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Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – November 2014

December 3, 2014

Top-10-November-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: what consumers want from brands; the power of word-of-mouth; brand marketing on Instagram; primetime TV audience trends; why consumers go online; the CFO view of marketing; data-driven spending trends; conversion rate optimization methods; and shopping cart abandonment.

Most Influential Advertising Media Among Young Hispanic Online Shoppers

December 3, 2014

AdroitDigital-Influential-Ad-Media-Hispanic-Shoppers-Dec2014Source: Adroit Digital [download page]

    Notes: TV, online display, and social are the advertising media most likely to influence Hispanics who shop online, according to an Adroit Digital survey of 607 Hispanics, almost 8 in 10 of whom are aged 18-34. Beyond those top 3 channels, mobile and online video have a significant stated influence on Hispanics, according to the respondents, while radio and billboards lag.
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      Digital Media Players’ Threat to Regular TV Viewing

      December 2, 2014

      GfK-Digital-Media-Players-TV-Movie-Viewing-Dec2014Source: GfK

        Notes: 19% of US households this year own a digital media player such as Apple TV or Roku, representing a significant step up from 12% penetration last year, per GfK. Interestingly, Roku and Apple TV device users are as likely to say they use those devices in addition to regular broadcasts as they do as a replacement for regular TV, while Chromecast users are more likely to use them as additive (50%) rather than replacements (31%). It's also worth noting that Apple TV and Roku users say their devices are their first considered viewing source when watching TV/movies in the evening, ahead of live TV, a fairly significant result. Read more »

        The “Coolest” TV Networks and Services, According to TV Viewers

        December 1, 2014

        Ipsos-Most-Popular-and-Cool-TV-Networks-Services-Dec2014Source: Ipsos MediaCT

          Notes: Netflix is among the top-3 "cool" networks or services for a leading 26% of TV viewers aged 18-49, according to results from an Ipsos survey, followed by YouTube (15%) and HBO (14%). The list contains an assortment of niche networks such as Adult Swim (9%) and Comedy Central (9%); notably, networks such as ABC and CBS aren't considered by many to be among the top 3 "cool" networks despite being the most broadly watched.
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            7 in 10 Enterprise CEOs Believe They Are Wasting Money on Marketing Initiatives

            November 25, 2014

            Forbes-CEO-CMO-Views-Marketing-Performance-Nov2014Some 35% of CEOs at large organizations believe that their marketing's sales performance is exceeding expectations, while fewer CMOs (26%) agree, according to a Forbes Insights study [download page] conducted in association with Rocket Fuel and Spencer Stuart. The survey - conducted among 296 global senior executives, 80% of whom hail from companies with more than $1 billion in revenues - suggests that CEOs may simply have lower expectations of marketing, as many believe their investments are wasted. Read more »

            Pay-TV Market Shrinks in Q3; Broadband Subs Pick Up Steam

            November 20, 2014

            LRG-Pay-TV-Broadband-Subscription-Trends-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (Pay-TV / Broadband)

              Notes: The largest pay-TV providers - representing about 95% of the market - shed roughly 150,000 subscribers in Q3, up from a loss of about 25,000 in Q3 2013. By contrast, the largest broadband providers - representing about 94% of the market - gained more than 700,000 high-speed subscribers, up 35% from last year. For the time being, the top pay-TV providers continue to have a larger subscriber base (95.3 million) than the top broadband providers (86.6 million), though that gap is steadily closing. Read more »

              Are TV Audiences Really on the Decline?

              November 19, 2014

              Rentrak-TV-Average-Audience-Trends-Nov2014The topics of TV consumption and cord-cutting have been back in the national conversation with the recent rash of announcements regarding stand-alone streaming services from the likes of HBO and CBS. MarketingCharts has been tracking trends in traditional TV consumption on an age basis for several quarters; now new data from Rentrak's Chief Research Officer Bruce Goerlich adds another dynamic to the discussion. Read more »

              Spending Trends in Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

              November 13, 2014

              WinterberryGroupGlobalDMA-Data-Driven-Spending-by-Channel-Nov2014Data's role will grow substantially more important in the future, according to more than three-quarters of marketers, advertisers, service providers, technologists and publishers surveyed by the Winterberry Group and the GlobalDMA across 17 markets. The study [download page] finds broad agreement across those markets that the value of data-driven marketing and advertising (DDMA) is growing, and almost three-quarters expect to increase their spending on DDMA next year. Read more »

              Pay-TV Subscribers Who Stream Video More Likely to Upgrade Than Downgrade Service

              November 10, 2014

              TNS-Pay-TV-Service-Changes-by-Streaming-Behavior-Nov2014Recent announcements by HBO and CBS that they will be providing standalone OTT offerings have offered the latest signals of change in the TV business, and many expect those announcements to be the beginning of the end of the pay-TV bundle. These moves provide an interesting backdrop to recent survey results from TNS, which suggest that streaming might not be cannibalizing pay-TV programming. Read more »

              Top Priority For Higher-Spending SMBs? Search Marketing

              November 10, 2014

              BIAKelsey-High-Spending-SMBs-Marketing-Advertising-Priorities-Nov2014Source: BIA/Kelsey

                Notes: Among "SMB Plus Spenders" (those spending at least $25,000 annually on advertising and promotions), around 6 in 10 cite search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) count as an extremely or very high priority over the next year, according to BIA/Kelsey's report. In the next tier on the priority scale are email (53.7%), print advertising (53.3%) and analytics/performance assessment (51.6%), while few cite video (40.2%) or discount deals and promotions (38.2%) as a top priority. Read more »