Half of Americans Now Use Social Media As A News Source; Messaging Apps Becoming More Popular

Almost one-quarter of news consumers around the world find, share or discuss news using messaging platforms.
Continue reading » | June 23, 2017

2 in 3 Marketers Say That Marketing Understands What Sales Needs to Succeed

Marketers are confident that they're consistently providing sales with quality leads.
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User-Generated Content Boosts Purchase Confidence, Online Shoppers Say

User-generated content (UGC) has a strong influence on purchase decisions, according to a survey [download page] commissioned by TurnTo Networks and conducted by Ipsos. A slight majority of online shoppers surveyed noted that UGC is a very or extremely influential part of their purchase decisions, with the vast majority at least somewhat agreeing that it increases their purchase confidence.
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Global Email Users, Traffic Forecast to Continue Growing

Email may not be growing at the same rate as social media or messaging platforms, but it's still chugging along, according to a new annual forecast [pdf] from The Radicati Group. Globally, there are an estimated 3.7 billion email users this year, a number that is predicted to grow by 3% per year through 2021, when it will exceed 4.1 billion.
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State of Marketing Report Shows Growing Use of Various Channels, Troubles With Message Personalization

Salesforce Research has released its 4th annual "State of Marketing" report [download page], surveying the landscape of the evolving function. While the study covers several different areas, one particular takeaway underscores the rate of change, at least in channel usage: marketing leaders responding to the survey estimated that on average, one-third of their budgets are spent on channels they didn't know existed 5 years ago.
Continue reading » | June 21, 2017

Consumers Now Say They’re More Likely to Share Good Than Bad Experiences

In a reversal from past research (see here and here) consumers are more likely to share good experiences than bad ones, according to a recent Temkin Group survey. In fact, just 14% of the 10,000 US consumers surveyed said they were tight-lipped following a recent very good experience with a company, compared to 35% who didn't tell anyone following a very bad experience.
Continue reading » | June 21, 2017

LGBT Consumers Feel Underrepresented in Advertising

Advertisers may be missing out on the potential benefits of advertising that better represents the LGBT community, according to YouGov research. The market research firm finds that LGBT consumers are more apt than the public as a whole to respond to advertising by searching for products and services, but also wish they were represented more in ads.
Continue reading » | June 20, 2017

Small FMCG Manufacturers Enjoying Growth, Gaining Market Share

The majority (53%) of growth in FMCG sales is coming from the smallest manufacturers, which have risen to 19% share of dollar sales, up 2 points over the past 5 years, according to a recent Nielsen report. In fact, the smallest manufacturers seem to be cannibalizing sales from the largest food and beverage manufacturers, whose market share has dropped to 31% and who are contributing just 2% of sector growth.
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