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Is There Any Early Consumer Interest in Snapchat’s Spectacles?

October 17, 2016

yougov-consumer-interest-purchasing-snapchat-spectacles-oct2016Snapchat's announcement of its Spectacles sunglasses has been met with a lukewarm reception from American adults, a survey from YouGov [pdf] has found. Just 4% of adults surveyed reported being very interested in purchasing Spectacles, though another 9% said they were somewhat interested. Even so, 7 in 10 respondents said they're not at all interested. Read more »

Which Types of Personal Data Are Top Internet Retailers Requesting in Email Sign-Ups?

October 17, 2016

250ok-personal-data-requested-internet-retailers-email-sign-up-process-oct2016How are the top 500 internet retailers collecting email addresses - and other information? A new analysis from 250ok takes a look at these retailers' email sign-up processes, finding that fewer than 4 in 10 incentivized consumers to sign up via offers and promotions. Read more »

Heavy Internet Users Say Content & UX Drive Repeat Site Visits

October 14, 2016

clutchbraveux-website-loyalty-factors-oct2016Considering that adults in the US visit an average of only about 50 sites per month, driving user loyalty is an important factor for brands today. A new survey of 1,001 heavy internet users (those who spend at least 4 hours using the internet each day) from Clutch and Brave UX delves into the factors that these respondents consider most important in their decision to continue using a website. Read more »

Push Notification Opt-In and Open Rate Benchmarks, by Vertical and Operating System

October 14, 2016

appboy-push-notification-opt-in-open-rate-benchmarks-oct2016Push notifications have been credited with driving higher app engagement and retention rates, but how many app users actually opt-in to these messages? A recent study from Appboy [download page] takes a look at various app categories, based on the behavior of 1.6 billion users on more than 500 apps in the first half of 2016. Read more »

How Many Sites Do We Visit On Our Smartphones Each Month?

October 13, 2016

nielsen-number-of-sites-visited-by-device-and-group-oct2016We know that there is heavy competition for app users, as apps must first be discovered and then users retained (both of which are tough propositions in and of themselves). But how about mobile sites? As it turns out, a Nielsen study demonstrates that adults in the US visit more desktop sites than smartphone sites, but the gap is narrowing. Read more »

Email Remains Consumers’ Preferred Brand Communication Method. What Could Go Wrong?

October 12, 2016

adobe-most-annoying-aspects-b2c-marketing-emails-oct2016While there's been some talk of the death of email at the hands of social media, research has shown that B2C email is doing just fine. Now, a new survey from Adobe shows that among white-collar Americans, time spent with email is up 17% year-over-year, with Millennials (shock!) spending the most time with email. Read more »

Social Ads, Influencer Marketing and Employee Advocacy Programs Get Marketing Leaders’ Attention

October 11, 2016

gartner-social-ad-influencer-advocacy-program-adoption-oct2016More than one-third of North American marketing leaders have a social advertising program in place, but that figure is expected to more than double in the coming year as 42% plan to start advertising on social media for the first time. That's according to results from Gartner's 2016 Digital Marketing Channel survey, which polled 250 marketing leaders across North America. Read more »

B2B Content Marketing: What’s Trending?

October 10, 2016

cmimarketingprofs-factors-contributing-increased-b2b-content-success-oct2016It's that time: the latest annual B2B Content Marketing report [pdf] from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs has been released, examining the state of content marketing among B2B marketers in North America. This is the seventh such report, allowing for comparisons to years past to identify shifts and trends. So what's new - and what's consistent with previous years?. Read more »

Digital Media Buyers Evaluate Their Most Important Ad Tech Criteria

October 10, 2016

flashtalking-ad-tech-evaluation-criteria-importance-oct2016When managing digital media campaigns, data transparency and access (95%) is the most important criterion considered by buyers when recommending ad technologies to clients, according to a recent study [download page] from Flashtalking. The report details the "balancing act" for marketers dealing with so-called walled gardens. Read more »

Here’s When Social Post Engagement Rates Are Highest

October 10, 2016

trackmaven-social-media-post-engagement-peaks-oct2016Social post engagement rates peak at different times depending on the platform, though the latter half of the week tends to see the highest rates, according to an analysis from TrackMaven [download page]. Based on a review of 17.5 million social media posts from brands through the first 7 months of the year, TrackMaven finds that post engagement rates are highest on Facebook at 8PM on Thursdays. Read more »