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Most Shoppers Continue to Engage in Deal-Seeking Behavior

February 14, 2017

Shoppers late last year were feeling optimistic about their finances this year, reports IRI in newly-released data, noting that 70% of those surveyed in Q4 felt that their household finances would improve in the coming 6 months. But that hasn't stopped them from planning various ways to keep spending in check, according to the study. Read more »

6 in 10 Consumers Globally Are Changing The Way They Buy Their Favorite Brands

April 7, 2016

McKinsey-Modifications-Preferred-Brand-Buying-Behavior-Apr2016Some 58% of consumers around the world report having modified their buying behavior when it comes to their favorite brands, finds McKinsey in a survey of more than 22,000 consumers. The results indicate that consumers are remaining loyal to their favorite brands, but are finding ways to purchase them at lower prices. Read more »

What Are Millennials’ Most Important Life Aspirations?

December 17, 2015

Navient-Millennials-Most-Important-Life-Goal-Dec2015Starting a family or spending time with family ranks as the most important of 6 life goals for a leading 29% of young Americans aged 22-35, closely followed by being happy, which is the top goal for 28% of Americans of this age, according to a study [pdf] from Navient. Being debt-free (24%) is also a much greater goal than home ownership or career advancement, per the survey, though the financial health of the respondent appears to have an impact on the ranking of these goals. Read more »

Global Consumers’ Perceptions of Private Label Products

November 26, 2014

Nielsen-Global-Consumers-Private-Label-Perceptions-Nov2014Source: Nielsen [download page]

    Notes: Two-thirds of online consumers surveyed in 60 countries (74% in the US) around the world somewhat or strongly agree that private labels are usually extremely good value for the money, according to Nielsen's report, and 65% agree (75% in the US) that private labels are a good alternative to name brands. Within the US, two-thirds agree that most private labels' quality is as good as name brands', while only one-quarter agree that private labels are not suitable when quality matters. Overall, Nielsen finds that private label captures 16.5% dollar share around the world, highest in Switzerland (45%). Read more »

    CPG Brand Loyalty On the Rise, Though Consumers Still Seek Value

    July 31, 2014

    IRI-Americans-CPG-Brand-Spending-Behavior-Q2-2014-Q2-2011-July2014American consumers are showing more loyalty to regular CPG brands than they did 3 years ago, according to new survey results from IRI Worldwide. Some 39% of respondents indicated that they are trying new brands priced below regular brands, down from 46% reporting this behavior in Q2 2011. Similarly, fewer respondents - 31% in Q2 compared to 39% in Q2 2011 - are giving up some of their favorite brands. Despite those positive trends, few consumers only purchase their preferred brands over cheaper options. Read more »

    Consumer Spending Trends: Deal-Seeking Behavior Prevalent

    July 25, 2014

    Gallup-Consumer-Spending-and-Saving-Trends-July2014Consumers are more likely to be found shopping around for deals than making impulse purchases and going shopping just for fun, details Gallup in newly-released survey results. Some 83% of respondents reported having purchased generic or store brand goods during the 4 weeks prior to the survey, while roughly 6 in 10 reported having shopped at more than one store for similar items to get the best deal (61%) and having gone online to compare prices and find the best deal (59%). Read more »

    Fewer Americans Report Cutting Back on Pay-TV, Print Subscriptions

    July 7, 2014

    Harris-Americans-Small-Ticket-Cutbacks-Jul2014Fewer Americans are reporting a cutback in small-ticket purchases compared to a year ago, finds Harris Interactive in its latest survey of spending and saving behavior. That extends to their media subscriptions: the June survey found 24% reporting having canceled one or more magazine subscriptions during the prior 6 months, down from 29% a year earlier. Similarly, fewer reported having canceled a newspaper subscription (13% vs. 18%). Read more »

    Millennials Most Likely to Rely on W-O-M For Private Label Shopping Guidance

    July 2, 2014


      Source: The Integer Group / M/A/R/C Research [download page]
        Notes: Roughly one-third of Millennials (<30) surveyed agree that they get information from friends and family about store brands before trying them, compared to 23% of Gen Xers (30-50), 14% of Boomers (51-69) and 10% of respondents aged 70 and older. Millennials were also the most likely to agree that they ask sales associates which brand offers the best quality for the price. Read more »

        Consumers’ Spending Behavior, Outlook Remain Modest

        January 31, 2014

        Harris-Americans-Small-Ticket-Cutbacks-Jan2014Americans ended 2013 slightly less likely to have been cutting back on small-ticket items to save money than they had been earlier on in the year, reports Harris Interactive in recent survey results. But compared to a year earlier, the December results show a similarly spending-conscious consumer; other surveys also indicate that Americans are becoming more practical in their spending behavior, with few planning to up their expenditures this year on a range of items. Read more »

        Consumers Still Rely More on Traditional Tools For CPG Brand Decisions

        January 27, 2014

        IRI-CPG-Brand-Selection-Influencers-Jan2014Consumers are relying more on new media tools and less on traditional ones to make their CPG brand decisions, according to survey data from IRI. But even so, traditional marketing tools such as newspaper circulars are likely to influence far more consumers than newer technology-enabled tools such as smartphone applications, per the study, which asked consumers about a range of influences on their brand choices. Read more »