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Youth Hold Positive Perceptions of Fee-Based Rewards Programs

July 6, 2015

LoyaltyOne-Americans-Attitudes-to-Fee-Based-Rewards-Programs-Jul2015Source: LoyaltyOne

    Notes: Some 42% of US adults report having paid to join a rewards program and more than 6 in 10 would consider joining one if their favorite retailer offered it, per results from a LoyaltyOne survey. The survey results indicate that 18-34-year-olds are particularly open to fee-based programs from their favorite retailers, and similarly demonstrate an above-average likelihood to feel that rewards are worth paying for if they're relevant to their needs. Read more »

    Where Do Americans Perceive Mobile Payments As Being Useful?

    June 26, 2015

    HarrisPoll-Perceived-Usefulness-Mobile-Payments-Point-of-Purchase-Jun2015Source: The Harris Poll

      Notes: Consumer experience with various types of mobile payment opportunities is rising, per findings from a recent Harris Poll, although interest in "tap-for-pay" among smartphone users remains unchanged from late 2013. Privacy concerns and the absence of a compelling motivation are the top reasons given for the lack of interest in using a smartphone to process in-person transactions. Asked at which of various points-of-purchase it might be useful to replace cash or a card with mobile payments, adults surveyed pointed first to public transit (61%), followed by movie theaters (59%), big box retailers (59%) and gas stations/convenience stores (59%). Read more »

      C-Suite Sees Social Rising In CX Importance

      June 23, 2015

      GenesysEIU-Most-Important-CX-Channels-Jun2015Face-to-face communications ranks as easily the most important customer experience (CX) channel today, according to results from a Genesys-sponsored survey of 516 senior-level executives conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). But fast-forward 3 years, and channels such as online assistance support, social media and web self-service will be about equally as important, the study┬ásuggests. Read more »

      How Much Influence Do Teens Wield Over Their Parents’ Purchase Decisions?

      June 23, 2015

      YouGov-Teen-Influence-Household-Purchase-Decisions-Jun2015Children are "active decision makers in family economies," says YouGov in releasing the results of a recent survey examining kids' influence on their parents' buying decisions. The survey analyzes┬ákids' influence across a range of categories, noting that young children can hold as much persuasive power as teens in those decisions.. Read more »

      Father’s Day Spending Expected to be Mostly Flat This Year

      June 19, 2015

      NRF-Fathers-Day-Spending-Forecast-June2015Source: National Retail Federation (NRF)

        Notes: Roughly three-quarters of American adults (18+) will celebrate Father's Day this year, with per-celebrant spending expected to be $115.57, up slightly from last year's $113.80, according to the NRF. As such, total spending is predicted to be close to $12.7 billion, though representing only a marginal increase from last year's $12.5 billion. By contrast, the NRF last month found that spending on Mother's Day was expected to grow by 6.6% to $21.2 billion. Read more »

        US E-Commerce Metrics, by Device, in Q1 2015

        June 19, 2015

        Monetate-US-E-Commerce-Metrics-by-Device-in-Q1-Jun2015Source: Monetate

          Notes: Smartphones have grown to represent almost 1 in 5 visits to US e-commerce retailers, per the latest quarterly report from Monetate. But those increases are causing them to drag down overall e-commerce metrics, as smartphones continue to have significantly lower conversion and add-to-cart rates than tablets and computers, indicating that they are still being used more for research than for purchases. Read more »

          Which Consumer Group Has Almost 4 Times the Buying Power of Millennials?

          June 18, 2015

          Nielsen-Top-10-Asian-American-DMAs-Jun2015There's far less research devoted to Asian Americans than to Millennials, but with an estimated buying power of $770 billion last year (as opposed to Millennials' $200 billion), Asian-Americans are a force to be reckoned with, according to data cited in a new Nielsen report [download page]. Indeed, given their relatively long life expectancies and young median age, Asian-American households are expected to outspend all other races and ethnicities over their remaining lifetimes, per recent research. Read more »

          Key US Digital Commerce Stats for Q1 2015

          June 18, 2015

          comScore-US-Digital-Retail-Spending-Q12012-Q12015-Jun2015US e-commerce spending grew by 14% year-over-year in Q1, marking the 18th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth dating back to Q2 2010, according to data recently released by comScore [download page]. Indeed, digital commerce (desktop and mobile combined) accounted for roughly 1 in every $7 (14.7%) of consumers' discretionary spending in Q1, the highest figure on record, per comScore's data. Read more »

          Weekend Reading, 6/12/15

          June 12, 2015

 is this year's top-perceived brand among LGBT consumers, jumping from the #6 spot last year, according to the latest Buzz rankings from YouGov. Apple (#2) and Samsung (#5) both improved in cracking the top 5, while Subway (#7) made its first entry into the top 10. In other movements, General Motors stood out as the brand with the largest gain in perception among LGBT consumers (to a relatively neutral perception), while Costco, Trade Joe's, YouTube and Ace Hardware each fell out of the top 10. Read more »

          What Types of Web Content and App Features Are Important to Online Shoppers?

          June 11, 2015

          UPScomScore-Retailer-Website-Content-Influence-Jun2015Almost three-quarters of US online shoppers find product reviews influential when visiting a retailer's website, making reviews the most influential content type of those identified, according to recently-released results [pdf] from a UPS and comScore study. The new data - specific to online shoppers in the US - also demonstrates the influence of Q&A (48%) and product and brand videos (47%) among shoppers. Read more »