Mobile Payments Said to Near 1 in 4 Online Payment Transactions

Payments over mobile devices accounted for 23.3% of total online payments during the quarter, with smartphones leading tablets in share.
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Weekend Reading, 10/24/14

An assortment of data - spanning Halloween, mobile, B2B, news media, sports, and video - to get you through the weekend.
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TV Multitasking Continues to Grow

TiVo-Share-TV-Viewing-Time-Spent-Multitasking-Oct2014Some 51% of TV viewers multitask every time or almost every time they watch TV, up from 36% last year, reports TiVo in its second annual study of multitasking and social TV. Even so, viewers are keeping the TV screen the center of their attention: an estimated 47% of their TV time is spent with their primary focus on the TV show even while multitasking, up from 39% last year.
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What Are Large Advertisers Looking to Get Out of Mobile?

AdvertiserPerceptions-Top-Reasons-Using-Mobile-Advertising-Oct2014Mobile advertising spending is soaring in the US, now representing close to one-quarter of all online ad spending. With mobile ad revenues predicted to continue growing at impressive rates, the buzz isn't likely to end anytime soon. So what goals underpin this trend? A new study from Advertiser Perceptions offers some insights.
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Paid Search Trends in Q3

MC-Paid-Search-Trends-in-Q3-Oct2014Source: IgnitionOne, The Search Agency [download page], RKG [download page], Kenshoo
    Notes: Reports from IgnitionOne and The Search Agency are in agreement that search ad click-through rates in the US saw significant year-over-year increases, while impressions were down by upwards of 20%. RKG's clients upped spending to a considerably greater degree, though, and saw higher costs-per-click (otherwise reported as being down among IgnitionOne and The Search Agency clients). On a global basis, Kenshoo reports that spending and click-through rates were, while impressions declined by 10%.
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    Consumer Magazines’ Revenue Sources, Per Executives

    FOLIO-Consumer-Magazine-Revenue-Sources-Oct2014Source: FOLIO: Magazine
      Notes: The consumer magazine CEO survey finds that an estimated 44% share of revenues came from print ads last year, while only 11% came from digital advertising and 1% from mobile advertising. As for next year? Not much change in the works: respondents predict that 42% of revenues will come from print ads, compared to 13% from digital ads and 2% from mobile ads. The study authors note that "from 2010 to 2013, respondents have consistently overestimated digital earnings and underestimated how much they'd still rely on print."
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      How B2C and B2B Content Marketing Efforts Compare

      CMIMarketingProfs-B2C-B2B-Content-Marketing-Compared-Oct2014With the release of their latest annual report [pdf] on B2C content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs offer the ability to measure the similarities and differences between both groups in their approaches to content marketing. Interestingly, while the two differ in some tactics and priorities, they do converge in some areas.
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      2 in 3 Marketers Say Tech Is Very Important to Their Performance. How?

      CMOCouncilTealium-CMOs-on-Impact-of-Marketing-Tech-Oct2014Two-thirds of marketers (mostly senior level) describe the importance of new technologies to their group's overall effectiveness and performance as "essential" (29%) or "very important" (38%), according to a new report [download page] from the CMO Council and Tealium. In fact, only 5% say that their investments aren't producing tangible business value, with many working on it (39%) or already seeing value (46%). But in what ways are they impacting marketing ROI?
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