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US Companies With the Best and Worst Customer Experience Ratings in 2015

March 3, 2015

TemkinGroup-Top-and-Bottom-Cos-Cust-Experience-Mar2015Source: Temkin Group [download page]

    Notes: Publix enjoys the best customer experience rating of 293 companies measured by the Temkin Group, narrowly supplanting last year's leader, H-E-B. Indeed, supermarkets occupied 5 of the top 12 positions this year, with retailers and fast food chains also well-represented. Those industries - plus parcel delivery services and banks - comprised the only 5 of 20 measured to average a "good" rating. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, Coventry Health Care had the worst customer experience rating, as it did last year. Internet service providers, TV service providers and health plans each received "poor" ratings on average. Read more »

    Industries With the Worst Customer Service, According to US Adults

    March 2, 2015

    Ipsos-Industries-With-Worst-Customer-Service-Mar2015Source: Ipsos

      Notes: Government offices and the telecommunications industry (telecom, TV, internet) have by far the worst customer service, according to an Ipsos survey of US adults. The results of the survey, which asked respondents to identify up to 3 industries from 7 identified, are somewhat surprising in that insurance (13%) and airlines (12%) are among the least-cited in terms of bad customer service. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, airlines have the third-worst customer satisfaction rating of 43 industries measured. Meanwhile, a new report [download page] from Capgemini notes that fewer than 3 in 10 insurance customers globally report positive experiences. That figure is higher in the US (40.8%), though is down substantially from last year (51.3%). Read more »

      Almost Half of Young Mobile Phone Users Report Regularly Comparing Prices In-Store

      February 25, 2015

      GfK-Mobile-Phone-Users-Regular-In-Store-Activities-Feb2015Source: GfK [pdf]

        Notes: 40% of mobile phone users surveyed across 23 countries claim to regularly compare prices while in-store, according to a GfK survey, with this activity slightly more prevalent among men (42%) than women (37%). Among age groups, 20-29-year-olds are the most likely (49%) to report regularly comparing prices using their mobile phones, with the 15-19 and 30-39 age brackets not far behind, each at 45%. Within the US, 37% of respondents claimed to compare prices in-store, slightly behind the global average. Read more »

        Weekend Reading, 2/20/15

        February 20, 2015

        BrightRoll-Agencies-Most-Valuable-Aspect-Digital-Video-Advertising-Feb2015More than 7 in 10 agencies believe that online video advertising is either as effective (41%) or more effective than TV (31%), finds BrightRoll [pdf] in a survey of 120 agency respondents, although a separate survey from STRATA reveals that half of media buying agencies are unsure if they are getting good value from their online video ad buys. For the BrightRoll survey respondents, the targeting capability offered by digital video advertising is by far its most valuable aspect (for 56% of respondents), ahead of reach (20%), price relative to TV (8%) and others. Read more »

        Consumers’ Expectations Continue to Grow. Which Brands Are Best at Meeting Them?

        February 19, 2015

        BrandKeys-Brand-Leaders-Customer-Loyalty-Engagement-Feb2015Consumers' emotional expectations from brands continue to grow but brands are failing to keep pace, reports a new study from Brand Keys. The 2015 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) study uses a proprietary survey-based research method to assign each measured brand a percentage score indicating the degree to which it meets expectations against a consumer-generated category-specific ideal. Read more »

        Customer Satisfaction With the Retail Sector Dips, Though E-Commerce Provides A Bright Spot

        February 18, 2015

        ACSI-Customer-Sat-Retail-Sector-Feb2015Customer satisfaction with the retail sector has slipped, reports the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), with traditional retail the culprit. The latest annual study finds that customer satisfaction with almost all forms of traditional retail dropped, while satisfaction with online retailers improved. The results are a reversal of trends seen in last year's report, in which satisfaction with traditional retailers had closed the gap with online retail. Read more »

        Baby Boomers’ Spending Trends, by Category

        February 16, 2015

        Gallup-Baby-Boomers-Spending-Trends-by-Category-Feb2015Source: Gallup

          Notes: Baby Boomers on the whole report spending more than they were a year ago, according to recently-released survey results from Gallup, although that's not the case for all Boomers. Indeed, while leading-edge Boomers (born 1946-1955) are more likely to report spending more (40%) than less (21%), trailing-edge Boomers (born 1956-1964) are actually more likely to say they're spending less (30%) than more (36%). When it comes to the various categories identified, Gallup notes that net spending changes are negative for discretionary categories such as travel and consumer electronics, while positive for non-discretionary categories such as groceries and utilities. Read more »

          US Online Shoppers’ Attitudes to Mobile Commerce

          February 13, 2015

          PwC-Online-Shoppers-Attitudes-to-Mobile-Commerce-Feb2015Source: PwC [pdf]

            Notes: Almost 6 in 10 online shoppers surveyed by PwC agree that they're happy to receive offers or coupons via their mobile phone, but only about half as many are happy for stores to establish their location through their mobile phone. Meanwhile, only about one-quarter agreed that their mobile phone will become their main tool for which to purchase items, according to the survey. Separately, 55% reported never buying products using a tablet and 53% never doing so via a mobile phone or smartphone. By contrast, just 6% said they never buy products using their PC. Read more »

            Valentine’s Day Spending Set to Grow This Year

            February 11, 2015

            NRF-Valentine's-Day-Spend-2007-2015-Feb2015Source: NRF

              Notes: Some 55% of US adults plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, with per-celebrant spending estimated to be $142.31, according to a recent NRF survey. That translates to an estimated total spend of $18.9 billion, which would represent a 9% increase from last year and the largest total going back at least as far as 2007. Candy (53.2%) and greeting cards (51.4%) were the most popular gifts planned for purchase. In other Valentine's Day news: Read more »

              Weekend Reading 2/6/15

              February 6, 2015

              CallidusCloud-Marketing-Sales-Alignment-Feb2015Most marketers and salespeople feel that their teams are "somewhat aligned," with fewer than 1 in 5 believing that they are "fully aligned," according to recent survey results from CallidusCloud. Separate results from the study indicate that just 35% of marketers and 39% of salespeople believe that lead data is fully shared between sales and marketing. Previous research has found only 1 in 2 companies reporting that marketing and sales have a formal definition of a qualified lead. Read more »