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Consumers: Reviews Important in Determining E-Commerce Site Legimitacy

October 2, 2015

BrandShop-E-Commerce-Site-Legitimacy-Criteria-Oct2015Source: BrandShop [download page]

    Notes: More than three-quarters of US consumers use customer reviews to determine the legitimacy of a site that sells brand name products, finds BrandShop in a recent survey of 1,055 US adults aged 18-65. The amount and quality of information is also used by a majority (59.5%) of respondents, though fewer determine legitimacy based on the quality of the site design and experience. Read more »

    North American Phone Traffic: Search Tops for Referrals; Email for Conversions

    September 29, 2015

    Adobe-NA-Last-Touch-Channel-Share-Phone-Visits-2013-2015-Sept2015Over the past couple of years, search has overtaken direct as the leading referrer of mobile phone traffic in North America, according to a recent report from Adobe Digital Index (ADI). The same pattern has manifested in Europe, according to ADI's analysis of more than 1.3 trillion visits to more than 10,000 websites in North America and Europe since 2013. Read more »

    Friday Research Wrap, 9/25/2015

    September 25, 2015

    GfK-Consumer-Attitudes-to-TV-Ads-Sept2015Planned viewing of TV programs during primetime has reached a new high, while program switching is at a new low, reports GfK in a recent study. While watching a program on a TV network remains the most common use of a TV set during primetime, more viewers are watching recorded programs and streaming video. So what about engagement across those viewing methods? Read more »

    Gen X Now Reportedly The Largest Generation of Affluents

    September 22, 2015

    Ipsos-American-Affluents-by-Generation-Sept2015Among affluents, Gen Xers (34-50) now outnumber Baby Boomers (51-69) for the first time, with the former accounting for 37% of all affluents and the latter 32%, according to Ipsos' latest annual survey of affluents in the US. The results are essentially switched from last year, leading Ipsos to declare this "a changing of the generational guard." Even so, Boomers continue to lead on one important front. Read more »

    US E-Commerce Metrics, by Device, in Q2 2015

    September 16, 2015

    Monetate-US-E-Commerce-Metrics-by-Device-in-Q2-Sept2015Source: Monetate [download page]

      Notes: Q2 2015 was "pretty good," declares Monetate, noting overall increases in conversion rates, average order values and revenue per session on a global basis, though bounce rates also increased. Also of interest, average order value for visitors referred by social networks grew each quarter during the previous year, but still lagged direct, email and search. Within the US, smartphones' share of e-commerce visits increased again; however, these devices continue to trail tablets and desktops in conversion and add-to-cart rates. Read more »

      Retail Marketers Identify Their Top Business Challenges

      September 16, 2015

      YesLifecycleRetailTouchPoints-Retail-Marketing-Top-Challenges-Sept2015Source: Yes Lifecycle Marketing / Retail TouchPoints [download page]

        Notes: Retailers are having trouble identifying and engaging their most valuable customers, as a leading 52% of respondents surveyed identify this as one of their top 3 business challenges (of 5 listed). In fact, more than 4 in 10 retailers surveyed said that their store associates know very little - if anything - about in-store associates. Part of the problem likely relates to a lack of access to customer data: just 27% of retailers said that store managers have access to customer data, and only 13% said store associates and stylists have access. Read more »

        The Half-Life of Media & Entertainment, Finance and Shopping Apps

        September 14, 2015

        Adobe-Half-Life-M&E-Finance-Shopping-Apps-Sept2015Source: Adobe Digital Index [pdf]

          Notes: Media and entertainment (M&E) applications have a slower attrition rate than financial and shopping apps, details Adobe in a recent report, noting that the average M&E app is launched about 56% more times than the average shopping app (21.1 vs. 13.5). In examining app activity from 2012 through Q2 2015, Adobe finds that shopping apps reach half of their lifetime use in significantly fewer launches than M&E apps (22 vs. ~65).
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              About the Data: The report is based on an analysis of 101 million mobile app launches.

              Consumer Satisfaction With the In-Store Shopping Experience

              September 14, 2015

              ZebraTech-Consumer-Satisfaction-In-Store-Shopping-Sept2015Source: Zebra Technologies [pdf]

                Notes: About three-quarters of the almost 2,000 shoppers surveyed around the world by Zebra Technologies are at least somewhat satisfied with shopping in stores, per a recent study. But satisfaction rates are lower for product prices (58%) and the availability of coupons, special offers and discounts (51%). The study results indicate that product availability is the top aspect of the in-store experience that influences greater spending, while the most compelling reason for shopping in-store is to browse or experience the physical product. Read more »

                Friday Research Wrap, 9/11/2015

                September 11, 2015

                Unruly-Millennial-Males-Emotional-Response-to-Video-Ads-Sept2015Who has the most emotional response to online video ads? Apparently it's young men, according to recent research from Unruly. Of 18 emotional responses to video ads, males aged 18-34 had the highest emotional response in 14, per the study, which notes that Millennial men's emotional reactions were on average 14% higher than those of Millennial women. Why does it matter? Unruly data suggests that 7 in 10 viewers who experience an intense emotional response to an ad are very likely to buy the product advertised. Read more »

                Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – August 2015

                September 10, 2015

                MC-Top-10-Aug-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: : email marketing's influence; top email subject line keywords; mobile email engagement; search ranking factors; social platform user demographics; B2B lead acquisition channels; most engaging brands; biggest customer service irritants; customer reviews' impact; and online video consumption. Read more »