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Affluent Millennials Say They’re Loyal to Their Financial Institutions

July 30, 2015

LinkedInIpsos-Affluent-Loyalty-Financial-Institutions-July2015Affluent Millennials are open to non-financial brands, finds a report from LinkedIn [download page] conducted by Ipsos that looks specifically at affluents in the US. At the same time, once they become customers with a financial institution, they're considerably more likely than their Gen X counterparts to claim loyalty to it. Read more »

Americans’ Alcohol Preferences, by Education and Income Level

July 29, 2015

Gallup-Alcohol-Preferences-Income-Education-Level-July2015Source: Gallup

    Notes: Self-reported alcoholic consumption is far higher among Americans from high-income households ($75k+) than lower-income households (< $30k), with 78% of the former and 45% of the latter occasionally drinking, per a Gallup survey. Similar discrepancies were also found by education level, and among drinkers, those with higher annual household incomes and education levels reported being more frequent drinkers. Interestingly, middle- and lower-income drinkers favor beer over wine and liquor, though wine edges beer as the most common alcoholic beverage among higher-income Americans. Read more »

    Content Strategies Not Optimized For High-Quality Lead Generation, Say B2B Marketers

    July 28, 2015

    CMOCouncilNetline-Top-Factors-Derailing-B2B-Lead-Flow-Success-July2015Just 15% of senior marketers in North America consider their demand generation strategies to be highly (2%) or very (13%) effective, being instead more likely to perceive them as moderately effective (29%) or someplace in the middle (32%), according to a report [download page] from The CMO Council and Netline. One of the key problems appears to be a conflict between content strategies that lack targeting and the definition of a high-quality lead that requires more intentional engagement on the prospect's part. Read more »

    Print Magazine Reach Twice As Large As Digital Issues Among Connected Adults

    July 27, 2015

    Mequoda-US-Connected-Adults-Magazine-Reading-July2015Source: Mequoda [download page]

      Notes: Among US adults with internet access, 7 in 10 surveyed report having read a print magazine issue in the past 30 days, almost twice the proportion (37%) who have read a digital magazine issue, according to a Mequoda study. Digital magazine readers are split on their favorite format, though, with web editions (37%) slightly preferred over tablet (32%) and print (31%) editions. The most important functionalities of a digital magazine, per readers, are readable (79% very important) and scrollable (56% very important) text. Read more »

      Global Ad Spend Trends Forecast by Medium, 2015-2016

      July 24, 2015

      Warc-Global-Ad-Spend-Trends-Forecast-by-Medium-2015-2016-July2015Source: Warc

        Notes: Global advertising spending will grow by 2.3% this year (current prices), a forecast slashed from December 2014's predicted 4.8% growth, says Warc, based on an analysis of 12 countries that make up 75% of ad expenditures tracked by the company. Online (+16.1%), cinema (3.2%) and outdoor (+0.3%) are the only media expected to see an increase in spend this year. Next year, online ad growth is forecast to be slower (+12.9%), while TV rebounds to positive growth (+2.5%) presumably on the back of Political and Olympic spending. Read more »

        Back to School Stats 2015

        July 23, 2015

        NRF-Back-to-School-Spending-Forecasts-2007-2015-July2015Families with children in grades K-12 will spend an average of $630 this back-to-school (BTS) season on apparel, supplies and electronics, down about 6% from last year and the lowest average since 2011, finds the NRF Total BTS spending is expected to be slightly less than $25 billion, representing a decline of roughly 6% from last year's estimated $26.5 billion. The study is one of many several looking at back-to-school spending trends, including popular shopping destinations and purchases. Read more »

        Travel Rewards Impact Decisions, Program Members Say

        July 22, 2015

        HarrisPoll-Rewards-Membership-Impact-Travel-ChoicesSource: The Harris Poll

          Notes: Roughly half of American adults say they have membership in a hotel rewards program (31%), membership in an airline rewards program (31%) and/or a credit or payment card with travel rewards (26%), according to a Harris Poll, with membership higher in each among older than younger respondents. A majority of members consider the programs useful, and many also say that they have an impact on their choices, per the study. Read more »

          US Brand Buzz Rankings in H1 2015

          July 20, 2015

          YouGov-Top-US-Brand-Buzz-Rankings-H1-2015-July2015Amazon (Buzz Score of 30) is atop the brand buzz rankings again according to the YouGov BrandIndex, which measures consumer perceptions of brands. The list, covering the first half of 2015, finds Netflix (27.9) continuing its ascent to the second spot, up from the #3 spot in 2014 and the 12th position in 2013. Read more »

          Friday Research Wrap, 7/17/2015

          July 17, 2015

          Nielsen-Music-in-TV-Ads-July2015TV ads that contain some form of music score better than those without across four key metrics: creativity; empathy; emotive power; and information power. That's according to recently-released data from Nielsen, which measured the effectiveness of 600 TV ads, although the differences seem relatively slight. On a related note, Ace Metrix has issued its list of the top TV ads of Q2, noting that the leading spots touted product features and functionality. Read more »

          Consumer Perceptions of Branded Content: Trusted Channels and Leading Influencers

          July 16, 2015

          AcquityGroup-Consumer-Trust-Brand-Content-by-Channel-July2015Consumers are more likely to trust brand content found in a print newspaper and on TV than in a variety of social platforms including Instagram, Twitter or blogs, according to results from an Acquity Group survey [download page]. Even so, social does have its place, as Facebook beats all other channels in brand content trust, per the study. Read more »