Majority of US Smartphone Owners Say They’ve Used A Mobile Payment Service. For What?

Some 54% of adult smartphone owners report using mobile payment services.
Continue reading » | May 26, 2015

Out-of-Home Media Touted For Ability to Reach Consumers Prior to Mobile Activities

Out-of-home media can reach consumers in the time leading up to purchase activities, study says.
Continue reading » | May 26, 2015

One-Quarter of Premium Video Ad Views Occurred on Mobile Devices in Q1

FreeWheel-Share-Digital-Video-Ad-Views-by-Device-May2015Source: FreeWheel [download page]
    Notes: Premium digital video ad views continue to migrate to devices outside of desktops and laptops, per FreeWheel's latest quarterly report, with strong growth in particular coming from smartphones, which accounted for 17% of overall views, more than double a year earlier. OTT Devices also demonstrated rapid growth year-over-year, though their 8% share was consistent with the previous quarter.
    Continue reading » | May 22, 2015

    Consumers’ Spending Trends, by Category

    Gallup-Consumer-Spending-Trends-in-Q12015-May2015Source: Gallup
      Notes: Consumers are spending more on necessities such as groceries (55% spending more), utilities (45%) and healthcare (43%), with these being the three categories in which the largest percentage of survey respondents have increased their spending compared to a year ago, according to Gallup. Meanwhile, the bottom categories in terms of increased spending are retirement investments (17%), consumer electronics (18%) and travel (19%), suggesting, per Gallup, that "Americans continue to spend more on things they need, but not on things they want."
      Continue reading » | May 22, 2015

      What’s Holding Back Further Use of Content Marketing and Native Advertising?

      PulsepointDigiday-Top-Barriers-Content-Marketing-Native-May2015Most brands and agencies say that content marketing plays a significant role in their overall marketing strategy, with native advertising playing somewhat of a less significant role for the time being, according to survey results [download page] from PulsePoint and Digiday. For publishers, native and content marketing are on a more even playing field in terms of significance. With both set to grow, the study looks at potential barriers to further adoption.
      Continue reading » | May 21, 2015

      The World’s 10 “Most-Chosen” FMCG Brands

      Kantar-10-Most-Chosen-FMCG-Brands-May2015Coca-Cola is the "most-chosen" FMCG brand in the world for the third consecutive year, chosen roughly 5.7 billion times in the 52-year period between October 2013 and October 2014, according to the latest annual rankings [pdf] from Kantar Worldpanel. In fact, 43.4% of households purchased the brand an average of 13.4 times last year; while #2 Colgate had higher penetration among households (64.6%), it was purchased less frequently (6.4 times on average).
      Continue reading » | May 21, 2015

      Top Industries by Share of Digital and Mobile Ad Spend in 2015

      eMarketer-Top-Industries-by-Share-of-Digital-Mobile-Ad-Spend-in-2015-May2015Source: eMarketer
        Notes: Retail will continue to be the largest-spending vertical on US digital advertising, according to eMarketer's latest estimates, accounting for 22% share of total spend. That would be slightly higher than the 21% share detailed by the IAB and PwC in their 2014 online ad revenues report. The retail sector is expected to be even more influential in mobile advertising, where it is expected to account for 23.2% of total revenues this year.
        Continue reading » | May 20, 2015

        Pay-TV, Broadband Subs Continue Moving in Opposite Directions

        LRG-Pay-TV-Broadband-Subscription-Trends-in-Q12015-May2015Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG) Notes: Although the pay-TV subscriber market continues to be larger than the broadband subscriber market, that gap continues to narrow, per the latest data from LRG. The results indicate that the top broadband providers – representing roughly 94% of the market – added about 1.2 million subscribers in Q1 2015, bringing their total to 88.5 million. Cable companies had a particularly strong quarter, with a net gain of slightly more than 1 million subscribers, their largest net add since Q1 2008.
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