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Americans’ Views of the Impact of Technology on Everyday Life

November 13, 2015

HarrisPoll-Impact-Tech-Everyday-Life-Nov2015Source: The Harris Poll

    Notes: Almost three-quarters of US adults believe that technology has become too distracting, with Millennials (18-35) slightly above-average in their agreement, according to a recent Harris Poll. A strong majority also agree that technology is corrupting interpersonal communications (69%) and having a negative impact on literacy (59%) with these figures highest among Baby Boomers. However, there are positive associations with technology use, as 71% (73% of Millennials) believe it has improved the quality of their life and 51% (67% among Millennials) feel that is enhances their social life. Read more »

    What Drives Supplier Loyalty For Enterprise B2B Buyers?

    November 12, 2015

    Accenturehybris-Drivers-Repeat-B2B-Purchases-From-Supplier-Nov2015Transparent prices and product details most influence enterprise B2B decision-makers' willingness to buy¬†again from a supplier for work-related purchases, according to results from a study [pdf] commissioned by Accenture and hybris and conducted by Forrester Consulting. Interestingly, the supplier's omni-channel capabilities emerge as a far lesser reason for repeat purchasing, despite vendors' belief that their customers have expectations for a consistent omni-channel experience. Read more »

    US Smartphone Penetration Growth Slow Again in Q3

    November 11, 2015

    comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Q12012-Q32015-Nov2015Source: comScore

      Notes: Smartphone penetration among US mobile subscribers aged 13+ continues to hover around 77%, as it has throughout this year, per the latest market data from comScore. Some 77.4% of US mobile subscribers aged 13 and older owned a smartphone during Q3, up only slightly from Q2's 76.7% and Q1's 77%. Android continued to be the top platform (52.3% of smartphone subscribers) in Q3, ahead of Apple (43.6%), which remained the top OEM. Read more »

      Top Objectives and Challenges for Data-Driven Marketing

      November 11, 2015

      Ascend2-Data-Driven-Marketing-Objectives-Obstacles-Nov2015Source: Ascend2 and its Research Partners [download page]

        Notes: Personalizing the customer experience ranks as the top objective of a data-driven marketing strategy, per results from an Ascend2 survey of 234 marketing, sales and business professionals from around the world, the majority of whom sell B2B. Interestingly, improving data quality emerges as the most challenging obstacle to data-driven marketing success, even as almost 3 in 4 respondents say that the quality of data they use is very (16%) or somewhat (57%) good. Read more »

        Mobile, IoT Top List of CMOs’ Most Important Future Technologies

        November 10, 2015

        IBM-Most-Important-Future-Technologies-Nov2015CMOs around the world believe that mobile solutions (64%) and the Internet of Things (62%) will be the most important technologies in the next 3 to 5 years, per results from IBM's latest Global C-suite study. That marks a slight difference from the rest of the C-suite, as the other¬†titles surveyed each placed cloud computing within their top-2 future technologies. Read more »

        For ROI Proof, Paid Search Tops the Digital List Again

        November 9, 2015

        SEMPO-Confidence-Ability-to-Measure-ROI-Digital-Nov2015Source: SEMPO [download page]

          Notes: Two-thirds of marketers and agencies feel that they are good at measuring the ROI of paid search, according to SEMPO's latest annual study. But only a minority feel good about their ability to measure the ROI of the other digital channels listed: SEO (45%); email (44%); display (29%); and social media (22%). These results are strikingly similar to a survey of global marketers released earlier this year, in which paid search was the only channel for which a majority of respondents felt good about their ability to measure ROI. Read more »

          Market Researchers Rank the Most Important Insight Creation Data Sources

          November 6, 2015

          GfKIIR-Most-Important-Insight-Creation-Data-Sources-Nov2015Source: GfK

            Notes: Custom surveys are considered the most important data source for the creation of insights today, but fast forward two years and they will be rivaled by passively collected data, per results from GfK's Future of Insights report. Indeed, 28% of market researchers (clients and suppliers) surveyed feel that this will be the most important data source in 2 years' time, more than double the proportion (13%) who feel that it is currently the most important. Read more »

            How Are Millennials Using Their Phones?

            November 5, 2015

            Invoca-Millennials-Most-Frequent-Mobile-Phone-Activities-Nov2015Some 58% of American adults consider themselves addicted to their phone, and that figure rises to 76% among Millennials (18-34), finds Invoca in a recently-released study [download page]. The report shows that amid the numerous activities being performed on phones, calls remain popular - and frequent. Read more »

            Facebook Brand Post Interaction Rates, by Post Type, in Q3

            November 4, 2015

            Adobe-Facebook-Brand-Post-Interaction-Rates-by-Post-Type-in-Q3-Nov2015Source: Adobe Digital Index

              Notes: Image and video post interaction rates on Facebook dropped on a year-over-year basis in Q3, as they did in Q2, with the opposite trend apparent for link and text posts, according to Adobe Digital Index. Indeed, link posts (1.6% interaction rate) continue to rival video posts (1.7%) in interaction rates, per the report. Interaction rates declined across the major industries tracked (retail, media, financial, and travel), with the biggest drop coming for the retail industry (3.4%, down from 4.8%). Read more »

              Local Ad Spend Forecast, 2015-2020

              November 4, 2015

              BIAKelsey-Local-Media-Ad-Spend-Forecast-2015-2020-Nov2015Source: BIA/Kelsey [download page]

                Notes: Local advertising spending is expected to increase by a compound annual rate of 3.6% from 2015 through 2020, when spending will total $168.9 billion, according to the latest forecast from BIA/Kelsey. Traditional media spend is projected to stay stagnant (CAGR of -0.1%) while digital spend will grow by double-digits (CAGR of 11.7%) through the forecast period, such that digital will rise from 26.9% of local ad revenues this year to 39.1% in 2020. Read more »