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April 2014

Top 10 at Domestic Film Box Office, Weekend of Apr. 25-27, 2014

April 30, 2014

Content in Rentrak Theatrical box office updates is produced and/or compiled by Rentrak Corporation and its Box Office Essentials theatrical box office data collection and analytical service.  Read More »

Online Shares Could Be As Influential As In-Person Recommendations

April 30, 2014

ShareThis-Value-of-Excellent-Recommendation-Apr2014Recommendations are received with a degree of trust and influence unmatched by any paid media, according to Nielsen. Now, a new study [download page] from ShareThis produced with the Paley Center for Media finds that shared online content (via email or social networking) could have almost the same degree of influence as in-person recommendations, though it's important to note that the analysis was limited to 3 product types. Nevertheless, the study contains some intriguing findings, also suggesting that the power of shared content exceeds that of consumer reviews. Read more »

Corporate America’s Reputation is Still Poor. Which Industries Fare Best?

April 30, 2014

Nielsen-US-Industry-Reputation-Ratings-Apr20141 in 5 American adults believe that the reputation of corporate America has improved over the past year, according to the latest Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ) [download page], now issued by Nielsen following its acquisition of Harris. While more consumers are noting improvements than in years past - and fewer are seeing a decline in overall corporate reputation - the percentage of consumers believing that corporate America's reputation has declined is still twice as large as the percentage feeling that it has improved. Some industries are faring far better than others. Read more »

US Ad Revenue Growth Forecast, by Medium, in 2014

April 30, 2014


    Source: MAGNA GLOBAL
      Notes: US media advertising sales are expected to grow by 6% this year, a figure revised upwards from a previous forecast of 5.5%. Digital - which accounted for 27%share of total revenues last year - is projected to again be the fastest riser, though its predicted growth rate of 14.4% wouldn't match last year's pace (17%). Meanwhile, TV is set for a big year with a forecast increase of 8.3% on the back of political & Olympic spending and healthcare ads. While TV last year captured the bulk (40%) of ad dollars, MAGNA GLOBAL expects digital to overtake it by 2018. While search remains the largest digital sector, mobile and social media advertising are growing most rapidly. Read more »

      Mobile Payments Said to Now Comprise 1 in 4 Global Retail Transactions

      April 30, 2014


        Source: Adyen [download page]
          Notes: Overall, smartphones (10.9%) and tablets (9.3%) together accounted for more than 1 in 5 payment transactions globally in March, although that was up only marginally from December 2013 (19.5%). Retail remains the only sector of 5 examined where tablets (16.5%) have a higher share of transactions than smartphones (9.3%). In the retail sector, the average transaction value on tablets ($113) was almost 50% higher than on smartphones ($77). Read more »

          B2B Buyers Are People, Too. Who Are They, and What Makes Them Tick?

          April 29, 2014

          B2B-Debrief-Entry-ChartWhile there's a good deal of research focusing on how B2B marketers are shifting their marketing efforts, there's less data concerning buyer behavior - and even less about buyers themselves, as individuals. But ultimately the individuals involved in business purchase decisions - and those signing on the dotted line - are people, too, and understanding them is an essential component of marketing to them.  A new MarketingCharts Debrief provides targeted and practical information about B2B buyers as individuals, unearthing surprising demographic trends and distinct media consumption habits. Read more »

          Most Marketers Believe Digital Spend Will Soon Overtake Traditional Media

          April 29, 2014

          ThinkVine-Marketer-Beliefs-Traditional-v-Digital-Spend-Apr2014Despite signs that budget shifts from traditional to digital media may be slowing, most marketers believe that their spending on digital marketing will soon exceed their traditional media spending, if it hasn't already. That's according to newly-released results from a ThinkVine survey fielded among 200 senior-level marketers, which found that digital has already surpassed traditional media in spending for one-quarter of respondents. An additional 31% believe their digital marketing spend will exceed traditional this year (15%) or next (16%), while only 14% feel that the shift will not take place in the foreseeable future (11%) or ever (3%). Read more »

          Digital Technologies to Influence Half of In-Store Sales by Year-End

          April 29, 2014


            Source: Deloitte
              Notes: Deloitte estimates that digital currently influences 36% of in-store sales, a figure it forecasts will likely rise to 50% by year-end. Mobile now influences 19% of in-store sales, a huge increase from 5% in 2012 and far ahead of 2012's forecasts. The analysts argue that retailers should focus more on digital devices' role in the purchase path than on "conversion in the channel" (making purchases on the devices), citing data indicating that 94% of retail sales take place in-store and that 1 in 5 consumers spend more as a result of using digital. Read more »

              YouTube Brand Activity and Media Buying Stats

              April 29, 2014


                Source: OpenSlate [download page]
                  Notes: The top 500 non-entertainment brands on YouTube have more than doubled their average subscriber base year-over-year, from 37,000 to 82,000, according to Outrigger Media's report. However, on average, these brands require almost 750 views per new subscriber, versus around 200 for the most successful content channels. Google accounts for a leading 24 of the top 500 channels, followed by Samsung (17). Meanwhile, a concurrent survey of individuals (almost all employed by agencies) involved in planning or buying of YouTube media over the past year finds that 41% plan to increase their spending. Just 1 in 5 consider subscriber growth a KPI when buying media on YouTube, though. Read more »

                  Marketers’ Most Effective Word-of-Mouth Tactics

                  April 28, 2014

                  WOMMAAMA-Satisfaction-W-O-M-Social-Tactics-Apr2014About 9 in 10 marketers indicate that difficulty measuring offline word-of-mouth (W-O-M) marketing is an obstacle in pursuing a W-O-M strategy at their companies, and 8 in 10 concur with respect to difficulties measuring online social media marketing, according to full results from a survey by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Despite that, 2 in 3 believe that W-O-M is more effective than traditional marketing - and at least 7 in 10 are satisfied with a variety of tactics they're using. Read more »