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College Students’ Purchase Influencers and Favorite “Splurge” Categories

August 29, 2014

Fluent-Undergrad-Back-to-School-Purchase-Influencers-Aug2014Undergraduate students are less likely to rely on brand advertising than word-of-mouth when it comes to their purchase decisions, finds a new survey from Fluent. The study, fielded among more than 1,400 undergraduate students, also finds that online coupons have a significant effect on back-to-school shopping decisions. And for all the popularity of visual-sharing social media, these channels don't have much of a stated influence. Read more »

Top Sources of OTC Information, by Generation

August 29, 2014

AccentHealth-Top-Sources-OTC-Info-by-Generation-Aug2014Source: AccentHealth [pdf]

    Notes: Family and friends are a much larger source of OTC information for Millennials (18-34) than for Gen Xers (35-49) and Baby Boomers (50+), per the study, with word-of-mouth rivaling healthcare practitioners as a resource for the younger generation. By contrast, Baby Boomers - who are the most apt to use OTC drugs - are more likely to rely on product advertising, a result which aligns with prior research on purchase influencers by generation. Overall, healthcare practitioners are the most trusted source of OTC information for each generation. Read more »

    Few Investors Seek Financial Advice Online

    August 28, 2014

    WellsFargoGallup-Financial-Advice-Resources-Used-by-US-Investors-Aug2014Source: Wells Fargo / Gallup

      Notes: While 8 in 10 investors (people in households with total savings and investments of at least $10,000) receive financial advice in some form, they're far more likely to say they get it from a dedicated personal financial advisor (44%) or advisory firm (35%) than from an online financial planning or investing website (20%). Interestingly, though, survey respondents with at least $100,000 in investments are more likely than those with less than that amount to seek out advice on financial websites. Read more »

      US Ad Spending Forecast to Reach New Peak Next Year

      August 28, 2014

      MAGNAGLOBAL-US-Ad-Spend-Growth-in-2015-Aug2014Source: MAGNA GLOBAL

        Notes: US ad revenues are expected to increase by 3.5% next year, with the 4.9% normalized growth rate excluding the effects of Political & Olympic (P&O) spending being the fastest rate of growth since 2005. That would bring core media advertising revenues to $172 billion, a new peak. Digital media ad sales are predicted to grow by 15.7%, fueled by social media (+32%) and video (+31%). Meanwhile, this year's ad revenue growth forecast has been downgraded from the prior forecast of 6% to 5.1%, due in part to macro-economic conditions and to lower incremental P&O spending estimates. Read more »

        Agencies’ Traditional New Biz Tactics Remain Effective

        August 27, 2014

        RSW:US-Agencies-Most-Effective-New-Biz-Tools-Aug2014Source: RSW/US [download page]

          Notes: Referrals and networking remain the best ways of generating new business from client marketers, much as they have been for several years now, finds the latest new business survey from RSW/US. In comparison, few believe that phone calls or social networks have been effective. Senior-level marketers separately surveyed for the study reported that, aside from referrals, they most often learn about new agencies from emails (57%), industry conferences (53%) and calls (40%). Meanwhile, they express a clear preference for email as a method of contact when agencies are trying to reach out to them. Read more »

          B2B Marketers on Popular Lead Gen Channels and Successful Tactics

          August 26, 2014

          ChiefMarketer-Most-Effective-B2B-Lead-Gen-Tactics-Aug2014Content marketing, online registrations and webinars are some of the fastest-growing lead generation channels among B2B marketers this year, details Chief Marketer in its annual B2B Lead Generation Survey [download page]. Email remains the most popular lead generation channel, though, with 87% of survey respondents planning its use this year. It's also among the most highly rated when it comes to sources of qualified leads. Read more »

          CSR Reputation Affects Purchase Decisions, Millennials Say

          August 26, 2014

          Harris-CSR-Effect-Purchase-Decisions-Aug2014Source: Harris Interactive Notes: Millennials are more likely than other generations to take a company's reputation for social responsibility into account when making purchase decisions, finds a new survey by Harris Interactive. A majority 55% indicated that this consideration sometimes affects (34%) or has a strong effect (17%) on their decisions, compared to roughly half of respondents belonging to older generations. Overall, though, the stated influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on purchase decisions hasn't changed over the past 5 years, per the report. Read more »

          Most Popular Types of Charitable Giving, by Generation

          August 25, 2014

          Harris-Americans-Charitable-Contributions-by-Generation-Aug2014Source: Harris Interactive

            Notes: 9 in 10 American adults claim to have participated in some type of giving in the past 2-3 years, with the likelihood of having done so increasing with age. The most common contribution reported by survey respondents was used clothing (73%), followed by money (66%) and food (53%). In each case, Matures (68+) were the most likely to have made such a contribution, with Millennials (18-36) the least likely save for food. Read more »

            Who’s Spending More on What?

            August 22, 2014

            Gallup-Spending-Patterns-by-Generation-Aug2014Some 45% of American adults claim to be spending more today than they were a year ago, with Millennials (51%) most likely to be loosening the purse strings, per survey results from Gallup.¬†Interestingly, this increased spending comes despite a general tendency across generations to be unwilling to spend more on items they don't need. The extent to which respondents are increasing - or decreasing - spending varies by category and generation. Read more »

            How Are Marketers Planning to Maximize Their Value in the Next Year?

            August 21, 2014

            CMOCouncil-Marketers-Plans-to-Maximize-Value-Aug2014Several pieces of research of late have demonstrated that marketers are having trouble proving their value - and are being increasingly pressured to validate their impact on their organizations. Putting aside the struggles with¬†quantitatively measuring ROI - how are¬†marketers planning to increase their impact and value in the next year? Survey results from the CMO Council's State of Marketing report [download page] provide some insights. Read more »