How Consumers Think Brands Can Use Virtual Reality For Marketing

Product demos seem to be the preferred application.
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Which Customer Marketing Activities Are Most Broadly Used by B2B Firms?

More than one-quarter of companies aren't tracking revenue from customer marketing activities.
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Which Emerging Market Research Methods Are Gaining Favor?

Emerging market research methods such as mobile surveys and online communities may no longer be deemed "emerging," having well and truly broken into the mainstream, according to the latest edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report. By comparison, despite some gains in use, methods such as neuromarketing and wearables-based research remain niche.
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Pair Data-Driven Content With Paid Distribution for Effectiveness, Marketers Say

The top content formats produced by content marketers in the US are research/original data, infographics and product reviews, each created by 74% of respondents to a survey from Clutch. These were also the top 3 content types in terms of effectiveness, per the study, with research/original data leading the way.
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US Music Biz Up in 2016 on Strength of Streaming

It was a positive year in the end for the music business, declares Nielsen in the Nielsen Music Year End Report for 2016 [download page], as strong growth in on-demand streaming more than offset sales declines. In fact, on-demand streaming grew to account for 38% of all audio consumption, becoming the single largest consumption format for the first time in the process.
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Marketing and Sales Measurement Data Cleanliness Remains A Challenge

Marketing is becoming more data-driven, but the extent to which such efforts can achieve results is very dependent on the quality of the data at hand. According to new research from Allocadia [download page], some companies have it figured out, but many are still struggling with messy or silo'd data.
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Political Advertising in 2016 Showed Sizable Channel Shifts

Political advertising reached $9.8 billion in the 2016 election year, marking a more than 4% increase from the 2012 election cycle ($9.4 billion) and representing a new record, according to Borrell Associates. But while the spending amount was in itself interesting, the channel breakdown may have been more noteworthy.
Continue reading » | January 13, 2017

The 10 Fastest-Growing Grocery Categories in 2016

Americans looking to get their caffeine fix drove sizable increases in the dollar sales of ready-to-drink tea and coffee, with these emerging as the #1 and #3 growth categories in the grocery department in 2016, according to recent data from Nielsen. In fact, liquid tea sported not only the highest dollar growth (of 19.5%) but also the highest unit volume growth (of 14.4%).
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