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June 2014

Mobile Apps Now Capture Majority of Digital Time in the US

June 30, 2014

comScore-US-Internet-Consumption-by-Device-Feb2013-May2014-Jun2014Mobile applications have reached another threshold, according to comScore data. After exceeding the desktop web in share of digital time spent in January, mobile apps accounted for a majority 51% share of total digital consumption in May, per comScore's figures. In fact, mobile web and apps together accounted for 60% share of digital media time spent in May, up from 50% share a year earlier. Read more »

Most Patriotic Brands in America, According to Consumers

June 30, 2014


    Source: Brand Keys
      Notes: The study looked at how close brands were to the consumer ideal when it came to how much patriotism consumers emotionally credited to the brand, assigning each a percentage score relative to a category benchmark. As such, Jeep's leading score of 98% (for the second consecutive year) means that it almost fully meets consumers' emotional ideal for patriotism in the auto category. While many of the brands also were among the top 10 scorers last year, additions to this year's list include: Apple; Amazon; and Google. Read more »

      Mobile Advertisers’ Campaign Goals in Q1

      June 30, 2014


        Source: Millennial Media [download page]
          Notes: A plurality 34% of mobile campaigns on the Millennial Media network counted site/mobile traffic as their goal, with brand awareness and engagement (23%) the second-most popular goal. Some 23% of campaigns directed users to a video, while 37% had site search as a post-click campaign action. Separately, pharma was the fastest-growing spender, upping its investments on the platform by 481% year-over-year. Read more »

          Consumers: Twitter Trails Company Facebook Pages in Daily Visits

          June 27, 2014

          TemkinGroup-Daily-Social-Activity-Computers-Mobile-Phones-June2014Facebook is by far the most popular social network among American adults, according to a newly-released study [download page] of daily social media activity by the Temkin Group. Some 46.5% of respondents said they read or update Facebook daily from a computer, with 29.3% doing so daily from a mobile phone. In fact, Facebook is so popular that respondents reported being more likely to visit company Facebook pages on a daily basis than they were to read or update Twitter at that frequency. Read more »

          Most Senior Execs Report Using A Smartphone to Research Business Products and Services

          June 27, 2014


            Source: IDG Global Solutions
              Notes: More than 9 in 10 senior executives own a smartphone used for business, per the study, with about three-quarters of those reporting use of their smartphone to research a product or service for their business. Half of those have bought IT products for business using their smartphone, with 13% making a purchase between $1,000 and $4,999.
                Related: Debrief: Reaching and Influencing B2B Buyers and Decision-Makers [download page] Read more »

                Most Important Types of News, Among US News Consumers

                June 27, 2014

                ReutersYouGov-Most-Important-News-Types-in-US-June2014 Source: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism / YouGov Notes: US news consumers (those who consume some type of news on a monthly basis) are most interested in national and local news (each at 57%), making the US the only country of the 10 tracked where local news is as important to news consumers as news about the country. Compared to the other 9 countries, respondents in the US are the most interested in local news and news about the economy, while being the least interested in international news and sports news. 1 in 5 indicated business and financial news to be among their 5 most important news types. Read more »

                Marketers Rank Their Strategic Priorities

                June 26, 2014

                TealiumEconsultancy-Relative-Ranking-Strategic-Priorities-June2014Proving the value of marketing activities with financial outcomes is the most important of 7 strategic priorities ranked by client-side marketers, details a new report [download page] from Tealium and Econsultancy. That result is fairly unsurprising in light of recent survey results suggesting that only 1 in 4 marketers can prove their impact on the business. Interestingly, though, conversion rate optimization sits at the bottom of the list of priorities, despite being deemed "crucial" by a majority of marketers in earlier research. Read more »

                Viewers Say Ads in Local TV News Are Relevant, Drive Action

                June 26, 2014

                HearstTVGfK-Media-Users-Attitudes-to-Ads-June2014Almost 6 in 10 regular viewers of local TV news agree that they rely on local TV news for product and service ideas that are relevant to them in their lives, and half agree that ads they see on local TV news feel like they are chosen specifically for people like them. That's according to a Hearst TV-commissioned GfK survey [pdf] of 2,655 adults aged 25 and older who watch local TV news at least a few times per week. The results also suggest that ads in local TV news compare favorably with other media in driving viewers' action. Read more »

                Weekly Newspaper Reach Among News Consumers, Across 10 Countries

                June 26, 2014


                  Source: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism / YouGov
                    Notes: Some 92% of the US online population consumes some type of news on a monthly basis, and 58% of those US news users indicate that they accessed print or online newspapers during the week prior to the survey, the second lowest figure of the 10 countries tracked. Read more »

                    Americans’ Trust in Businesses to Protect Their Data, by Institution

                    June 26, 2014


                      Source: Gallup
                        Notes: Only 21% of American adults have a "lot of trust" in the businesses or companies that they regularly do business with to keep their personal information secure. Survey respondents place their highest degree of trust in banks and credit card companies (39%) and health insurance companies (26%). But very few are confident in online retailers (6%) and social networking websites or applications (2%). Read more »