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Who’s Still Watching Live TV? (Most People.)

April 17, 2014

Ipsos-Americans-Typically-Watching-Live-TV-Apr2014A couple of new studies suggest that despite the apparent rise in over-the-top video consumption, particularly among youth, the vast majority of Americans usually watch TV programming the old-fashioned way: live on TV. According to survey results from Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX), that's the typical viewing method for 81% of Americans; a separate study from BroadStream Solutions similarly finds that roughly 8 in 10 American adults are watching live TV. Predictably, though, live TV viewing skews towards an older audience. Read more »


Cable Companies Now Have as Many Broadband as Pay-TV Subscribers

April 16, 2014


    Source: Leichtman Research Group
      Notes: While the rate of cord-cutting slowed last year, cable companies shed almost 2 million pay-TV subscribers while adding more than 2 million broadband internet subscribers. As a result, they now have roughly an equal number of broadband (49.3 million) and pay-TV (49.6 million) subscribers. Overall, the top multi-channel video providers had about 94.6 million subscribers, while the top broadband providers (many of these companies falling in both groups) had more than 84 million. Read more »

      TV Content Viewers Claim One-Fifth of Viewing Time is Spent Streaming

      April 14, 2014


        Source: Horowitz Associates
          Notes: The 20% of TV content viewing time spent on alternative platforms is a significant step up from 13% last year, with the biggest change being for streaming to the TV set (10% this year, up from 5%). The report finds that more than 6 in 10 TV content viewers either own a smart TV or are able to stream content to their TV. Respondents streaming broadband content to their TV claim to be spending 30% of their viewing time doing so. Meanwhile, a new report from The Diffusion Group forecasts legacy TV to decline from 90% of all video viewed last year to about two-thirds in 2020. Read more »

          TV-Related Queries on Google and YouTube Are on the Rise

          April 14, 2014


            Source: Google
              Notes: A variety of TV-related activities on Google and YouTube are growing rapidly, according to Google, with TV-related searches on YouTube up 54% during May-December 2013 over the comparable year-earlier period. The study also finds that during 2013, there were more than 7 pieces of community-generated content on YouTube related to each piece of content uploaded by a show's network.
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                Top Drivers of Global Ad Spending Growth, From 2013 Through 2016

                April 9, 2014


                  Source: ZenithOptimedia
                    Notes: The $31.6 billion in additional mobile ad spend is actually marginally less than Zenith Optimedia's previous forecast, while TV's forecast has been slightly upgraded. Nevertheless, mobile will be the prime contributor of new ad spending (accounting for 35% of it), and will grow to account for 7.6% of total ad spend in 2016. Meanwhile, by that time, desktop internet spending will have grown to rival print (magazines and newspapers combined) in share of total ad spend (19.5% and 20.1%, respectively). Read more »

                    Pay-TV Subscription Trends Among Millennials

                    April 8, 2014


                      Source: Centris Marketing Science
                        Notes: In Q4 2013, a significantly larger share of 18-24-year-old heads of household reported being pay-TV subscribers than did a year earlier, with a concurrent decrease in the proportion claiming to have never had pay-TV. Among current subscribers, just 6% of Millennials (18-34) plan to cut the cord in the next 3 months, consistent with reports of low cord-cutting activity overall last year. Just 2% of Millennials without pay-TV are considering subscribing in the next 3 months, though. Read more »

                        Most Popular Sources of Local Shopping Info, by Age Group

                        April 7, 2014


                          Source: BIA/Kelsey
                            Notes: The relative ranking of sources most regularly used by Millennials and Gen X are quite similar, while Baby Boomers still turn to print first. Other data shows that Millennials and Gen Xers are far more likely than Baby Boomers to use smartphones and tablets for local shopping. While each generation makes the majority of its local purchases in-store, that average is more pronounced among Boomers (74.2%) than Millennials (55.7%). Read more »

                            Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – March 2014

                            April 4, 2014

                            MarketingCharts-Top-10-Charts-of-March-2014This month's quick-hit set of top charts features the following topics: youth and TV; time spent accessing the internet, by device; primary roles of various marketing channels; email timing; B2B website must-haves; Millennials and their views on brand loyalty and social issues; popular social platforms for youth; and video marketing influence and distribution channels. Read more »

                            Top TV Multitasking Activities, by Generation

                            April 3, 2014


                              Source: Deloitte
                                Notes: Some 86% of US consumers (aged 14+) claim to always or almost always multitask while watching TV, up from 81% last year. Almost half of Millennials this year say they use a social network while watching TV.
                                  About the Data: Based on an online survey of 2,075 US consumers aged 14 and older, fielded by an independent research firm from November 11, 2013 to December 5, 2013.
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                                    Half of US Millennials Own a Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet

                                    April 2, 2014

                                    Deloitte-US-Device-Ownership-Trends-2011-2013-Apr2014The rising penetration of both smartphones and tablets has been well documented (see here and here for examples). In its latest annual "Digital Democracy Survey," Deloitte offers another perspective, finding that 37% of Americans aged 14 and older own a trio of devices - laptop, smartphone and tablet - as of late 2013, up from 26% in late 2012 and 10% the year before. Not surprisingly, Millennials are leading the charge, although Gen Xers are close behind. Read more »