3 in 10 American Women Becoming More Careful About Social Posts

More than one-third have become more concerned about their online privacy.
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Radio Revenues Dip in Q3 Despite Strong Gains in Digital

Radio revenues have dipped by 1% for the year-to-date, though digital revenues are up by 12%.
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Marketers Rate the Most Valuable – and Difficult – Conversion Rate Optimization Methods

EconsultancyRedEye-Value-Difficulty-Conversion-Rate-Optimization-Methods-Nov201489% of company marketers (primarily UK-based) feel that conversion rate optimization is crucial (55%) or important (34%) to their overall digital marketing strategy, and 87% of agency respondents agree with respect to their clients, according to the latest annual conversation rate optimization study [download page] from Econsultancy and RedEye. The report contains a host of intriguing data points concerning the methods by which marketers are going about improving their conversion rates, also detailing those perceived most effective.
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7 in 10 Enterprise CEOs Believe They Are Wasting Money on Marketing Initiatives

Forbes-CEO-CMO-Views-Marketing-Performance-Nov2014Some 35% of CEOs at large organizations believe that their marketing's sales performance is exceeding expectations, while fewer CMOs (26%) agree, according to a Forbes Insights study [download page] conducted in association with Rocket Fuel and Spencer Stuart. The survey - conducted among 296 global senior executives, 80% of whom hail from companies with more than $1 billion in revenues - suggests that CEOs may simply have lower expectations of marketing, as many believe their investments are wasted.
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US Millennials’ Interest in Mobile Healthcare Services

Harris-Millennial-Interest-Mobile-Healthcare-Services-Nov2014Source: Harris Interactive
    Notes: Some 48% of American adults would be extremely (25%) or very (23%) interested in being able to check their blood pressure on a smartphone or tablet were this available to them, according to the Harris survey, with 47% expressing that degree of interest in the ability to check their heart and heartbeat for any irregularities. Among Millennials (18-37), an application that tracks their physical activity (e.g. steps, sleeps) generates the most interest, with 57% reporting being at least very interested in such an app.
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    Finance Advertisers’ Mobile Campaign Goals

    MillennialMedia-Finance-Advertisers-Mobile-Campaign-Goals-Nov2014Source: Millennial Media / comScore [download page]
      Notes: Finance advertisers on the Millennial Media network are most focused on brand awareness and engagement (37% of campaign goals), per Millennial Media's report. But their biggest difference from advertisers overall lies with registrations, the goal for 30% of finance campaigns versus 12% of campaigns overall. (The analysts note that insurance brands used registration campaigns to motivate consumers to sign-up for free quotes or estimates for new service.)
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      Holiday 2014 Data Hub (Updated)

      NRFProsper-Thanksgiving-Weekend-Shopping-Intentions-Nov2014The holiday season - traditionally referred to as the November-December period - is here, and Thanksgiving weekend, replete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, beckons. That means, among other things, that there's an abundance of holiday data on offer. This article (which is being updated periodically during the holiday period) highlights key points from holiday-related research for what appears to be a fairly bright season in terms of spending.
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      Original Programming Grows in Popularity With Netflix Users

      Centris-Netflix-Users-Original-Programming-Nov2014Source: Centris Marketing Science
        Notes: Some 72% of Netflix subscribers claim to have watched Netflix originals as of Q3, up from 61% in Q2 and 57% in Q1, per Centris Marketing Science. While 18-34-year-olds (76%) are most likely to have watched any Netflix originals, 6 in 10 subscribers aged 55 and up have also watched them as of Q3. The extent to which Netflix becomes a destination for original programming rather than licensed content has important implications for the future of TV.
          Related: [Debrief] TV in Context: Viewing Trends, Ad Spending, and Purchase Influence
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