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Social Media Platform Adoption Rates Among US Parents

July 22, 2015

Pew-Parents-Use-Social-Media-Platforms-July2015 Source: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project [pdf]

    Notes: Three-quarters of connected parents in the US (defined as survey respondents with children under age 18) use social media, according to the Pew Research Center, with most agreeing that they get useful information from social. Facebook is easily the most popular platform, used by almost three-quarters (74%) of parents surveyed, with mothers (81%) significantly more likely than fathers (66%) to use the platform. Pinterest (28%), LinkedIn (27%), Instagram (25%) and Twitter (23%) all see fairly similar adoption rates, though they differ by gender. Read more »

    2015 B2B Digital Marketing Insights Report

    July 21, 2015

    B2B-Report-EntryThe B2B marketing environment is rapidly changing, bringing with it new opportunities and challenges as marketers are increasingly pressured to prove their value. To help B2B marketers navigate the host of tools, channels and approaches, MarketingCharts has produced the 2015 B2B Digital Marketing Insights Report, which provides a wealth of data and insights based on an comprehensive review of research studies released this year. Read more »

    Smartphones Now Account For Half of US Adults’ Digital Media Time

    July 21, 2015

    comScore-US-Adults-Share-Digital-Media-Time-by-Device-July2015Source: comScore [download page]

      Notes: Connected adults in the US spent 49% of their digital time in March 2015 using smartphone applications (43%) or browsers (6%), reports comScore in a new study. In fact, adults' share of digital media time spent with smartphone apps (43%) was greater than with desktops overall (39%), with tablet use accounting for the remaining 12%. With Q1 smartphone penetration reaching 9 in 10 mobile subscribers aged 18-34, it's not surprising that this group leads the pack in mobile media consumption. Read more »

      Q2 Search Trends

      July 20, 2015

      Merkle|RKG-Mobile-Share-US-Organic-Search-Q22012-Q22015-July2015Mobile represented an estimated 45% of US organic search visits in Q2, steady from Q1, as Google continued to capture the vast majority (89%) of mobile organic search visits, according to the latest quarterly report [download page] from Merkle|RKG. Apple mobile devices again generated an estimated 30% of all organic search visits - more than 19% for iPhones and more than 10% for iPads - compared to 13% from Android phones (11%) and tablets (2%). Read more »

      Facebook Post Interaction Rates: Links Now Rival Videos

      July 17, 2015

      Adobe-Facebook-Brand-Post-Interaction-Rates-by-Post-Type-in-Q2-July2015Facebook post interaction rates decreased year-over-year in Q2 across major industries retail, media, financial and travel, per Adobe's latest Social Intelligence Report [pdf]. Video (1.7%, down from 2.2%) and image (3.6%, down from 4.6%) posts saw the largest decreases when sorting by post type, while interaction rates with link posts grew from 1.4% to 1.7%, with the analysts noting that "link posts are still benefiting the most from algorithm changes Facebook made in August." Read more »

      Marketers: Lead Gen Effectiveness Improves; Email Most Effective

      July 16, 2015

      Ascend2-Most-Effective-Difficult-Lead-Gen-Tactics-July2015Lead generation effectiveness is improving for almost three-quarters of marketers and salespeople around the world, according to the latest report [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners, with respondents finding that the most effective lead generation vehicles are also among the easiest to execute. Read more »

      Smartphone Owners Primarily Rely on Computers for Shopping

      July 15, 2015

      Gallup-Smartphone-Owners-Device-Reliance-July2015Source: Gallup

        Notes: US adult smartphone users are almost three times as likely to say they spend more time comparing prices and browsing products using a computer (62%) than to say they spend more time on these activities using their phone (21%), according to a recent survey from Gallup. The gap is even wider for making purchases, with 74% relying more on their computer versus 11% relying more on their smartphones. Read more »

        Top-Indexing YouTube Video Categories Among Mothers

        July 15, 2015

        Compete-Top-Indexing-YouTube-Categories-Mothers-in-Q1-July2015Source: Compete

          Notes: Mothers are avid viewers of YouTube videos, being slightly more likely than the overall internet browsing population to visit YouTube on a monthly basis, according to data from Compete. While music (26%) videos capture the greatest share of mothers' viewing, this demographic under-indexes the average viewer when it comes to watching music videos. Instead, the top-indexing categories for mothers are family (+63%), how-to (+37%) and animals (+34%), per the report. Read more »

          B2B Marketers Struggle to Generate Insights from Social Data

          July 14, 2015

          Regalix-B2B-Social-Marketing-Challenges-July2015A majority (53%) of B2B marketers from around the world say that generating actionable insights from social data is a key social marketing challenge faced by their organization, according to a recently-released report [download page] from Regalix. In fact, this is the second-leading social media challenge faced by B2B marketers, behind only the ever-present questions about its effectiveness. Read more »

          How Often Do US Smartphone Owners Check Their Devices?

          July 13, 2015

          Gallup-US-Smartphone-Check-Frequency-July2015Source: Gallup

            Notes: Roughly half (52%) of US smartphone owners say they check their phone a few times an hour (41%) or every few minutes (11%), according to recently-released survey results from Gallup, with that figure rising to almost three-quarters (73%) of young (18-29) smartphone owners. Besides the age skew, the survey also finds men slightly more likely than women to frequently check their smartphones, and iPhone users similarly slightly more likely than Android owners. Read more »