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B2B Marketers’ Budget Allocations in 2015

January 23, 2015

Forrester-B2B-Budget-Allocations-in-2015-Jan2015Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 2015 [download page]

    Notes: B2B marketers will average an increase of 6% in their budgets this year, with 51% expecting budget increases as opposed to just 8% seeing decreases on the horizon, according to a Forrester Research survey of 132 North American B2B senior marketers. In-person trade shows, conferences and events will occupy the largest estimated share of their budgets, at 14%, followed by digital advertising and marketing (10%), content marketing (9%), websites (9%) and direct marketing (9%). But while there will be little change in event budgets (with 18% forecasting an increase versus 19% a decrease), digital advertising/marketing (48% increasing versus 4% decreasing) and content marketing (45% increasing versus 3% decreasing) are set for considerable spending hikes. Read more »

    2014’s Best-Perceived Brands Among US Millennials and Minorities

    January 21, 2015

    YouGov-Brand-Buzz-Rankings-Millennials-Minorities-in-2014-Jan2015Source: YouGov

      Notes: While topped the brand buzz rankings among US adults overall last year, Netflix topped the charts among Millennials, according to YouGov's segment rankings. Of note, while Nike didn't crack the top 10 among the adult population at-large, it came in 5th among Millennials while taking the top ranking among African-Americans and the second spot with Hispanics. Also interesting: YouTube's ranking among the Millennial generation (#4) was actually 2 spots lower its overall standing among adults. Read more »

      Amazon Tops US Brand Buzz Rankings, Again

      January 20, 2015

      YouGov-Top-US-Brand-Buzz-Rankings-in-2014-Jan2015YouGov has released its US Buzz Rankings list for 2014, revealing that Amazon enjoys the best public perception for the second consecutive year. The study, which measures consumer perceptions of brands, asks respondents whether they have heard anything about the brand during the prior 2 weeks and subtracts the percentage who answer they have heard something negative from the proportion who have heard something positive. Read more »

      2014’s Most Memorable Ads Among Millennials

      January 19, 2015

      Nielsen-Most-Memorable-TV-Ads-Among-Millennials-in-2014-Jan2015Source: Nielsen

        Notes: Fast food and QSR ads performed well with Millennials (18-33) last year, says Nielsen in a review of the most memorable English-language ads among this demographic. Wendy's spot, "Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Be With You Song" emerged as the leader with a brand memorability index of 338, meaning that it was 3.38 times more likely to be remembered and associated with the right brand among Millennials than the typical ad. Nielsen also notes that food ads comprised 8 of the top 10 ads among African-American Millennials and 9 of the top 10 among Hispanic Millennials, though they didn't have quite the same appeal among Asian-Americans of this age, who only placed 3 in their top 10. Read more »

        Weekend Reading, 1/16/15

        January 16, 2015

        Gallup-Americans-Changing-Personal-Financial-Situation-Jan2015American adults are feeling better about their personal financial situations this year, according to newly-released survey results from Gallup. While adults last January were more likely to rate their situation as worse off (42%) than better off (35%), that sentiment has switched to the positive this year, with respondents significantly more likely to see themselves as better (47%) rather than worse (28%) off. The most dramatic swings have ben for 18-34-year-olds (61% seeing themselves as better off, compared to 41% last year) and middle-income households. Read more »

        SMBs Still Consider W-O-M Most Effective, But Online Marketing Perceptions Improve

        January 15, 2015

        BrightLocal-SMBs-Most-Effective-Customer-Acquisition-Channels-Jan2015Word-of-mouth (W-O-M) remains the the most effective marketing channel for generating new leads and customers, according to SMBs responding to a recent BrightLocal survey. Asked to choose from 12 online and offline channels, 28% indicated W-O-M to be their most effective, up from 26% the previous year. Online marketing channels - which appear to be gaining in appeal among respondents - comprised the next 3 most-effective. Read more »

        Millennial Women’s Differing Fashion Attitudes, by Age Cohort

        January 14, 2015

        GfK-Millennial-Womens-Attitudes-to-Fashion-by-Age-Group-Jan2015Source: GfK

          Notes: Millennials are a large and diverse group, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they don't always have homogenous approaches to fashion. In fact it may be more surprising that their views aren't even more disparate when sorting them into smaller age groups. According to a new GfK analysis, younger women (20-24) are far more likely than older Millennials (25-37) to be loyal to only a few fashion brands and to be fashion category influencers. As expected, the younger set is also more apt to follow fashion brands on social media, but the older crowd emerges as more likely to rate or review products and services on social. Read more »

          Young Adults’ Changing Socioeconomic Characteristics, 1980-2013

          January 12, 2015

          CensusBureau-Young-Adults-Changing-Socioeconomic-Characteristics-Jan2015The Census Bureau recently released new statistics from the American Community Survey, also highlighting how young adults' socioeconomic characteristics have changed over the past few decades. The results include some intriguing data: this cohort's share of the population has actually declined over the years, while the percentage living in poverty has grown to almost 20%. Read more »

          Top TV and Video Advertisers of 2014

          January 8, 2015

          AceMetrix-Top-TV-Advertisers-of-2014-Jan2015Despite declines in viewership, TV is still one of the most influential channels in the US. So which brands outperformed their competitors last year? Ace Metrix has issued its latest annual list of the brands that aired the most effective ads in relation to their competition – with some familiar names scoring highly. Read more »

          Few Consumers See Pay-TV As Their Dominant Video Content Source in 2020

          January 7, 2015

          Irdeto-US-Adults-Primary-Video-Viewing-Sources-in-2020-Jan2015For US adults, internet TV services are a more likely future content source than satellite pay-TV, according to a newly-released survey from Irdeto. Interestingly, user experience was cited as one of the key factors by those planning to watch mostly internet TV and by those seeing pay-TV as their primary viewing source in 2020. Read more »