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AOL Tries on the :1800 Ad Format | LinkedIn Points at Bizo Territory, Smiles, Licks Lips | Google’s Local Update Did, Um, Something

August 1, 2014


  • AOL leapt to the next logical conclusion after concentrating much of its perceived ad value in extremely large homepage creative formats: it ran a 30-minute video ad for GM. We suppose the only thing left to do to make the agency's job even easier is to try to sell one impression at a $1 billion CPM rate in an attempt to get one person to buy a few thousand vehicles at once.
  • Ad Exchanger is calling LinkedIn's stated intent to allow advertisers to reach targeted individuals beyond the LinkedIn site a death knell for Bizo's targeting business.
  • Google's search algorithm update that affected local search results - coined the "Pigeon" update by Search Engine Land - has had a week of life in the wild, allowing search experts to weigh in on the effects. None of them appear to agree what it did, and Google is mum but for saying that it incorporates more and deeper signals.

Ad Exchange Primer for Cynics | LinkedIn Adds Targeting | Google Eats Potential YouTube Competitor

July 25, 2014

Robot Invasion:

  • George Simpson explains, only half-jokingly, how the industry got to where it is today ("akimbo" comes to mind) in regard to programmatic buying of various sorts. It is probably the most cynical and perhaps the accurate attempt to date.
Social: Video:
  • Google's YouTube property just bought one of the rising competitors, likely in a move to head off competition. Twitch, known more for its gaming features, also has been seeing explosive growth in the use of its video streaming.

AOL to Open Native to Any Tom, Dick, Harry | LinkedIn Opens API | Google Gooses Keyword Planner

April 24, 2014

Native Ads:

  • AOL is rolling out a native advertising product across its internal sites, such as TechCrunch and the Huffington Post that mom-and-pop advertisers will be able to buy, using AOL's real-time bidding interface. Tests AOL ran reportedly garnered ludicrously high clickthrough rates ranging from six to eight percent.



  • Google goosed its Keyword Planner with several new features, including some sexy looking visualization tools.

AOL to Roboticize Vid Content Selection | Adwords Changes Afoot | Lowly Email Newsletters Plug Away

April 15, 2014


  • AOL is attempting to pull a "Google News" in the video content space for women. With a combination of observed behavior, analytics and some good old human judgement, AOL will seek to roboticize the online video content jukebox.


  • Google is batching some Adwords announcements for next week. The notification of the upcoming announcement implies yet more deliberate intermingling of media from different devices and formats (Everyone does have lots of unsold mobile media nowadays.) and greater time specificity in targeting.


  • With the robots, mobile media made palatable and all the shiny, shiny new toys, sometimes BIA Kelsey analysts need to emerge occasionally and remind people that email newsletters still carry lots of water for brands.

Android TV May Pull A Galaxy Gear | Marketo Grows | FTC Comes Down on “Jerk” Extortion – MarketingVOX

April 8, 2014


  • Google has plenty ideas of its own, but it's rarely failed to copy one of Apple's as well. A new Android TV project would keep up their record, launching into a market that isn't yet a market, but a market in which Apple is soon expected to create a market.

Marketing Automation:

  • Marketo continues its tear of adding features and relationships, launching what they call a customer engagement platform in what appears to be an attempt to expand beyond their marketing automation niche. They're also adding Axciom AOS demographic and propensity data.


  • The FTC is targeting a site that scraped photos of people from Facebook and created pages where some of them were noted as "jerks." The firm provided only one way to have the pages taken down: pay $30 a piece.

    The FTC has not yet shown interest, however, in complaints that Facebook charged advertisers to build social affinity audiences and then changed its policy to allow them to reach their own affinity audiences only through paying additional money.

Amazon to Media Buyers: Don’t Worry Your Pretty Heads | Ancient AOL-Ads-in-Email Settlement Finally Approved | Nigeria-based Group Lands Google, MSFT, Others to Push Cheap Access

October 8, 2013


  • Amazon is rapidly growing its ad revenues, pushing its highly targeted media comprising an audience in the act of buying a statistically significant percentage of the stuff bought in the U.S. On the other hand, they're being very opaque about that data, essentially telling the media buyers "Trust us."
  • A consortium of big-name U.S. corporations (PDF) is forming to push for cheaper internet access in foreign countries, stating a goal of making access available for less than 5 percent of average income. Just how it will go about that is left to ones imagination, but as the organization will be partly based in Nigeria, perhaps it can leverage that country's many, um, direct marketers.


  • Just as some of its competitors are getting served with new lawsuits dealing with the use of email content for targeting, AOL is finally putting to bed a settlement on a similar suit that has been languishing for years. It will pay low six figures to charities for the settlement, but - and perhaps the controlling factor behind the case - it will pay mid six figures to pay off the plaintiffs attorneys.

AOL Doubles Down with Video Firm Purchase | Yahoo’s New Logo: Can It Get Worse? History Says Yes | Google Integrates Targeting Tools into “Display Planner”

August 7, 2013


  • AOL Bought, pushing its fortunes further into the video ad realm. The deal is reportedly worth $405 million. At the same time, AOL announced it will close certain Patch sites, local news sites that it hoped would create a new critical mass for local newspaper-like information.

Yahoo Deathwatch:

  • Yahoo's logo, even as it has changed over the years, has always managed to shout out "We are a very small company with a cousin who owns an old version of Microsoft Paint!" Well, they are changing the logo again, revealing the final version in 30 days' time, hopefully not harkening to the style of CEO Marissa Mayer's old firm Google's logo, which has been just about as bad.


  • Google is combining several targeting tools together into a new, integrated tool it is calling Display Planner.

AOL Obviates Programmatic Advantage, Makes it a Meatspace Endeavor | Users to Search Engines: What Have you Done For Me Lately? | Maponics: Today’s Geotargeting Is Kiddy Stuff

July 25, 2013


  • If programmatic buying is supposed to automate the purchase of avails based on price, other criteria and, well, price, then AOL Networks' announcement that they are going to conduct an "upfront" process in the fall for programmatic may reveal that programmatic really less about vigilant computers exploiting matchmaking opportunities, and more about, well, price.
  • LinkedIn caves to the "native ad" trend, conflating content with ads.
  • ForeSee longitudinal research shows a general souring on the major search engines, with users reporting an average satisfaction score about five percent lower than last year.
  • Maponics CEO Darrin Clement makes some subtle points about how geotargeting is generally done in a ham-handed way today, and could be improved with better data; and perhaps needs to be improved for mobile users not to feel the noise-to-signal ratio is too high.

Facebook Attribution Play More A Targeting Feature Than Analytics Threat

January 24, 2013

Ad Exchanger got the skinny on Facebook's plans for the conversion attribution space. This is the service that allows advertisers to tell which messages and media were responsible for which transactions. Facebook has been beta testing such a service with a few hundred major advertisers and indicates that it will rapidly roll it out to the unwashed masses. This does not appear to mean, however, that Facebook will be competing with Google Analytics anytime soon, but rather that it will be able to offer batches of users with pre-defined behavior likelihoods. Reading between the lines of the interview, it sounds like Facebook might be adding merely another pop-up menu on its sparse ad interface, allowing advertisers to select an additional set of audiences. Facebook's pushing of attribution-related news comes at an opportune time, as Google has been experiencing a rare problem with its analytics-to-advertising attribution data connection.