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Word-of-Mouth Key Influence in Business Software Purchase Decisions

September 23, 2016

hubspot-business-software-purchase-decision-information-sources-sept2016Word-of-mouth is a key purchase influencer for consumers, and it appears to also have a strong sway over purchase decisions for business software, according to recent research from HubSpot. Indeed, respondents to HubSpot's survey ranked word-of-mouth referrals as their top information source when making business purchases. Read more »

US Adults’ Trust in Mass Media Plunges to Another Low

September 22, 2016

gallup-us-adults-trust-mass-media-2001-2016-sept2016Only about 1 in 3 American adults trust the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly, according to a new Gallup survey. That's the lowest level in the history of this Gallup survey, which has been fielded annually since 1997 and stretches back to 1972. This year's figure represents a precipitous 8-point drop from last year's low point. Read more »

Digital Devices Now Influence the Majority of US In-Store Sales

September 20, 2016

deloitte-digital-influence-in-store-retail-sales-2013-2016-sept2016Digital devices - or rather their use by US shoppers - now influence a majority (56%) of US in-store sales, up from 49% last year, according to the latest digital influence study from Deloitte. Digital's influence on in-store sales has quadruped since 2013, per the study. Read more »

US Median Household Income Sees First Rise in Almost A Decade

September 19, 2016

censusbureau-median-household-income-trends-1975-2015-sept2016The real median household income in the US was $56,516 last year, a 5.2% year-over-year climb that represents the first annual increase in median household income since 2007, according to a new study [pdf] released by the US Census Bureau based on official national findings from the Current Population Survey. Read more »

TV and Video Content Accessibility Becoming More Important

September 15, 2016

tivo-pay-tv-ott-video-content-discovery-sept2016More than 1 in 3 global pay-TV and OTT service subscribers have given up on shows they love because it became too difficult and/or costly to access those shows, according to a TiVo survey of 5,500 subscribers across 7 markets. The study¬†links search and recommendations satisfaction to increased viewership among subscribers, almost half of whom feel that it should be easier to find what they want to watch. Read more »

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – August 2016

September 14, 2016

MCTop10Aug-16-EntryThis month's quick-hit set of top charts includes the following topics: the ideal marketing mix; annoying social media behaviors; the core of the influencer trend; tracking the customer journey; digital ad personalization triggers; the importance of analytics skills; leading B2B analytics tools; optimizing though leadership content; top lead gen tactics; and most effective sales content types. Read more »

Who Reads Books in the US?

September 12, 2016

Pew-Demographics-US-Book-Readers-Sept2016The percentage of American adults who read books has remained relatively unchanged in the past few years, reports the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project in a recent study [pdf]. Almost 3 in 4 adults say they had read a book in the 12 months prior to the survey, with printed books continuing to be the most popular format. Read more »

TV Universe Expands to 118.4 Million Homes for Upcoming Season

September 8, 2016

Nielsen-US-TV-Universe-Estimates-2012-2017-Sept2016After stalling last year, the number of TV homes in the US has grown by roughly 1.7% to 118.4 million for the upcoming season, according to Nielsen's latest TV Universe estimates. Some 301.7 million Americans aged 2 and older live in those TV homes, up 1.6% from last year. Read more »

Millennials Give Higher Brand Equity to Banks Than Do Older Adults

September 7, 2016

HarrisPoll-Banking-Industry-Brand-Equity-Ratings-Sept2016Millennials have a strong connection with their banks, says The Harris Poll in revealing the banks with the highest brand equity this year. In fact, Millennials give national and super regional banks a higher combined brand equity score than older adults, per the study's results. Read more »

Social Media Influences TV Viewing Decisions for 4 in 10 Adults

September 2, 2016

Digitalsmiths-Social-Influence-TV-Viewing-Decisions-Sept2016Slightly more than 4 in 10 adults in the US and Canada profess to choosing a TV show or movie at least sometimes because of the buzz it's getting on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. That result comes courtesy of the latest quarterly Video Trends report [download page] from Digitalsmiths, and it marks social's biggest influence in at least a year. Read more »