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As MarTech Understanding Becomes Critical, Where Will Marketers Invest Next Year?

July 25, 2016

DataXu-Increasingly-Important-Skills-Senior-Marketers-Jul2016Behold the marketing technologist: about 2 in 3 marketers in the US and Europe believe that understanding marketing technology is becoming increasingly important for successful senior marketers. That's according to a new report from DataXu [download page], which finds 66% of respondents saying that their company currently has a Chief Marketing Technologist in place. Read more »

Video Ad Viewability Rates Across Devices And Countries

July 25, 2016

Google-Video-Ad-Viewability-Rates-by-Device-in-2016-Jul2016Video ad viewability seems to be improving from last year, reports Google in its 2016 Global State of Play report [pdf]. Some 66% of video ads were viewable on the web and in apps (excluding YouTube) across devices in April 2016, up from 54% in the year-earlier period. However, last year's study omitted mobile apps, so it's unclear to what extent their inclusion in this year's edition impacts the findings. Read more »

Mobile to Exceed Fixed Devices in Global Video Consumption This Year

July 25, 2016

Zenith-Global-Online-Video-Consumption-by-Device-2016-2018-Jul2016For the first time, consumers around the world will this year spend more time watching videos on their mobile devices than on fixed devices (desktops and smart TVs), Zenith predicts in a new forecast. Mobile video consumption is expected to reach almost 20 minutes per day, representing a 30% increase from last year, and exceeding the stagnant fixed device video consumption of 16 minutes. Read more »

Marketers Finding Email Personalization Effective, Web Content Personalization Difficult

July 22, 2016

Ascend2-Effective-Difficult-Personalization-Tactics-July2016The most important goal of a data-driven marketing strategy is to personalize the customer experience, with this of far greater importance than customer acquisition or measuring ROI, according to the latest study [download page] from Ascend2 and its Research Partners. Luckily, with marketers confident in their data-driven strategies, few feel that personalizing the customer experience is a significant barrier. Read more »

More Than 1 in 4 Companies Outside the US Claim to be Mobile-First

July 21, 2016

EconsultancyAdobe-Mobile-First-Orgs-Outside-US-Jul2016Some 27% of company marketers agree that they are mobile-first organizations, up from 19% last year and 13% the year before, new research [download page] from Econsultancy and Adobe has found. Based on a survey of more than 4,000 marketing, digital and e-commerce professionals (96% of whom are based outside North America), the study reveals that most (62%) company marketers believe that mobile devices will deliver a majority of their digital traffic within the next 12 months. Read more »

Digital Health Tools Find A Willing Consumer Audience

July 21, 2016

ADI-Comfort-Using-Health-Apps-to-Diagnose-Jul2016Doctors - at least in Europe - have concerns about the potential for consumers to misinterpret digital health data and for digital health tools to fuel hypochondria. But failure to adopt these tools and the data they generate risks leaving doctors alienated, according to Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), which points to survey results showing consumers' comfort using apps for self-diagnosis. Read more »

Which Ads Do Internet Users Dislike the Most?

July 20, 2016

HubSpotAdblockPlus-Most-Widely-Disliked-Types-of-Ads-Jul2016American adults are almost twice as likely to dislike (61%) as to like (34%) advertising, per recent research from YouGov. So which types of ads get the blood boiling the most? HubSpot has some answers, based on a survey conducted among more than 1,000 online browsers in the US, UK, Germany and France. Read more »

How Many of Your Brand’s Emails Are Actually Read As Opposed to Skimmed?

July 19, 2016

IBMMarketingCloud-Email-Engagement-by-Industry-in-2015-Jul2016Having an email be opened is one thing - and a challenge in its own right. But what happens next? Are emails typically read, skimmed or just glanced at? A new report [download page] from IBM Marketing Cloud examines such engagement metrics based on a review of campaigns sent by a subset of its clients. Read more »

APAC to be the Regional Leader in Digital Ad Spend, but North America Tops in Per Capita Spend

July 19, 2016

StrategyAnalytics-Digital-Ad-Spend-per-Capita-by-Region-Jul2016Digital advertising spending in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region will overtake North America for the first time this year, forecasts Strategy Analytics. APAC digital ad spending is projected to increase by 18.2% this year to $59.7 billion, edging North America's $59.5 billion after its own 9.5% rise. Read more »

Triggered Email Response Rate Benchmarks in 2015

July 18, 2016

YesLifecycleMarketing-Triggered-Email-Adoption-Response-Rates-Jul2016Just 2.3% of emails sent last year were triggered emails as opposed to business as usual (BAU) emails, but this small fraction of messages accounted for an outsized 9% of clicks and 9.7% of all email-driven revenues, per a Yes Lifecycle Marketing analysis [download page] of 24 billion emails deployed using the Yesmail360 platform. Read more »