Which Analytics Skills Are in the Highest Demand?

As companies get a handle on digital analytics tools, the need for BI talent rises.
Continue reading » | July 29, 2016

Radio Ads Garner Gen X’s Attention

Digital channels are growing quickly, while radio bucks the traditional media trend.
Continue reading » | July 29, 2016

Here’s What Americans Say They Most Commonly Post About on Social Media

HarrisPoll-Adults-Social-Content-Posts-July2016More than 3 in 4 American adults engage in social media in some way, finds a report from The Harris Poll. The study indicates that of those engaged in social media, passive reacting or posts and content is the most common form of engagement, with far fewer mostly creating and posting original content. Still, users typically post about some areas more than others.
Continue reading » | July 28, 2016

B2B Media & Information Industry Revenues Up 2.7% in 2015

SIAA-Connectiv-B2B-Media-Industry-Revenues-2008-2015-Jul2016The B2B media and information industry's revenues climbed by 2.7% to $28.4 billion last year, as growth in spending on events, digital advertising and data/business information more than offset declines in print advertising, per Connective's Business Information Network.
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Which Customization Method Should Your Brand Use?

RadiusGMR-Popular-Customization-Methods-Jul2016More than 6 in 10 US consumers are aware of companies customizing product and services to individual preferences, with this awareness higher among younger than older adults, a new study has found. Based on a survey of 1,300 consumers in the US and UK, the Radius Global Market Research report indicates that while there are various ways to customize, some are more desirable than others.
Continue reading » | July 28, 2016

Marketers Struggling to Optimize the Marketing Mix, Quantify ROI

DataXu-Marketers-Biggest-Challenge-July2016Marketers in the US and Europe are having a much harder time quantifying the impact of their efforts than they are figuring out how to master today's array of marketing technologies, a report from DataXu [download page] reveals. Indeed, of 7 challenges identified, marketers were by far the most likely to say that creating the most efficient results-driven marketing mix across channels was problematic.
Continue reading » | July 27, 2016

Ad Volume Hurting the Social Media Customer Experience

ACSI-Social-Customer-Experience-Benchmarks-2016-v-2015-Jul2016Consumer satisfaction with social media platforms has dipped slightly this year, and the amount of advertising on social sites is likely at least in part to blame, according to an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report [download page]. Despite just a modest 1-point slip to a score of 73 (on a 100-point scale), social media sites are on the lower tier of the industries measured.
Continue reading » | July 27, 2016

Benchmarks? Top-Performing Email Marketers Are Way Ahead of the Pack

IBMMarketingCloud-Email-Open-Rates-by-Region-in-2015-Jul2016Marketers often pay attention to benchmarks, which are useful to get a sense of what one might expect from a campaign (though individual results almost always vary from the average!). But as a recent study [download page] from IBM Marketing Cloud demonstrates, it might be worth shooting for the top, rather than the average.
Continue reading » | July 26, 2016

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