ONLINE MEDIA | July 28, 2014

The 10 National Brands With the Best Local Digital Marketing

    Source: Placeable
      Notes: From a pool of 280 national brands, Meineke emerges as the one with the best local digital marketing, based on Placeable's new assessment that measures brands across 4 quality dimensions: Visibility (site effectiveness and SEO performance); Depth (location data assessment); Precision (pin placement measurement); and Reach (third party ecosystem). Meineke was the only of 24 automotive brands measured to make the top 30, while 4 of the 10 highest-scoring brands were from the hospitality industry. Continue reading »
      TRADITIONAL MEDIA | July 28, 2014

      Loyalty Programs: Which Incentives Do Users Find Attractive?

      TechnologyAdvice-Appeal-Loyalty-Program-Benefits-July2014US loyalty program users are considerably more likely to participate in loyalty programs to save money than to receive rewards, finds a survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice. Of the options listed, almost 6 in 10 respondents chose "saving money" as their primary motivation for participating in loyalty programs, compared to close to 4 in 10 saying they use the programs to receive rewards. Respondents did not have a clear preference for card-based or digital programs, though. Continue reading »

      Primary Binge-Viewing Sources, Among US Households

      July 28, 2014


        Source: Centris Marketing Science
          Notes: Some 44% of US households surveyed during Q1 2014 said they binge-view TV shows (defined as watching 3 or more episodes of a TV show in one day), with 17% using more than one method. DVR (28%) emerges as the most common method used to binge-view, closely followed by subscription video on-demand services (25%) and live TV (23%).
            Related: TV Binge-Viewers Hold Mixed Attitudes to Advertising Read more »


            Who’s Using Digital Wallets?

            July 25, 2014

            ThriveAnalytics-Age-Gender-Distribution-Digital-Wallet-Users-July2014While more than 8 in 10 US adult smartphone users are aware of digital wallets, only about one-third have used one, according to a new study [download page] from Thrive Analytics. Results from the survey indicate that roughly 8 in 10 digital wallet users are between the ages of 18 and 43, and that 57% are male. Mobile payment users tend to be more evenly split by gender, though, according to a recent Nielsen study: 40% of mobile wallet users responding to the survey said they use mobile methods as their primary mode of payment, with females constituting 53% of mobile payment users. Read more »

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