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Americans’ Most Popular Online and Mobile Purchases

July 21, 2014

Harris-Americans-Most-Popular-Online-Purchases-July2014Almost 7 in 10 US adults have made a clothing purchase online, making this the most common purchase of 10 identified categories, according to survey results from Harris Interactive. But while clothing is the most popular purchase overall, digital content - such as movies, music and e-books - tops the list for both smartphones and tablets. The study also finds that although Millennials (18-36) lead the way in smartphone and tablet purchases, Gen Xers (37-48) are the most likely to have made an online purchase in most categories. Read more »


Consumer Goods Companies’ Top Strategic Priorities

July 18, 2014


    Source: KPMG International / Consumer Goods Forum [pdf]
      Notes: Some 56% of consumer goods executives identify data analytics as "very" or "critically" important to their strategy this year, with omni-channel/digital strategy (54%) and regulatory compliance (54%) closely following. Almost half of respondents also see data security and privacy as a strategic priority this year - with this expected to rise alongside the increasing amount and use of data.
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        Mobile Web Share of Global Payment Transactions in Q2, by Sector

        July 17, 2014


          Source: Adyen
            Notes: Mobile web transactions accounted for roughly 22% of global payment transactions during the second quarter, up a couple of points from the end of Q1, per the report. Mobile's share of transactions continued to be largest in the travel industry, comprising almost 4 in 10 payments, up from slightly more than one-third the prior quarter. Mobile's share of retail transactions also grew, from roughly one-quarter to almost 30% share. Retail continued to be the only tracked industry in which tablets accounted for a larger share of payments than mobile phones. Read more »

            Which Types of Ads Do College Students Pay Attention to?

            July 15, 2014

            re-fuel-College-Students-Attention-to-Ads-July2014Much like the population-at-large, college students pay a considerable amount of attention to recommendations from friends and family. But beyond word-of-mouth, traditional media such as TV ads and posters and billboards also generate a significant amount of attention from college students, according to the latest annual "College Explorer" study [download page] from re:fuel. And while ads on social media sites draw the most attention of the various digital channels identified, banner ads are relatively ignored. Read more »


            FSI Coupon Distributions Increase by 3.4% Y-O-Y in H1

            July 11, 2014


              Source: Kantar Media
                Notes: 158 billion FSI coupons were distributed during the first half of this year, representing a 3.4% increase from the year-earlier period, per Kantar Media's report. With the average face value of a coupon increasing by 4.5% to $1.69, the total dollar amount of incentives circulated grew by 8% to $267 billion. However, for the 7th consecutive first half of a year, average expiration decreased, this time by 2.4%. Read more »

                Facebook Ad CTRs Up in Q2

                July 10, 2014

                Nanigans-Facebook-Ad-Benchmarks-in-Q22014-July2014The average click-through rate for Facebook ads on desktop and mobile platforms in Q2 was 0.36%, details Nanigans in its latest quarterly benchmarks report [download page] covering activity among its customers, which are predominantly direct response advertisers at e-commerce, gaming and other pure play internet companies. The 0.36% CTR represents a 47% quarter-over-quarter increase and a 146% year-over-year increase, from 0.14% in Q2 2013. The upward trend comes as advertisers allocate a greater share of their budgets to mobile. Read more »

                Globally, Consumers Say They Spend More Time Shopping Offline Than Online

                July 10, 2014


                  Source: PayPal [pdf]
                    Notes: Across 15 countries tracked, consumers in 13 markets reported spending more time shopping offline than online, with China (narrowly in favor of online) and Brazil (online and offline on par) being the only exceptions. Interestingly, US respondents estimated spending the least amount of time shopping both online and offline. Meanwhile, the most common complaint about online shopping is a concern that payment details might be stolen, cited by 57% of respondents overall. Read more »

                    Which Content Categories Are Being Shared on Which Social Networks?

                    July 9, 2014

                    ShareThis-Content-Sharing-by-Category-and-SocNet-in-Q2-July2014Social sharing via mobile devices continues to the rise, with sharing from smartphones and tablets in Q2 growing by 19% from Q1, when they first accounted for a majority of social sharing actions (sharing of website content such as articles, photos and videos via social networks). That's according to the latest quarterly report from ShareThis, which aside from detailing a host of interesting data related to mobile sharing, also contains some intriguing figures concerning the types of content categories that are being shared on various social networks. Read more »

                    Tablet Magazine Ads Seen Garnering Recall Levels on Par With Print

                    July 9, 2014

                    GfK-Tablet-Magazine-Ad-Recall-July2014When asked about a specific ad, 52% of tablet magazine readers recalled seeing (or "Noted") the ad, finds a recent study from GfK. That's equal to the 52% of print magazine readers who recalled seeing a specified ad, as seen in data released earlier this year by GfK. Moreover, among those who recalled at least one ad from a digital magazine, roughly 6 in 10 indicated that the ads in the publication are valuable sources of new information. Read more »

                    Retailers on the Most Valuable Digital Channels for Driving Store Traffic

                    July 9, 2014


                      Source: RSR Research [download page]
                        Notes: Retail "winners" (those with year-over-year sales growth of more than 3%) and "laggards" (with growth less than 3%) are in agreement that e-commerce sites are the most valuable digital channel for driving traffic to physical stores. Beyond that, though, "winners" are far more likely to see retailers' mobile and social networking presences as being very valuable for driving store traffic. They're similarly more likely to believe that their mobile and social networking presences have a lot of value once the customer is in the store. Read more »