Majority of Time Spent Watching Digital Video is With Long-Form Content, Regardless of Device

"People are increasingly turning to premium video for TV-quality experiences."
Continue reading » | June 28, 2017

Global Ad Spend Forecasts: Key Markets & Media

Three new forecasts shed some light on what we can expect this year and in the near future.
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Radio’s Weekly Audience is Large… And Growing

Radio has remained largely immune to the disruption wrought by the internet on other traditional media types: recent estimates suggest that radio listening time has remained steady over the past 5 years, while AM/FM listeners themselves say they're tuning in more. New data from Nielsen [download page] shows that radio's audience is large, diverse, and growing.
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In-Store, Atmosphere Counts. And Shoppers Say That Music Helps.

The majority of American shoppers (84%) find that when stores play music, it makes for a more enjoyable shopping experience, according to The State of Brick & Mortar report [download page] from Mood Media, which surveyed 11,255 consumers across 9 countries. Many shoppers also find that hearing music in stores lifts mood (81%) and helps them relate and connect to the brand (70%).
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Direct Media Response Rate, CPA & ROI Benchmarks in 2017

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) - in conjunction with Demand Metric - has released its latest Response Rate Report, an in-depth study of direct marketing. With direct marketers' use of multiple channels on the rise, the report takes a look at several types, providing performance and cost benchmarks.
Continue reading » | June 26, 2017

OTT Streaming Devices Now Top All Other Devices in Premium Digital Video Ad Views

When it comes to premium digital video, the big story isn't mobile. Instead, it's the TV screen, and specifically OTT streaming devices, which have grown to exceed all other devices in premium digital video ad view share. That's according to FreeWheel's latest quarterly report [download page], this one covering Q1 2017.
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Majority of American Adults Identify As Middle-Class

A solid majority (62%) of American adults identify as either upper-middle or middle-class, with a healthy plurality (44%) saying they belong to the middle class, according to new survey results from Gallup. The report notes that middle-class identification has returned to pre-recession levels; as recently as 2015, only about half identified as upper-middle or middle class.
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Online Shoppers Twice as Likely to Start a Product Search on Amazon Than on a Search Engine

Online shoppers are increasingly limiting themselves to single-channel shopping, with almost two-thirds either searching and buying online (43%) or searching and buying in-store (21%), per UPS' latest Pulse of the Online Shopper study [download page]. That also means that they're increasingly beginning their product searches on Amazon.
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