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Social Networking Platforms’ User Demographics Update 2016

November 21, 2016

pew-demographics-social-media-platform-users-nov2016Facebook continues to be by far the most popular social media platform, used by 79% of online adults in the US, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. Beyond Facebook, other major platforms are tightly bunched, with Instagram overtaking Pinterest in adoption. The report breaks down adoption by demographic, allowing us to make some comparisons with a similar survey conducted last year. Read more »

One-Fifth of US E-Commerce Spending Now Mobile

November 21, 2016

comscore-mobile-share-us-digital-retail-spending-q12012-q32016-nov2016Mobile devices accounted for fully 20% of the $84.3 billion in US digital commerce spending in Q3 2016, reports comScore. Needless to say, that's the first time mobile devices have reached that mark, as e-commerce sales continue to shift from desktops to mobile devices. Read more »

9 in 10 US Consumers Say They Read Online Reviews About Local Businesses

November 21, 2016

brightlocal-use-online-reviews-judge-local-businesses-nov2016About two-thirds of US consumers have reviewed or recommended a local business through word-of-mouth in the past year, making this the leading method for recommending local businesses, according to the latest annual Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal. But while social and review sites are less commonly used, more than 9 in 10 read online reviews to determine whether a local business is good or bad, with half claiming to do so regularly. Read more »

Half of US Online Travel Bookers Recall Seeing Ads During Path to Purchase

November 21, 2016

expediacomscore-online-travel-bookers-ad-recall-nov2016Travel advertising gets the attention of a sizable share of online travel bookers in the US, Canada and the UK, according to an Expedia Media Solutions study [download page] that surveyed more than 2,400 adults who had booked travel online within the prior 6 months. In fact, some 47% of respondents in the US recalled seeing a travel ad while shopping for or booking travel. Read more »

Which Emerging Technology Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Customer Experience?

November 18, 2016

sapientnitrochiefmartec-emerging-technology-adoption-cx-impact-nov2016Improving the customer experience is at the heart of digital business transformation initiatives, and emerging technologies offer the potential to substantially improve digital customer experiences. A new report [download page] from SapientNitro, and the MarTech Conference details the technologies that could have the greatest impact on CX, based on the perceptions of the professionals who should know best: marketing technologists. Read more »

85% of Gen Z Uses Social to Learn About New Products, But…

November 16, 2016

bluecore-social-channels-used-to-learn-about-new-products-nov2016There are clear differences in the choices different generations make when using social media to learn about new products, according to results from a recently-released Bluecore survey [download page]. Not too surprisingly, the younger the respondents the more likely they are to turn to a social channel for this purpose - and the more likely they are to use platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. But don't forget about the power of email! Read more »

What Are the Most Popular Lead Stages Used by B2B Enterprise Marketers?

November 15, 2016

annuitas-lead-stage-used-by-b2b-enterprise-marketers-nov2016Two-thirds of B2B marketers at enterprise organizations (at least $250 million in revenues) have defined lead stages, lead qualification stages and definitions that both marketing and sales agree on, per results from the 2016 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey [download page] from ANNUITAS. The report offers insights into lead scoring criteria and lead stages used by these marketers. Read more »

These Are The Product Categories Amazon Shoppers Say They Buy the Most

November 15, 2016

feedvisor-amazon-users-purchase-categories-nov2016Amazon users say they use the platform to make purchases in a wide variety of categories, but some are clearly more popular than others, according to a survey [download page] from Feedvisor. Indeed, the only product categories for which a majority of respondents reported having made purchases in the past year on Amazon were books and movies (61%) and electronics (54%). Read more »

B2B Marketers Plan Programmatic Advertising Spending Hike

November 14, 2016

dunbradstreet-b2b-marketers-programmatic-advertising-spending-plans-nov2016Almost two-thirds (65%) of B2B marketers in the US now buy and sell advertising programmatically, up from 54% last year, according to a recent survey [download page] from Dun & Bradstreet. The study is supported by recent research from Kantar SRDS similarly showing that roughly 2 in 3 B2B media buyers are now at least sometimes buying digital display advertising programmatically for their campaigns. Read more »

Relevant Content Considered Most Effective SEO Tactic

November 14, 2016

ascend2-most-effective-difficult-seo-tactics-nov2016Search rankings studies have indicated that the impact of relevant content continues to grow, and a new survey [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners finds that marketers largely agree. Some 57% of the 256 marketing influencers surveyed around the world rated relevant content creation as being among their most effective SEO tactics, topping the proportion¬†feeling that way about keyword/phrase research (49%). Read more »