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Customer Service Pain Points Still Driving Consumers Away

January 27, 2015

Accenture-Customers-Main-Reasons-for-Switching-Providers-Jan2015Some 53% of US customers surveyed last year reported having switched providers during the prior year due to poor service, according to a recently-released Accenture Strategy study. That 53% figure is up from 51% in 2013 and 46% in 2012, though the most recent study tracked switching behavior in an additional industry (health care providers), which may have had an impact on the results. Read more »

Top Retailers’ Shopping Cart Recovery Email Cadence

January 26, 2015

Listrak-Shopping-Cart-Recovery-Campaign-Cadence-Jan2015Source: Listrak [download page]

    Notes: Some 34.3% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 send shopping cart recovery emails in 2014, representing a 45.9% increase from a year earlier, according to Listrak's latest study of the top 1000 retailers' email tactics. Among these top 500, a plurality 47% sent only a single message, while more than one-quarter (26.3%) sent 3 or more. Among those sending a message, two-thirds sent the first within 24 hours of abandonment, including roughly one-quarter sending within one hour of abandonment. The most popular time to send the second message was within 24 hours of the first message, although those sending third and fourth emails tended to space them further apart. Read more »

    Social Sharing Trends in 2014

    January 22, 2015

    ShareThis-Content-Sharing-by-Category-and-SocNet-in-Q4-Jan2015Facebook continues to be the dominant social platform for content sharing, per the latest quarterly report from ShareThis, an unsurprising result given its popularity among American adults. Interestingly, the report finds that of the most prominent social sharing platforms, Facebook's stature rose the most during 2014, while Twitter experienced a decline. And as the report notes, while Facebook is a "fundamental channel," other major channels "serve niche interests." Read more »

    Amazon Tops US Brand Buzz Rankings, Again

    January 20, 2015

    YouGov-Top-US-Brand-Buzz-Rankings-in-2014-Jan2015YouGov has released its US Buzz Rankings list for 2014, revealing that Amazon enjoys the best public perception for the second consecutive year. The study, which measures consumer perceptions of brands, asks respondents whether they have heard anything about the brand during the prior 2 weeks and subtracts the percentage who answer they have heard something negative from the proportion who have heard something positive. Read more »

    Weekend Reading, 1/16/15

    January 16, 2015

    Gallup-Americans-Changing-Personal-Financial-Situation-Jan2015American adults are feeling better about their personal financial situations this year, according to newly-released survey results from Gallup. While adults last January were more likely to rate their situation as worse off (42%) than better off (35%), that sentiment has switched to the positive this year, with respondents significantly more likely to see themselves as better (47%) rather than worse (28%) off. The most dramatic swings have ben for 18-34-year-olds (61% seeing themselves as better off, compared to 41% last year) and middle-income households. Read more »

    Millennial Women’s Differing Fashion Attitudes, by Age Cohort

    January 14, 2015

    GfK-Millennial-Womens-Attitudes-to-Fashion-by-Age-Group-Jan2015Source: GfK

      Notes: Millennials are a large and diverse group, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they don't always have homogenous approaches to fashion. In fact it may be more surprising that their views aren't even more disparate when sorting them into smaller age groups. According to a new GfK analysis, younger women (20-24) are far more likely than older Millennials (25-37) to be loyal to only a few fashion brands and to be fashion category influencers. As expected, the younger set is also more apt to follow fashion brands on social media, but the older crowd emerges as more likely to rate or review products and services on social. Read more »

      Consumers’ Most Popular Product Recommendation Types

      January 12, 2015

      Listrak-Most-Popular-Product-Recommendation-Types-Jan2015Source: Listrak

        Notes: 8 in 10 Americans who read promotional emails from retailers find it helpful when retailers send emails featuring products based on past purchases, according to a Listrak survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Other research has similarly found product recommendations based on purchase history to be influential to shoppers. The Listrak survey finds that the product recommendations (on websites or in emails) of most interest are on-sale items (81%). Discounts are trailed distantly in the popularity stakes by the following types of recommendations: organized by price (40%); new (39%); highest-rated (38%); top-sellers (31%); and most "pinned" (8%). Read more »

        Holiday Desktop E-Commerce Sales Grew by 15%

        January 9, 2015

        comScore-Holiday-Desktop-E-Commerce-Sales-Growth-2014-v-2013-Jan2015Source: comScore

          Notes: US retail e-commerce purchases from desktop computers during November and December 2014 grew 15% year-over-year to reach $53.3 billion, slightly exceeding expectations after missing them last year. Cyber Monday was again the heaviest e-commerce day (in history), though it was Thanksgiving Day that sported the largest year-over-year gain (32%). Separately, IBM reports that overall online sales (including mobile) grew by 13.9%, with mobile accounting for 45% of traffic (up 25.5% year-over-year) and 22.6% of sales (up 27.2%). Read more »

          Number of Mobile App Sessions Grew by 76% Y-O-Y in 2014

          January 6, 2015

          Flurry-Mobile-App-Usage-Growth-in-2014-Jan2015Source: Flurry

            Notes: Mobile application usage - defined as a user opening an app and recording a session - increased by 76% year-over-year, according to new data from Flurry. That follows a 115% year-over-year rise in 2013. Interestingly, growth rates in 2014 were largest for the lifestyle & shopping (174%) and utilities & productivity (121%) categories, with entertainment categories such as music, media & entertainment (33%) and games (30%) registering smaller growth rates. As such, Flurry notes a shift whereby the growth in mobile is moving from entertainment to productivity apps. Read more »

            Global Retail and E-Commerce Sales Forecast, 2013-2018

            January 2, 2015

            eMarketer-Global-Retail-and-Ecommerce-Sales-Forecast-2013-2018-Jan2015Source: eMarketer

              Notes: Despite more than one trillion dollars in online purchases worldwide in 2013, e-commerce accounted for just 5.1% share of total retail spending, per eMarketer. That share grew to an estimated 5.9% this past year on the back of a 22.2% increase in e-commerce spending, and will continue to grow through 2018, when it will reach 8.8%. Even so, that means that $10 of every $11 in retail spending will be in brick-and-mortar locations rather than online. E-commerce's share of total retail sales varies considerably by country though: by the end of the forecast period, e-commerce sales are expected to comprise 18% of retail sales in the UK (the highest of any country), but just 1.4% share in India and Indonesia. In the US, e-commerce's share will be right about the global average, at 8.9%. Read more »