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2014’s Most Memorable Ads Among Millennials

January 19, 2015

Nielsen-Most-Memorable-TV-Ads-Among-Millennials-in-2014-Jan2015Source: Nielsen

    Notes: Fast food and QSR ads performed well with Millennials (18-33) last year, says Nielsen in a review of the most memorable English-language ads among this demographic. Wendy's spot, "Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Be With You Song" emerged as the leader with a brand memorability index of 338, meaning that it was 3.38 times more likely to be remembered and associated with the right brand among Millennials than the typical ad. Nielsen also notes that food ads comprised 8 of the top 10 ads among African-American Millennials and 9 of the top 10 among Hispanic Millennials, though they didn't have quite the same appeal among Asian-Americans of this age, who only placed 3 in their top 10. Read more »

    SMBs Still Consider W-O-M Most Effective, But Online Marketing Perceptions Improve

    January 15, 2015

    BrightLocal-SMBs-Most-Effective-Customer-Acquisition-Channels-Jan2015Word-of-mouth (W-O-M) remains the the most effective marketing channel for generating new leads and customers, according to SMBs responding to a recent BrightLocal survey. Asked to choose from 12 online and offline channels, 28% indicated W-O-M to be their most effective, up from 26% the previous year. Online marketing channels - which appear to be gaining in appeal among respondents - comprised the next 3 most-effective. Read more »

    Top 10 Multi-Platform TV Websites – December 2014

    January 14, 2015

    Note: The Experian Marketing Services data featured is based on US market share of visits as defined by the IAB, which is the percentage of online traffic to the domain or category, from the Hitwise sample of 5 million US internet users. Hitwise measures more than 1 million unique websites on a daily basis, including sub-domains of larger websites. Hitwise categorizes websites into industries on the basis of subject matter and content, as well as market orientation and competitive context. The market share of visits percentage does not include traffic for all sub-domains of certain websites that could be reported on separately. Figures are for browser-based visits across personal computers, tablets and mobile phones, excluding in-application browser use.

    Top TV and Video Advertisers of 2014

    January 8, 2015

    AceMetrix-Top-TV-Advertisers-of-2014-Jan2015Despite declines in viewership, TV is still one of the most influential channels in the US. So which brands outperformed their competitors last year? Ace Metrix has issued its latest annual list of the brands that aired the most effective ads in relation to their competition – with some familiar names scoring highly. Read more »

    Few Consumers See Pay-TV As Their Dominant Video Content Source in 2020

    January 7, 2015

    Irdeto-US-Adults-Primary-Video-Viewing-Sources-in-2020-Jan2015For US adults, internet TV services are a more likely future content source than satellite pay-TV, according to a newly-released survey from Irdeto. Interestingly, user experience was cited as one of the key factors by those planning to watch mostly internet TV and by those seeing pay-TV as their primary viewing source in 2020. Read more »

    Top 20 Marketing Charts of 2014

    January 6, 2015

    MC-Top-20-2014-EntryThe marketing industry continues to change apace. This collection of our most popular charts of 2014 contains some of the year's biggest stories and foreshadows some of the most important ones to come. Our top charts are grouped into the following topics: e-Commerce and the customer journey; traditional media; demographics and brand connections; digital media; and future trends.

    3 in 4 TV Households Now Using At Least One On-Demand Service

    January 5, 2015

    LRG-On-Demand-Services-in-TV-Households-2014-v-2013-Jan2015The TV industry is undergoing plenty of changes as viewers demand content on their own schedules. Indeed, the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) finds in a new survey that 3 in 4 TV households in the US now have a DVR, subscribe to Netflix, or use video-on-demand (VOD) services from a cable or telco provider, up from 70% last year. Slightly more than one-quarter (26%) use two of these services, up from 23% last year, while 11% use all three, flat year-over-year. Read more »

    US Ad Spend Trends, by Medium, in Q3 2014

    December 29, 2014

    Kantar-Ad-Spend-Trends-in-Q3-Dec2014US ad spending grew by just 0.3% year-over-year in the third quarter to reach $33.7 billion, with year-to-date growth slowing to 2.2%, per the latest quarterly figures from Kantar Media. The analysis notes that the slowing rate of growth in Q3 (relative to the first half of the year) owed primarily to tighter budgets among the top 100 marketers, as opposed to mid-size advertisers, who increased spend by 6-7%. Below, some brief highlights by medium. Read more »

    How Do US Consumers Discover Online Information and Websites?

    December 22, 2014

    Forrester-How-US-Consumers-Discover-Websites-Dec2014Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 2014 [download page]

      Notes: Organic search remains the leading method by which US adults find online information and websites, per results from a Forrester Research survey. Some 36% of respondents indicated that they typically found the online information or websites they visited during the prior month through organic search results, beating out Facebook (25%), TV ads (23%) and TV shows or news stories (21%). The study notes that TV ads and news stories have risen in prominence from years past as online information discovery methods. Read more »

      Weekend Data Points, 12/19/14

      December 19, 2014

      Centris-New-Pay-TV-Packages-Dec2014How much would consumers pay for alternative pay-TV packages that combine basic service with streaming options from Netflix and from HBO (which recently announced that it will launch a standalone OTT service)? The good news for pay-TV providers, according to survey results from Centris Marketing Science, is that consumers seem willing to pay extra to add OTT to a basic internet + pay-TV package. The bad news, though, is that they'd expect this bundle to come at a significant discount. More interesting data points for the weekend follow. Read more »