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5 Charts to Inform Your Mobile App Marketing in 2017

December 28, 2016

Mobile apps' influence on digital media continues to grow stronger with each passing year. With app marketing taking place in a competitive environment, we turn to research provided by TUNE to better understand the drivers of app download decisions. Read more »

Google’s Top Trending Searches of 2016, and Other Year-in-Review Lists

December 21, 2016

The 2016 US presidential election may have generated strong interest around the world, but neither it nor its participants cracked the top 5 trending searches in the US, says Google in its year in review. Instead, January's $1.5 billion Powerball was the top trending search in the US, also cracking the top 5 globally. Read more »

Google Search Rankings Study Points to New Trends, Factors

December 21, 2016

Google search ranking factors no longer apply universally but must be analyzed on an industry-specific basis, says Searchmetrics in releasing its latest annual search rankings study [download page]. Still, it's important to understand overall trends and general rankings factors, with this year's final industry-wide edition indicating that "the most important ranking factor is content that is perfectly aligned to the user intention, together with an optimized page architecture." Read more »

Usefulness of Web, Apps Drives Digital Satisfaction for US Consumers

December 19, 2016

The usefulness of websites and applications is a far bigger driver of US consumers' digital satisfaction than privacy and trust in the credibility of information, according to a new Intent Lab Quarterly Digital Satisfaction Index (DSI) from Northwestern University Medill School and Performics. Read more »

US Adults Generally Believe They Can Determine Information’s Trustworthiness

December 12, 2016

pew-us-attitudes-information-volume-dec2016In an era of seemingly endless information, American adults are much more apt to say they like having so much information (77%) than to say that they feel overloaded (20%) by it. That's according to a new study [pdf] from the Pew Research Center, which also finds most adults generally confident in their ability to judge the trustworthiness of the information they come across. Read more »

Email Reigns As Most Popular B2B Customer Acquisition Channel, But W-O-M Has Biggest Revenue Impact

November 30, 2016

bizible-most-popular-effective-b2b-marketing-channels-nov2016Used by almost 9 in 10 respondents, email marketing is the most popular channel used by B2B marketers to acquire customers, according to The State of Pipeline Marketing Report 2016 [download page] from Bizible. The report - based on a survey of more than 360 marketers, 90% of whom are B2B-focused - also shows that social media and content marketing are currying favor with B2B marketers. Read more »

9 in 10 US Consumers Say They Read Online Reviews About Local Businesses

November 21, 2016

brightlocal-use-online-reviews-judge-local-businesses-nov2016About two-thirds of US consumers have reviewed or recommended a local business through word-of-mouth in the past year, making this the leading method for recommending local businesses, according to the latest annual Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal. But while social and review sites are less commonly used, more than 9 in 10 read online reviews to determine whether a local business is good or bad, with half claiming to do so regularly. Read more »

Half of US Online Travel Bookers Recall Seeing Ads During Path to Purchase

November 21, 2016

expediacomscore-online-travel-bookers-ad-recall-nov2016Travel advertising gets the attention of a sizable share of online travel bookers in the US, Canada and the UK, according to an Expedia Media Solutions study [download page] that surveyed more than 2,400 adults who had booked travel online within the prior 6 months. In fact, some 47% of respondents in the US recalled seeing a travel ad while shopping for or booking travel. Read more »

Relevant Content Considered Most Effective SEO Tactic

November 14, 2016

ascend2-most-effective-difficult-seo-tactics-nov2016Search rankings studies have indicated that the impact of relevant content continues to grow, and a new survey [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners finds that marketers largely agree. Some 57% of the 256 marketing influencers surveyed around the world rated relevant content creation as being among their most effective SEO tactics, topping the proportion feeling that way about keyword/phrase research (49%). Read more »

Healthcare Ad Spending Posts Double-Digit Growth in 2015; TV Still Top Medium

November 8, 2016

kantarmediaadage-us-healthcare-indus-ad-spend-2006-2015-nov2016Healthcare industry spending on measured media grew by 11.7% year-over-year in 2015 to reach $9.7 billion, a new record, per a recently-released report [download page] from Kantar Media and Ad Age. Pharma ad spending seems to be driving the industry increases, with pharmaceutical ads accounting for more than 60% of all industry spending. Read more »