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Majority of Local Searches on a Mobile Phone End With an In-Store Purchase

April 17, 2014

Neustar15miles-Local-Search-Conversions-by-Device-Apr2014Some 78% of local searches conducted on a mobile phone result in a purchase, and 73% of those purchases are made in-store, according to the 2014 Local Search Study from Neustar Localeze and 15miles, which measured the last action taken by more than 3,000 users of local business internet search. That suggests that a majority 57% of respondents' last local searches ended in an in-store purchase. Comparable figures for searches conducted on a PC/laptop and tablet were 43% and 42%, respectively. Read more »


Gen Z Turns to Newer Platforms for Music Discovery

April 17, 2014


    Source: Jacobs Media [pdf]
      Notes: Among core radio listeners interested in finding out about new music and artists, AM/FM radio (on any device) is easily the top single option, for roughly 51% of respondents. But, about 3 in 10 Gen Z (born 1993 and after) listeners interested in new music turn to Pandora (14%), YouTube (12%) and/or Spotify (5%), on par with the percentage who tune in to AM/FM radio (30%). Read more »

      Search Marketers’ Take on the Ranking Factors Increasing in Importance This Year

      April 17, 2014


        Source: BrightEdge [download page]
          Notes: About 7 in 10 search marketers feel that it will be more important this year to understand the correlation between social sharing of pages and ranking for those pages. While studies (such as this one) have found social signals to highly correlate with search rankings, Matt Cutts has denied [YouTube video] that Google gives any special treatment to social signals. Meanwhile, 85% of search marketers believe that it is more important to measure rank across mobile devices this year and about 8 in 10 see it more important that content efforts are connected to ROI. Read more »

          Radio Listening Gradually Transitions to Digital Platforms

          April 16, 2014

          JacobsMedia-Radio-Listening-Platforms-2014-v-2013-Apr2014Almost one-fifth of weekly radio usage in the US and Canada now occurs on digital sources, according to the 10th annual Techsurvey from Jacobs Media. That mirrors a similar shift in TV content viewing on alternative sources, and is being driven by younger core radio listeners, who are more apt to use digital platforms to listen to broadcast radio. Even so, only about 1 in 6 respondents agree that Pandora and other such services will eventually replace listening to FM radio for music. Read more »


          Mobile Now One-Third of Google Organic Search Visits

          April 16, 2014


            Source: RKG [download page]
              Notes: Mobile's 33% of Google search visits in Q1 2014 represented only a slight uptick from Q4 2013 (32%), but a more robust rise from 27% share during the year-earlier period. During Q1 2014, Yahoo actually saw a larger share (36%) of organic search visits come from mobile than Google. Overall, mobile devices accounted for an estimated 31% share of US organic search visits during Q1, up from 24% in Q1 2013.
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                Cable Companies Now Have as Many Broadband as Pay-TV Subscribers

                April 16, 2014


                  Source: Leichtman Research Group
                    Notes: While the rate of cord-cutting slowed last year, cable companies shed almost 2 million pay-TV subscribers while adding more than 2 million broadband internet subscribers. As a result, they now have roughly an equal number of broadband (49.3 million) and pay-TV (49.6 million) subscribers. Overall, the top multi-channel video providers had about 94.6 million subscribers, while the top broadband providers (many of these companies falling in both groups) had more than 84 million. Read more »

                    Consumers Report More Privacy Breaches, Little Faith in Marketers

                    April 15, 2014

                    GfK-Consumer-Trust-Personal-Data-Handling-Apr2014A pair of new studies highlight a growing problem for marketers: at a time when an explosion of data is offering marketers an array of new possibilities, consumers are reporting more privacy breaches and a low level of trust in marketers to protect their data. The Pew Research Center notes a growing share of online consumers who have had important personal information stolen - and a rising concern about the amount of personal data they have online. And as GfK finds [pdf], it seems they have little faith in marketers to handle their data responsibly. Read more »

                    Brands’ Most Engaging Facebook Posts are Almost Always Photos

                    April 15, 2014


                      Source: Socialbakers
                        Notes: Three-quarters of the more than 1 million brand posts monitored by Socialbakers between February 24 and March 24 were photos, with links (10%), status posts (6%) and videos (4%) less common. While photos receive the highest average number of interactions per post, they only narrowly beat videos among brand pages with less than 1 million fans. That gap widens for larger pages; as such, much like a similar study undertaken in late 2012, photos dominated the top posts by raw interaction: among the top 10% of posts by interactions, 87% were photos. Read more »

                        For Most Youth, Smartphone Use In-Store Can Affect Purchase Decisions

                        April 15, 2014


                          Source: Local Search Association
                            Notes: Some 65% of 18-29-year-old smartphone users (and 62% of device users aged 30-43) are willing to stop moving forward with a purchase based on new information they've turned up using their mobile device while shopping at a local business, a result that makes sense given that the leading reason they use their devices in-store in the first place is to compare prices. At least 9 in 10 young smartphone users rely on their devices at least sometimes while shopping in-store, per the study, as do 7 in 10 device users aged 54 and older. The younger crowd, not surprisingly, is much more likely to be found checking in at a local business or sharing their location. Read more »

                            Key Trends Consistent As Online Ad Revenues Grow Another 17% in 2013

                            April 14, 2014

                            IABPwC-Online-Ad-Revenues-2004-2013-Apr2014Online advertising set yet another peak in Q4 2013, growing by 17.5% to reach $12.1 billion, the largest quarter on record, according to the latest revenue report [pdf] from the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Needless to say, the full-year total of $42.8 billion was also the largest seen yet, representing a 17% increase from the prior year. What didn't change? The prevailing trends in the online advertising industry. Read more »