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Top 10 Desktop Web Properties in February: Google Back on Top

March 26, 2014


    Source: comScore
      Notes: Yahoo cedes the top spot it took from Google back in July last year. Tumblr continues to be counted as a separate entity, though. In other news, taxes and several retail categories were among the fastest-growing in February on a month-over-month basis, while the top syndicated ad focus entity (AddThis), ad network/buy-side network (Google Ad Network) and DSP/SSP/Ad Exchange entity (Rubicon Project) were consistent from January.
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        Top Digital Properties’ Mobile-Only Audiences Are Growing Quickly

        March 20, 2014

        comScore-US-Mobile-Only-Audience-Trends-Top-Properties-Mar2014Mobile-only visitor counts to leading publishers are growing rapidly, belying the notion that consumers are accessing content from both desktops and mobiles, says comScore in a release of new data. In fact, for each of the top 10 US properties by mobile-only audience, that audience accounts for at least 20% of the publisher's total digital population. In essence, desktop display ads won't reach those visitors, who now number in the tens of millions. Read more »

        In the US, Time Spent With Mobile Apps Now Exceeds Desktop Web Access

        March 5, 2014

        comScore-US-Internet-Consumption-by-Device-Feb2013-Jan2014-Mar2014Rising time spent with mobile applications over the past year means that Americans now spend more time on a monthly basis with apps than they do accessing the internet from desktops, says comScore in new data. That threshold was passed for the first time in January, per the data, when Americans spent 46.6% of their total internet time with mobile apps, compared to roughly 45.1% spent accessing the internet from a desktop and the remaining 8.3% using mobile browsers. Read more »

        Instagram Ranked The Fastest-Growing Top Smartphone App of 2013

        December 17, 2013

        Nielsen-Top-10-Smartphone-Apps-of-2013-Dec2013December isn't only the time for an abundance of holiday research - it's also the month for end-of-year lists. Nielsen is in on the action with its "Tops of 2013: Digital" lists, revealing the top US web brands, online video brands and smartphone applications. The data is based on averages from January through October, and the results indicate a growing shift towards mobile activity. And when it comes to the top mobile apps, Facebook and Google are dominant, accounting for 7 of the top 10. Read more »

        October Desktop Traffic Trends: Retail Sites Gain Momentum

        November 26, 2013

        comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-sep-oct13-Nov2013An increasing number of Americans visited retail sites last month, likely shopping for Halloween and getting a head start on their holiday purchases, according to the latest data from comScore's Media Metrix. Retail site categories accounted for 6 of the top-10 fastest-gaining categories for the month, measured by month-over-month change in unique visitors from desktops. Political news sites also saw an uptick in visitors as the government shut down for the first 2-odd weeks of the month; Nielsen previously reported that 54% of active American internet users visited a news site during September. Read more »

        Google Still Has A Bigger Digital Audience Than Yahoo

        November 4, 2013

        comScore-Top-10-Multi-Platform-Properties-in-September-Nov2013A couple of months ago, figures released by comScore showing Yahoo overtaking Google as the largest desktop property in the US caused quite a stir. But that data - as noted at the time - was limited to desktop-only visitors, and subsequent figures provided by comScore indicated that the inclusion of mobile audience counts returned Google to the top spot. Now, comScore has publicly released its list of top "multi-platform properties," which measure a property's total digital population, including smartphone and tablet visitors. Google remains on top. Read more »

        August Desktop-Based Web Traffic: Yahoo Still on Top; Retail & Lifestyle Sites Rise

        September 27, 2013

        comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-Aug-v-Jul2013-Sept2013Last month, comScore reported that Yahoo overtook Google as the top web property in July - with an important caveat: the report only looked at desktop visitors. In fact, comScore's subsequently-released multi-platform rankings put Google Sites on top, with a total digital audience of 227 million as opposed to Yahoo's 220.4 million. While mobile-only visitors are growing rapidly (adding 38% to the average top 100 property's audience), desktops still account for the greater amount of internet traffic, and on that measure, Yahoo won again in August, per the latest comScore data. Read more »

        Is Yahoo’s Digital Audience Now Bigger Than Google’s?

        August 22, 2013

        comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-Jul-v-Jun2013-Aug2013A couple of months ago, comScore's Media Metrix data showed Yahoo closing the gap with Google as the US' top web property, a development noted here. Now the latest Media Metrix data is out, and it appears that Yahoo! Sites has overtaken Google! Sites as the top web property, with 196.6 million unique visitors in July for the former, compared to 192.3 million for the latter. It must be noted, though, that these numbers do not take into account mobile-only visitors. Read more »

        Web Traffic Trends in June: Retail, Gaming Sites Enjoy Moderate Bump

        July 22, 2013

        comScore-Top10-Gaining-Web-Categories-bypercent-change-may-june13-July2013Americans settled into the Summer heat last month by increasingly visiting retail and gaming sites, according to the latest data from comScore's Media Metrix. Together, retail and gaming site categories accounted for half of the top-10 fastest-gaining categories for the month. The biggest increase was reserved for gay and lesbian sites, though, with a 10% increase in audience for Pride Month, to 9.8 million. Read more »

        Yahoo Close Behind Google Among Top Web Properties in May

        June 27, 2013

        comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-May2013-v-May2012-Jun2013The top 10 web properties in May 2013 featured the usual suspects (Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites, Microsoft, etc.), per the latest figures from comScore, but the list shows Yahoo! Sites having almost caught up to Google! Sites as the top property in the US. For the month, Google attracted 193.5 million unique visitors, with Yahoo close behind at almost 192.8 million, a gap of less than 700,000. A year earlier, in May 2012, Google boasted about 21.5 million more unique visitors than Yahoo (188.9 vs. 167.4 million). Read more »