]
    Notes: Video ad buyers are most likely to be drawing from display budgets to fund spending increases in the next 12 months, with broadcast and cable TV also under the gun. Interestingly, unlike agencies, trading desks and ad networks, brands are more likely to be cannibalizing cable than broadcast TV budgets, as there has been a significant increase from last year's results in the proportion of brands that will be drawing video ad budgets from cable TV. Also of note, brands are more likely to be pulling funds this year from display and search, but less likely to be diverting funds from print.
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    Top Social Channels Used by SMBs For Advertising and Promotion

    BIAKelsey-Top-Social-Channels-SMBs-Advertising-Promotion-Sept2014Source: BIA/Kelsey
      Notes: Not surprisingly, Facebook tops the list of social channels among SMBs, with 55% having a business page, per BIA/Kelsey's latest report. While LinkedIn is next in adoption, the analysts believe that SMBs' promotional use of the platform is more for recruiting and HR purposes than for business advertising and promotion. Of note, SMBs are as likely to be using Facebook ads or promoted posts as they are to be using Twitter (each at 20%). Also of interest, Instagram (10.6%) and Pinterest (10.3%) show solid levels of adoption in their first year of being tracked in the study.
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      Are Billion-Dollar Strategic Decisions Being Made on the Basis of Data or Intuition?

      PwCEIU-Data-Intuition-Big-Decision-Making-Sept2014Spending on data analytics is rising, and CMOs report that one of their most effective applications of predictive analytics has been to leverage consumer data to support intuitive hypotheses. With all the buzz about big data, recent studies have shown somewhat conflicting results regarding the extent to which data or intuition is used in decision-making. Now, a new study [pdf] from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) indicates that few senior executives rely most on data when making big decisions.
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      4 in 10 Senior Execs at Large Organizations Don’t Measure Customer Lifetime Value

      ForbesInsightsSitecore-Use-of-CLV-Sept2014A recent survey of global marketers found a greater focus on customer acquisition than retention, and a new Forbes Insights and Sitecore survey [download page] of North American senior executives indeed finds that attracting new customers is considered a greater priority for marketing organizations today than turning current customers into customers for life. And while more than three-quarters say that average customer lifetime value (CLV) is a highly or extremely valuable indicator, only 58% regularly calculate it.
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      Services Most In Demand From Local SEOs

      BrightLocal-Local-SEOs-Most-In-Demand-Services-Sept2014Source: BrightLocal
        Notes: For the second consecutive year, local SEOs report on-site SEO is the service most in demand from their customers. Google+ optimization and website development are the next-most in demand, per the survey, with citation building taking a step up from last year's results. Separately, 39% of respondents believe that social media is a very powerful marketing channel for local businesses and 49% believe it works for some. Those figures compare with 25% and 57%, respectively, last year.
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        Companies’ Top Strategic Partnership Drivers

        CMOCouncil-Strategic-Partnership-Drivers-Sept2014Source: CMO Council / Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network [download page]
          Notes: Some 85% of survey respondents report that strategic partnerships and alliances are at least important to their business, although 43% say that less than 60% of their partnerships have been successful. Effective partnerships are most beneficial in acquiring new customers (68%) and increasing revenue (66%), per the report, and respondents most commonly seek them out to gain access to new ideas, insights and innovations (44%) and because of the complexity and pace of business (35%).
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