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Top Industries by Share of Digital and Mobile Ad Spend in 2015

May 20, 2015

eMarketer-Top-Industries-by-Share-of-Digital-Mobile-Ad-Spend-in-2015-May2015Source: eMarketer

    Notes: Retail will continue to be the largest-spending vertical on US digital advertising, according to eMarketer's latest estimates, accounting for 22% share of total spend. That would be slightly higher than the 21% share detailed by the IAB and PwC in their 2014 online ad revenues report. The retail sector is expected to be even more influential in mobile advertising, where it is expected to account for 23.2% of total revenues this year. Read more »

    Digital Estimated to Influence Half of In-Store Retail Sales

    May 15, 2015

    Deloitte-Digital-Influence-In-Store-Retail-Sales-2012-2014-May2015Source: Deloitte [pdf]

      Notes: Digital technologies influenced an estimated 49% of in-store sales last year ($1.7T), in line with previously-released projections and up from 36% the year prior, says Deloitte. Mobile's influence, as expected, has been growing quickly, directly impacting 28% of in-store sales last year, accounting for about 57% of digital's total impact. Read more »

      Mother’s Day Spending Set for Growth This Year

      May 8, 2015

      NRF-Mothers-Day-Spend-2007-2015-May2015Americans are expected to spend an average of $173 on Mother's Day this year, up almost $10 (6%) from last year's total and the highest figure in the survey's 12-year history, according to the latest survey from the NRF conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Total spending is projected to reach $21.2 billion, representing a 6.6% rise from last year's $19.9 billion. The survey finds greeting cards to be the most popular planned gift (with 80% planning a purchase), followed by flowers (67.2%) and special outings (54.2%). Read more »

      Consumer Perception of Retailers’ Data Security Impacts Loyalty, W-O-M

      May 8, 2015

      CFIGroup-Consumer-Confidence-Retailer-Data-Security-May2015Source: CFI Group [download page]

        Notes: Slightly fewer than one-third of consumers say they are "very confident" in retailers' ability to keep their private information secure, although another 38% are "somewhat confident," according to survey results from CFI Group. The analysis finds that those who are "very confident" in a retailer's data security are significantly more likely to shop again at the retailer and to recommend it than those who are somewhat doubtful or not at all confident of the retailer's data security. Read more »

        What Motivates Smartphone Users to Download and Use Apps?

        May 7, 2015

        GoogleIpsos-Reasons-Downloading-Smartphone-App-May2015Word-of-mouth is a key driver of smartphone application discovery and a┬áleading reason why users download apps, details Google [pdf] in a study conducted with Ipsos MediaCT. But downloads don't necessarily equate to usage, as 1 in 4 installed smartphone apps are never used, according to the research. Read more »

        Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – April 2015

        May 5, 2015

        MC-Top-10-Charts-Apr-2015-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: the number of Millennials in the US; the "ideal" customer experience; direct media ROI benchmarks; digital marketers' top priorities; B2B form downloads; online ad spend trends; e-commerce share of retail sales; major media consumption estimates; teens and social media; and American's attitudes to direct mail.

        Email Subject Lines: The Latest Data

        May 5, 2015

        ReturnPath-Email-Read-Rates-Subject-Line-Length-May2015The topic of email subject lines always generates interest (and some debate) as marketers try to fight through inbox clutter that sees consumers receiving a reported average of 416 commercial emails per month (and that was 2 years ago). A couple of recently-released studies provide some fresh data to review. Read more »

        Consumers Rate In-Store Personalization Tactics as “Cool” or “Creepy”

        May 4, 2015

        RichRelevance-Creepy-Cool-Retail-Personalization-Tactics-May2015Source: RichRelevance

          Notes: Almost three-quarters of consumers feel OK with scanning a product on their mobile device to see product reviews and recommendations, but their attitudes swing decidedly to the "creepy" side of things when it comes to personalization tactics that use facial recognition technology, according to a RichRelevance survey. Indeed, it seems that tactics that identify shoppers by name or other personally identifiable information are generally considered "creepy." Read more »

          US Facebook Brand Post Interaction Rates, by Post Type, in Q1

          April 29, 2015

          Adobe-Facebook-Brand-Post-Interaction-Rates-by-Post-Type-in-Q1-Apr2015Source: Adobe [pdf]

            Notes: Algorithm changes enacted by Facebook in Q1 led to interaction rate declines across most post types, details Adobe, which notes that algorithm changes in Q3 2014 have boosted link posts' interaction rates. Although recent data from Socialbakers suggests that videos now have the widest reach, Adobe's data indicates that image posts continue to be the Facebook post type generating the highest interaction rates. In fact, link posts' interaction rates (1.8%) - which have grown for two consecutive quarters - now rival video posts' rates (2%). Read more »

            Benefits of Card-Linked Marketing, According to Online Banking Users

            April 29, 2015

            Cardlytics-Benefits-of-Card-Linked-Marketing-Apr2015Source: Cardlytics

              Notes: More than 8 in 10 US adults who use mobile or online banking applications see some benefits to using card-linked marketing (e.g. special offers such as coupons or discounts, via email or text on mobile or online banking applications), details Cardlytics in a new survey. While it should be noted that Cardlytics has an interest in that figure being high, respondents' ranking of the benefits is interesting, as they were as likely to say that it would give them new choices on where to shop (42%) as they were to say that it would let them shop their favorite brands more (40%). Read more »