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Streaming Video Subscriptions Driven by Desire For More Content

July 14, 2016

IBMCloudVideo-Top-Reason-Subscribe-SVOD-Service-Jul2016Research has for some time suggested that streaming video acts more as a complement to - rather than a replacement for - traditional TV. A recent survey [download page] from IBM Cloud Video lends some weight to that assertion, with respondents indicating that a desire for more content was the leading reason why they initially subscribed to their favorite streaming service. Read more »

Social Media Stars Becoming More Influential in Celebrity Marketing

July 13, 2016

EconsultancyCelebrityIntelligence-Marketer-Engagement-with-Celebrities-Jul2016Social media stars are considered highly relevant by brands and agencies for upcoming endorsement work, a new study [download page] from Econsultancy and Celebrity Intelligence shows. The survey of 355 marketing specialists predominantly from the UK indicates that 69% of company marketers and 74% of agencies are currently working with celebrities. Read more »

Audio Streams Double in H1, Surpass Music Video Streams For the First Time

July 13, 2016

Nielsen-US-Music-Industry-Sales-Trends-in-H12016-Jul2016The number of audio streams has surpassed the number of video streams for the first time in the US music industry, says a Nielsen report [download page]. Audio streams jumped to 113.6 billion in the first half of the year, almost double the count from the year-earlier period. Video streams also grew, but by a relatively smaller 28.6% year-over-year, to 95.3 billion. Read more »

[REPORT] Social Advertising Makes Big Headway As Consumer Purchase Influencer

July 11, 2016

MCSurveyMonkeyAudience-Purchase-Influence-Millennials-2016-v-2014Social media ads have seen rapid spending increases in recent years, and that increasing flow of money is having a profound effect on social advertising's status as a consumer purchase influencer. That's according to an exclusive new primary research study from MarketingCharts, the 3rd annual "Advertising Channels with the Largest Purchase Influence on Consumers" report. Read more »

Predictive Analytics Proving Most Effective For Conversions, Most Difficult For Customer Insights

July 11, 2016

EconsultancyRedEye-Predictive-Analytics-Areas-Jul2016Roughly 4 in 10 in-house marketers and agencies are either using, implementing, or budgeting for predictive analytics, a new study [download page] from Econsultancy and RedEye has found. For company respondents to the survey, which was fielded among about 400 digital and e-commerce professionals with a heavy UK skew, increasing revenue (73%) and improving customer engagement (70%) are the highest priorities for developing predictive analytics capabilities. Read more »

In-App Spending Benchmarks: Asians, iOS Users Top-Spenders

July 8, 2016

AppsFlyer-In-App-Spending-Benchmarks-by-Region-Jul2016Asia leads all regions in per-user mobile application spending, a new report [download page] from AppsFlyer has found. Based on a review of more than $300 million in transactions covering more than 1,000 apps with purchase activity, the study finds that 5.2% of app users around the world make monthly in-app purchases, with the per-user transaction amount averaging $0.50. Read more »

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – June 2016

July 7, 2016

MCTop10Jun-16-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: media marketing sizing; print newspaper trends; email response rates by hour; social media marketing trends; Facebook ad benchmarks; elements of a great e-commerce site and a great customer experience; youth and word-of-mouth; loyalty program satisfaction drivers; and effective content marketing tactics. Read more »

Consumers & Messaging: Apps Preferred For P2P; Text For Businesses

July 6, 2016

MEF-Mobile-Messaging-with-Businesses-Jul2016Consumers' messaging preferences differ when communicating with each other and with businesses, according to an interesting report [download page] from the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF). The study indicates that mobile messaging with businesses is quite mainstream, with 65% of mobile users surveyed having communicated with businesses via messaging app, and 76% having done so via SMS. Read more »

E-Commerce: How Long From Site Visit to Purchase?

July 6, 2016

Monetate-E-Commerce-Purchases-by-Hour-Jul2016Monetate has released its latest E-commerce Quarterly benchmark report [pdf] covering Q1 2016, and the focus of this report (beyond the usual benchmarks) is an analysis of purchase timing. Not too surprisingly, the study shows that the largest share (though only a minority 42%) of purchases takes place within an hour of a shopper's first visit to a website. But what happens after is intriguing. Read more »

Fortune 500 on Instagram: Engagement Higher on Lower-Volume Days

July 6, 2016

TrackMaven-Fortune-500-Instagram-Posts-by-Day-of-Week-Jul2016Exactly half of the Fortune 500 has an Instagram account, double the share from 2013, says TrackMaven in releasing its latest Fortune 500 Instagram Report. The study looks at various aspects of these companies' post engagement rates, noting that virtually all (98.9% of) engagement comes in the forms of likes or "double taps." Read more »