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Facebook Post Interaction Rates, by Industry, in Q3 2014

October 20, 2014

Adobe-Facebook-Post-Interaction-Rates-by-Industry-in-Q3-Oct2014Source: Adobe

    Notes: The retail industry topped all others tracked in Q3 post interaction rates (comments, likes, shares, and other interactions), with its 4.18% average representing a 13% increase over the year-earlier period. No other industry experienced an increase in post engagement rates. Separately, the study notes that average organic impressions on Facebook decreased by 50% year-over-year in September, while paid impressions grew by 5%. Read more »

    How Do B2B Execs Find Content? Search

    October 17, 2014

    EIUPeppercomm-Top-Content-Sources-for-B2B-Execs-Oct2014Source: Economist Intelligence Unit / Peppercomm

      Notes: Online search tools are more important to B2B executives than company websites and recommendations when it comes to finding content from companies that is credible and trustworthy, according to a recent survey. Separately, when asked how they use various sources to find content created by a particular organization, 63% of respondents said they use search often, far ahead of the proportion saying they often consult the official online presence of the company (42%). Read more »

      More Data Indicates That Consumers Want TV on Their Own Schedules

      October 16, 2014

      comScore-Drivers-Online-TV-Viewing-Oct2014Although most consumers continue to watch original TV series on traditional TV, many are time-shifting their TV viewing, and this desire to watch on their own schedule is one of the primary drivers of online video viewing. That's one of the chief takeaways from a new comScore report [download page] based on a survey of more than 1,100 online adults. Read more »

      Mobile Neared 40% of Organic Search Traffic in Q3

      October 15, 2014

      RKG-Mobile-Share-Organic-Search-Q2-2012-Q3-2014-Oct2014Mobile devices accounted for 38% of North American organic search visits during the third quarter of this year, up from 27% during the year-earlier period, details RKG Digital in its latest quarterly digital marketing report [download page]. The iPhone alone contributed 13% share of organic search traffic, slightly higher than the iPad's 11% share, such that Apple devices together accounted for almost one-quarter of US organic search traffic. Read more »

      Meeting and Event Apps: Which Features Are Important?

      October 15, 2014

      AmEx-Important-Meeting-App-Features-Oct2014Source: American Express Meetings & Events [download page]

        Notes: The most important features of a meeting apps are access to meeting or events schedules and access to meeting or session descriptions, with these the top-2 features for both attendees and planners. Compared to planners, though, attendees place less importance on guides or maps to local services in the area, access to information about sponsors, and meeting-specific branding. Read more »

        Which Content Categories Are Being Shared on Which Devices?

        October 14, 2014

        ShareThis-Content-Sharing-by-Category-and-Device-in-Q3-Oct2014How do consumers share various categories of content - such as business and finance or shopping? Recent research from ShareThis has demonstrated which social channels are preferred for different types of categories. Now, new data provided to MarketingCharts by ShareThis to accompany its latest quarterly report provides a fuller picture of social sharing by revealing the devices that are preferred for a number of different categories. Read more »

        How Mobile Owners Respond to Difficulties When Using Apps to Shop

        October 14, 2014

        ContactSolutions-Shopping-App-Difficulties-Oct2014Source: Contact Solutions

          Notes: Asked what they do when they struggle using a mobile app for shopping, 51% share of mobile owners responding to the Contact Solutions survey reported that they close the app and abandon their shopping cart. As such, respondents are as likely to abandon their cart than they are to attempt to finish their transaction by going to the website using a desktop or laptop (40%) or by going to the store and shopping there (11%). Read more »

          Majority of Likely Millennial Voters Rely on Mobile Devices for News and Info

          October 14, 2014

          Fusion-Millennial-Voters-Mobile-News-Info-Oct2014Source: Fusion

            Notes: Some 53% of Millennials (18-34) agree that their primary source of news and information is their smartphone or tablet, with this figure higher among the 18-24 (59%) than 25-34 (50%) bracket, per a new study from Fusion. Interestingly, Hispanics (67%) and blacks (62%) showed an above-average likelihood to rely on their mobile devices for news and information, while only a minority (47%) of white respondents agreed. Read more »

            Instagram Grows As Teens’ Social Network of Choice

            October 13, 2014

            PiperJaffray-US-Teens-Social-Media-Preferences-Oct2014Teens continue to gravitate to Instagram and away from Facebook, finds Piper Jaffray in its latest semi-annual survey of American teens. Roughly three-quarters of respondents reported using the visual platform, up from 69% in the previous survey. By comparison, just 45% said they use Facebook, a significant drop from 72%. Read more »

            Social Logins in Q3: Facebook Widens Overall Lead; Google Takes It Back on B2B Sites

            October 13, 2014

            Janrain-Social-Login-Trends-Q12012-Q32014-Oct2014Source: Janrain

              Notes: After having closed the social login share gap with Facebook to less than 5% points in Q1, Google now sites 12% points back, per Janrain's latest quarterly report. On a more positive note for Google, it regained its lead in the B2B space, narrowly ahead of Facebook and LinkedIn. While the B2B space is competitive, Facebook maintains a majority share of social logins in the other sectors examined: retail; music; entertainment and gaming; and consumer brands. Read more »