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These Are Our Most Popular Smartphone Activities

September 26, 2016

forrester-weekly-smartphone-activities-sept2016Almost 8 in 10 Americans who own cell phones own a smartphone, per recent data from comScore, and smartphones' rapid growth in recent years has led to the devices now accounting for half of all time spent online. So what are the most popular activities on smartphones? A recent report from Forrester Research offers some insights. Read more »

Streaming Services Have Big Impact on Millennials’ Decisions to Forego Pay-TV

September 26, 2016

tdg-svod-relevance-millennial-cord-nevers-sept2016Research has shown several times that subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services tend to act as a complement to - rather than a replacement for - pay-TV. However, with a sizable share of Millennials identifying as cord-nevers (having never subscribed to pay-TV), new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG) finds that SVOD services are indeed having an impact. Read more »

TV and Video Content Accessibility Becoming More Important

September 15, 2016

tivo-pay-tv-ott-video-content-discovery-sept2016More than 1 in 3 global pay-TV and OTT service subscribers have given up on shows they love because it became too difficult and/or costly to access those shows, according to a TiVo survey of 5,500 subscribers across 7 markets. The study links search and recommendations satisfaction to increased viewership among subscribers, almost half of whom feel that it should be easier to find what they want to watch. Read more »

Confidence in Data-Driven Marketing’s Growth Prospects Reaches New High

September 13, 2016

DMAWinterberry-Confidence-Data-Driven-Marketing-Growth-Prospects-Sept2016US marketers are growing more confident than ever in the future growth prospects for data-driven marketing, reports the DMA in its latest DMA/Winterberry Group Quarterly Business Review, which benchmarks data-driven marketing activity among marketers and suppliers. Some 87% of marketers surveyed in Q2 somewhat or strongly agreed that the practice of data-driven marketing is well positioned to grow in the future. Read more »

TV Universe Expands to 118.4 Million Homes for Upcoming Season

September 8, 2016

Nielsen-US-TV-Universe-Estimates-2012-2017-Sept2016After stalling last year, the number of TV homes in the US has grown by roughly 1.7% to 118.4 million for the upcoming season, according to Nielsen's latest TV Universe estimates. Some 301.7 million Americans aged 2 and older live in those TV homes, up 1.6% from last year. Read more »

Media Universe Update: Smartphones Grow As Dominant Form of Internet Access

September 7, 2016

Nielsen-US-Media-Reach-in-Q12016-Sept2016While traditional TV (live + DVR/time-shifted TV) and AM/FM radio still have the widest monthly reach of any media among Americans, the biggest trend emerging from Nielsen's latest look at the media universe (since updated to only analyze adults) is the internet's reach - including video and social - moving more heavily to mobile. Read more »

Top 10 Multi-Platform TV Websites – August 2016

September 6, 2016

Note: The Hitwise data featured is based on US market share of visits as defined by the IAB, which is the percentage of online traffic to the domain or category, from the Hitwise sample of 10 million US internet users. Each month, Hitwise measures more than 20 million unique websites, including sub-domains of larger websites, and 500 million searches. Hitwise categorizes websites into industries on the basis of subject matter and content, as well as market orientation and competitive context. The market share of visits percentage may not include traffic for all sub-domains of certain websites that could be reported on separately.

Online Radio A Key Medium For Reaching Hispanics

September 2, 2016

Nielsen-Media-Reach-Hispanics-v-Non-Hispanic-Whites-Sept2016Hispanics are a rapidly growing influence in the US, details Nielsen in a new report [download page] covering the rise of the US Hispanic population. Noting that the Hispanic population is expected to reach almost one-quarter (24%) of the total US population by 2040, Nielsen looks into the media habits of this all-important group. Read more »

Social Media Influences TV Viewing Decisions for 4 in 10 Adults

September 2, 2016

Digitalsmiths-Social-Influence-TV-Viewing-Decisions-Sept2016Slightly more than 4 in 10 adults in the US and Canada profess to choosing a TV show or movie at least sometimes because of the buzz it's getting on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. That result comes courtesy of the latest quarterly Video Trends report [download page] from Digitalsmiths, and it marks social's biggest influence in at least a year. Read more »

Netflix Tops Streaming Video Service Satisfaction Ratings

September 1, 2016

JDPower-Streaming-Video-Service-Satisfaction-Sept2016Streaming video service users are the most satisfied with Netflix, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Streaming Video Satisfaction Study, which notes that Netflix had particularly high scores for performance, reliability and customer service. Hulu, the second-ranked and scoring just above the industry average, was lauded for its communication and service cost. Read more »