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Fortune 500′s Social Media Use Continues to Expand

August 25, 2014

UMassDartmouth-Fortune500-Social-Use-2012-2014-Aug2014Social media use is almost ubiquitous among the Fortune 500 and newer platforms are seeing fast-rising adoption rates, according to the latest study from the Center of Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. LinkedIn, measured for the first time this year, is easily the most-used platform, by 97% of the Fortune 500, while Twitter continues to outrank Facebook, although by a slimmer margin this year. Read more »

More Than One-Third of US Households Now Subscribe to an SVOD Service

August 25, 2014

Centris-US-SVOD-Adoption-Trends-in-Q2-Aug2014Source: Centris Marketing Science

    Notes: Some 35% of US households subscribed to a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service during the second quarter of this year, up from 27% during Q2 2013. In fact, roughly 1 in 7 (14%) of households subscribed to multiple SVOD services, up from 11% during the year-earlier period. Netflix remains the most popular service, subscribed to by 30% of US households during the second quarter, ahead of Amazon Prime (12%) and Hulu Plus (7%). Among those households with multiple subscriptions, the Netflix and Amazon Prime combination is the most popular, chosen by 63% of such households. Read more »

    Mobile Share of E-Commerce Spending, Q2 2010-Q2 2014

    August 22, 2014

    comScore-M-Commerce-Share-US-E-Commerce-Spend-Q22010-Q22014-Aug2014Source: comScore

      Notes: Mobile commerce spending grew by 47% year-over-year in Q2, buoyed by a 75% gain in tablet spend (as opposed to a 29% rise in smartphone commerce). With desktop-based e-commerce growing by a more modest 10%, mobile accounted for 11.1% share of total e-commerce spend during the second quarter, up from 8.6% during the year-earlier period. Separately, an Internet Retailer report predicts that the 500 leading retailers in mobile commerce will see smartphone and tablet sales grow by 80% this year to represent 21% share of their e-commerce sales. Read more »

      Mobile Ad Response Seen Differing by Gender, Platform

      August 22, 2014

      BurstMedia-Mobile-Ad-Response-by-Gender-Aug2014Men respond more to ads in mobile browsers, while women are more likely to swipe or click on in-app ads, finds a new study [pdf] from Burst Media. The study - based on a survey of close to 750 US online adults who use a mobile device to access the mobile web and/or applications - finds that some 28% of male respondents claim to tap or swipe on mobile browser ads either sometimes or all the time, compared to 19% of women. The gap is narrower when it comes to in-app ads, though. Read more »

      Top 10 Local Markets by Tablet Penetration

      August 22, 2014

      Nielsen-Top-10-Local-Markets-by-Tablet-Penetration-Aug2014Source: Nielsen [download page]

        Notes: Some 41% of US households owned a tablet in May per Nielsen's report - with Washington, DC (56%) the top local market by penetration rate, as it was 6 months earlier. Tablet penetration exceeded 50% in three other markets - San Francisco (53%), Atlanta (53%) and Boston (52%) - while approaching the majority threshold in Chicago (48%), New York (47%) and Portland (47%). Read more »

        CRM Software Users Rate Their Biggest Challenges

        August 21, 2014

        SoftwareAdvice-CRM-User-Challenges-Aug2014Most CRM users are satisfied with their product and about three-quarters feel that it has improved access to customer data, finds Software Advice in a new survey. A majority of users also feel that their system has delivered when it comes to improved relationship management, interaction tracking and lead management. But, as the study results attest, CRM users also face a number of key challenges with their systems. Read more »

        Top 15 Local Markets by Smartphone Penetration

        August 21, 2014

        Nielsen-Top-15-Local-Markets-by-Smartphone-Penetration-Aug2014Source: Nielsen [download page]

          Notes: Smartphone adoption stood at 72% of Americans mobile subscribers aged 13 and older in May, per Nielsen's report - with Orlando sporting the highest penetration rate (82%) of the local markets measured. Dallas - the leading market 6 months earlier - joins a group of other markets (Dallas, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Sacramento and Denver) with the second-highest penetration rate, followed by Phoenix (77%). Read more »

          What Various Industries Want Most From Their Digital Initiatives

          August 21, 2014

          TCS-Desired-Capabilites-from-Digital-Initiatives-Aug2014Source: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

            Notes: Depending on the industry, between 51% (utilities) and 90% (media and entertainment) of large enterprises see digital initiatives as being at least of major importance to their market and financial success in the next 5 years. The capabilities that are most desired from digital initiatives range across industries; for example, retail respondents are most interested in creating micro-segments of customers (77%), while CPG and high-tech respondents are looking primarily to monitor customers so as to identify improvements to existing offerings. Read more »

            How Are Large Enterprises Allocating Their Digital Dollars?

            August 20, 2014

            TCS-Large-Enterprise-Digital-Budget-Allocations-by-Technology-Aug2014Roughly 7 in 10 large enterprises consider digital initiatives to be either the "most important factor" (14.5%) or "of major importance" (55.1%) to their financial success in the next 5 years, finds Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a recent study. The survey - fielded among 820 respondents at companies in 4 major regions with mean revenue of $25.8 billion - finds that enterprises are on average spending more than $100 million on digital initiatives. So where's the money going? Read more »

            Most Popular Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Metrics

            August 20, 2014

            CMOCouncil-Marketers-Common-Digital-Metrics-Aug2014Source: CMO Council [download page]

              Notes: Familiar metrics top the list of those used to track the effectiveness of digital marketing or online advertising campaigns, with clicks, response and conversion rates (51%) the most commonly-cited top-5 measure, per the CMO Council's survey of 525 marketers around the globe. Page views, time on site/page and registrations/sign-ups (50%) and website performance (47%) are close behind, showing the centrality of websites as a digital marketing tool. Further down the list, one-third cite social media metrics as a top-5 metric, while fewer point to revenue measures such as incremental revenue per customer (14%), value of deals and length of selling cycle (7%). Read more »