Video Content Marketers Enthusiastic About Channel’s Effectiveness

Roughly 7 in 10 video marketers believe that video converts better than other content types - and half feel that the ROI of video is improving. Still, there's room for improvement in the use of video metrics and viewing data.
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Media Buyers Say Clients’ Primary Focus Remains Spot TV

Agency media buyers' spot TV focus reaches the highest level in the past 22 quarters of STRATA's survey.
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Mobile Ad CTRs Higher In-App Than on the Web

Medialets-Mobile-Ad-CTR-Benchmarks-in-H1-Sept2014Source: Medialets [download page]
    Notes: Mobile ads served in applications had a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR) than those served on the mobile web (0.56% and 0.23%, respectively) during the first half of this year, a finding that aligns with a similar conclusion derived from an Opera study last year. The latest analysis - based on more than 300 billion data points on Medialets' mobile and tablet ad serving platform - also indicates that ad CTRs were higher on tablets (0.59%) than on handsets (0.41%).
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    Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – August 2014

    MarketingCharts-Top-10-Charts-of-August-2014-entryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: marketers' changing media mix; online channel goals and digital metrics; top concerns among CMOs; content marketing's effectiveness; the most-desired brand video types; social's growing impact on TV; and consumer spending patterns by category and generation.
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    College Students’ Purchase Influencers and Favorite “Splurge” Categories

    Fluent-Undergrad-Back-to-School-Purchase-Influencers-Aug2014Undergraduate students are less likely to rely on brand advertising than word-of-mouth when it comes to their purchase decisions, finds a new survey from Fluent. The study, fielded among more than 1,400 undergraduate students, also finds that online coupons have a significant effect on back-to-school shopping decisions. And for all the popularity of visual-sharing social media, these channels don't have much of a stated influence.
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    Top Devices Used to Stream Video

    TNS-Top-Devices-Used-to-Stream-Video-Aug2014Source: TNS ReQuest
      Notes: While the laptop computer is the most common device used by US streaming households, streamers are also using game consoles (21%), Blu-ray or DVD players (12%), Roku boxes (11%) and smart TVs (10%) to stream video, suggesting that TVs remain a popular form factor for video, no matter the content source. While more streaming households use smartphones (34%) than tablets (29%) as a streaming device, it's likely that tablets are the choice for long-form content.
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      Top Sources of OTC Information, by Generation

      AccentHealth-Top-Sources-OTC-Info-by-Generation-Aug2014Source: AccentHealth [pdf]
        Notes: Family and friends are a much larger source of OTC information for Millennials (18-34) than for Gen Xers (35-49) and Baby Boomers (50+), per the study, with word-of-mouth rivaling healthcare practitioners as a resource for the younger generation. By contrast, Baby Boomers - who are the most apt to use OTC drugs - are more likely to rely on product advertising, a result which aligns with prior research on purchase influencers by generation. Overall, healthcare practitioners are the most trusted source of OTC information for each generation.
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        What’s the General Sentiment of the Most-Shared Articles on Social Networks?

        FractlBuzzSumo-Emotional-Sentiment-Most-Shared-Articles-SocNets-Aug2014A recent study from ShareThis found significant differences in the types of content categories most likely to be shared on various social networks. Now, a new study [download page] from Fractl - in collaboration with BuzzSumo - analyzes the million most-shared articles from the first half of 2014 to identify the emotional sentiment of the top articles being shared on major social networks, with some intriguing discrepancies.
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