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How Prevalent is Ad Blocking?

August 14, 2015

AdobePageFair-Ad-Blocking-Incidence-by-Website-Category-Aug2015Globally, the number of internet users who use ad blocking software grew by 41% year-over-year in Q2 and reached 198 million in June, according to a recent study [pdf] from Adobe and PageFair, which pegs the economic toll of this activity at $11.7 billion globally last year. The study indicates that 16% of the US online population blocked ads in 2015; separately, a new survey from Kelley Scott Madison (KSM) [download page] finds 47% of US respondents saying they use ad blocking technology. That report notes, however, that there may be some confusion between ad blocking and cookie data restriction among the respondents. Read more »

What are the Biggest Challenges of Lead Nurture Programs?

August 13, 2015

DGR-B2B-Lead-Nurture-Program-Challenges-Aug2015Lead nurture programs are generally most effective at generating more warm, sales-ready leads and at segmenting prospects based on interests and behaviors, finds a recently-released study [download page] from Demand Gen Report (DGR). But despite their ability to segment prospects, targeting content by buyer stage and interest is proving to be a key challenge for these programs, according to the survey's results. Read more »

US Smartphone Penetration Growth Stalls in Q2

August 12, 2015

comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Q12012-Q22015-Aug2015Source: comScore

    Notes: Smartphone penetration stood at 76.7% of the US mobile subscriber (13+) market in Q2, flat after reaching 77% in Q1, per comScore's latest figures. Among smartphone media users (18+) on Android and iOS platforms, Facebook continued to be the social or messaging app with the widest reach in June, while Google+ and Pinterest fell out of the top 15 and Snapchat (20.5%) returned to the list. Read more »

    B2C Email Marketing Very Much “Alive and Kicking”

    August 11, 2015

    BlueHornet-Consumer-Email-Checking-Frequency-Aug2015Email marketing is "not only still alive, it's kicking," declares BlueHornet in its latest annual "Consumer Views of Email Marketing" study [download page]. The report, based on a survey of 1,815 consumers aged 18-64, finds that a significant share of respondents are actively checking their email accounts throughout the day and that many continue to ascribe strong purchase influence to the emails they receive. Read more »

    How SMBs Feel Tech Vendors Can Improve the Buying Experience

    August 10, 2015

    SMBGroup-Tech-Vendors-Improve-SMB-Buying-Experience-Aug2015Source: SMB Group

      Notes: For both small and medium-sized businesses, the provision of a consistent cross-channel experience and clear articulation of how the solution helps improve specific business goals are the leading ways in which tech vendors can improve the purchasing experience, though the order differs by company size. That's according to the SMB Group's 2015 SMB Routes-to-Market study, which also finds that the enablement of online purchases without sales rep interaction is more important to small than medium-sized businesses. Read more »

      Digital Marketing Budget Growth Expected to Continue, at Slightly Slower Rate

      August 7, 2015

      CMOCouncilEbiquity-Digital-Marketing-Budget-Shifts-Aug2015Source: CMO Council / Ebiquity [download page]

        Notes: CMOs in the US see healthy digital marketing budget increases on the horizon, and a recent global survey from the CMO Council and Ebiquity supports those forecasts. According to that study, almost 9 in 10 respondents anticipate digital marketing spending increases at their organization over the next 2 years. However the pace of growth is likely to abate: compared to budget growth over the past 2 years, fewer forecast growth rates of 20-99% in the next 2 years, while a higher share expect budget growth to be in the 1-19% range. Read more »

        What Do Marketers Feel Prevents Them From Better Knowing Their Audiences?

        August 7, 2015

        HotwirePR-Marketers-Better-Knowing-Audiences-Aug2015Source: Hotwire PR [download page]

          Notes: Marketers need to understand who their audiences' influencers are, as this is the top factor (of 4 identified) preventing them from better knowing their audiences, according to a Hotwire PR survey of 300 senior marketing decision-makers. Somewhat surprisingly, the integration and analysis of data was the least-cited factor, despite other research suggesting that troubles with data are hindering marketers' ability to gain a single view of the customer. Read more »

          Social Business: Employee Advocacy Programs Gaining Interest

          August 6, 2015

          Altimeter-Maturity-Level-Social-Business-Programs-Aug2015Developing ongoing dialogue and engagement with customers to deepen relationships ranks as the leading external social strategy objective for organizations with more than 250 employees, according to an Altimeter Group study [download page] that surveyed 113 strategists (social, digital and/or heads of social) at companies of that size. Read more »

          Online Video Consumption Growth Forecast, 2015-2016

          August 5, 2015

          ZenithOptimedia-Online-Video-Consumption-Growth-Forecast-Aug2015Source: ZenithOptimedia

            Notes: Daily time spent watching online video across 40 key markets will grow by 23.3% this year and by another 19.8% next year, with mobile video consumption growing at roughly 5 times the rate of non-mobile devices, according to a ZenithOptimedia forecast. In fact, the forecast calls for mobile to account for a majority 52.7% of online video consumption next year, up from 40.1% last year. Read more »

            Email Subject Line Analysis: How Well Do Popular Terms Fare?

            August 4, 2015

            Adestra-Retail-B2C-Email-Subject-Line-Keyword-Performance-Aug2015Adestra has released [download page] its latest email subject line report [download page], analyzing a host of keywords and phrases across 4 sectors to see their relative lift or decline against the industry sector average. The study is based on a large sample of more than 125,000 individual email campaigns, 3 billion attempted sends, 400 million opens and 55 million clicks. Read more »