ONLINE MEDIA | July 9, 2014

Which Content Categories Are Being Shared on Which Social Networks?

ShareThis-Content-Sharing-by-Category-and-SocNet-in-Q2-July2014Social sharing via mobile devices continues to the rise, with sharing from smartphones and tablets in Q2 growing by 19% from Q1, when they first accounted for a majority of social sharing actions (sharing of website content such as articles, photos and videos via social networks). That's according to the latest quarterly report from ShareThis, which aside from detailing a host of interesting data related to mobile sharing, also contains some intriguing figures concerning the types of content categories that are being shared on various social networks. Continue reading »

B2B Media Revenues Up 4.5% Y-O-Y in Q1

    Source: The Association of Business Information & Media Companies (ABM)
      Notes: B2B media industry revenues grew by 4.5% year-over-year to reach $7.1 billion, per ABM, with digital revenue leading the way with a 19.5% increase. Database and information service revenue grew by 4.6%, with more modest growth seen for even revenue, which was up by 2.9%. Print ad pages declined by 5.6% year-over-year, though the revenue decline was more moderate, at 2.6%. Continue reading »

      Tablet Magazine Ads Seen Garnering Recall Levels on Par With Print

      July 9, 2014

      GfK-Tablet-Magazine-Ad-Recall-July2014When asked about a specific ad, 52% of tablet magazine readers recalled seeing (or "Noted") the ad, finds a recent study from GfK. That's equal to the 52% of print magazine readers who recalled seeing a specified ad, as seen in data released earlier this year by GfK. Moreover, among those who recalled at least one ad from a digital magazine, roughly 6 in 10 indicated that the ads in the publication are valuable sources of new information. Read more »


      Retailers on the Most Valuable Digital Channels for Driving Store Traffic

      July 9, 2014


        Source: RSR Research [download page]
          Notes: Retail "winners" (those with year-over-year sales growth of more than 3%) and "laggards" (with growth less than 3%) are in agreement that e-commerce sites are the most valuable digital channel for driving traffic to physical stores. Beyond that, though, "winners" are far more likely to see retailers' mobile and social networking presences as being very valuable for driving store traffic. They're similarly more likely to believe that their mobile and social networking presences have a lot of value once the customer is in the store. Read more »

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