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Consumers Now Say They’re More Likely to Share Good Than Bad Experiences

June 21, 2017

In a reversal from past research (see here and here) consumers are more likely to share good experiences than bad ones, according to a recent Temkin Group survey. In fact, just 14% of the 10,000 US consumers surveyed said they were tight-lipped following a recent very good experience with a company, compared to 35% who didn't tell anyone following a very bad experience. Read more »

Cord-Cutters Watch More OTT, But On the Whole Are Fairly Light TV Content Viewers

June 19, 2017

Households that previously subscribed to pay-TV but no longer do so (cord-cutters) spend 2.5 hours per day watching over-the-top (OTT) content such as Netflix and Hulu, reports comScore after analyzing the behaviors of such homes during the month of March. The firm notes that the 79-hour monthly average is well above that of the average OTT viewing home (49 hours per month), but is just a fraction of the 225 hours of linear TV watched by the average home. Read more »

1 in 10 Consumers Using Voice Search to Find Something to Watch on TV

June 19, 2017

Voice-enabled assistants are becoming more popular, and are beginning to be used for digital commerce. But what about voice and TV? A new report from TiVo [download page] examines the use of voice search to discover content, finding that 1 in 10 respondents are currently using their voice to find something to watch. Read more »

Alert: US Broadband Market Matches Pay-TV Market in Size

June 14, 2017

It's well known that in recent years the pay-TV market has been shrinking, even if sometimes the rate of cord-cutting has been overblown. At the same time, many of the companies that offer pay-TV services have been adding broadband subscribers. And for the first time, in Q1, the number of broadband subscribers matched (if not exceeded) the number of pay-TV subscribers, per our review of Leichtman Research Group (LRG) data. Read more »

Netflix Now Has More Paying Subscribers in the US Than All The Top Cable TV Companies, Combined

June 12, 2017

A couple of months ago we reported on the diverging successes of Netflix and cable TV companies, noting that the former boasted almost as many paying subscribers as the latter. Well, as of Q1 2017, Netflix has overtaken cable TV companies in subscriber volume, per our review of Netflix's latest earning statement [pdf] and figures released by the Leichtman Research Group. Read more »

The TV Remains the Dominant Screen for Video Viewing

June 1, 2017

Mobile video may be growing in popularity, but TV continues to be the top dog for video consumption. To wit, during the fourth quarter of 2016, American adults spent more than 90% of their video viewing time watching content on a TV screen, according to Nielsen. The vast majority of that time, in turn, was spent with linear TV. Read more »

Pay-TV Customer Satisfaction Back Down to the Industry Cellar

May 24, 2017

Customer satisfaction with pay-TV companies has dropped this year, finds a new report [download page] from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The index for subscription TV services fell to 64 on the ACSI's 100-point scale, tied with internet service providers (ISPs), whose aggregate score remained unchanged from last year, for the worst score among all industries measured. Read more »

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – April 2017

May 19, 2017

This month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: traditional TV viewing trends and live vs. OTT viewing; Netflix vs. cable-TV subscriber count; biggest video ad challenges; youths' purchase influencers; teens' top social platforms; businesses' use of social listening tools; marketing ROI headaches; most important PR trends; and fastest-growing e-commerce categories. Read more »

Local Programming A Key Differentiator for Pay-TV

May 15, 2017

While the cord-cutting trend continues, many consumers are reluctant to completely eliminate pay-TV, with local channels (55%) cited as a key strength that isn't available on OTT services such as Netflix, per Hub Entertainment Research. Read more »

Netflix Dominates Streaming Preferences Among Cord-Cutters

May 2, 2017

Cord-cutters (those who have stopped subscribing to pay-TV) and cord-nevers (those who have never had it) have varying demographic profiles and demonstrate different streaming video preferences, according to new data from GfK. Indeed, the results show that while Netflix is popular with both, it's particularly dominant with cord-cutters. Read more »