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Weekend Data Points, 12/19/14

December 19, 2014

Centris-New-Pay-TV-Packages-Dec2014How much would consumers pay for alternative pay-TV packages that combine basic service with streaming options from Netflix and from HBO (which recently announced that it will launch a standalone OTT service)? The good news for pay-TV providers, according to survey results from Centris Marketing Science, is that consumers seem willing to pay extra to add OTT to a basic internet + pay-TV package. The bad news, though, is that they'd expect this bundle to come at a significant discount. More interesting data points for the weekend follow. Read more »

What Are Shoppers Doing in Their First Hour on An E-Commerce Site?

December 12, 2014

Monetate-Online-Shoppers-Behavior-by-Time-on-Site-Dec2014Source: Monetate [download page]

    Notes: "You have 60 minutes to capture your website visitor's attention," declares Monetate in a new study, noting that three-quarters of consumers will visit, make a decision, and either complete their purchase or move on within that timeframe. The analysis notes that a slight majority of purchases are made within the first 15 minutes of a shopping session. With roughly two-thirds of purchases having been made by the 45-minute mark, conversion rates of those remaining visitors start to drop-off in relation to the general population. Read more »

    Cyber Monday Results: Heaviest E-Commerce Day Yet

    December 3, 2014

    comScore-Cyber-Monday-E-Commerce-Spending-Dec2014Biggest. Online. Shopping. Day. Ever. Grandiose rhetoric aside, the Cyber Monday results are rolling in, and not surprisingly given the trajectory of e-commerce sales so far this holiday season, the day now ranks as the heaviest day of online shopping activity yet. According to comScore's figures, retail e-commerce spending from desktops exceeded $2 billion for the first time on Cyber Monday, representing a 17% year-over-year rise. Read more »

    Are Men or Women More Brand-Loyal?

    December 2, 2014

    IpsosFleishmanHearst-US-Brand-Loyalty-by-Category-Gender-Dec2014Who's more brand loyal - men or women? Probably the only real correct answer is that it depends (sorry). And that appears to be the case according to recent study [pdf] results from Ipsos MediaCT, Hearst Magazines and FleishmanHillard, although men are more likely to describe themselves as loyal to certain brands than women in several categories. Read more »

    Content Sharing on Dark Social Channels, by Category

    December 2, 2014

    RadiumOne-Content-Sharing-Dark-Social-by-Category-Dec2014Source: RadiumOne [download page]

      Notes: Some 84% of global online consumers aged 16 and older report sharing content online, per a Radium One survey, and almost one-third claim to do so exclusively via Dark Social channels (such as sharing links in emails, instant messages and forum posts that aren't tracked by web analytics). Based on an analysis of RadiumOne user data, the company notes that 69% of all sharing happens via Dark Social, with this figure highest for arts and entertainment (84%) content and lowest for pet-related (13%) content. Read more »

      How Americans Approach Online Consumer Reviews

      December 1, 2014

      YouGov-Purchase-Influence-Consumer-Review-Ratings-Dec2014Almost 8 in 10 American adults read online consumer reviews for product and services before making a purchase, with this figure relatively constant across generations, according to a survey from YouGov. The study analyzes the use of online reviews from a variety of angles, finding that a bare majority (51%) of those who read consumer reviews generally read at least 4 before feeling that they have enough information to purchase a product or service. Read more »

      Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday E-Commerce Results

      December 1, 2014

      MC-Thanksgiving-Black-Friday-E-Commerce-Dec2014With Black Friday in the books and Cyber Monday now in full swing, various sources are releasing reports on how the past weekend fared. The consensus appears to be that online - in particular mobile - sales grew from last year, but brick-and-mortar activity was down, with the NRF projecting an overall decrease in spending. The following article highlights some of the key data points from a variety of research. Read more »

      States of Mind That Lead to Impulse Shopping

      December 1, 2014

        Notes: Youth (18-29) are the most likely to have made an impulse purchase, per the survey, with 88% claiming to have done so. Among the 3 in 4 respondents who have made an impulse purchase, 50% of females and 47% of males report having made such a purchase because they were excited, with boredom (32% and 28%, respectively) another key state of mind. Among impulsive shoppers, men were almost 3 times as likely as women (13% vs. 5%) to have made an impulse buy due to being intoxicated. Separately, the study notes that men tend to splurge more on their impulse buys than women. Read more »

        Global Consumers’ Perceptions of Private Label Products

        November 26, 2014

        Nielsen-Global-Consumers-Private-Label-Perceptions-Nov2014Source: Nielsen [download page]

          Notes: Two-thirds of online consumers surveyed in 60 countries (74% in the US) around the world somewhat or strongly agree that private labels are usually extremely good value for the money, according to Nielsen's report, and 65% agree (75% in the US) that private labels are a good alternative to name brands. Within the US, two-thirds agree that most private labels' quality is as good as name brands', while only one-quarter agree that private labels are not suitable when quality matters. Overall, Nielsen finds that private label captures 16.5% dollar share around the world, highest in Switzerland (45%). Read more »

          Marketers Rate the Most Valuable – and Difficult – Conversion Rate Optimization Methods

          November 25, 2014

          EconsultancyRedEye-Value-Difficulty-Conversion-Rate-Optimization-Methods-Nov201489% of company marketers (primarily UK-based) feel that conversion rate optimization is crucial (55%) or important (34%) to their overall digital marketing strategy, and 87% of agency respondents agree with respect to their clients, according to the latest annual conversation rate optimization study [download page] from Econsultancy and RedEye. The report contains a host of intriguing data points concerning the methods by which marketers are going about improving their conversion rates, also detailing those perceived most effective. Read more »