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Super Bowl 2016 Data

February 4, 2016

NRF-Opinions-About-Super-Bowl-TV-Ads-Feb2016Close to 190 million Americans are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, reports the NRF, based on a survey of more than 7,000 adults. The 77% of respondents planning to watch the game is the highest percentage in at least the past decade. This year almost one-quarter (23%) of viewers said that the commercials are the most important part of the Super Bowl, while 45% feel that the game itself is most important. Read more »

The World’s “Most Powerful” Brands in 2016

February 3, 2016

BrandFinance-World's-Most-Powerful-Brands-Feb2016Source: Brand Finance

    Notes: The success of the latest Star Wars movie has driven Walt Disney to the top of the list of this year's "Most Powerful" brands, per BrandFinance, which ranks brands based on factors such as familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. Disney - in climbing from the #12 spot - supplanted last year's leader, Lego, which moved down to a close second. Read more »

    Americans’ Financial Resolutions for 2016

    February 2, 2016

    American-Adults-Financial-Resolutions-in-2016-Feb2016More than 8 in 10 American adults expect to do something different this year with regards to their finances, reports The Harris Poll in a recently-released survey. Most commonly, they plan to cut back on household spending (41%), save more (40%) and pay down debt (39%), with fewer planning to save for retirement or undertake home improvements. Read more »

    Who and What Do Consumers Feel Define A Company’s Core Values?

    February 1, 2016

    HavasWorldwide-Who-Defines-Company-Core-Values-Feb2016Source: Havas Worldwide

      Notes: Consumers believe employees have the biggest role in defining a company's core values, per results from a Havas Worldwide survey of more than 10,000 adults worldwide. Notably, respondents believe that marketing and advertising (31%) has a significant role to play, being about as influential as brand champions (32%) and slightly more so than the CEO (29%). Read more »

      Which Experiences Are Customers Most Satisfied With?

      January 29, 2016

      TheHarrisPoll-Satisfaction-With-Customer-Experiences-Jan2016Source: The Harris Poll

        Notes: Consumers are highly satisfied with their shopping and dining experiences, according to a recent Harris Poll, with roughly 9 in 10 reporting being at least somewhat satisfied with their last visit to a restaurant (91%), their last online purchase (89%) and their last visit to a department store (85%). Similarly, among those who have seen a healthcare providers at least once in the past year, 88% reported being satisfied with the experience, up from 83% in 2012. Read more »

        The Core Values Consumers Feel Are Most Important For Brands to Embody

        January 28, 2016

        HavasWorldwide-Most-Important-Core-Values-Brands-to-Embody-Jan2016Quality is the core value that the largest share of consumers around the world feel is important for brands to embody, according to results from a recent Havas Worldwide study. Reliability/durability and honesty/transparency follow in close succession, with separate results indicating that most consumers feel that it is important for a company to be transparent. Read more »

        Impact of Trust in Businesses on Consumer Actions

        January 27, 2016

        Edelman-Consumer-Behaviors-Based-on-Trust-Jan2016Source: Edelman

          Notes: Almost 6 in 10 online consumers worldwide have recommended companies that they trust in the past 12 months, reports Edelman, while 42% have criticized companies they don't trust. Likewise, while 41% report having shared positive opinions about trusted companies online, 26% have shared negative opinions about companies they don't trust. Overall, a slight majority (53%) of general population consumers surveyed across dozens of countries report trusting business as an institution, up from 48% last year. Read more »

          Which Sectors, News Sources and Spokespeople Do Consumers Trust the Most?

          January 26, 2016

          Edelman-Credibility-of-Company-Spokespeople-Jan2016Trust in the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs has increased across the globe, reports Edelman in its latest annual Trust Barometer report. However, trust in these institutions lags among general population respondents, instead driven by the so-called "Informed Public" - college-educated 25-64-year-olds in the top income quartile who have significant media consumption and engagement in business news. Read more »

          Holiday 2015 Data Hub (Updated)

          January 25, 2016

          NRF-Holiday-Retail-Sales-Growth-2005-2015-Jan2016Retail sales over the holiday season grew by 3% to $626.1 billion last year, below the forecasted growth rate of 3.7%, reports the NRF, which also noted that non-store holiday sales grew by 9%. Weather, inventory challenges and early-starting discounts contributed to the lower-than-forecast increase, per the report. Read more »

          Audio Brands Factor Into New Car Purchase Decisions. Which Brands Have the Highest Awareness?

          January 22, 2016

          Ipsos-Vehicle-Audio-Brand-Awareness-Jan2016Source: Ipsos

            Notes: Roughly 1 in 3 new car buyers say that the audio brand in their next car will have a significant impact on their purchase consideration, and that figure rises to about half of respondents when it comes to top-rated audio system brands such as Bose and Bang & Olufsen. Among consumers who have purchased or leased a new vehicle within the past 5 years, car audio system brand awareness was highest for Bose (83%), Sony (79%), Pioneers (68%) and Panasonic (65%), per the report. Read more »