90% of US Mobile Internet Time Said Spent in Apps

Facebook is outpacing time spent in browsers by an almost 2:1 margin among mobile users, Flurry says.
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US Out-of-Home Ad Revenues Continue to Grow

Spending on out-of-home advertising grew for the 21st consecutive quarter in Q2.
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What Causes Consumers to Lose Trust in Digital Brands?

Neustar-Consumer-Perceptions-Trustworthy-Websites-Sept2015A majority of consumers don't trust websites that suffer from security and usability issues, says Neustar in recently-released research [pdf], although inaccurate content is the most common complaint of those identified. Indeed, 91% of the more than 750 adults surveyed for the report said that they don't trust websites that contain errors or mistakes.
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Enterprise CMOs Say They Spread Their Budgets Evenly Across the Customer Journey

TheCMOClubIBM-Enterprise-CMO-Budget-Allocations-Customer-Journey-Sept2015CMOs are no longer investing the majority of their budgets to customer acquisition, instead spreading their spending more evenly across the customer journey, says The CMO Club in a recent study [pdf] conducted in collaboration with IBM. The survey of 100 CMOs with annual marketing budgets of at least $1 million found 57% predicting an increase in overall budgets over the next 2-3 years, with spending growth expected across all stages of the customer journey.
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Mobile Now Forecast to Capture the Majority of US Digital Ad Spending This Year

eMarketer-Mobile-Share-Digital-Total-Media-Ad-Spending-2014-2019-Sept2015Source: eMarketer
    Notes: Mobile ad spending is growing at such a rapid clip that eMarketer now predicts that it will capture a majority 52% share of digital ad spending this year, up from its earlier forecast of 49% share. The new forecast translates to mobile capturing about 1 in every $6 spent on media advertising (16.6% share) this year. Mobile's share of digital ad spend will grow at a slower pace through 2019, when it is forecast to occupy 70% of digital ad spending and 29% of all media ad spend.
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    Trusting Relationships A Bigger Priority For Customers Than Brand Names, CMOs Say

    DukeCMOSurvey-Customers-Top-Priorities-Sept2015Source: The CMO Survey [pdf] (Duke University's Fuqua School of Business)
      Notes: CMOs tend to believe their customers' top priority over the next 12 months will be superior product quality (26%) or excellent service (24%), according to The CMO Survey. Also interesting is that CMOs are slightly more likely to believe that a trusting relationship (18%) will be a top customer priority than low prices (17%). Just 3% feel that customers will make brands their top priority.
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      CMOs Bullish on Mobile Marketing Spending, Not So Hot on Current Performance

      CMOSurvey-Mobile-Share-Marketing-Budgets-Sept2015 CMOs are ready to boost their mobile marketing budgets, and there are signs they have already been doing so, according to results from the latest edition of the biannual CMO Survey [pdf] from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. CMOs responding to the study predicted that mobile would occupy 15.6% share of their marketing budgets in 3 years' time, up from the 6% currently allocated.
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      Budgets Limited For Multicultural Marketing Initiatives

      CMOCouncilGeoscape-Budget-Allocations-Multicultural-Marketing-Sept2015Multicultural consumers represented 92% of US population growth between 2000 and 2014, per a recent report, and research suggests that Hispanic and Asian households will outspend non-Hispanic Whites over the remainder of their lifetimes. Yet many marketers lack a multicultural marketing initiative or significant spending on one, according to a new study [download page] from The CMO Council and Geoscape.
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