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Weekend Reading, 4/17/15

April 17, 2015

AceMetrix-Top-TV-Advertisers-in-Q12015-Apr2015Five national TV ads scored at least 20% higher than their respective categories' 12-month norm during Q1, reports Ace Metrix, led by Google-owned Android's "Peaceful Co-Existence" spot, which fetched an Ace Score of 647, 28.4% higher than the software and website category norm. Two of the 5 ads scoring at least 20% higher than the norm were Super Bowl ads, with Budweiser's "Lost Dog" performing well in the beer category and McDonald's "Pay With Lovin'" topping the QSR category. Likeability was a common trait behind all the Super Bowl spots that topped their respective categories. Read more »

iOS App Push Notification Opt-in Benchmarks, by Industry, in 2014

April 17, 2015

UrbanAirship-Push-Notification-Opt-in-Rates-by-Indus-in-2014-Apr2015Source: Urban Airship

    Notes: Mobile applications examined by Urban Airship across 15 industries had a median push notification opt-in rate of 42% in 2014, according to an analysis of almost 3,000 apps and 100 billion push notifications sent to to more than 500 million users. Median rates were highest for charity/non-profit/foundation (58%) and business (54%) apps, and lowest for gaming (33%) apps. Top-performing apps (those in the 90th percentile in their categories) had opt-in rates above 50% in each industry, highest for travel apps (78%) and lowest for food & drink apps (51%). Of note, retail (46% to 36%) and media and entertainment (50% to 42%) had the biggest year-over-year declines in median opt-in rates. Read more »

    Retail E-Commerce Roundup: Market Shares, Attractiveness, and More

    April 9, 2015

    RetailMeNot-Online-Share-Retail-Trade-by-Country-2014-2015-Apr2015E-commerce share of total retail trade in the US is expected to grow to 12.7% this year, up from 11.6% last year and 10.6% a year earlier, according to a recent study [pdf] from RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research. Among the 10 countries included in the analysis - covering Europe, the US and Canada - the US ranks near the top on this measure, behind only the UK. Read more »

    Asian and Hispanic Households “Worth More”

    April 9, 2015

    Geoscape-Household-Cumulative-Spending-by-Race-Ethnicity-Apr2015Asian and Hispanic households will outspend non-Hispanic Whites over the remainder of their lifetimes, according to the latest annual "American Marketscape DataStream" report from Geoscape. This partly owes to longer household lifespans, as each group has a longer life expectancy and lower median adult age than Whites. Read more »

    Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – March 2015

    April 7, 2015

    MC-Top-10-Charts-Mar-2015-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: youth and TV/video; reasons for using Facebook and Twitter; mobile share of site traffic; ad spend trends in 2014; top-rated brands for CX; how marketers are optimizing CX; digital channel ROI measurement; most effective content marketing types; and B2B channel mix selection criteria.

    More Loyalty Program Members Modifying Shopping Habits to Maximize Benefits

    April 7, 2015

    BondBrandLoyalty-Program-Members-Attitudes-Apr20157 in 10 US loyalty program members agree that they modify when and where they make purchases in order to maximize the benefits they receive, and 64% modify the brands they purchase in order to maximize their benefits, according to a recent report [download page] from Bond Brand Loyalty. Those figures are up from 64% and 55%, respectively, in last year's report, in tandem with a growing sense of satisfaction from members. Read more »

    Weekend Reading, 4/3/15

    April 3, 2015

    Shullman-Affluents-Top-Shopping-Destinations-Apr2015Two-thirds of affluent adults aged 18-68 (living in households with income of at least $75,000) report having shopped at Amazon during the past year, with this figure higher among affluent Boomers (50-68; 76%) than Millennials (18-34; 56%), according to a new study [download page] from the Shullman Research Center. Amazon leads Walmart (55%) and Target (51%) as the top shopping destination for affluents, although The Home Depot is in the third spot for Boomers. Meanwhile, among those who have shopped at Amazon, 40% are enrolled in Amazon Prime, and 71% find Amazon to be better than other stores. Read more »

    Consumers on the Ideal Customer Experience

    April 2, 2015

    EIU-Elements-Ideal-Customer-Experience-Apr2015Consumers (aged 18-65) around the world are most likely to identify an "ideal" customer experience with companies' fast responses to inquiries or complaints (47% citing as a top-3 element) and a simple purchasing process (also 47%), according to a new study [pdf] released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Interestingly, those factors far outweigh others such as personalization of the experience (12%) and customized offers based on preferences (7%). Read more »

    Easter Spending Expected to Grow Slightly This Year

    April 1, 2015

    NRF-Easter-Spend-2007-2015-Apr2015Source: National Retail Federation

      Notes: Total consumer spending on Easter is projected to grow to $16.4 billion this year, slightly higher than last year's projected $15.9 billion but still below 2012-2013 levels, according to the NRF. Eight in 10 adults will celebrate, consistent with last year, but celebrants are expecting to spend a little more this year ($140.62 vs. $137.46). Candy (87.1%) and food (85.7%) are the items that most celebrants expect to buy this year, as with years past. Read more »

      Mobile Internet Access Grows Across Age Groups

      March 31, 2015

      comScore-Internet-Access-by-Platform-and-Age-Group-Mar2015Some 21% of online US adults aged 18-34 accessed the internet using only mobile devices in December 2014, up from 18% doing so last year, according to a recently-released report [download page] from comScore. The study also demonstrates that multi-platform use is growing across age groups, with three-quarters of online Americans aged 55 and older accessing the internet either through mobiles only (6%) or through a combination of mobiles and desktops (68%). Read more »