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Political Advertising in 2016 Showed Sizable Channel Shifts

January 13, 2017

Political advertising reached $9.8 billion in the 2016 election year, marking a more than 4% increase from the 2012 election cycle ($9.4 billion) and representing a new record, according to Borrell Associates. But while the spending amount was in itself interesting, the channel breakdown may have been more noteworthy. Read more »

The State of Traditional TV: Updated With Q3 2016 Data

January 11, 2017

[By MC Editor, JC Lupis] The latest quarterly TV viewing figures from Nielsen are in,¬†giving us now almost 6 years' worth of data on Americans' traditional TV viewing habits to examine. While we know at this point that youth as a whole are watching less traditional TV, what does this latest study [download page], covering Q3 2016, have to offer by way of trends? Let's take a look. Read more »

3 Stats About Traditional Media Audiences to Keep in Mind This Coming Year

December 29, 2016

Digital media tends to get the buzz these days as newer emerging platforms excite marketers and provide new possibilities for reaching audiences. But traditional media channels retain wide reach, and traditional media advertising continues to have a strong influence on consumers' purchase decisions. In this article, we highlight 3 key stats about traditional media audiences from our latest Media Audience Demographics study. Read more »

Broadcast TV Ad Spend Focused on Black Audiences Surges

October 25, 2016

nielsen-tv-radio-ad-spend-focused-black-audiences-oct2016Research has shown that media ad spending targeted to Black Americans is disproportionately small relative to their share of the US population. A new report from Nielsen [download page] indicates that while this imbalance appears to persist, there's been one medium in which ad spending focused on black audiences has markedly grown: broadcast TV. Read more »

Online Radio A Key Medium For Reaching Hispanics

September 2, 2016

Nielsen-Media-Reach-Hispanics-v-Non-Hispanic-Whites-Sept2016Hispanics are a rapidly growing influence in the US, details Nielsen in a new report [download page] covering the rise of the US Hispanic population. Noting that the Hispanic population is expected to reach almost one-quarter (24%) of the total US population by 2040, Nielsen looks into the media habits of this all-important group. Read more »

Which Media Categories Have the Highest Brand Equity With Consumers?

July 11, 2016

HarrisPoll-Top-Media-Categories-by-Brand-Equity-Jul2016TV networks continue to top all media categories in brand equity, says The Harris Poll in releasing new data from its EquiTrend Study. However, video streaming subscriptions are catching up, and actually take the lead among the youngest respondents. Read more »

These Are America’s 10 Largest Advertisers

July 5, 2016

AdAge-Top-10-US-Advertisers-in-2015-Jul2016America's 200 largest advertisers increased their total US ad spending in 2015 by 3.6%, accelerating their growth from a more modest 2% gain in 2014, per new data from Ad Age. The report is based on calculations of advertisers' spending on measured and unmeasured media, with Procter & Gamble (P&G) again topping the list. Read more »

Media Inflation Estimates for 2016

January 11, 2016

HavasMedia-Media-Inflation-Trends-Jan2016Source: Havas Media [pdf]

    Notes: Newer digital media channels are expected to see modest price inflation this year, with CPM growth dampened due to a continued abundance of supply, according to a recent report from Havas Media, which projects a 1% increase for both online video and mobile. Among traditional media, both spot TV (+13%) and spot radio (+3%) are expected to see stronger CPM growth this year due to election year political ad spending. Read more »

    US Ad Spend Trends, by Medium, in Q3 2015

    December 22, 2015

    KantarMedia-US-Ad-Spend-Trends-in-Q3-Dec2015Source: Kantar Media

      Notes: Advertiser spending on the media platforms tracked by Kantar Media declined by 3.9% in Q3, the same rate of decline as seen in Q2, as 16 of the 22 measured media types monitored saw a dip in spending year-over-year. Among traditional media, radio and outdoor again were the bright spots, while print continued its decline. Kantar provides explanations for several of the results: Read more »

      Pay TV Subscribers’ Use of TV Everywhere, by Offering

      December 21, 2015

      GfK-Monthly-TVE-Use-by-Offering-Dec2015Source: GfK

        Notes: A slight majority - 53% - of consumers (aged 13-64) living in pay-TV households have used TV Everywhere (TVE) to watch programs on a computer, mobile device or TV set, reports GfK, with this being up from 43% in 2012. Not surprisingly, use of TVE services is higher among Gen Y (13-35) than other generations, with usage slightly higher for TV network services than signal provider offerings. Read more »