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Global Consumers’ Perceptions of Private Label Products

November 26, 2014

Nielsen-Global-Consumers-Private-Label-Perceptions-Nov2014Source: Nielsen [download page]

    Notes: Two-thirds of online consumers surveyed in 60 countries (74% in the US) around the world somewhat or strongly agree that private labels are usually extremely good value for the money, according to Nielsen's report, and 65% agree (75% in the US) that private labels are a good alternative to name brands. Within the US, two-thirds agree that most private labels' quality is as good as name brands', while only one-quarter agree that private labels are not suitable when quality matters. Overall, Nielsen finds that private label captures 16.5% dollar share around the world, highest in Switzerland (45%). Read more »

    Radio Revenues Dip in Q3 Despite Strong Gains in Digital

    November 26, 2014

    RAB-Radio-Revs-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) [pdf]

      Notes: US radio industry revenues declined by 2% year-over-year in Q3 following a 3% drop in Q2. Digital (+11%) and off-air (+14%) were bright spots, though they couldn't quite offset the decreases in spot (-3%) and network (-4%) revenues. During the third-quarter, top-tier spenders healthcare (+4%), professional services (+5%) and insurance (+1%) bucked the overall trend by increasing their radio spend, although spending by auto and communications and cellular companies dropped. For the year-to-date, radio revenues are down by 1%. Read more »

      7 in 10 Enterprise CEOs Believe They Are Wasting Money on Marketing Initiatives

      November 25, 2014

      Forbes-CEO-CMO-Views-Marketing-Performance-Nov2014Some 35% of CEOs at large organizations believe that their marketing's sales performance is exceeding expectations, while fewer CMOs (26%) agree, according to a Forbes Insights study [download page] conducted in association with Rocket Fuel and Spencer Stuart. The survey - conducted among 296 global senior executives, 80% of whom hail from companies with more than $1 billion in revenues - suggests that CEOs may simply have lower expectations of marketing, as many believe their investments are wasted. Read more »

      Holiday 2014 Data Hub (Updated)

      November 24, 2014

      NRFProsper-Thanksgiving-Weekend-Shopping-Intentions-Nov2014The holiday season - traditionally referred to as the November-December period - is here, and Thanksgiving weekend, replete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, beckons. That means, among other things, that there's an abundance of holiday data on offer. This article (which is being updated periodically during the holiday period) highlights key points from holiday-related research for what appears to be a fairly bright season in terms of spending. Read more »

      Weekend Reading, 11/21/14

      November 21, 2014

      CensusBureau-Service-Sector-Revenue-Increases-in-2013-Nov2014Revenues grew last year in each of the nation's 11 service sectors for employer firms, reports the US Census Bureau in new data from the 2013 Service Annual Survey. The information sector saw revenue growth of 3.4% to $1.3 trillion, with the sub-sector of internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals seeing the fastest growth, of 10.3%. The fastest-growing of the 11 service sectors examined was real estate and rental and leasing, with a 7% rise. Read more »

      Pay-TV Market Shrinks in Q3; Broadband Subs Pick Up Steam

      November 20, 2014

      LRG-Pay-TV-Broadband-Subscription-Trends-in-Q3-Nov2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (Pay-TV / Broadband)

        Notes: The largest pay-TV providers - representing about 95% of the market - shed roughly 150,000 subscribers in Q3, up from a loss of about 25,000 in Q3 2013. By contrast, the largest broadband providers - representing about 94% of the market - gained more than 700,000 high-speed subscribers, up 35% from last year. For the time being, the top pay-TV providers continue to have a larger subscriber base (95.3 million) than the top broadband providers (86.6 million), though that gap is steadily closing. Read more »

        Are TV Audiences Really on the Decline?

        November 19, 2014

        Rentrak-TV-Average-Audience-Trends-Nov2014The topics of TV consumption and cord-cutting have been back in the national conversation with the recent rash of announcements regarding stand-alone streaming services from the likes of HBO and CBS. MarketingCharts has been tracking trends in traditional TV consumption on an age basis for several quarters; now new data from Rentrak's Chief Research Officer Bruce Goerlich adds another dynamic to the discussion. Read more »

        The Importance of Honesty and Authenticity For Brands

        November 18, 2014

        CohnWolfe-Important-Behaviors-Company-to-Display-Nov2014There have been several pieces of research released recently that have examined what consumers believe to be the top attributes for brands to display. New studies issued by Mindshare North America and Cohn & Wolfe add to that body of research, which seems to agree that honesty and authenticity are important attributes, particularly to Millennials. Read more »

        Key Stats About Latinos’ Outlook and Attitudes

        November 17, 2014

        LatinoDecisions-Latino-Attitudes-Social-Progress-Nov2014Latinos are generally optimistic about the direction the country is taking in health care, equal opportunity and jobs, but they also feel that Latino discrimination is getting worse (36%) rather than better (22%), according to a survey conducted by Latino Decisions for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The study also finds broad optimism about economic opportunities that lie ahead, but that many Latino families are living in a state of economic fragility. Read more »

        Top 10 “Champion Brands” in 2014

        November 17, 2014

        APCO-Top-10-Champion-Brands-Nov2014Source: APCO Worldwide

          Notes: APCO's study - which looks at the brands that are doing the best at championing their stakeholders - determines that this year's top brands (by Champion Brand Index ratings) are Microsoft (75.95), Intel (74.49), Google (73.85), NestlĂ© (73.62) and Walt Disney (73.33). The index ratings are based on survey responses measuring of 491 of the world's public and private companies against the four key dimensions on which APCO defines a "Champion Brand" - alignment, authenticity, attachment, and advocacy. Read more »