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Media Multitaskers More Likely to Watch, Respond to TV Ads

July 2, 2014

IABProsperInsights-TV-Ad-Viewing-Media-Multitaskers-July2014TV multitasking is on the increase, and some 82% of US adults at least occasionally go online while watching TV, per a recent IAB study [pdf]. How much of an adverse effect does that have on the influence of TV ads? Apparently none, according to the study, which actually finds that "media multitaskers" (those 43% who regularly go online while watching TV) are more likely than the average adult to regularly watch TV ads and be influenced by them. Read more »


Millennials Spend More Time With Digital Than Traditional Media, But…

July 1, 2014

Experian-Weekly-Media-Consumption-by-Generation-July2014American Millennials (18-34) spend a slight majority of their weekly media time using digital devices, and are the only generation where digital media consumption exceeds traditional media, details Experian Marketing Services in a new report [download page]. But, Millennials share a common trait with their older counterparts: of the various devices available to them, TV still rules, accounting for the single largest share of their total weekly media time. Read more »

Viewers Say Ads in Local TV News Are Relevant, Drive Action

June 26, 2014

HearstTVGfK-Media-Users-Attitudes-to-Ads-June2014Almost 6 in 10 regular viewers of local TV news agree that they rely on local TV news for product and service ideas that are relevant to them in their lives, and half agree that ads they see on local TV news feel like they are chosen specifically for people like them. That's according to a Hearst TV-commissioned GfK survey [pdf] of 2,655 adults aged 25 and older who watch local TV news at least a few times per week. The results also suggest that ads in local TV news compare favorably with other media in driving viewers' action. Read more »

US Ad Spend Trends in Q1

June 25, 2014

Kantar-percent-change-in-measured-ad-spend-Q1-2014-june14Kantar Media has released its latest quarterly report on US advertising spend, finding that total expenditures in Q1 grew by 5.7% year-over-year to $34.9 billion, boosted by the Winter Olympics, which added an incremental $600 million in spending. Network TV was - unsurprisingly - a prime beneficiary, with roughly half of its 14.5% year-over-year growth owing to the Winter Olympics. Beyond TV's healthy growth, other trends remained largely consistent with prior quarters.  Read more »


How Americans Are Watching TV

June 20, 2014

Harris-How-Americans-Regularly-Watch-TV-Shows-June2014Roughly 3 in 4 American adults regularly watch TV shows live via cable or satellite TV, while streaming (43%) and recorded TV (37%) are also popular choices, per results from a Harris Interactive survey. But for Millennials (aged 18-36), the TV viewing experience has changed, with a slightly larger proportion saying they regularly watch TV shows via streaming (67%) than via cable or satellite (62%). While Millennials are the most likely to be streaming content, they're slightly less likely than the average adult to regularly watch recorded content. Read more »

Twitter: Pairing Twitter With TV Drives Higher ROI

June 19, 2014


    Source: Twitter / Starcom Mediavest Group (SMG)
      Notes: Twitter-supported TV campaigns drive increased awareness, favorability and sales, ultimately leading to higher ROI, according to research from Twitter and SMG. The study also found that viewers tweet with the same frequency during program time as during ad time, supporting earlier research from Nielsen that arrived at the same conclusion. In addition, ad recall was found to be 13% higher among Twitter users than non-multitaskers.
        Related: New Data Surrounding Twitter, TV, and Brand Messaging Read more »

        CMOs on the Fundamental Changes for Marketing in the Next 5 Years

        June 18, 2014

        Accenture-Areas-of-Future-Changes-in-Marketing-June2014Roughly 8 in 10 CMOs around the world believe that marketing will undergo fundamental change over the next 5 years, according to results from Accenture Interactive's "CMO Insights 2014" study, with marketers appearing most confident in the increasing role of analytics and greater budget allocations to digital and mobile. Some 42% believe that analytics skills will be a core competence of marketing over the next 5 years, echoing recent survey results from Spencer Stuart in which senior marketers envisioned analytical orientation as becoming a more important skill for CMOs to possess in the future. Read more »

        US Ad Spend Growth Forecast in 2014, by Medium

        June 17, 2014


          Source: MAGNA GLOBAL
            Notes: Digital media advertising grew to be larger than national TV ad spend last year, per MAGNA GLOBAL, supporting a recent report from the IAB, which reached the same conclusion. Digital will again be the fastest-growing advertising medium this year, forecast for 14.4% growth, with TV (+8.3%) also set for a big increase due to the mid-term elections, the Winter Olympics, and the World Cup. By 2018, MAGNA GLOBAL expects digital media to surpass total TV ad sales, a view not shared by PricewaterhouseCoopers in a recent forecast of its own. Read more »

            US Advertising Market Sizes by Medium, 2018 v. 2013

            June 10, 2014

            PwC-US-Ad-Media-Market-Sizes-2013-v-2018-June2014 Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Notes: TV will remain the dominant advertising market in the US through 2018, when it is projected to reach $83.6 billion in revenues. But internet advertising revenues are growing quickly and will begin to challenge TV's supremacy, rising by more than 50% between 2013 ($42.8 billion) and 2018 ($65.9 billion). By 2018, the newspaper ad market ($16.6 billion) will have shrunk to the point where it will be smaller than the radio and consumer magazine publishing advertising markets, per the PwC forecast. Read more »

            US Traditional Media Advertising Outlook, 2013-2018

            June 9, 2014

            PwC-US-Traditional-Media-Outlook-2013-2018-June2014PwC has issued its latest annual "Entertainment & Media Outlook" report, which contains projections for online and offline media markets through 2018 across various components, including advertising revenues and consumer spending. The outlook for traditional media markets is similar to previous forecasts in that TV and out-of-home advertising have the healthiest future, while radio continues to grow at a modest pace and the outlook for newspapers is dim. Read more »