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Friday Research Wrap, 8/28/2015

August 28, 2015

Experian-Email-Volume-Growth-Trends-Q2-2012-Q2-2015-Aug2015Brands aren't easing up on their email activity, with average volume across industries increasing by 16.1% year-over-year in Q2, per Experian Marketing Services' latest quarterly benchmark report [download page]. That marks the 11th quarter of increases and the 10th consecutive quarter of double-digit volume increases. In this latest quarter, consumer products and services (+20.7%) and multi-channel retailers (19%) led in year-over-year volume growth, followed by business products and services (15.6%). Read more »

Online Customer Reviews Remain Highly Influential in Consumers’ Local Business Decisions

August 27, 2015

BrightLocal-Use-of-Online-Customer-Reviews-Aug2015North American consumers are increasingly reading online customer reviews to determine if a local business is a good business, though maybe not quite with the same frequency as last year, according to BrightLocal's latest annual Local Consumer Review Survey. The survey - fielded among 2,354 US (90% share) and Canadian (10%) consumers - finds that 92% at least occasionally read customer reviews to judge a business, up from last year's 88% and 71% in 2010. Read more »

Demographics of Social Networking Platform Users

August 26, 2015

Pew-Demographics-Social-Media-Users-Aug2015Source: Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

    Notes: Facebook remains the most popular social platform, used by 72% of connected adults, reports the Pew Research Center as part of a recent study. The study breaks down the demographics of 5 major platforms, with some interesting results. Among the highlights: Pinterest's continuing strong skew towards women; Instagram's high usage among Blacks and Hispanics; and LinkedIn's above-average adoption among higher-income respondents.
      Related: [Debrief] US Media Audience Demographics Read more »

      Mobile Email Engagement Grows

      August 25, 2015

      Yesmail-Email-CTO-Rates-Desktop-v-Mobile-Q22013-Q22015-Aug2015Mobile devices have represented the majority of email opens for some time now, but studies have shown that PC users tend to click more than mobile users. That may now be changing, according to the latest quarterly report [download page] from Yesmail. Read more »

      Top Stated Reasons For Abandoning A Mobile Transaction

      August 24, 2015

      Jumio-Top-Reasons-Abandoning-Mobile-Transaction-Aug2015Source: Jumio

        Notes: A majority (56%) of US smartphone owning adults have abandoned a mobile transaction, according to Jumio, though this figure is down from 66% in a similar survey conducted in 2013. Among those who have abandoned a mobile transaction, purchase uncertainty (45%) was the top reason cited, followed by slow load times (36%) and difficulty with navigation (31%). These usability concerns appear to outweigh security concerns around payment (27%) and personal (26%) information, per the survey's results, though other research suggests security concerns are still prevalent. Read more »

        1 in 3 Marketers Say They Have All The Tech Tools They Need

        August 21, 2015

        Ascend2-Marketing-Tech-Availability-Utilization-Aug2015Source: Ascend2 and Research Partners

          Notes: Fewer than 1 in 10 marketing, sales and business professionals (predominantly B2B) say they have all the marketing technology tools they need and fully utilize what they have, according to a survey from Ascend2. Another quarter of respondents have al the tools they need but don't fully utilize them, per the results, leaving around two-thirds saying they lack all the needed tools. Separately, technology is credited with improving marketing performance by almost 9 in 10 respondents. Read more »

          Games and Music the Preferred App Categories Among Older Teens

          August 20, 2015

          RefuelAgency-Preferred-App-Categories-Older-Teens-Aug2015A majority of "Millennial teens" (16-19) say that a recommendation from a friend or family member would influence them to try a new mobile application, making this a bigger influencer than social media recommendations (35%) or an online video (34%), finds Refuel Agency in a recent survey [download page]. The results support earlier research among the 18-64 population, which similarly found word-of-mouth to be a key driver of app downloads. Read more »

          Mobile Social Media Consumption Grows Across Age Groups

          August 19, 2015

          comScore-Mobile-Social-Media-Consumption-Growth-by-Age-Aug2015Source: comScore

            Notes: Time spent with social media among mobile device users to grow at a rapid clip, details comScore. The data reveals some interesting divergences in mobile social networking use by age group. Among smartphone social networking users, youth lead not only in overall time spent, but also in consumption growth rates. But among tablet social networking users, it's the 55+ bracket that now leads in time spent and in consumption growth. Read more »

            Search Ranking Studies: Trends and Important Factors

            August 18, 2015

            Moz-Future-Trends-Search-Ranking-Factors-Importance-Aug2015Annual search engine ranking studies have been recently released by both Moz and Searchmetrics [download page], relying on slightly different methods to arrive at their conclusions about what's important and what's not. According to the reports, the impact of relevant content continues to¬†grow, while the number of links to a given page remains influential though potentially decreasing in value. Read more »

            Display Overtakes Search in Global Mobile Ad Spending

            August 17, 2015

            IABIHS-Global-Mobile-Ad-Revenues-by-Format-2012-v-2014-Aug2015Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) [pdf]

              Notes: Mobile advertising revenue grew by 65% year-over-year in 2014 to reach $31.9 billion, details the IAB in a new report. Display ad spending saw the fastest rate of growth (88%), including a particularly rapid rise in North America (114.2%). Mobile search ad spend increased at a relatively slower pace of 55% and surrendered its leading share of total spending to display (46.1% and 47.4%, respectively). Read more »