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1 in Every 3 Companies Fails to Follow-Up on Inbound Inquiries

December 20, 2016

Many sales teams are failing to be prompt, persistent and personalized in their follow-up to inbound inquiries - and that's if they even respond to leads in the first place, according to research from Conversica. Indeed, around one-third of the 538 B2B and B2C companies contacted across nine industries did not respond at all to a direct, specific contact inquiry. Read more »

Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich Apps Valued by Smartphone Users

December 9, 2016

googleipsos-what-smarphone-users-value-in-apps-dec2016User experience is crucial in engendering website loyalty, and as it turns out, to driving satisfaction with apps. Indeed, a new report [pdf] from Google and Ipsos finds that for most smartphone users, their favorite apps are easy to use and navigate - and that this is far and away the most common element shared by users' preferred apps. Read more »

Enterprise Social Business Goals and Initiatives Focus on the Customer

November 23, 2016

altimeter-most-important-social-business-objectives-nov2016Social strategists at large companies for the first time say that improving the customer experience is their top social business objective, according to the latest annual State of Social Business report [download page] from Altimeter, a Prophet Company. Of the 523 respondents surveyed from organizations with more than 500 employees, 82% indicated that improvement in their relationship with customers and customers' experience with the brand was an important objective. Read more »

How Enterprise-Level B2B Demand Gen Marketers Are Constructing Buyer Personas

November 11, 2016

annuitas-criteria-used-b2b-enterprise-marketers-develop-buyer-personas-nov2016Almost two-thirds of B2B marketers at enterprise-level organizations (at least $250 million in revenues) utilize buyer personas in the planning of demand generation programs and activities, and another 22% are in the planning stages. That's according to the 2016 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey [download page] from ANNUITAS, which details an increase in the use of buyer personas in demand generation programs. Read more »

How to Decrease Email Unsubscribes and Spam Complaints

November 7, 2016

litmusfluent-top-reasons-consumers-unsubscribe-from-promo-emails-nov2016List churn is a critical concern for email marketers, particularly given that list growth is one of their biggest challenges. New survey data from a couple of studies indicates that consumers can be persuaded to not unsubscribe, with options for messaging frequency and increased relevance and personalization key elements. Read more »

How Are B2C Content Marketers Reaching and Understanding Their Audiences?

October 31, 2016

cmimarketingprofs-how-b2c-marketers-learn-about-audiences-oct2016Roughly 7 in 10 B2C content marketers agree that they frequently consider how their content impacts the overall experience a person has with their organization (71%) and that they focus on creating content for their audience versus their brand (69%). With that in mind, it's interesting to see the techniques these marketers are using to learn about and reach their audiences, according to the latest report [pdf] from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Read more »

Social Ads, Influencer Marketing and Employee Advocacy Programs Get Marketing Leaders’ Attention

October 11, 2016

gartner-social-ad-influencer-advocacy-program-adoption-oct2016More than one-third of North American marketing leaders have a social advertising program in place, but that figure is expected to more than double in the coming year as 42% plan to start advertising on social media for the first time. That's according to results from Gartner's 2016 Digital Marketing Channel survey, which polled 250 marketing leaders across North America. Read more »

B2B Content Marketing: What’s Trending?

October 10, 2016

cmimarketingprofs-factors-contributing-increased-b2b-content-success-oct2016It's that time: the latest annual B2B Content Marketing report [pdf] from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs has been released, examining the state of content marketing among B2B marketers in North America. This is the seventh such report, allowing for comparisons to years past to identify shifts and trends. So what's new - and what's consistent with previous years?. Read more »

Minority of North American Enterprises Understand Cross-Channel Buying Journeys

September 21, 2016

econsultancyepsilonconversant-enterprise-org-data-related-capabilities-sept2016Almost 9 in 10 brand and business executives at enterprise organizations in North America (at least $225 million in revenues) say that it's at least a medium priority to provide and maintain an integrated consumer experience across digital media and devices. But far fewer are able to understand their customers' cross-channel and cross-device behaviors, according to an Econsultancy report [download page] in association with Epsilon and Conversant. Read more »

What Do Marketers Consider to be the Most Effective Email Personalization Tactics?

September 19, 2016

ascend2-most-effective-difficult-email-personalization-tactics-sept2016Email is perceived to be the most effective digital tactic available to marketers today, and marketers are confident in the relative success of their strategies. However, according to a new study [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners, some strategic goals are easier to achieve than others. Read more »