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Here Are 2016’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

October 24, 2016

brandkeys-customer-loyalty-leaders-oct2016Google has taken over as this year's brand loyalty leader, rising 5 spots from last year's results to take the mantle from Netflix, which fell to 4th. That's according to the latest annual loyalty study [pdf] from Brand Keys, which ranked customer engagement and loyalty for 635 brands across 72 categories. Read more »

Halloween Spending Expected to Reach New High

October 20, 2016

nrf-halloween-spending-forecasts-2005-2016-oct2016Almost 7 in 10 American adults plan to celebrate Halloween this year, according to a recent report from the NRF. Total Halloween-related spending is expected to reach $8.4 billion, the highest amount in the NRF survey's history, and representing a more than 20% increase from last year's expected total of $6.9 billion. Read more »

Why Word-of-Mouth Should Be A Key Focus of Your Hispanic Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2016

kellerfaygroup-hispanics-and-brand-word-of-mouth-oct2016Word-of-mouth is the leading influencer of consumer purchase decisions in the US, topping all paid advertising channels. New research from Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs company, shows that Hispanics are not only more likely to engage in word-of-mouth than the general public, but also more likely to pass along the information they hear to others. Read more »

What Incentives Would Drive Use of Mobile-Only Banks?

October 18, 2016

nielsen-incentives-driving-mobile-only-bank-use-oct2016About 1 in 4 mobile device owners around the world say they'd be highly likely to use a mobile-only bank, according to a Nielsen study [download page]. For the 45% who are somewhat likely to do so, some incentives would be more convincing than others, per the report. Read more »

Do Men and Women Have Differing Approaches to Loyalty Programs?

October 18, 2016

crowdtwist-activities-earn-loyalty-program-points-by-gender-oct2016Women are more likely than men to always buy a brand regardless of price, quality, convenience or brand promise, according to a study from CrowdTwist [download page]. Based on a survey of more than 1,000 US adults, the study shows that women belong to more loyalty programs and consider themselves loyal to more brands. Read more »

Which Types of Personal Data Are Top Internet Retailers Requesting in Email Sign-Ups?

October 17, 2016

250ok-personal-data-requested-internet-retailers-email-sign-up-process-oct2016How are the top 500 internet retailers collecting email addresses - and other information? A new analysis from 250ok takes a look at these retailers' email sign-up processes, finding that fewer than 4 in 10 incentivized consumers to sign up via offers and promotions. Read more »

Push Notification Opt-In and Open Rate Benchmarks, by Vertical and Operating System

October 14, 2016

appboy-push-notification-opt-in-open-rate-benchmarks-oct2016Push notifications have been credited with driving higher app engagement and retention rates, but how many app users actually opt-in to these messages? A recent study from Appboy [download page] takes a look at various app categories, based on the behavior of 1.6 billion users on more than 500 apps in the first half of 2016. Read more »

The World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2016

October 11, 2016

interbrand-top-10-global-brands-oct2016Apple remains the most valuable brand in the world for the fourth consecutive year, with Google, Coca-Cola and Microsoft holding onto the #2, #3, and #4 positions, respectively, according to Interbrand's annual rankings [download page]. The report indicates that nine of last year's top 10 brands remain in the top 10 list this year, with McDonald's dropping from 9th to 12th, replaced by Mercedes Benz. Read more »

Here’s When Social Post Engagement Rates Are Highest

October 10, 2016

trackmaven-social-media-post-engagement-peaks-oct2016Social post engagement rates peak at different times depending on the platform, though the latter half of the week tends to see the highest rates, according to an analysis from TrackMaven [download page]. Based on a review of 17.5 million social media posts from brands through the first 7 months of the year, TrackMaven finds that post engagement rates are highest on Facebook at 8PM on Thursdays. Read more »

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – September 2016

October 7, 2016

mctop10sept-16-entryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: consumers' content engagement motivations; media and device reach; top smartphone activities; mobile share of digital time; mobile's impact on in-store retail sales; leading email personalization tactics; email-driven conversion days; receptiveness to podcast ads; omnichannel marketing activities; and social advertising CPMs. Read more »