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How Companies Are Using Insights From Social Data

July 18, 2014


    Source: MIT Sloan Management Review / Deloitte [download page]
      Notes: Companies from around the world are most likely to be using insights from social data to improve their customer service and understanding of market shifts, with a significant proportion leveraging social data for greater visibility into operations or communications. The study also finds that companies are monitoring and listening to social data to a greater extent than they are collecting and analyzing it. Read more »

      Consumer Goods Companies’ Top Strategic Priorities

      July 18, 2014


        Source: KPMG International / Consumer Goods Forum [pdf]
          Notes: Some 56% of consumer goods executives identify data analytics as "very" or "critically" important to their strategy this year, with omni-channel/digital strategy (54%) and regulatory compliance (54%) closely following. Almost half of respondents also see data security and privacy as a strategic priority this year - with this expected to rise alongside the increasing amount and use of data.
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            One-Third of US Organic Search Traffic Said to be Mobile

            July 17, 2014

            RKG-Mobile-Share-Organic-Search-Q2-2012-Q2-2014-Jul2014Mobile devices accounted for 34% of US organic search visits during the second quarter of the year, up from 31% during Q1, details RKG Digital in its latest quarterly digital marketing report [download page]. The iPhone alone contributed 12% share of organic search traffic, slightly higher than the iPad's 11% share, such that Apple devices together accounted for almost one-quarter of US organic search traffic. Mobile's influence continued to be far higher on Google and Yahoo than on Bing. Read more »

            6 in 10 B2B Execs Agree That Social Business Has Created Value

            July 17, 2014


              Source: MIT Sloan Management Review / Deloitte [download page]
                Notes: While social business (defined to "include activities that use social media, social software and technology-based social networks to enable connections between people, information and assets") is often seen as the realm of B2C companies, almost 6 in 10 B2B respondents to this year's global survey agreed that social business has positively affected their organization's business outcomes, not far behind the two-thirds of B2C executives sharing that sentiment. The authors note that B2B companies are┬áleveraging social business in a number of ways, including social data analysis to aid in product development. Read more »

                Mobile Web Share of Global Payment Transactions in Q2, by Sector

                July 17, 2014


                  Source: Adyen
                    Notes: Mobile web transactions accounted for roughly 22% of global payment transactions during the second quarter, up a couple of points from the end of Q1, per the report. Mobile's share of transactions continued to be largest in the travel industry, comprising almost 4 in 10 payments, up from slightly more than one-third the prior quarter. Mobile's share of retail transactions also grew, from roughly one-quarter to almost 30% share. Retail continued to be the only tracked industry in which tablets accounted for a larger share of payments than mobile phones. Read more »

                    Email Rated Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic

                    July 16, 2014

                    Gigaom-Most-Effective-Digital-Tactics-Customer-Retention-July2014Of the various digital marketing tactics available, US digital marketers deem email the most effective for awareness, acquisition, conversion and customer retention, per results from a Gigaom Research study [download page] sponsored by Extole. Email's influence is most pronounced when it comes to retention, beating out social media marketing and content marketing, among others, by a wide margin.┬áThe results may be attributable in part to email's widespread use: some 86% of the survey respondents use it regularly, making it the most widely used digital marketing tactic, ahead of social media marketing (72%) and SEO (70%). Read more »

                    Tech Device Penetration, Among US College Students

                    July 16, 2014


                      Source: re:fuel / Crux Research [download page]
                        Notes: College students (aged 18-34) own an average of 6.8 devices each, steady from last year, with laptops (86%), smartphones (78%) and video game consoles (76%) their top devices. Not surprisingly, their adoption of MP3 players, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices has fallen off over the years as smartphone ownership has steadily risen, almost doubling from 2011 (42%). Separately, the study finds that more than 7 in 10 students who own a smartphone and/or a tablet regularly use gaming (76%), music (72%) and social networking apps (71%). Read more »

                        Which Types of Ads Do College Students Pay Attention to?

                        July 15, 2014

                        re-fuel-College-Students-Attention-to-Ads-July2014Much like the population-at-large, college students pay a considerable amount of attention to recommendations from friends and family. But beyond word-of-mouth, traditional media such as TV ads and posters and billboards also generate a significant amount of attention from college students, according to the latest annual "College Explorer" study [download page] from re:fuel. And while ads on social media sites draw the most attention of the various digital channels identified, banner ads are relatively ignored. Read more »

                        US Brands’ Facebook Post Engagement Rates on the Rise in Q2

                        July 15, 2014


                          Source: Socialbakers
                            Notes: The average Facebook brand's post generated an engagement rate of 0.16% in the US during the first quarter of the year, a figure that almost doubled to 0.3% by June. The data is backed by separate figures released by Socialbakers finding that interactions rates have steadily increased on Facebook during the past year.
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                              C-Level Execs: Customer Engagement Top Strategic Priority for Digital

                              July 14, 2014

                              McKinsey-Top-Strategic-Priorities-for-Digital-July2014CEOs are playing a more important role in digital-business initiatives, according to results from a global survey conducted by McKinsey & Company. Slightly more than 6 in 10 C-level executives responding to the survey said that CEOs support digital-business initiatives, up from 55% last year and 46% the year before. Expectations for digital are also increasing, with 35% of respondents believing that at least 15% of their companies' overall growth in the next 3 years will result from digital efforts. So what are executives' strategic priorities for digital? Read more »