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CMOs Say They Want to Spend Their Time on Strategy

December 12, 2016

cmocouncildeloitte-where-cmos-want-to-spend-time-dec2016Marketing has high expectations as a growth driver among senior management and the board, according to a report [download page] from the CMO Council and Deloitte, which argues that the CMO is no longer tasked primarily with brand ambassadorship but rather with revenue generation and growth strategy. Read more »

Enterprise Social Business Goals and Initiatives Focus on the Customer

November 23, 2016

altimeter-most-important-social-business-objectives-nov2016Social strategists at large companies for the first time say that improving the customer experience is their top social business objective, according to the latest annual State of Social Business report [download page] from Altimeter, a Prophet Company. Of the 523 respondents surveyed from organizations with more than 500 employees, 82% indicated that improvement in their relationship with customers and customers' experience with the brand was an important objective. Read more »

3 in 4 Enterprise-Level CMOs Believe That Marketing Has a Critical Role in Innovation

November 1, 2016

accenturestrategy-cmos-role-in-innovation-nov2016Virtually all CMOs believe that disruptive growth is at least somewhat behind their company's overall growth today, and three-quarters feel that they have a great deal of control over the disruptive growth levers in their company, according to a new study from Accenture Strategy. Read more »

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – July 2016

August 15, 2016

MCTop10Jul-16-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: traditional TV viewing trends; youths' biggest purchase influencers; most hated online ads; marketers' biggest challenge; CMOs' evolving role; the rise of social media stars; top Gen Z shopping categories; e-commerce site purchase timing; leading personalization tactics; and planned martech investments. Read more »

Customer-Centricity At the Heart of Digital Strategies, Say Global Execs

August 11, 2016

DeloitteMITSloan-Orgs-Digital-Strategy-Objectives-Aug2016Only a bare majority (52%) of business executives worldwide agree that their organization has a clear and coherent digital strategy, according to recently-released results from the 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Survey conducted by Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review. Customer experience and engagement appear to be the backbone of digital strategies, per the report. Read more »

These Are the Brands That Spring to Mind When B2B Consumers Think of Tech Innovation

August 1, 2016

BrandKeys-Most-Innovative-Tech-Brands-Per-B2B-Jul2016As marketing's role evolves, CMOs are taking greater responsibility for innovation, seeing this as an area in which they can increase their influence. While research suggests that leadership in innovation doesn't correlate strongly to perceived brand strength for B2B companies, this remains a key area for B2B brand imaging. So most brands would probably want to be featured on this recent list from Brand Keys [pdf]... Read more »

CMO Role Evolves to More Strategic Business Leadership

July 18, 2016

ForresterHeidrickStruggles-Evolving-Role-CMO-Jul2016CMOs are taking on a more strategic role within their organizations, gaining┬áresponsibility for a wider array of profit and operations┬átargets and capturing a greater influence in the brand experience, per a new report [download page] from Forrester Research. Based on a survey of 275 CMOs fielded by Forrester and Heidrick & Struggles, the study indicates that CMOs' goals are moving beyond just revenue goals. Read more »

Top Drivers For Launching A Branded Online Community

February 24, 2016

LeaderNetworksCMXMedia-Top-Drivers-Branded-Online-Communities-Feb2016Source: Leader Networks / CMX Media

    Notes: Customer satisfaction and retention ranks as the most important driver for launching a branded online community, among both companies that already have launched a community and those that are considering doing so, according to a recently-released survey. Respondents also cited the gathering of ideas and reduction of support costs as key reasons for launching an online community. Read more »

    Top 25 Marketing Charts of 2015

    January 5, 2016

    Top25-2015-Entry2015 brought with it the emergence of new trends along with the continuation and acceleration of others. This collection of our most popular charts of 2015 covers some of the year's biggest stories and foreshadows some of the most important ones to come. Our top charts are grouped into the following topics: media and advertising trends; a focus on generations; digital marketing; B2B; customer experience; retail & e-commerce; and future trends. Read more »

    Friday Research Wrap, 12/11/15

    December 11, 2015

    BCG-Shifts-Future-Areas-Innovation-Importance-Dec2015The speed of adopting new technology is the most rapidly increasing area of importance with perceived future impact on innovation and product development, according to the latest Global Innovation Survey [pdf] from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). By contrast, marketing is declining in perceived future impact, per the report. Still marketing innovations aren't considered to be a hindrance to product development ROI. Read more »