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Top Gains in Unique Visitor

Is Yahoo’s Digital Audience Now Bigger Than Google’s?

August 22, 2013

comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-Jul-v-Jun2013-Aug2013A couple of months ago, comScore's Media Metrix data showed Yahoo closing the gap with Google as the US' top web property, a development noted here. Now the latest Media Metrix data is out, and it appears that Yahoo! Sites has overtaken Google! Sites as the top web property, with 196.6 million unique visitors in July for the former, compared to 192.3 million for the latter. It must be noted, though, that these numbers do not take into account mobile-only visitors. Read more »

Web Traffic Trends in June: Retail, Gaming Sites Enjoy Moderate Bump

July 22, 2013

comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-may-june13-July2013Americans settled into the Summer heat last month by increasingly visiting retail and gaming sites, according to the latest data from comScore's Media Metrix. Together, retail and gaming site categories accounted for half of the top-10 fastest-gaining categories for the month. The biggest increase was reserved for gay and lesbian sites, though, with a 10% increase in audience for Pride Month, to 9.8 million. Read more »

Yahoo Close Behind Google Among Top Web Properties in May

June 27, 2013

comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-May2013-v-May2012-Jun2013The top 10 web properties in May 2013 featured the usual suspects (Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites, Microsoft, etc.), per the latest figures from comScore, but the list shows Yahoo! Sites having almost caught up to Google! Sites as the top property in the US. For the month, Google attracted 193.5 million unique visitors, with Yahoo close behind at almost 192.8 million, a gap of less than 700,000. A year earlier, in May 2012, Google boasted about 21.5 million more unique visitors than Yahoo (188.9 vs. 167.4 million). Read more »

Top 10 Brand Movers, May 2013

June 10, 2013

Note: Compete's clickstream data are collected from a 2,000,000 member panel of U.S. Internet users (about a 1% sample), using diverse sources. Using statistical normalization methodology, Compete creates precise projections of the behavior of the entire U.S. Internet browser population on monthly and weekly basis. In addition, Compete provides daily estimates of share of consumer attention garnered by the top Internet sites and the velocity of change of this attention.

Lifestyle, Pharmacy Sites Enjoyed Increased Web Traffic in March

May 3, 2013

comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-feb-mar13-Apr2013An analysis of web traffic trends in March shows that lifestyle sites saw an uptick in traffic, with unique visitors to gay and lesbian sites up 40% month-over-month to 11 million, and visitors to religion and spirituality sites increasing by 11%, to 37.5 million. The data, from comScore's Media Metrix [download page], also suggests that Americans looked to the web to solve their allergy problems as Spring beckoned, with the number of visitors to pharmacy sites jumping by 23%, to 8 million. Read more »

February Web Traffic Trends: Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl Make Their Mark

April 1, 2013

comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-jan-feb13-Mar2013The Valentine's Day holiday had many Americans going online in February to order flowers and gifts for loved ones, according to [download page] new Media Metrix data from comScore. The flowers/gifts/greetings category rose 35% to 26.4 million visitors for the month, putting it second on the list of top-gaining categories, behind tax sites (+45% to 36.9 million), which have been the top-growing category for 3 consecutive months. Read more »

Retail, Shipping Sites Were All the Rage in December

January 29, 2013

comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-nov-v-dec12-jan20139 in 10 American internet users (or 194 million Americans) visited a retail site in December, according to [download page] the latest data from the comScore Media Metrix. Retail sites represented 5 of the top 10 fastest-growing site categories in December, led by flowers, gifts, and greetings sites (+24% to 32.2 million unique visitors) and jewelry, luxury goods, and accessories sites (+18% to 29.1 million unique visitors). Read more »

Web Trends Analysis Shows Consumers Flocked to Retail Sites in November

December 21, 2012

comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-oct-v-nov-dec12An impressive 87% of the online population visited a retail site in November as the holiday season began, according to [download page] the latest data from the comScore Media Metrix. After holding down 3 of the top 10 fastest-growing site categories in October, retail site categories represented a dominant 9 of the top 10 in November, led by toys sites (+30% to 23.9 million unique visitors) and consumer electronics sites (+29% to 59.7 million unique visitors). Read more »

Retail Sites Saw An Influx of Traffic in October

November 27, 2012

Multiple reports have indicated that consumers began their holiday shopping early this year, and the latest Media Metrix data [download page] from comScore appears to support this trend. Retail sites boasted 3 of the top 10 fastest-growing site categories for October, as consumers got an early jump on holiday shopping and shopped for Halloween. For the month, flowers, gifts, and greetings sites (31%) edged out political news sites (30%) as the top-gaining category. Read more »

Americans Looked Online For Savings in September

October 25, 2012

Americans looked to incentive sites in greater numbers last month to help them save money, according to the latest comScore Media Metrix data. The number of unique visitors to incentive sites grew by 7% month-over-month, reaching 24.6 million, the second fastest-growing category for September. Education information sites took the top spot, enjoying their yearly spike in September and gaining 9% to reach 82.5 million unique visitors. Read more »