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How Are Companies Building Content Personalization Capabilities?

January 28, 2016

ForbesInsightsPwC-Building-Content-Personalization-Capabilities-Jan2016Many companies are having trouble delivering personalized 1:1 content across various touch points such as web pages, and e-commerce channels, and mobile applications, email and social media are the only touch points through which a majority¬†are able to deliver personalized content. That's according to a new PwC and Forbes Insights report [download page], which finds that companies are prioritizing strong data collection and analytics in order to improve their ability to deliver personalized 1:1 content. Read more »

Which Social Platforms Do Users Feel Are Best for Keeping Up With the News?

January 27, 2016

Ipsos-Best-Social-Platform-Keeping-Up-to-Date-News-Jan2016Source: Ipsos

    Notes: Facebook narrowly edges Twitter as the social platform that users believe is best for keeping up to date with news, sports or politics, per survey results from Ipsos. The study, commissioned by Pinterest, finds that users generally feel Pinterest is best for collecting project ideas, pursuing hobbies, expressing creativity and shopping, among others, while Facebook gets the nod for staying connected with - and communicating with - friends and family. Read more »

    2016 Marketing Budget Trends, by Channel

    January 26, 2016

    StrongViewSelligent-2016-Marketing-Budget-Plans-by-Program-Jan2016Business leaders are once again confident in the general direction of their marketing budgets this year, report Selligent and StrongView in newly-released survey data [pdf], as 56% of respondents expect to increase their budgets. Email appears to be a primary recipient of increased budgets, according to the StrongView report and a separate study [pdf] from Campaigner. Read more »

    Most Effective – and Difficult – Tactics Used in Email List Strategies

    January 25, 2016

    Ascend2-Effective-Difficult-Email-List-Tactics-Jan2016Source: Ascend2 and its Research Partners [download page]

      Notes: Increasing email list quality ranks as a more important goal of an email list strategy than increasing list size, according to an Ascend2 survey of 245 marketing influencers around the world (65% B2B). The majority (55%) of respondents report that their email list is growing in size, though fewer (46%) say their list quality is increasing. When asked the most effective tactic used to achieve email list strategy success, respondents pointed first to email-specific landing pages (53%), followed by content download registrations (46%). Read more »

      Netflix Paid Streaming Subscriber Count, Q1 2012 – Q4 2015

      January 22, 2016

      Netflix-Paid-Streaming-Subscriber-Count-in-Millions-Q12012-Q42015-Jan2016Source: Netflix

        Notes: Netflix turned in another strong quarter on the international front, according to its latest revenue report. In fact, with roughly 3.5 million new paid subscribers internationally, Q4 marked the service's largest quarter of growth internationally on an absolute level. Netflix now has more than 70 million paid streaming subscribers worldwide, including almost 27.5 million internationally (beating the Q4 forecast of 27.05 million). The number of international subscribers is set to growth after Netflix's announcement that it was launching in more than 130 new countries. Read more »

        Enterprise Marketers Confident in Their Effectiveness Telling Brand Stories

        January 21, 2016

        Skyword-Enterprise-Companies-Brand-Storytelling-Effectiveness-Jan2016Almost three-quarters of enterprise marketers feel that their marketing team is extremely (34%) or very (39%) effective at telling their brand story, reports Skyword in a recent study [download page]. Based on a survey of 190 marketers at organizations with more than 500+ employees (78% B2C), the study indicates that many marketers are confident in the storytelling effectiveness not only of their own teams, but also of their executive teams and customers. Read more »

        Email Marketers on the Elements Affecting Campaign Response Rates

        January 20, 2016

        Phrasee-Important-Elements-Affecting-Email-Response-Rates-Jan2016Source: Phrasee [download page]

          Notes: Data quality, segment selection and subject line are the elements that have the largest effect on email campaign response rates, according to a survey of 304 brand- and agency-side email marketers, predominantly from the US and UK. On average, while brand respondents perceive subject lines to have the largest effect, agency respondents placed data quality and segment selection first. Agencies also appear to place slightly more importance than in-house marketers on deliverability infrastructure and list size. Read more »

          Marketers, Creating More Content, Say Time Is Now Their Biggest Challenge

          January 19, 2016

          Contently-Top-Content-Creation-Challenge-Jan2016Almost three-quarters (73%) of marketers surveyed in late 2015 reported creating more content than in the previous year, reports Contently [download page] in a new study. With most content appearing to be created in-house, and with only a minority of respondents having multiple full-time employees committed to content marketing, time is now perceived to be the major barrier to creating effective content. Read more »

          Friday Research Wrap, 1/15/16

          January 15, 2016

          AdMediaPartners-Digital-Ad-Growth-Expectations-by-Category-Jan2016Advertising, marketing and media executives around the world are bullish on the prospects for mobile marketing spending this year, with almost half (45%) expecting buying and spending growth of at least 20%, according to AdMedia Partners' 22nd Annual Market Survey [pdf]. Respondents were likewise optimistic about spending on video, native advertising, programmatic and social, with close to one-third or more expecting hikes of at least 20%. More mature categories such as search and display are expected to see slower growth, though. Read more »

          What Prompts Smartphone Users to Download Apps – and Why Do They Delete Them?

          January 14, 2016

          Yahoo-New-App-Download-Prompts-Jan2016Roughly one-third of smartphone users aged 13-64 replace apps on their device at least a few times a week, and around half (52%) do so at least once a month, according to a new report from Yahoo. The report separately indicates that most applications have been deleted by the 3 month mark post-download if they're not being used, while almost one-third are deleted in 1 week or less. Read more »