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Retailers’ Most Influential Promotional Vehicles, According to Online Shoppers

June 22, 2015

UPScomScore-Retailer-Promotional-Vehicles-Prompt-Shopping-Jun2015Source: UPS / comScore [pdf]

    Notes: Emails offering free shipping (54%) or a discount (53%) are the forms of retailer advertising most likely to prompt online shoppers to shop with a retailer, per recently-released results from a UPS and comScore study. Indeed, a recent MarketingCharts study found that consumers are most likely to open emails from brands because the subject line promotes a discount or offer that interests them. Read more »

    US E-Commerce Metrics, by Device, in Q1 2015

    June 19, 2015

    Monetate-US-E-Commerce-Metrics-by-Device-in-Q1-Jun2015Source: Monetate

      Notes: Smartphones have grown to represent almost 1 in 5 visits to US e-commerce retailers, per the latest quarterly report from Monetate. But those increases are causing them to drag down overall e-commerce metrics, as smartphones continue to have significantly lower conversion and add-to-cart rates than tablets and computers, indicating that they are still being used more for research than for purchases. Read more »

      Key US Digital Commerce Stats for Q1 2015

      June 18, 2015

      comScore-US-Digital-Retail-Spending-Q12012-Q12015-Jun2015US e-commerce spending grew by 14% year-over-year in Q1, marking the 18th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth dating back to Q2 2010, according to data recently released by comScore [download page]. Indeed, digital commerce (desktop and mobile combined) accounted for roughly 1 in every $7 (14.7%) of consumers' discretionary spending in Q1, the highest figure on record, per comScore's data. Read more »

      Most Effective – and Difficult – SEO Tactics

      June 17, 2015

      Ascend2-Most-Effective-Difficult-SEO-Tactics-June2015Source: Ascend2 [download page] Notes: Relevant content creation is by far the most effective SEO tactic, according to a new survey of 286 global marketing, sales and business professionals (71% B2B) from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. Indeed, 72% of respondents cited relevant content as an effective SEO tactic, with keyword/phrase research (48%) in a distant second place. However, relevant content creation is one of the most difficult tactics to execute, per respondents, while keyword/phrase research is one of the easiest. Read more »

      Smartphone Users’ App Usage, by Race and Ethnicity

      June 17, 2015

      Nielsen-Smartphone-App-Usage-by-Race-Ethnicity-Jun2015Source: Nielsen

        Notes: While the number of applications used per month by adult smartphone users has remained steady over the past couple of years (26.5 in Q4 2012 and 26.7 in Q4 2014), time spent with apps has increased by 63%, from roughly 23 hours per month per smartphone user in Q4 2012 to about 37-and-a-half hours per month in Q4 2014. Among smartphone users, African-Americans use more apps on average than any other race or ethnicity, also spending more time on average with apps, with Hispanics close behind. Read more »

        How Are B2B Companies Improving Mobile Content Relevance and Engagement?

        June 16, 2015

        Regalix-B2B-Mobile-Content-Contextualization-June2015Mobile isn't yet a top priority for B2B companies, finds Regalix in a new survey [download page], with only about half of respondents reporting making investments in mobile marketing. Among those using mobile, only one-third have been involved with it for more than 2 years, such that it's perhaps not too surprising that contextualization of mobile content is still "a work in progress." Read more »

        Most Commonly-Used Real-Time Marketing Tactics

        June 15, 2015

        Wayin-Most-Commonly-Used-Real-Time-Marketing-Tactics-Jun2015Source: Wayin [download page]

          Notes: Marketers are using real-time marketing tactics across a range of channels, with marketing automation such as triggered emails the most popular tactic, used by 62% of real-time marketers, per a Wayin study. Respondents - who are most likely to be using real-time marketing to form customer relationships (56%) and promote events (55%) - believe that real-time marketing response time should be within minutes (49%) or seconds (26%), although only 4% can respond to breaking news and events on social media in less than a minute. Read more »

          US Online Ad Revenues Up 16% in Q1

          June 12, 2015

          IABPwC-Q1-Online-Ad-Revenues-2000-2015-June2015Source: IAB / PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

            Notes: Online ad revenues grew by 16% year-over-year in Q1, matching 2014's growth rate, according to the latest figures from the IAB and PwC. At $13.3 billion, this represents a new Q1 standard, though that's obviously going to be the case given growth from the prior "historic" peak in the year-earlier period. Online ad revenue growth has now been in the double-digits for 20 consecutive quarters dating back to Q1 2010.
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              What Types of Web Content and App Features Are Important to Online Shoppers?

              June 11, 2015

              UPScomScore-Retailer-Website-Content-Influence-Jun2015Almost three-quarters of US online shoppers find product reviews influential when visiting a retailer's website, making reviews the most influential content type of those identified, according to recently-released results [pdf] from a UPS and comScore study. The new data - specific to online shoppers in the US - also demonstrates the influence of Q&A (48%) and product and brand videos (47%) among shoppers. Read more »

              More Than 4 in 10 Webinar Registrants View On-Demand

              June 11, 2015

              ON24-Webinar-Registration-Benchmarks-2013-2014-Jun2015Source: ON24 [download page]

                Notes: The percentage of webinar registrants who attend live has consistently hovered in the 35-45% range for marketing webinars, according to ON24's latest webinar benchmark report. What hasn't remained steady is the percentage who registered for a live event but viewed it on-demand, with this figure climbing from 21.7% in last year's report to 43% in this year's edition. Also of note, of all webinar registrants analyzed, 20.6% registered after the live event had ended, up slightly from 18.5% in last year's study. Read more »