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Brands’ Email Volume Continues to Grow in Q1

May 29, 2015

Experian-Email-Volume-Growth-Trends-Q2-2012-Q1-2015-May2015Source: Experian Marketing Services [download page]

    Notes: Brands' email volume grew by 15.5% year-over-year in Q1 2015 says Experian Marketing Services in its latest quarterly email benchmark report, marking the 10th consecutive quarter of volume growth and the 9th featuring a double-digit increase. This latest study spotlights reactivation series (re-engaging with inactive subscribers), noting that while the first email outperformed the second in open and click rates, second mailings provided incremental lifts of at least 50% in opens, clicks and revenues relative to the first email's amounts. Read more »

    B2C and B2B Marketers Name Their Most Important Social Platforms

    May 28, 2015

    SocialMediaExaminer-Most-Important-Social-Platform-B2B-v-B2C-May2015B2C marketers are most likely to be found using Facebook (96%) and Twitter (77%), while for B2B marketers LinkedIn is on par with Facebook (88% each) as the most commonly used social platform, according to Social Media Examiner's latest annual "Social Media Marketing Industry Report" [pdf]. But which platform is most important? Read more »

    Share of Digital Ad Dollars Spent on Branding, by Industry, in 2015

    May 27, 2015

    eMarketer-Digital-Ad-Spend-by-Industry-Objective-May2015Source: eMarketer [download page]

      Notes: Branding will be the primary objective of 42% of US digital ad spending this year, forecasts eMarketer, a slight increase from 40.9% last year but well below the 48.5% share previously forecast for 2017. Nevertheless, objectives vary widely by industry, with CPG and consumer product digital ad spend heavily weighted towards branding (65% share) and travel to direct response (72% share). Read more »

      Majority of US Smartphone Owners Say They’ve Used A Mobile Payment Service. For What?

      May 26, 2015

      YouGov-Smartphone-Owners-Mobile-Payment-Services-May2015Some 91% of US adult smartphone owners have heard of a mobile payment service such as PayPal (85%), Google Wallet (51%) and Apple Pay (45%), and of those almost 6 in 10 currently use at least one, according to recent survey results from YouGov. While estimates of mobile payment services adoption vary quite markedly from one survey to the next, the YouGov research offers some insights as to how these services are being used. Read more »

      One-Quarter of Premium Video Ad Views Occurred on Mobile Devices in Q1

      May 22, 2015

      FreeWheel-Share-Digital-Video-Ad-Views-by-Device-May2015Source: FreeWheel [download page]

        Notes: Premium digital video ad views continue to migrate to devices outside of desktops and laptops, per FreeWheel's latest quarterly report, with strong growth in particular coming from smartphones, which accounted for 17% of overall views, more than double a year earlier. OTT Devices also demonstrated rapid growth year-over-year, though their 8% share was consistent with the previous quarter. Read more »

        What’s Holding Back Further Use of Content Marketing and Native Advertising?

        May 21, 2015

        PulsepointDigiday-Top-Barriers-Content-Marketing-Native-May2015Most brands and agencies say that content marketing plays a significant role in their overall marketing strategy, with native advertising playing somewhat of a less significant role for the time being, according to survey results [download page] from PulsePoint and Digiday. For publishers, native and content marketing are on a more even playing field in terms of significance. With both set to grow, the study looks at potential barriers to further adoption. Read more »

        Top Industries by Share of Digital and Mobile Ad Spend in 2015

        May 20, 2015

        eMarketer-Top-Industries-by-Share-of-Digital-Mobile-Ad-Spend-in-2015-May2015Source: eMarketer

          Notes: Retail will continue to be the largest-spending vertical on US digital advertising, according to eMarketer's latest estimates, accounting for 22% share of total spend. That would be slightly higher than the 21% share detailed by the IAB and PwC in their 2014 online ad revenues report. The retail sector is expected to be even more influential in mobile advertising, where it is expected to account for 23.2% of total revenues this year. Read more »

          Which Marketing Channels Drive Phone Calls to Businesses?

          May 19, 2015

          Invoca-Top-Marketing-Channels-Driving-Phone-Calls-May2015Mobile-only media such as mobile search and display are the source of a majority of phone calls to businesses, according to an Invoca analysis of 32 million phone calls throughout 2014. But are these media referring high-quality calls? Read more »

          Fastest-Growing Consumer Electronics Products, by Household Adoption

          May 18, 2015

          CEA-Fastest-Growing-CE-Products-May2015Source: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

            Notes: Mobile devices represent the two fastest-growing consumer electronics (CE) products this year when measured by absolute percentage point growth (rather than relative increase), with tablet penetration up 9% points to 54% and smartphones up 8% points to 72%, according to the CEA. In fact, smartphones are now the third-most commonly owned CE product, behind TVs (98%) and DVD/Blu-ray players (78%), while tablets have cracked the top 10 (#9) for the first time, replacing basic cell phones, which fell out of the top 10. Read more »

            Digital Estimated to Influence Half of In-Store Retail Sales

            May 15, 2015

            Deloitte-Digital-Influence-In-Store-Retail-Sales-2012-2014-May2015Source: Deloitte [pdf]

              Notes: Digital technologies influenced an estimated 49% of in-store sales last year ($1.7T), in line with previously-released projections and up from 36% the year prior, says Deloitte. Mobile's influence, as expected, has been growing quickly, directly impacting 28% of in-store sales last year, accounting for about 57% of digital's total impact. Read more »