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Smartphone, Tablet and PC Penetration, by Demographic

February 1, 2017

More American adults have access to a smartphone than to a PC, as access to these devices moves in opposite directions, according to a recent Nielsen report [download page]. The study indicates that in Q3 2016, 87% of US adults had access to a smartphone (up from 80% during the year-earlier period), while 80% had access to a PC (down from 84%). Read more »

Half of Consumers See Themselves Subscribing to Cable TV in 10 Years

December 20, 2016

Roughly 7 in 10 US adults aged 18-59 see themselves subscribing to cable a year from now, but fast forward 5 years and that figure drops to 55%, per results from PwC's Videoquake 4.0 study [pdf]. In a decade's time, just 49% of respondents (all of whom have more than $40k in annual household income) see themselves as being cable subscribers, according to the report. Read more »

These 10 Brands Have the Highest Consumer Advocacy Ratings in the US

December 19, 2016

YouGov BrandIndex has debuted a new brand advocacy ranking, based on consumer likelihood to recommend more than 1,500 major brands. The results show that medical brands dot the list of the top 10 brands, placing 4 within that list. While hospital organizations did well as a sector, cable and satellite TV and consumer banks lagged with the lowest advocacy levels. Read more »

Pay-TV Subscriber Churn: What Causes It, And How to Reduce It

November 17, 2016

digitalsmiths-preventing-pay-tv-subscriber-churn-nov2016Pay-TV cord-cutting has been a much-discussed issue in recent years, despite some indications that it might be overblown. Nevertheless, there's no denying that cord-cutting is occurring and that it's a concern for pay-TV providers battling against low customer satisfaction rates. A new study from Digitalsmiths points to some of the motivations for cord-cutting and how providers can stem the tide. Read more »

Pay-TV Penetration Down Only Slightly From 2015 As Cord-Cutting Rates Remain Flat

September 29, 2016

lrg-pay-tv-penetration-rate-2010-2016-sept2016Some 82% of TV households in the US subscribe to a pay-TV service, reports the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in a new study, down only slightly from 83% last year. In fact, while pay-TV adoption is down from 87% as recently as 2011, it remains on par with levels from 2005. Read more »

Streaming Services Have Big Impact on Millennials’ Decisions to Forego Pay-TV

September 26, 2016

tdg-svod-relevance-millennial-cord-nevers-sept2016Research has shown several times that subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services tend to act as a complement to - rather than a replacement for - pay-TV. However, with a sizable share of Millennials identifying as cord-nevers (having never subscribed to pay-TV), new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG) finds that SVOD services are indeed having an impact. Read more »

TV and Video Content Accessibility Becoming More Important

September 15, 2016

tivo-pay-tv-ott-video-content-discovery-sept2016More than 1 in 3 global pay-TV and OTT service subscribers have given up on shows they love because it became too difficult and/or costly to access those shows, according to a TiVo survey of 5,500 subscribers across 7 markets. The study¬†links search and recommendations satisfaction to increased viewership among subscribers, almost half of whom feel that it should be easier to find what they want to watch. Read more »

Netflix Tops Streaming Video Service Satisfaction Ratings

September 1, 2016

JDPower-Streaming-Video-Service-Satisfaction-Sept2016Streaming video service users are the most satisfied with Netflix, according to the J.D. Power 2016 Streaming Video Satisfaction Study, which notes that Netflix had particularly high scores for performance, reliability and customer service. Hulu, the second-ranked and scoring just above the industry average, was lauded for its communication and service cost. Read more »

TV Viewers Say OTT-Like User Interface Could Stem Cord-Cutting

August 31, 2016

Digitalsmiths-Pay-TV-Content-Discovery-Cord-Cutting-Aug2016About half of TV content viewers are at least considering changing cable/satellite providers or canceling their service in the next 12 months, per results of a Digitalsmiths survey [download page] of more than 3,000 adults in the US and Canada. Pay-TV providers, whose subscriber losses are widening, could seem some benefit from releasing new functionality making content discovery easier, according to the research. Read more »

Pay-TV Subscriber Losses Widen in Q2

August 23, 2016

LRG-Pay-TV-Subscriber-Trends-Aug2016The US' 11 largest pay-TV providers, which together represent 95% of all subscribers, shed almost 666,000 subscribers in Q2, per Leichtman Research Group (LRG). That's up from their previous Q2 loss of 545,000 subscribers in 2015, and stands in contrast to the continuing addition of broadband subscribers. Read more »