ONLINE MEDIA | July 22, 2014

Facebook’s Share of Referral Traffic Grows to New Heights

    Source: Shareaholic
      Notes: Facebook continues to cement its position as the leading social referrer of website traffic, referring a new high of 23.4% share of publisher traffic in June, up from 9.3% share in June 2013, per Shareaholic. While Pinterest has emerged as a solid second, its share of referral traffic declined during Q2, from 7.1% share in March to 5.7% in June. Meanwhile, Twitter continues to hover around the 1% share mark, which remains more than the combination of StumbleUpon (0.6%), Reddit (0.2%), YouTube (0.06%), Google+ (0.06%) and LinkedIn (0.02%). Continue reading »
      TRADITIONAL MEDIA | July 21, 2014

      US Brand Buzz Rankings in H1 2014

        Source: YouGov
          Notes: Amazon topped the buzz rankings for the first half of this year, continuing its success from last year, when it also led the word-of-mouth rankings. In other notable results, Netflix made the list for the first time (#5), Samsung (#6) edged Apple (#8), which had not made the list in 2013, and Google (#10) returned to the list after an 18-month hiatus. Meanwhile, Carnival topped the most-improved list, which also included Facebook at #3. Continue reading »

          Search Engines Ranked by User Satisfaction

          July 22, 2014


            Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) [download page]
              Notes: Customer satisfaction with internet portals and search engines improved by 4 points year-over-year to reach an index score of 80 (on a 100-point scale), considered the threshold of excellence by the ACSI. Google led all search engines with a score of 83, representing a 6-point improvement from last year and driving the overall sector gains. By contrast, Yahoo! dropped 5 points to a score of 71, above only AOL (70). Search engine users reported being most satisfied with site performance (index score of 84) and least satisfied with the amount of ads on the sites (75). Read more »


              B2C Content Marketing on LinkedIn: What Younger Members Want

              July 21, 2014

              LinkedIn-B2C-Content-Marketing-Topics-July2014Some 47% of young LinkedIn members read news or information from consumer brands on LinkedIn at least once a month, and roughly half trust information about consumer products they see on LinkedIn, according to results from a LinkedIn survey [download page] of 1,841 of its members aged 18-45 from the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the UK. The study finds that the youngest members - aged 18-24 - seek out the most content about B2C brands, and are particularly interested in upcoming innovations from companies. Read more »

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