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Could Mobile Overtake Desktops in US Search Ad Spend Next Year?

December 5, 2014

eMarketer-Mobile-Share-US-Search-Ad-Spend-2013-2018-Dec2014Source: eMarketer

    Notes: Mobile will grow to represent 50.1% of digital search ad spending next year, predicts eMarketer, up from 38.1% share this year. That appears to be an aggressive forecast in light of the most recent IAB revenue report showing that desktop search accounts for 39% of online ad revenues, while mobile search accounts for 12%, although eMarketer appears to use a broader definition of search spend that includes SEO. The eMarketer report also forecasts mobile taking the upper hand in organic search traffic and paid clicks. That tracks with the trajectory of mobile search traffic as tracked by RKG: it's latest figures tabbed mobile's share of organic search visits at 38% in Q3 2014, up 10 points year-over-year. Read more »

    Which Days of the Week Yield the Best Mobile In-App Ad eCPMs?

    December 4, 2014

    InMobi-Mobile-App-Monetization-by-Day-of-Week-in-Q3-Dec2014Source: InMobi [download page]

      Notes: According to InMobi's analysis of Q3 activity on its network, while mobile applications had the most impressions in the US on Monday and Tuesday, the highest click-through rates and eCPMs were on Thursdays and Fridays. Separately, the report indicates that, globally, in-app ads saw eCPMs more than 2.5 times higher than those of mobile web ads. Read more »

      Cyber Monday Results: Heaviest E-Commerce Day Yet

      December 3, 2014

      comScore-Cyber-Monday-E-Commerce-Spending-Dec2014Biggest. Online. Shopping. Day. Ever. Grandiose rhetoric aside, the Cyber Monday results are rolling in, and not surprisingly given the trajectory of e-commerce sales so far this holiday season, the day now ranks as the heaviest day of online shopping activity yet. According to comScore's figures, retail e-commerce spending from desktops exceeded $2 billion for the first time on Cyber Monday, representing a 17% year-over-year rise. Read more »

      Travel Content Sharing Skews Young

      December 3, 2014

      ShareThis-Travel-Content-Sharing-by-Age-Group-Dec2014Source: ShareThis

        Notes: Slightly more than one-third of travel content sharing on social networks and email comes from users aged 18-35, compared to only 22% of general content sharing for this demographic, according to a ShareThis study. The study also notes that while women account for 55% of travel content browsing, they represent 71% of travel content sharing. In other demographic results, the report finds that Asians and Hispanics are the most engaged with travel content, and African-Americans the least. Read more »

        What Types of Data Are Marketers Using For Personalization – And What’s Their Impact on ROI?

        December 2, 2014

        EconsultancyAdobe-Personalization-Data-Types-ROI-Impact-Dec2014Almost 6 in 10 company marketers agree that the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy and 54% are committed to providing a personalized web experience, according to a new Econsultancy report [download page] produced in association with Adobe. The study also looks at the types of data used to personalize the web experience and how these data types contribute to ROI. Read more »

        Content Sharing on Dark Social Channels, by Category

        December 2, 2014

        RadiumOne-Content-Sharing-Dark-Social-by-Category-Dec2014Source: RadiumOne [download page]

          Notes: Some 84% of global online consumers aged 16 and older report sharing content online, per a Radium One survey, and almost one-third claim to do so exclusively via Dark Social channels (such as sharing links in emails, instant messages and forum posts that aren't tracked by web analytics). Based on an analysis of RadiumOne user data, the company notes that 69% of all sharing happens via Dark Social, with this figure highest for arts and entertainment (84%) content and lowest for pet-related (13%) content. Read more »

          How Americans Approach Online Consumer Reviews

          December 1, 2014

          YouGov-Purchase-Influence-Consumer-Review-Ratings-Dec2014Almost 8 in 10 American adults read online consumer reviews for product and services before making a purchase, with this figure relatively constant across generations, according to a survey from YouGov. The study analyzes the use of online reviews from a variety of angles, finding that a bare majority (51%) of those who read consumer reviews generally read at least 4 before feeling that they have enough information to purchase a product or service. Read more »

          Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday E-Commerce Results

          December 1, 2014

          MC-Thanksgiving-Black-Friday-E-Commerce-Dec2014With Black Friday in the books and Cyber Monday now in full swing, various sources are releasing reports on how the past weekend fared. The consensus appears to be that online - in particular mobile - sales grew from last year, but brick-and-mortar activity was down, with the NRF projecting an overall decrease in spending. The following article highlights some of the key data points from a variety of research. Read more »

          1 in 3 Marketers Report “Major Uplift” in SEM Conversion Rates From Personalization

          November 26, 2014

          EconsultancyRedEye-Impact-Personalization-Conversion-Rates-Nov2014Source: Econsultancy / RedEye [download page]

            Notes: 32% of global company marketers (primarily based in the UK) say they have experienced a "major lift" in search engine marketing conversion rates since implementing personalization, with another 60% reporting a "minor" uplift. Interestingly, 95% of respondents reported some degree of uplift in conversion rates from personalizing offline channels.
              Related: Marketers Rate the Most Valuable – and Difficult – Conversion Rate Optimization Methods Read more »

              3 in 10 American Women Becoming More Careful About Social Posts

              November 26, 2014

              IpsosFleishmanHearst-Womens-Growing-Privacy-Concerns-Nov2014Source: Ipsos MediaCT / FleishmanHillard / Hearst Magazines

                Notes: More than one-third (35%) of American women report having become more concerned about their online privacy over the past year, and those security concerns extend to their social sharing behaviors, as 29% report having become more careful about what they share on social media. Those figures are significantly elevated among women in China (52% and 39%, respectively) and Brazil (44% and 61%, respectively). The report notes that 1 in 10 Millennial women have "gotten in trouble" over social media posts, and that many women find topics such as religion, politics and sex to be taboo for sharing. Read more »