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Retailers See Poor Marketing Efforts As Big Barrier to Customer Loyalty

September 28, 2016

forbessailthru-internal-barriers-retail-customer-loyalty-sept2016Engendering retail customer loyalty depends more on consistent marketing efforts than on creating seamless experiences, at least from the perspective of senior retail executives at large companies. That's according to a recent study [download page] on "retentionomics," from Forbes Insights and Sailthru. Read more »

Smartphone Share of E-Commerce Visits Grows, but Conversion Rates Still Lag Other Devices

September 27, 2016

monetate-e-commerce-conversion-rate-by-device-q2-sept2016Smartphones and tablets grew to account for almost half (49%) of global e-commerce site visits in Q2 2016, per a quarterly Monetate analysis [download page] of its clients. In the US, mobile devices reached roughly 48% share of site visits, while in the UK - where mobile recently surpassed 50% of retail e-commerce transactions - these devices grew to almost two-thirds of e-commerce site visits. Read more »

These Are Our Most Popular Smartphone Activities

September 26, 2016

forrester-weekly-smartphone-activities-sept2016Almost 8 in 10 Americans who own cell phones own a smartphone, per recent data from comScore, and smartphones' rapid growth in recent years has led to the devices now accounting for half of all time spent online. So what are the most popular activities on smartphones? A recent report from Forrester Research offers some insights. Read more »

Digital Devices Now Influence the Majority of US In-Store Sales

September 20, 2016

deloitte-digital-influence-in-store-retail-sales-2013-2016-sept2016Digital devices - or rather their use by US shoppers - now influence a majority (56%) of US in-store sales, up from 49% last year, according to the latest digital influence study from Deloitte. Digital's influence on in-store sales has quadruped since 2013, per the study. Read more »

In Japan and the UK, Mobile Overtakes Desktops in Retail E-Commerce Transactions

September 19, 2016

criteo-mobile-share-retail-e-commerce-transactions-q2-sept2016Mobile has reached an important threshold in two countries, and is poised to do so in another, according to Criteo's State of Mobile Commerce Report [download page] for H1 2016. Based on an analysis of more than 3,300 online retail businesses that account for $720 billion in annual sales, Criteo has determined that mobile devices now drive a majority share of retail e-commerce transactions in Japan and the UK. Read more »

What Motivates Consumers to Engage With Online Content?

September 12, 2016

aol-consumer-motivations-engaging-with-online-content-sept2016Consumers' motivations for engaging with online content can be boiled down to 8 "content moments," says AOL in a new study that analyzed more than 55,000 content interactions across 8 global markets. The leading content moment overall is the one termed "Inspire," referring to consumers' search for new ideas and desire to try something new. Read more »

Smartphones Driving More Traffic in APAC Than in US or Europe

September 12, 2016

ADI-Smartphone-Share-of-Website-Visits-by-Country-in-2015-Sept2016Smartphones drove more than one-quarter of all site visits in the Asia-Pacific region last year, including almost 4 in 10 (37.9%) visits in Japan, per a new Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) report. The "Asia-Pacific Best of the Best 2015" presentation - when compared to previously-released reports for the US and Europe - shows that smartphones' impact on site visits was generally higher in the APAC region than in the US and Europe. Read more »

Mobile Shopping Research Most Often Takes Place At Home

September 8, 2016

LSA-Top-Mobile-Shopping-Research-Locations-Sept2016While most adult online shoppers say they use their mobile devices while in-store, the retail store isn't the place where most mobile shopping research is being performed. Instead, among American adults who use mobile devices at least some of the time to help make purchase decisions, 56% report using their device most often at home, according to a survey from the Local Search Association (LSA). Read more »

Email-Driven Conversions Highest on the Weekend

September 1, 2016

Yesmail-Email-Conversion-Rate-by-Day-of-Week-Sept2016For email marketers, mid-week may provide the best engagement rates, but the weekends are when conversions are highest. That's according to Yesmail, which included a day-of-the-week analysis in it latest quarterly benchmarks report [download page]. Read more »

These Social Media Behaviors Are Turning Off Your Followers

August 31, 2016

SproutSocial-Brands-Annoying-Actions-Social-Aug2016It's a tough world out there: a recent study from Sprout Social shows that brands need to strike a very delicate balance with their social media promotions or risk losing their followers. Case in point: posting too many promotions is considered the most annoying action taken by brands on social media. But at the same time, consumers say they need to see a product multiple times on social media before they'll buy it. Read more »