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May 2014

Top 10 Marketing Charts of the Month – May 2014

May 30, 2014

MarketingCharts-Top-10-Charts-of-May-2014This month's quick-hit set of top charts [pdf] features the following topics: mobile content consumption, by industry and demographic; top sources for generating and converting leads; most effective ad channels for reaching millionaires; the key "soft skills" required of marketers; LinkedIn's importance to B2B marketers and increased activity among users; first impressions' influence on brand loyalty; and the most common mobile marketing metrics. Read more »

Marketers Concerned About Levels of Transparency with Media Agencies

May 30, 2014

ANAForrester-Transparency-Concerns-Media-Agencies-May2014A recent survey from STRATA found that agencies have trust issues with the publishers they partner with (this could be a good reason why...) - and now a survey from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Forrester Research finds that client-side marketers have concerns about the levels of transparency that exist between them and their media agencies. According to the survey results [download page], some 46% of marketers hold these concerns - and concerns are increasing for 42%. Read more »

Half of North American Digital Marketers on Twitter Sharing Content From Instagram

May 30, 2014


    Source: PunchTab / LeadTail [download page]
      Notes: A majority 56% of North American digital marketers active on Twitter shared content from YouTube during the report period (2/1/14-4/30/14), with about half also doing so from Instagram. Compared to a similar report released last year, it appears that a greater share of digital marketers are cross-posting from Facebook, while a smaller percentage are doing so from Vine, changes which might be partly attributable to differences between the samples. The latest study finds that of the 100 most popular shared content sources, mainstream (43%) and industry (42%) media are virtually on par, with social media (12%) further back. Read more »

      More Than One-Quarter of Recorded TV Content Said Never Watched

      May 30, 2014


        Source: ARRIS Consumer Entertainment Index [download page]
          Notes: An estimated 28% of recorded TV is never watched, according to a survey of 10,500 respondents aged 16 and older from 19 countries - each of whom was required to have TV service with a capable device and access to an internet connection. Younger consumers were the most likely to discard recorded programs, with respondents aged 16-34 deleting about one-third of recorded content. Within the US, respondents estimated deleting 27% of recorded content - down from 41% in last year's survey. Read more »

          How Millionaires Shop: Millennials and Baby Boomers Share Many Similarities

          May 29, 2014

          Shullman-Millionaires-Shopping-Preferences-by-Generation-May2014In a new study of how millionaires shop, the Shullman Research Center finds that Millennials (18-33) and Baby Boomers (49-67) share many similarities, with Gen Xers (34-48) the odd ones out. According to the survey of almost 500 respondents with a net worth of at least $1 million, 52% of Millennials and 53% of Boomers prefer to make purchases of products and services of interest to them at a store, compared to just one-quarter of Gen Xers. And while almost half of Millennials and Boomers say they aren't comfortable making purchases on a smartphone, just 1 in 8 Gen Xers concur. Read more »

          B2B Execs Estimate 31% of E-Commerce Revenue to be Incremental

          May 29, 2014

          EPiServerForrester-B2B-Firms-Incremental-E-Commerce-Revenue-May2014Online purchases are becoming more common among young B2B procurers, per research released last year, and a majority of vendors in the US and Europe agree that B2B commerce is shifting from offline to online and self-service, primarily to meet customer demand. In fact, according to a newly-released survey [download page] commissioned by EPiServer and conducted by Forrester Consulting among 100 US firms that have implemented B2B e-commerce solutions in the last 7 years, 31% of the revenue their e-commerce system books is believed to be incremental. Read more »

          30% of “Socially Active” Brands Said to be on Instagram

          May 29, 2014


            Source: Shareablee/comScore
              Notes: It's still early days for brands on Instagram, according to data shared in a comScore and Shareablee webinar, although some 30% of socially active brands have an Instagram profile as of March 2014, per Shareablee Social Loyalty Platform data. Predictably, some industry categories have been quicker to include Instagram in their marketing mix than others: leading the pack are luxury retail and luxury auto, with 67% and 60% penetration among socially active brands, respectively. Read more »

              Broadband Subscriptions Continue to Pick up Steam in Q1

              May 29, 2014


                Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG)
                  Notes: The top broadband providers in the US, representing about 93% of the market, added 1.2 million subscribers during Q1. That was the best result in 2 years, per LRG, with net additions 5% higher than a year earlier. The top cable companies added almost 1 million new subscribers, reaching 50.3 million by the end of the first-quarter. In fact, the top cable companies have almost as many broadband as pay-TV subscribers (50.4 million). Overall, the top broadband providers boasted 85.5 million subscribers by the end of Q1 2014. Read more »

                  Older Affluents Remain Drawn to Traditional Media

                  May 28, 2014

                  LuxuryInstitute-Affluents-Media-Habits-by-Generation-May2014Much as with the general population, affluents' media habits differ by generation, with younger affluents more likely to be found using newer media and older groups spending more time with traditional media. That's according to a recent report from the Luxury Institute that found affluent Baby Boomers spending almost twice as much time with print and TV than their Millennial counterparts, while lagging in their usage of social media, online radio and online video. Read more »

                  Hispanics Prove Active Second-Screeners

                  May 28, 2014

                  PwC-Hispanics-Second-Screening-by-Age-Gender-May2014Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to use mobile devices for a variety of activities, according to [download page] a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Those activities include second-screening, with 58% of Hispanics surveyed claiming to always or usually use a mobile device while watching TV, compared to 53% of non-Hispanics. That tilt was generally consistent across age groups, but was most pronounced for 25-34-year-olds (72% of Hispanics versus 62% of non-Hispanics) as well as males (59% and 47%, respectively). Read more »