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Half of Connected Teens Globally Say They’re Using Voice-Enabled Digital Assistants

January 12, 2017

One of the newer technologies getting buzz these days is the voice-enabled digital assistant - and new data from Accenture [pdf] suggests that it's not all hype. In fact, the use of embedded voice-enabled digital assistants in smartphones and PC/laptops has reached the mainstream among 14-17-year-olds, per Accenture's survey of almost 26,000 consumers across 26 countries. Read more »

How Tolerant Are Online Video Viewers of Buffering, and Ads?

December 28, 2016

More than three-quarters of adults in the US and UK watch online video at least weekly, according to the results [pdf] of a survey from Limelight Networks, with men and Millennials tending to be among the heavier consumers of digital video content. Read more »

Programmatic Expected to Become Primary Global Method for Trading Digital Display This Year

December 5, 2016

zenith-programmatic-display-ad-spending-increases-dec2016Programmatic advertising is projected to account for 51% of digital display expenditure worldwide this year, before growing to 57% share next year on the back of a 31% increase in spending. That's according to Zenith's Programmatic Marketing Forecasts, which show programmatic growing faster than both social media (25%) and online video (20%). Read more »

Almost Half of US Adults Say They Watch Branded Videos on Social Media

November 22, 2016

brightcove-branded-video-viewing-on-social-media-nov2016More than 3 in 4 adults surveyed across 5 markets report interacting with brands on social media, and close to half (including 45% in the US) say they watch branded videos on social, according to a report [download page] from Brightcove. Across social platforms, respondents are most apt to discover video content when scrolling through feeds (62%) and when shared by someone on their network (49%). Read more »

Half of US Online Travel Bookers Recall Seeing Ads During Path to Purchase

November 21, 2016

expediacomscore-online-travel-bookers-ad-recall-nov2016Travel advertising gets the attention of a sizable share of online travel bookers in the US, Canada and the UK, according to an Expedia Media Solutions study [download page] that surveyed more than 2,400 adults who had booked travel online within the prior 6 months. In fact, some 47% of respondents in the US recalled seeing a travel ad while shopping for or booking travel. Read more »

Which Digital Channel Budgets Are Most Affected by Attribution in Europe?

September 29, 2016

econsultancyadroll-attribution-impact-european-digital-budgets-sept2016Companies in the UK, France and Germany are more likely to decrease (46%) than increase (28%) spending across digital channels as a result of attribution, per results from an Econsultancy report [download page] produced in association with AdRoll. However, this masks distinct regional differences, with the opposite pattern seen in UK. Read more »

Search and Email Driving Half of Website Visits in Europe

September 20, 2016

adi-european-website-traffic-sources-in-q2-sept2016Direct visits only accounted for about one-third of website visits in Europe in Q2 2016, with the remaining two-thirds coming from brand-driven tactics such as search, email and display, according to Adobe Digital Insights' Advertising Demand Report 2016: Europe. These brand-driven tactics also drove about two-thirds of smartphone traffic in Q2, up from 50% three years earlier. Read more »

In Japan and the UK, Mobile Overtakes Desktops in Retail E-Commerce Transactions

September 19, 2016

criteo-mobile-share-retail-e-commerce-transactions-q2-sept2016Mobile has reached an important threshold in two countries, and is poised to do so in another, according to Criteo's State of Mobile Commerce Report [download page] for H1 2016. Based on an analysis of more than 3,300 online retail businesses that account for $720 billion in annual sales, Criteo has determined that mobile devices now drive a majority share of retail e-commerce transactions in Japan and the UK. Read more »

What Motivates Consumers to Engage With Online Content?

September 12, 2016

aol-consumer-motivations-engaging-with-online-content-sept2016Consumers' motivations for engaging with online content can be boiled down to 8 "content moments," says AOL in a new study that analyzed more than 55,000 content interactions across 8 global markets. The leading content moment overall is the one termed "Inspire," referring to consumers' search for new ideas and desire to try something new. Read more »

Smartphones Driving More Traffic in APAC Than in US or Europe

September 12, 2016

ADI-Smartphone-Share-of-Website-Visits-by-Country-in-2015-Sept2016Smartphones drove more than one-quarter of all site visits in the Asia-Pacific region last year, including almost 4 in 10 (37.9%) visits in Japan, per a new Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) report. The "Asia-Pacific Best of the Best 2015" presentation - when compared to previously-released reports for the US and Europe - shows that smartphones' impact on site visits was generally higher in the APAC region than in the US and Europe. Read more »