Mobile Share of Online Video Views, Q1 2012-Q2 2014

Mobile's share of online video views has doubled year-over-year to exceed 25%.
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Global Marketing Budget Sentiment in Q3

Marketers' budget sentiment continues to be positive, with digital media driving the gains.
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Consumers’ Take on the Future of Advertising

GooTech-Consumer-Views-Future-of-Advertising-Sept2014Consumers are well aware of marketers' increasing data collection practices and focus on audience targeting, according to new survey results from Goo Technologies. Asked in which of various ways they believe advertising will change in the next 10 years, a majority of US adults surveyed indicated that advertisers will have more personal data about consumers (58%) and that advertisers will improve targeted ads towards certain demographic groups (52%).
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Smartphone Users Estimate That 1 in 6 SMS Exchanges Are With Brands

SAPLoudhouse-Consumer-SMS-Interactions-With-Brands-Sept2014Some smartphone users are checking their devices "to obsessive levels," says SAP in a new survey conducted by Loudhouse. On average, about two-thirds of respondents - who are aged 18-65 and hail from 12 markets - claimed to check their smartphone for new messages or activity at least every hour, with 1 in 5 doing so at least every 10 minutes. This creates opportunities for brands to interact with consumers, per the study, which notes that on average, 16% of respondents' weekly SMS exchanges are with businesses.
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Levels of Suspicious US Web and Mobile Traffic Ease in Q2

SolveMedia-Suspicious-US-Web-and-Mobile-Activity-Q1-2013-Q2-2014-Sept2014Source: Solve Media
    Notes: Some good news on the bot traffic front, as levels of suspicious web activity dropped to 45% - still a high figure, but an improvement nonetheless from the high of 61% in Q4 2013. Levels of suspicious mobile activity in the US also declined quarter-over-quarter, from 24% to 18%, the lowest figure in at least 6 quarters of measurement. Expect those levels to rise again, though, warns Solve Media, as the holiday season approaches and ad spending picks up. Overall, 31% of US web traffic was confirmed as bots, as was 12% of mobile traffic. Separately, Solve Media notes that the CPG vertical is seeing above-average levels of mobile bot traffic, with that attributed to rising mobile ad spend in the sector.
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    How Do Senior Marketers Define Customer Centricity?

    CMOCouncil-Customer-Views-Customer-Centricity-Sept2014The attributes that best define customer centricity are a senior management team committed to understanding the customer, functional alignment in support of a holistic customer experience strategy and a corporate culture that prioritizes customer satisfaction, according to a new study from the CMO Council and SAP. But while organizational processes must be in place to support a customer focus, what does customer centricity mean in the customer's eyes?
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    US Ad Spend Trends, by Medium, in Q2 2014

    Kantar-Ad-Spend-Trends-in-Q2-Sept2014US ad spending inched up by 0.7% year-over-year in the second quarter to reach $35.6 billion, dragging down the growth rate for first-half expenditures to 3.1%, per the latest quarterly figures from Kantar Media. The analysis notes that Olympic advertisers reined in spending by 4% year-over-year during Q2, while those not advertising during the Olympics increased spend by 2%, with the latter considered a more appropriate indicator of core media spending trends.
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    Fastest-Growing Mobile App Categories, by Time Spent

    Localytics-Mobile-App-Consumption-Increases-by-Category-Sept2014Source: Localytics
      Notes: The overall amount of time spent with mobile applications grew by 21% between August 2013 and last month, per Localytics data, with that increase spurred largely by an increase in the average number of app launches per month. The analysis indicates that music apps (79%) experienced the largest increase in time spent, followed by health and fitness (51%) and social networking (49%). Separately, the study notes that while social networking apps are launched the most times on average (25 per month) among the categories identified, users spend the least amount of time with them, at just 2.5 minutes per session. Beyond social networking apps, sports and news apps see a high number of monthly launches, while music and entertainment enjoy the highest average session lengths.
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