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What Factors Are Preventing Consumers From Making Purchases on Mobile Devices?

October 26, 2016

mapp-factors-preventing-consumer-purchases-on-mobile-devices-oct2016Mobile devices are increasingly used for retail research, and now account for about half of visits to e-commerce sites. But conversion rates on mobile devices - and smartphones in particular - continue to lag desktops and computers. A new survey from Mapp [download page] provides some insights as to why this is the case. Read more »

Marketers’ Favorite Way to Keep Track of Their Competitors’ Email Programs Is…

October 25, 2016

edatasource-marketer-views-email-competitive-tactics-oct2016Marketers are using a variety of email marketing competitive tools and tactics, but none are as popular as simply signing up for competitors' newsletters, according to a survey from eDataSource and The Relevance Group (TRG) [download page]. This is considered the most important competitive tactic used, edging analyst and market research services and tools that provide engagement and performance data. Read more »

Snapchat Cements Its Position As Teens’ Favorite Social Network

October 24, 2016

piperjaffray-teens-favorite-social-platform-oct2016Snapchat is separating itself from the pack and establishing itself as the social network for teens, at least according to recent survey results from Piper Jaffray. In its latest bi-annual teen survey, Piper Jaffray found 35% of respondents naming Snapchat their favorite social platform, well ahead of the next-closest competitor, Instagram (24%). Read more »

European Marketers See Critical Future Role of Data and Technology

October 24, 2016

adobe-critical-future-tactics-european-marketers-oct2016Almost 3 in 4 marketers in the UK, France and Germany agree that marketers need to be prepared to implement new technology in order to succeed, and an equal percentage (73%) agree that marketers are expected to adapt to tech advancements to keep pace with the industry. Trouble is, only about 1 in 4 consider themselves tech savvy, according to an Adobe report [pdf]. Read more »

Netflix’s International Paid Streaming Subscriber Count Up >50% Y-O-Y

October 24, 2016

netflix-paid-streaming-subscriber-count-in-millions-q12012-q32016-oct2016Netflix soars shared after it released its Q3 earnings report, and here we've charted its paid streaming subscriber growth over a period totaling almost 5 years. As the chart (click to enlarge) demonstrates, the number of paid streaming subscribers outside the US has grown by more than 50% year-over-year in Q3, and by a factor of 2.5 in just 2 years. Read more »

Half of Marketers Say Personalization Provides Major Uplift to Search Marketing Conversions

October 21, 2016

econsultancyredeye-impact-personalization-conversion-rates-oct2016Roughly 2 in 3 client-side marketers (predominantly from the UK and Europe) engage in some form of personalization in their marketing activity, according to a report from Econsultancy and RedEye [download page]. While few are personalizing channels beyond email, those who have implemented personalization in other channels are reporting sizable benefits from doing so. Read more »

Which Conversion Rate Optimization Method Is Trending Most This Year?

October 19, 2016

econsultancyredeye-marketers-use-of-conversion-rate-optimization-methods-oct2016A majority (55%) of client-side marketers (predominantly from the UK and Europe) believe that conversion rate optimization (CRO) is crucial to their overall digital marketing strategy, and a similar percentage (53%) plan to increase their CRO budgets in the coming year, according to Econsultancy's 8th annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report [download page], produced in association with RedEye. Read more »

What Incentives Would Drive Use of Mobile-Only Banks?

October 18, 2016

nielsen-incentives-driving-mobile-only-bank-use-oct2016About 1 in 4 mobile device owners around the world say they'd be highly likely to use a mobile-only bank, according to a Nielsen study [download page]. For the 45% who are somewhat likely to do so, some incentives would be more convincing than others, per the report. Read more »

Data-Backed Insights to Increase Video Ad Effectiveness

October 17, 2016

yume-video-ad-persuasion-metrics-by-time-of-day-oct2016Digital video viewing may peak in the evening, but consumer receptiveness and response to ads are at their highest point in the morning hours, according to a recently-released study from YuMe. Based on consumer surveys and digital diaries measuring consumption habits, ad receptivity and branding effectiveness, the YuMe study offers up some insights designed to optimize video ad effectiveness. Read more »

Is There Any Early Consumer Interest in Snapchat’s Spectacles?

October 17, 2016

yougov-consumer-interest-purchasing-snapchat-spectacles-oct2016Snapchat's announcement of its Spectacles sunglasses has been met with a lukewarm reception from American adults, a survey from YouGov [pdf] has found. Just 4% of adults surveyed reported being very interested in purchasing Spectacles, though another 9% said they were somewhat interested. Even so, 7 in 10 respondents said they're not at all interested. Read more »