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What Various Industries Want Most From Their Digital Initiatives

August 21, 2014

TCS-Desired-Capabilites-from-Digital-Initiatives-Aug2014Source: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

    Notes: Depending on the industry, between 51% (utilities) and 90% (media and entertainment) of large enterprises see digital initiatives as being at least of major importance to their market and financial success in the next 5 years. The capabilities that are most desired from digital initiatives range across industries; for example, retail respondents are most interested in creating micro-segments of customers (77%), while CPG and high-tech respondents are looking primarily to monitor customers so as to identify improvements to existing offerings. Read more »

    Female Empty Nesters Say They’re Heavily Influenced by W-O-M, Reviews

    August 20, 2014

    InfluenceCentralVibrantNation-Influence-W-O-M-Reviews-Female-Empty-Nesters-Aug2014Female "empty nesters" (defined as women over 45 without children under 18 in the household) are prone to seeking out reviews online and offline and are strongly influenced by what they find, details a new report from Influence Central conducted in partnership with Vibrant Nation. Indeed, almost all respondents said they seek out online reviews of products in order to receive feedback and first-person recommendations prior to purchasing - and more than 9 in 10 say they trust the recommendations from family and friends over brands. Read more »

    Most Popular Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Metrics

    August 20, 2014

    CMOCouncil-Marketers-Common-Digital-Metrics-Aug2014Source: CMO Council [download page]

      Notes: Familiar metrics top the list of those used to track the effectiveness of digital marketing or online advertising campaigns, with clicks, response and conversion rates (51%) the most commonly-cited top-5 measure, per the CMO Council's survey of 525 marketers around the globe. Page views, time on site/page and registrations/sign-ups (50%) and website performance (47%) are close behind, showing the centrality of websites as a digital marketing tool. Further down the list, one-third cite social media metrics as a top-5 metric, while fewer point to revenue measures such as incremental revenue per customer (14%), value of deals and length of selling cycle (7%). Read more »

      Which Industry Has the Most Active Email Subscribers?

      August 20, 2014

      Yesmail-Email-Subscriber-Activity-by-Industry-in-Q2-Aug2014Source: Yesmail Interactive

        Notes: Yesmail's analysis of email database subscriber behavior during Q2 shows that just 1.3% of B2B email subscribers could be considered active (having opened or clicked within the past 90 days), the lowest proportion of the industries studied (as with last year). The B2B industry's low activity rate appears to be the result of targeting smaller niches rather than low open rates, as the industry's unique open rate of 18.8% was among the top-half for the 12 industries tracked by Yesmail. Meanwhile, the healthcare (17.8%) and publishing (15.1%) industries enjoyed the highest subscriber activity rates, per the study. Read more »

        Email Click-to-Open Rates Still Lag on Mobile

        August 19, 2014

        Yesmail-Email-CTO-by-Industry-and-Device-in-Q2-Aug2014Mobile devices accounted for 64.5% of all email opens during the second quarter of this year, says Yesmail Interactive in its latest quarterly report [download page] covering Q2 email activity. The study - which uses a new adjusted figure for Android opens to account for those devices' frequent default "images off" setting - indicates that while mobile devices lead in email opens, they trail in several other important measures. Read more »

        Q2 Digital Video Trends Show Long-Form Viewing Increasingly Mirroring Linear TV

        August 15, 2014

        FreeWheel-Video-Ad-Views-by-Content-Length-Device-in-Q2-Aug2014Several trends in the video advertising industry indicate that digital video long-form viewing is increasingly mirroring the TV experience, per FreeWheel's Q2 Video Monetization report [download page]. From the growth in long-form content viewing to the length of mid-roll ad breaks, the typical duration of ads, and the verticals that are advertising, the report's authors push the point that for viewers "TV is TV, regardless of the screen." Read more »

        Digital Coupons Build Loyalty and Drive W-O-M, Say Users

        August 12, 2014

        RetailMeNotForrester-Digital-Coupons-Positive-Brand-Effects-Aug2014When it comes to the types of digital promotions most likely to influence purchase decisions, coupons beat out sales and daily deal vouchers by a wide margin, according to [pdf] a survey of 500 US consumers who used a digital coupon, offer, or online promotion code in the prior 3 months. The study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of RetailMeNot, also finds consumers professing to word-of-mouth and loyalty benefits for brands offering online coupons or promotion codes. Read more »

        Retail Brands Increasingly Advertising Discounts in Their Emails

        August 11, 2014

        L2-Retail-Emails-Promoting-Discounts-in-Q1-Aug2014Source: L2 Think Tank

          Notes: Some 55% of emails sent during Q1 by the 100 omnichannel retail brands tracked in L2's "Intelligence Report: Omnichannel Retail" [download page] study advertised discounts, up from 49% in last year's study, and 38% advertised the discount in the subject line. Home brands were the "worst offender," per L2, as they advertised discounts in 88% of their emails and 69% of their subject lines. If nothing else, this practice may have resulted in some email opens, though. Read more »

          B2B Product Spending Shows Modest Growth

          August 8, 2014

          Epsilon-B2B-Product-Spending-Growth-by-Industry-in-2013-Aug2014Business spending has seen "modest growth" over the last few years, reports Epsilon in its 2014 Multichannel Trend Report [download page], with spending increasing by 3% since 2011. But online product sales are increasing more rapidly, up by almost 8% between 2011 and 2013; online sales (versus mail order/call center) have grown to represent roughly 65% of all sales last year, representing close to a 5% point increase in share from 2011. The study also identifies the industries and categories seeing the biggest increases in spend. Read more »

          Financial Data Breach Would Affect Loyalty, Say Consumers

          August 6, 2014

          SafeNet-Impact-Data-Breaches-Consumer-Loyalty-Aug2014A financial data breach would turn some consumers away from a business for good, finds a survey from SafeNet. Asked how likely they would be to shop or do business again with a company (retail, financial, healthcare, social media) that had experienced a data breach, 1 in 4 US respondents said they would never do so again (6%) or would be very unlikely to do so (18%). Not surprisingly, that sentiment was substantially higher when respondents were asked about a data breach involving financial and sensitive information. Read more »