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When Do Consumers Want to Hear From Retailers?

October 6, 2015

Emarsys-When-Consumers-Want-to-Hear-From-Retailers-Oct2015A majority (57%) of US adults would want to hear from a retailer via email or advertising when it is offering a sale or promotion, and almost half would want to hear from one when an item they've been looking at becomes cheaper, according to survey results from Emarsys. In each case, women are significantly more likely than men to want to hear from a retailer or e-commerce company, per the results. Read more »

Retailer Email Acquisition: Modal Lightbox Benchmarks

October 5, 2015

Listrak-Retailers-Modal-Submission-Benchmarks-Oct2015Source: Listrak [download page]

    Notes: The average submission rate for modal lightboxes on retail websites is 2.77%, meaning that 2.77% of visitors complete the call-to-action when the modal appears to them rather than canceling out, says Listrak in an analysis of more than 400 of its retail clients in April. The report notes that the submission rate is highest at 11AM and noon ET (3.04% each), and lowest at 6AM (1.71%). Read more »

    Where Do Marketers Spend the Most Time on Digital Campaigns?

    October 2, 2015

    EconsultancyOracle-Top-Areas-Time-Spent-Digital-Campaigns-Oct2015Source: Econsultancy / Oracle Marketing Cloud [download page]

      Notes: In-house marketers (predominantly based in Europe) are in agreement that the most time spent on a typical digital marketing campaign is in strategy and planning, according to a recent report from Econsultancy and Oracle. The report notes that this is a somewhat surprising result, given that the lack of a clearly defined strategy is the top reason preventing respondents from delivering orchestrated cross-channel marketing activities. Read more »

      Consumers: Reviews Important in Determining E-Commerce Site Legimitacy

      October 2, 2015

      BrandShop-E-Commerce-Site-Legitimacy-Criteria-Oct2015Source: BrandShop [download page]

        Notes: More than three-quarters of US consumers use customer reviews to determine the legitimacy of a site that sells brand name products, finds BrandShop in a recent survey of 1,055 US adults aged 18-65. The amount and quality of information is also used by a majority (59.5%) of respondents, though fewer determine legitimacy based on the quality of the site design and experience. Read more »

        How Companies Feel They Can Improve Email Subscriber Interactions

        October 1, 2015

        ExperianDataQuality-Improving-Email-Subscriber-Interactions-Oct2015Increased personalization (50%) ranks as the leading method by which companies feel they can improve email interaction among subscribers, says Experian Data Quality in a new survey [download page] of 200 US respondents from a variety of company sizes and industries. Respondents also see the value in improved customer intelligence (43%), though surprisingly fewer (36%) feel that more relevant content will do the trick. Read more »

        4 in 10 Millennial Smartphone Users Listen to Podcasts on Their Devices At Least Monthly

        September 30, 2015

        comScore-Use-Smartphones-Listen-Podcasts-by-Age-Sept2015Source: comScore [download page]

          Notes: Some 29% of smartphone-owning adults listen to podcasts using their smartphones at least once a month, with that figure reaching 41% among 18-34-year-olds, according to a recently-released report from comScore. The survey indicates that 18-34-year-olds are 44% more likely than the average smartphone-owning adult to listen to podcasts on their device at least once a week (26% vs. 18%).
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              About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 1,084 smartphone-using adults in the US.

              Majority of App Users Churn Within the First 30 Days Post-Download

              September 30, 2015

              Localytics-Mobile-App-User-Churn-Rate-Sept2015Source: Localytics

                Notes: Some 58% of mobile app users will become inactive within the first 30 days after downloading an app, and three-quarters will churn within the first 3 months, reports Localytics. But churn rates are significantly lower among users who log more sessions in the first days post-download, down to 29% among those who use an app 3 times in the first 3 days after download. Localytics suggests paying close attention to the onboarding experience, targeting new users with remarketing campaigns, and offering a "new friend" promotion via push notification or email. Read more »

                North American Phone Traffic: Search Tops for Referrals; Email for Conversions

                September 29, 2015

                Adobe-NA-Last-Touch-Channel-Share-Phone-Visits-2013-2015-Sept2015Over the past couple of years, search has overtaken direct as the leading referrer of mobile phone traffic in North America, according to a recent report from Adobe Digital Index (ADI). The same pattern has manifested in Europe, according to ADI's analysis of more than 1.3 trillion visits to more than 10,000 websites in North America and Europe since 2013. Read more »

                Millennials’ Top Mobile Apps, by Share of Time Spent

                September 28, 2015

                comScore-Top-Mobile-Apps-Among-Millennials-Sept2015Source: comScore [download page]

                  Notes: Instagram and Snapchat might be rising in popularity with youth, but they don't hold a candle to Facebook in terms of overall time spent, at least among the 18-34 population, according to a recent comScore study. Facebook ranks as the top mobile app among this group, occupying more than 1 in 5 total app minutes (21.2%) in June 2015, followed by Pandora Radio (14.3%) and YouTube (5.6%). Adding in Instagram (3.9%) and Facebook Messenger (3.1%) results in Facebook-owned apps accounting for 28.2% of Millennials' total mobile app time. Read more »

                  1 in 8 Desktop Page Views in the US Said to be Affected by Ad Blocking

                  September 25, 2015

                  comScoreSourcepoint-Ad-Blocking-Rates-by-Country-Sept2015Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of unique visitors to websites in the US (desktop-only) block ads, per a recent study from comScore and Sourcepoint, with that the lowest rate of 7 countries measured. The behavior is far more widespread in France (24%) and Germany (27%), where about one-quarter of internet users are blocking ads. Read more »