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Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Stats

November 24, 2015

NRF-Thanksgiving-Weekend-Shopping-Intentions-by-Age-Nov2015Almost 6 in 10 US adults say they either definitely will (28%) or may (30%) shop this Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Sunday), with that figure rising to more than three-quarters of 18-24-year-olds (78%) and 25-34-year-olds (77%), per the NRF. Among those adults who plan to or may shop online or in-store this weekend, Black Friday (74%) is the most popular day, followed by Saturday (49%), Sunday (23%) and Thanksgiving (22%). Read more »

Traditional Media Consumption Estimates, by Generation

November 23, 2015

TNS-Online-Adults-Traditional-Media-Consumption-Nov2015Source: TNS

    Notes: Among online US adults, Baby Boomers (46-65) spend almost twice as much time on a daily basis with TV, radio and print as do Millennials (16-3) per newly-released data from a TNS study. In fact, while Baby Boomers report spending more than double the time with TV (3.4 hours per day) as with TV and video online (1.3 hours), Millennial estimate spending more time with digital than offline TV (2.7 vs. 1.9 hours per day). Read more »

    Friday Research Wrap, 11/20/15

    November 20, 2015

    FreeWheel-Share-Digital-Video-Ad-Views-by-Device-in-Q3-Nov2015More than 1 in 8 digital video ad views for premium content in Q3 came via OTT devices (e.g. Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast), with this representing the fastest increase of the various devices tracked per FreeWheel's latest quarterly report [download page]. Overall, almost half (48%) of ad views came outside of desktop and laptop environments, per the study, up from about one-quarter during the year-earlier period. Read more »

    How Are Large Companies Measuring the ROI of Their TV Campaigns?

    November 19, 2015

    ForbesInsightsSimulmedia-Measuring-Biz-Outcomes-TV-Ad-Campaigns-Nov2015Advertisers are primarily measuring the outcome of their TV ad campaigns on the bases of increased brand awareness (49%) and increased sales (44%), finds a recent report [download page] from Forbes Insights and Simulmedia, and these are also the outcomes that have increased in importance for the largest share of advertisers over the past 3-5 years. So how are advertisers tying TV advertising to increased sales and other business outcomes? Read more »

    Q3 Pay-TV Subscriber Trends

    November 18, 2015

    LRG-Q3-Pay-TV-Subscriber-Trends-2012-2015-Nov2015Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG) Notes: Net subscriber losses widened for the pay-TV industry in Q3, as the 13 largest providers - representing around 95% of the market - shed more than 190,000 subscribers. That's up from a contraction of slightly fewer than 150,000 during Q3 2014 and of only ~27,00 in Q3 2013. While the top telephone companies had their worst quarter since they launched services in 2006, the top cable companies had the fewer third-quarter losses since 2006. Read more »

    In-Person Customer Service Ratings Higher Among Older Generations

    November 16, 2015

    Gallup-In-Person-Customer-Service-Ratings-by-Store-Generation-Nov2015Source: Gallup

      Notes: Almost 9 in 10 (89% of) American adults who visited a bank branch during the past month report that the customer service was either excellent (38%) or good (51%), and a similar 87% of pharmacy and grocery store visitors rated the service during their visit that highly, according to a Gallup survey. Of the 7 store types measured, fast food restaurants had the lowest ratings, though almost 7 in 10 found the service at least good. Of note, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists reported higher service ratings than Millennials and Gen Xers, across store types. Read more »

      What Service Factors Matter Most to Banking Customers?

      November 13, 2015

      Pegasystems-Important-Bank-Customer-Service-Factors-Nov2015Source: Pegasystems [download page]

        Notes: Banks are perceived to be one of the top industries in terms of high-level customer service, according to a Pegasystems study, ranking only behind hotels and restaurants in consumer perceptions. The results indicate that the customer service factors most important to banking customers are listening to and understanding their needs and representatives with courteous, patient and/or friendly attitudes. By contrast, few find personalized service that knows their recent buying history and activities to be important. Read more »

        Which Brands Are Offering Consumers the Simplest Experiences?

        November 12, 2015

        SiegelGale-Top-10-US-Brands-by-Simplicity-Index-Nov2015Almost two-thirds (63%) of consumers surveyed across 8 global┬ámarkets┬ásay they would pay more for a simpler experience from a brand, and close to 7 in 10 would be more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications, according to Siegel+Gale's latest annual "Global Brand Simplicity Index" report. Read more »

        Speed-to-Call Important in Converting New Leads

        November 9, 2015

        Velocify-Impact-Speed-to-Call-Conversion-Nov2015Source: Velocify [download page]

          Notes: Calling a new lead within a minute can result in a conversion rate more than twice as high as a call to a lead that occurs 48 hours later, reports Velocify in a new study. The results bring to mind a similar study released 3 years ago by Velocify (then Leads360), in which a call to a new lead placed within a minute boosted the conversion rate by almost 400% over a later call. Despite the apparent impact of speed-to-call on conversion, Velocify notes that 51% of the leads it analyzed for the report were not called for at least 48 hours. Read more »

          Friday Research Wrap, 11/6/15

          November 6, 2015

          SIAAABM-B2B-Media-Indus-Revenues-H1-2015-Nov2015B2B media industry revenues grew by 3.9% year-over-year during the first half of 2015 to surpass $14 billion, according to the latest ABM Business Information Network (BIN) report, exceeding 2014's growth rate. Events continue to capture the largest share of B2B media and information industry spending, up by 4.5% to almost $6.3 billion (or about 45% of the total). Print advertising declined by 5.6% (to $3.2 billion), while digital advertising continued its strong growth (+14.7% to $3.1 billion), surpassing print for the first time during Q2. Read more »