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April 2012

Top 10 at Domestic Film Box Office, Weekend of Apr. 27-29, 2012

April 30, 2012

Source: Content in Rentrak Theatrical box office updates is produced and/or compiled by Rentrak Corporation and its Box Office Essentials theatrical box office data collection and analytical service.  Read More »

Co. SocNet Posts Said Influencing Most Fans’ Purchase Decisions

April 30, 2012

marketforce-socnets-purchase-influence-april2012.jpgThere may be some hand-wringing about the ROI of social media marketing, but brand posts apparently can be a powerful influence in consumer purchase decisions, finds Market Force in a survey of 12,000 consumers in the US and UK to be released later this week. 78% of the US respondents reported that posts by retail, restaurant, travel, entertainment, and financial services businesses they follow on social media have had a moderate to highly influential effect on their purchase decisions. This was close to the proportion (81%) who said that their friends' posts influence their decisions. Posts from friends are also a way for 3 in 5 US respondents to gather information or opinions about restaurants and retailers. Read more »

1 in 2 Young Consumers Recoiling From Overconsumption

April 30, 2012

eurorscg-attitudes-towards-overconsumption-april2012.jpgA high proportion of consumers worldwide feel they are spending too much on unnecessary items and are looking to scale back and live more simply, finds Euro RSCG Worldwide in April 2012 survey results. Young consumers (aged 18-34) in particular seem to believe that they have wasted lots of money on things they don't really need, with 52% feeling this way, compared to 47% of the 35-54 set and 45% of those aged 55 and over. Half of the youngest group say they are tired of overconsumption (buying/consuming too much) and are looking to scale back, a sentiment shared by 54% of the 35-54-year olds and 57% of those 55 and over. Read more »

Ad Spend in BRIC Markets to Grow Rapidly in ’12

April 30, 2012

warc-growth-in-ad-spend-2012-v-2011-apr2012.jpgGrowth in advertising spend this year in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) is projected to easily outpace the global average of 5.3%, with each country predicted to have double-digit year-over-year growth, according to [pdf] the April 2012 Warc Consensus Ad Forecast. China's ad market is expected to grow most rapidly, at 14.8%, followed by Russia (13.6%), India (11.4%), and Brazil (10.2%). There is a steep drop-off to the next fastest-growing markets, Canada (4.5%) and the US (4.1%), though the outlook for the US has improved 0.8% since January, the biggest improvement of all the countries. Read more »

SocNets Get Growing Share of Smartphone App Time

April 30, 2012

flurry-daily-smartphone-app-consumption-q1-2011vsq1-2012-april2012.jpgSmartphone owners are spending more time with their applications on a daily basis, and social networking apps are the chief beneficiaries, says Flurry in an April 2012 report. Daily smartphone app consumption rose from an average of 68 minutes in Q1 2011 to 77 minutes in Q1 2012. During that period, time spent playing games remained relatively steady, dropping only marginally from 25 to 24 minutes, while consumption of social networking apps increased by 60%, from 15 to 24 minutes, to match games at 31% share of time spent. According to Flurry insight, this is the first time since it began tracking usage in 2008 that another category has rivaled games. Read more »

2 in 5 Young Consumers Regret Posting Personal Information Online

April 27, 2012

eurorscg-consumers-privacy-concerns-april2012.jpgThe majority of consumers of all ages across the world feel that people share too much about their personal thoughts and experiences online, with 71% of those 55 and older saying a return to more privacy is needed, and 62% of 35-54-year-olds and 57% of 18-34-year-olds agreeing, according to an Euro RSCG Worldwide study of more than 7,000 consumers in 19 countries. Concern that technology is robbing people of their privacy was relatively aligned across all age groups (between 54-57%), though some of that loss of privacy appears to be self-inflicted: among 18-34-year-olds, many regret having posted personal information (39%) or information about a friend or family member (35%) online. Read more »

Average Consumer to Spend 8% More on Mother’s Day This Year

April 27, 2012

nrf-mothers-day-spending-2007-2012-april2012.jpgTotal US spending related to Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13, 2012) should reach almost $18.6 billion this year, according to an April 2012 survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and BIGinsight. This figure is up 13.8% from $13.1 billion in 2011, and is driven by a more than 8% rise in average per-person spend, from $140.73 to $152.52. Overall, three-quarters of the respondents plan to spend either the same (57.8%) or more (17.1%) on Mother's Day this year. The story is a little different among online shopping consumers: according to April 2012 PriceGrabber survey results, half of these consumers plan to spend the same amount this year, while those planning to spend less slightly outnumber those planning to spend more (12% vs. 9%). Read more »

Clothes, Books Reported Most Popular US Purchases on Mobile Devices

April 27, 2012

worldpay-online-spending-behavior-us-april2012.jpgClothes (53%), books (46%), and DVDs and video games (42%) are the top 3 mobile purchases among American shoppers, reports WorldPay [download page] in an April 2012 study. Clothes (32%) and books (22%) also fared well when looking at overall online spending behavior, though department stores (42%) emerged as the top category within this broader sphere. Compared to the global respondent average of 2.5%, US respondents reported a higher average of online spending via a smartphone, saying they make 3% of their online purchases via the device. Read more »

URL Tweet Volume and Google Ranking Said Correlated

April 27, 2012

branded3-url-tweet-volume-search-engine-ranking-april2012.jpgThe average Google ranking of a URL is highly correlated with the number of Tweets about that URL, says Branded3 [download page] in an April 2012 report, though close examination of the report reveals that other factors could have a major role in the report's conclusions. The company looked at data gleaned from its Twitition website, in which users who sign a Twitition have a tweet automatically sent from their account. With a sample size of 8,528 Twititions collected on February 28, 2012, and having gathered the rankings on April 6, the company found that URLs with over 500 signatures (tweets) had an average ranking of 46. The average ranking improved to 41 for those with over 1,000 signatures, 31 for those with over 5,000 signatures, and 5 for those with over 7,500 signatures. Read more »

Addiction to Tech a Concern for Most Global Consumers

April 26, 2012

eurorscg-consumer-concerns-with-tech-april2012.jpgMany consumers worldwide worry that technology is overtaking their lives, finds Euro RSCG Worldwide in an April 2012 report. Dividing the more than 7,000 respondents from 19 countries up into prosumers (leading-edge consumers who are an indicator of what the mainstream will soon be doing and thinking) and mainstream consumers (84% of the sample), the study finds that 59% of the former, and 62% of the latter are concerned about society's addiction to or over-reliance on technology. And roughly half of each group worries that digital technology and multitasking are impairing people's ability to think deeply and focus on one task at a time. Read more »