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CSR Reputation Has Strong Impact on Purchase Decisions For 1 in 6 Americans

December 8, 2016

theharrispoll-company-csr-reputation-effect-consumer-decisions-dec2016For 16% of American adults, a company's reputation for social responsibility has a strong effect on the decisions about what to buy and who to do business with, per results from a Harris Poll survey of more than 2,000 US adults. While that's outweighed by the 20% for whom corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputation has no effect at all, most Americans say that CSR affects their decisions at least once in a while. Read more »

US LGBT Media Habits, by Age and Gender

August 17, 2015

CMI-US-LGBT-Media-Habits-Aug2015Source: Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI) [download page]

    Notes: LGBT websites and blogs remain the most popular form of media among Millennial (born 1981-1997) LGBTs, as they were last year, according to CMI's latest annual survey, which finds network and cable TV again the most commonly consumed form of media among Boomers. Interestingly, among Gen Xers and Boomers, LGBT websites and blogs are far more popular among men than women, as are LGBT mobile apps. Read more »

    Top-Indexing Retail Spending Categories Among LGBT Households

    August 3, 2015

    Nielsen-Top-Indexing-Retail-Spending-Categories-LGBT-Households-Aug2015Source: Nielsen [download page]

      Notes: LGBT households (those with at least one member identifying as LGBT) are more likely than non-LGBT households to shop at specialty retail channels such as book stores (index of 172), beverage stores (155), convenience stores (135), pet stores (132) and electronics stores (128) reports Nielsen in a new study. That translates into category spending trends, too: LGBT households spend significantly more annually on wine (index of 148), computer and electronic products (143) and pet care (136). Read more »

      Weekend Reading, 6/12/15

      June 12, 2015 is this year's top-perceived brand among LGBT consumers, jumping from the #6 spot last year, according to the latest Buzz rankings from YouGov. Apple (#2) and Samsung (#5) both improved in cracking the top 5, while Subway (#7) made its first entry into the top 10. In other movements, General Motors stood out as the brand with the largest gain in perception among LGBT consumers (to a relatively neutral perception), while Costco, Trade Joe's, YouTube and Ace Hardware each fell out of the top 10. Read more »

      Weekend Reading, 5/29/15

      May 29, 2015

      BrandZ-10-Most-Valuable-Global-Brands-May2015Apple is back on top as the world's most valuable brand, according to the 10th annual "BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands" report from WPP and Millward Brown. With a total brand value of almost $247 billion, representing a 67% year-over-year rise, Apple soared past Google's $173.7 billion value (+9%). Read more »

      US LGBT Media Habits, by Age Group

      September 10, 2014

      CMO-US-LGBT-Media-Habits-Sept2014Source: Community Marketing, Inc. [download page] Notes: LGBT websites and blogs are popular among respondents aged 18-34, with almost three-quarters having visited one during the 7 days prior to the survey. Interestingly, this age group is more likely to have recently streamed video on their computer (64%) than to have watched network or cable TV (50%), although the reverse is true for older age groups. Overall, interaction with LGBT websites and blogs is rising, while engagement with LGBT print media is steady. Read more »

      Best-Perceived Brands by US LGBT Consumers

      July 14, 2014


        Source: YouGov
          Notes: Costco tops the list of best-perceived brands, according to the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score, which is compiled by subtracting negative from positive feedback about a brand. Netflix and Panera Bread followed in close succession, with Trader Joe's and YouTube rounding out the top 5. Meanwhile, Carnival, Walmart, and Exxon topped the list of brands with the most improved perceptions from last year, although each have net negative perceptions among LGBT consumers. Read more »

          Demographic Stats About US Millennials

          February 24, 2014

          Nielsen-Demo-Statistics-About-US-Millennials-Feb2014Recently, comScore issued a report about Millennials, and now it's Nielsen's turn. In its report [download page], Nielsen covers a lot of ground, from online to offline habits, structuring its analysis around some myth-busting findings. But of particular interest are the statistics made available regarding the demographics of this oh-so-coveted generation, described as "diverse, expressive and optimistic." Read more »

          Demographics of the Growing – and Wealthier – American Affluent Population

          September 25, 2013

          Ipsos-Demographics-US-Affluent-Population-Sept2013The American affluent population is getting bigger and wealthier, reveals Ipsos in its latest study of the affluent market. This year, Ipsos estimates that 62.5 million Americans count as affluents - meaning that they are aged 18 and over and living in households with at least $100,000 in annual income - an almost 6% increase from 59 million last year. Over the past year, these individuals' have enjoyed growth in average household income (by 4.6% to $200,200), liquid assets (by 9.1% to $551,400) and net work (by 2% to $1,006,600). So who are these individuals? Read more »

          How Corporate Marketers Should Refer to the LGBT Community

          September 18, 2013

          CMI-Response-to-LGBT-Terms-in-Corp-Marketing-Sept2013Gay men and lesbians favor certain terms over others when it comes to their use by corporations, according to [download page] a Community Marketing Inc. survey of more than 10,000 gay and bisexual men, more than 4,000 lesbian and bisexual women and more than 400 transgender community members in the US. Asked how they feel about a list of terms when they seem them used by a corporation, a leading 77% of gay men and 87% of lesbians indicated a favorable attitude towards the use of the term "LGBT." Read more »