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What Are Organizations’ Top Data-Driven Marketing Goals and Challenges?

April 19, 2016

EconsultancyAdobe-Top-Goals-for-Data-Driven-Marketing-Apr2016Company marketers see an improved customer experience as their top goal for using data in marketing, while agencies are slightly more focused on identifying new audiences and customers, according to a study from Econsultancy and Adobe [download page] that surveyed almost 3,700 marketing, digital and e-commerce professionals around the world. Retaining and upselling existing customers is also a key goal for respondents, who are slightly less concerned with increasing the ROI of their marketing and sales budgets. Read more »

Ad Clutter A Bigger Problem on Smartphones Than Desktops, Millennials Say

April 18, 2016

IABTremorMillwardBrown-Consumer-Sensitivity-Ad-Clutter-Apr2016Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) / Tremor Video / Millward Brown Digital [pdf]

    Notes: Almost half of Millennials (18-34) feel that there are too many ads on their smartphone, compared to one-third who feel that way about ads on their desktops, per results from an IAB study on multiscreen video. (This result could have implications for ad blocking, which is currently more prevalent on desktops than mobiles.) The IAB report indicates that tablet video ads are more likely to spur action than smartphone video ads, while Millennials prefer 10-second to 30-second ads, perhaps due to their sensitivity to mobile ad clutter. Read more »

    UK Company Marketers Rate Email Best For ROI

    April 15, 2016

    EconsultancyAdestra-UK-Channel-ROI-Ratings-Apr2016Source: Econsultancy / Adestra [download page]

      Notes: Email tops SEO as the channel that most UK company marketers rate as "excellent" or "good" for ROI (at 73% and 67%, respectively), per the latest annual Email Marketing Industry Census from Econsultancy and ROI. Compared to last year's results, ROI ratings among company marketers this year improved for email, content marketing, affiliate marketing, offline direct marketing and social media, while declining for SEO, paid search and mobile marketing. Read more »

      Smartphone Owners’ Openness to Transactional Messages, by Industry

      April 15, 2016

      Vibes-Transactional-Messaging-Preferences-by-Industry-Apr2016Source: Vibes [download page]

        Notes: More than 8 in 10 smartphone owners claim that service-based messaging has at least some impact on their decision to choose one company over another, according to a Vibes report. The most important features of service-based messaging, per respondents, are basic information such as time, date and tracking information (80% extremely important) and immediacy of the message (73%). Respondents are most open to receiving service-based messages from banking/financial companies (67%) and retail stores (64%), reflecting the frequency of transactions conducted with these types of companies. Read more »

        What Concerns Do Advertisers Have With People-Based Advertising?

        April 14, 2016

        EconsultancySignal-People-Based-Advertising-Concerns-Apr2016Almost half (48%) of North American advertisers agree that the current model for display advertising is broken, per results from an Econsultancy study in partnership with Signal. Moreover, half of respondents agree that ad blocking will make the current model for display obsolete. A slight majority of advertisers surveyed agree that typical display advertising will be replaced by relevant, data-driven advertising, though they do hold some concerns. Read more »

        What Data Sources Do Marketers Use to Build Their Audiences for Paid Facebook Advertising?

        April 13, 2016

        Experian-Data-Sources-Used-in-Building-Facebook-Ad-Audiences-Apr2016Source: Experian Marketing Services [download page]

          Notes: More than 8 in 10 marketers around the world use Facebook advertising as part of their marketing strategy, per results from the latest annual Digital Marketer report from Experian Marketing Services. Respondents are most commonly using their followers list (54%) and Facebook's demographic/interest data (51%) to build their audience targets, but almost half are also uploading their email subscriber lists (48%) and using email behavioral data (44%). Read more »

          Enterprise-Class Advertisers’ CTRs, by Channel and Device, in 2015

          April 13, 2016

          Marin-Enterprise-Advertiser-CTRs-by-Channel-Device-in-2015-Apr2016Source: Marin Software [download page]

            Notes: Smartphones continue to lead the way in click-through rates across channels for enterprise-class advertisers, per Marin Advertising's latest mobile advertising annual report. The study notes that search click share has gradually migrated away from desktops to smartphones in recent years, though it's now tablet clicks that are moving to smartphones. Read more »

            Better Understanding Customers A Top Priority And Challenge For Marketers

            April 12, 2016

            Experian-Marketers-Top-Priorities-Apr2016Marketers' top priority this year is enhancing their knowledge of their customers' needs, attitudes and motivations, according to Experian Marketing Services' latest annual Digital Marketer report [download page]. Some 52% of respondents from around the world (half in APAC) chose that as one of their top-3 priorities from a list of 7, leaving it ahead of other priorities including the integration of technology to automate, orchestrate and manage cross-channel customer interactions (43%). Read more »

            Which Retail Digital Commerce Categories Grew the Fastest in 2015?

            April 11, 2016

            comScore-Retail-E-Commerce-Growth-by-Category-Apr2016Source: comScore [download page]

              Notes: Retail e-commerce spending grew by 14% year-over-year in 2015, buoyed by a 56% increase in mobile commerce spending, reports comScore. The fastest-growing categories in terms of total retail digital commerce dollars were video games, consoles & accessories (44%) and toys & hobbies (42%). The study notes that the three fastest-growing categories were driven by mobile, as consumers are increasingly willing to make these "inexpensive, less complicated" purchases on their mobile devices.
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                North American Email Click Rates Continue to Drop

                April 8, 2016

                Epsilon-email-open-and-click-rates-Q12010-Q42015-Apr2016Source: Epsilon [download page]

                  Notes: North American email engagement fell again in Q4 on a year-over-year basis, reports Epsilon in its latest quarterly analysis of clients' email activity. The click-through rate of 3.2% was down from 4% during the year-earlier period and from 4.4% in Q4 2013, maintaining this metric's gradual descent. Meanwhile, the average open rate stood at 30.6% in Q4 2015, down from 32.2% in Q4 2014. Read more »