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Which Local Ad Channels Are Considered Useful, Annoying, and Influential?

August 26, 2016

AMGParade-Local-Media-Ad-Channels-Aug2016Local media users in the US tend to view print ads as more useful than annoying, but aren't quite as sure about digital ads, according to a study [pdf] from AMG/Parade. Point-of-sale circulars are among the most positively viewed ads, with 52% seeing them as useful compared to just 6% finding them annoying. Read more »

Legacy TV Remains Dominant Screen Activity; Mobile Video to Grow

August 25, 2016

TDG-Consumer-Screen-Activity-Aug2016Consumers' screen time now totals more than 50 hours a week, says The Diffusion Group (TDG) in announcing the release of new research into smartphone video's future. Legacy TV continues to be the dominant screen activity, averaging more than 31 hours a week, but future growth seems to be concentrated on social and mobile video. Read more »

Execs Say The Most Critical Success Factors For Effective Marketing Are…

August 24, 2016

HBRPardot-Critical-Success-Factors-Effective-Marketing-Aug2016The presence of analytics skills on the marketing team is viewed as the most critical success factor for effective marketing over the next 2 years, according to a study [download page] from Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services sponsored by Salesforce Pardot. The study adds to a body of recent research emphasizing the importance of analytics skills in the marketing organization. Read more »

Which Tech Companies Have the Strongest Reputations?

August 23, 2016

ReputationInstitute-Most-Reputable-Tech-Companies-US-Aug2016The technology industry has improved to an overall strong reputation this year, though it continues to trail other industries such as the industrial, retail, and consumer sectors, reports the Reputation Institute [download page] in releasing its 2016 rankings within the tech industry. The industry leader also tops the list of top 100 companies overall, and is a familiar name. Read more »

Pay-TV Subscriber Losses Widen in Q2

August 23, 2016

LRG-Pay-TV-Subscriber-Trends-Aug2016The US' 11 largest pay-TV providers, which together represent 95% of all subscribers, shed almost 666,000 subscribers in Q2, per Leichtman Research Group (LRG). That's up from their previous Q2 loss of 545,000 subscribers in 2015, and stands in contrast to the continuing addition of broadband subscribers. Read more »

US Consumers’ Perception of the Advertising & PR Industry Worsens

August 22, 2016

Gallup-Consumer-Ratings-Industries-Sectors-Aug2016The restaurant and computer industries enjoy the best net perception among US adults, reports Gallup in its latest annual look at US business sectors. The restaurant industry supplanted last year's leader, the computer industry, with 66% viewing it favorably as opposed to just 7% seeing it negatively. Read more »

Digital Media Consumption Much More Highly Concentrated Among Heavy Users Than Traditional Media

August 19, 2016

Nielsen-Concentration-US-Media-Consumption-Aug2016There's a reason they call it mass media: it has broad appeal. And data highlighted by Nielsen in a recent article indeed shows that traditional media consumption is much less concentrated among the top 20% of users than digital media usage. That's to be expected, given that there are more users of traditional media overall. Read more »

US Print Magazine Audience Stays Steady, Outnumbers Digital Readership

August 16, 2016

Mequoda-US-Connected-Adults-Magazine-Reading-Aug2016About 7 in 10 connected American adults (those with internet access) have read a print magazine within the past 30 days, new research [download page] from Maquoda has found. This figure remains essentially unchanged from last year's edition of the survey, even as digital magazine readership has increased. Read more »

TV Tops Social As Enterprise Marketers’ Leading Near-Term Priority

August 15, 2016

ClutchR2i-Top-Enterprise-Marketer-Channel-Priority-Aug2016It's not often that a survey about the future (albeit the near future) comes up with TV as the top response. But that's the case in a recent study from Clutch and R2i, which asked marketers at enterprise companies to identify their top priority marketing channel in the coming 6-12 months. Read more »

Back-to-School Stats & Research Reference

August 12, 2016

NRF-Back-to-School-Spending-Forecasts-2007-2016-Aug2016Back-to-school and back-to-college spending is forecast to increase this year, according to various recent reports. While it may seem late for a look at back-to-school trends - which range from mobile shopping to kids' influence on purchases - past research has shown that late August features the top shopping days. Read more »