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Global Programmatic Ad Spending and Pricing Trends, by Channel

May 11, 2015

Turn-Global-Programmatic-Ad-Spend-eCPM-Trends-by-Channel-May2015Source: Turn [download page]

    Notes: Programmatic social ad spend declined by 8% from April 2014 through March 2015 due to consolidation from large publishers which led to a 141% increase in eCPM, reports Turn in its latest Advertising Intelligence Report. By contrast, mobile eCPMs decreased by 5% while spending more than doubled (up 132%). In other results, programmatic display eCPM (+31%) and spending (+17%) increased, as did video (by 5% and 62%, respectively). Read more »

    What Motivates Smartphone Users to Download and Use Apps?

    May 7, 2015

    GoogleIpsos-Reasons-Downloading-Smartphone-App-May2015Word-of-mouth is a key driver of smartphone application discovery and a┬áleading reason why users download apps, details Google [pdf] in a study conducted with Ipsos MediaCT. But downloads don't necessarily equate to usage, as 1 in 4 installed smartphone apps are never used, according to the research. Read more »

    Android Reportedly Passes iOS in Q1 Mobile Ad Revenues, Still Lags in Monetization

    May 6, 2015

    Opera-Share-of-Mobile-Ad-Revenues-by-OS-Q12014-Q12015-May2015Source: Opera

      Notes: Last year in Q1 Android devices overtook iOS devices in mobile traffic on the Opera Mediaworks platform, and as of this past quarter they've now caught up in terms of mobile ad revenues (45.8% and 45.4%, respectively). But, iOS devices still lead in monetization: their share of mobile ad revenues is about double their share of traffic (45.4% vs. 22.3%), while Android devices' share of revenues (45.8%) still considerably lags their share of traffic (65.2%). In fact, the iPad generates the highest revenue per impression of any device, with its revenue share more than 4 times its traffic share in Q1. Read more »

      B2B Companies’ Twitter Activity and Engagement, by Day of the Week

      May 6, 2015

      Brandwatch-Top-B2B-Companies-Twitter-Engagement-May2015Source: Brandwatch [download page]

        Notes: Based on an analysis of the top 200 B2B companies by annual income, Twitter accounts for almost 6 times more English-language company mentions than Facebook, finds Brandwatch in a recent report. Interestingly, B2B brands see more engagement with weekend than weekday tweets, with retweets per post roughly twice as high on Saturdays and Sundays than on any other day. Overall, a slight majority (53%) of B2B brands analyzed use Twitter for both broadcast and engagement, although a significant 42% either have no account or no activity on the platform. Read more »

        Email Subject Lines: The Latest Data

        May 5, 2015

        ReturnPath-Email-Read-Rates-Subject-Line-Length-May2015The topic of email subject lines always generates interest (and some debate) as marketers try to fight through inbox clutter that sees consumers receiving a reported average of 416 commercial emails per month (and that was 2 years ago). A couple of recently-released studies provide some fresh data to review. Read more »

        US Now Sees More Mobile-Only Than Desktop-Only Adult Internet Users

        May 4, 2015

        comScore-Mobile-v-Desktop-Only-Adult-Web-Users-May2015Source: comScore

          Notes: There are now more mobile-only than desktop-only adult internet users in the US, says comScore, as the former accounted for 11.3% share of connected adults in March, versus 10.6% share for the latter. Interestingly, the milestone was reached as a result of an uptick in multi-platform users rather than a hike in mobile-only users, which had been in the 11-12% range for the 6 months prior. Instead, the share of adult internet users who access the internet using only desktops almost halved over the space of year, from 19.1% in March 2014 to 10.6% in March of this year. Read more »

          Facebook Commands Vast Majority of Social Sharing Activity in Q1

          May 1, 2015

          ShareThis-Top-Content-Sharing-Channels-by-Device-in-Q1-May2015Source: ShareThis

            Notes: Facebook represented 84% of content shared to social channels in Q1, reports ShareThis, with its strength more evident on mobiles (87%) than desktops (79%). For the quarter, almost two-thirds of sharing came via a mobile device, up from 52% in the year-earlier period. In fact, more sharing activity occurred on smartphones (40%) than on desktops (35%), with smartphones particularly popular for health content sharing. Read more »

            Radio Listeners: AM/FM Still Strong; Digital Platforms Key for Youths’ Music Discovery

            April 30, 2015

            JacobsMedia-Primary-Platforms-for-New-Music-Discovery-Apr2015AM/FM radio continues to be the preferred medium among core radio listeners, with 81% of weekly radio station listening taking place on an AM/FM radio in a vehicle (51%) or at home, work, or school (30%), according to the latest annual TechSurvey from Jacobs Media. Consistent with recent research, AM/FM radio continues to benefit from the in-car environment, with roughly half of respondents saying that most or all of their radio listening takes place in the car. Read more »

            US Facebook Brand Post Interaction Rates, by Post Type, in Q1

            April 29, 2015

            Adobe-Facebook-Brand-Post-Interaction-Rates-by-Post-Type-in-Q1-Apr2015Source: Adobe [pdf]

              Notes: Algorithm changes enacted by Facebook in Q1 led to interaction rate declines across most post types, details Adobe, which notes that algorithm changes in Q3 2014 have boosted link posts' interaction rates. Although recent data from Socialbakers suggests that videos now have the widest reach, Adobe's data indicates that image posts continue to be the Facebook post type generating the highest interaction rates. In fact, link posts' interaction rates (1.8%) - which have grown for two consecutive quarters - now rival video posts' rates (2%). Read more »

              Benefits of Card-Linked Marketing, According to Online Banking Users

              April 29, 2015

              Cardlytics-Benefits-of-Card-Linked-Marketing-Apr2015Source: Cardlytics

                Notes: More than 8 in 10 US adults who use mobile or online banking applications see some benefits to using card-linked marketing (e.g. special offers such as coupons or discounts, via email or text on mobile or online banking applications), details Cardlytics in a new survey. While it should be noted that Cardlytics has an interest in that figure being high, respondents' ranking of the benefits is interesting, as they were as likely to say that it would give them new choices on where to shop (42%) as they were to say that it would let them shop their favorite brands more (40%). Read more »