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July 2014

Minority of B2B Salespeople Find Marketing Assets Effective

July 31, 2014

DemandMetric-Marketing-Asset-Effectiveness-Perceptions-July20143 in 4 marketers believe that marketing assets are somewhat (67%) or very (9%) effective, but only 46% of salespeople concur, finds a new study [download page] released by Demand Metric. The survey - fielded mostly among B2B respondents - focuses on the causes and impacts of "bad" sales interactions, finding numerous instances of disagreement between sales and marketing teams, with each seeing¬†problems with¬†the other. Read more »

CPG Brand Loyalty On the Rise, Though Consumers Still Seek Value

July 31, 2014

IRI-Americans-CPG-Brand-Spending-Behavior-Q2-2014-Q2-2011-July2014American consumers are showing more loyalty to regular CPG brands than they did 3 years ago, according to new survey results from IRI Worldwide. Some 39% of respondents indicated that they are trying new brands priced below regular brands, down from 46% reporting this behavior in Q2 2011. Similarly, fewer respondents - 31% in Q2 compared to 39% in Q2 2011 - are giving up some of their favorite brands. Despite those positive trends, few consumers only purchase their preferred brands over cheaper options. Read more »

Half of Large Tablet Owners Watch Video Content On Their Devices At Least Weekly

July 31, 2014


    Source: Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
      Notes: A slight majority 52% of large tablet owners reported accessing and watching movies, TV programs or other videos on their devices in the week prior to the survey, with this activity more prevalent among male (59%) than female (47%) owners. Men aged 18-34 are the most likely to be watching video content on their large tablets, with two-thirds doing so. Read more »

      Programmatic Approaches to Audience Engagement Seen Globalizing

      July 31, 2014


        Source: IAB/Winterberry Group
          Notes: A majority of US and US-based advertisers, publishers and global technology and service providers surveyed by the IAB and Winterberry Group are pursuing data-driven programmatic approaches to audience engagement in markets outside the US, per the study. Tech solutions and service providers appear to be at the forefront of this trend, with a majority actively pursuing such capabilities - compared to one-third of advertisers and publishers doing so. Key barriers include a lack of understanding of "audience development" across markets as well as concerns about the ability to generate results at the needed scale. Read more »

          What Are Youths’ Biggest Clothing Style and Brand Decision Influencers?

          July 30, 2014

          ForestCityAlexanderBabbage-Kids-Clothing-Brand-Influencers-July2014Clothing is one of teens' top spending categories, per recent research from Piper Jaffray - but what influences their style and brand decisions when it comes to clothing and accessories? A recent survey commissioned by Forest City and conducted by Alexander Babbage offers some insight into the top influencers among teens (13-17) and young adults (18-24), with both predictable and surprising results. Indeed, while word-of-mouth proves paramount, one traditional marketing tactic also nets kids' attention. Read more »

          How Millionaire Investors Are Using Social Media

          July 30, 2014

          SpectremGroup-Millionaire-Investors-Social-Media-Use-July2014Roughly three-quarters of Millionaire investors (with $1-5 million in net worth, not including primary residence) report using social media platforms, with Facebook (57%) the most commonly-used, according to [download page] a Spectrem Group study. LinkedIn is the next-most popular (41%), with YouTube (26%) also used by a significant proportion, while Twitter (10%) and Google+ (8%) don't see much interest. The analysts note that, aside from LinkedIn, Millionaire investors' use of social media tends to be more social than professional, and that even LinkedIn is not considered a primary vehicle for reading financial blogs. Read more »

          Revised Global Ad Spend Growth Forecast for 2014, by Medium

          July 30, 2014


            Source: Warc
              Notes: Global ad spending (estimated based on 13 markets) is expected grow by 5.8% this year, represented an upward revision of 0.6% points from Warc's January forecast, with the US hewing close to the average with 5.5% growth. Warc predicts that online ad spending will grow by 16.4%, a 2.3% upward revision from January, although all other media have been revised downward to varying degrees. Beyond the internet, TV (5.3%), cinema (4.6%) and out-of-home (4.2%) are slated for the fastest growth, with print (magazines: -3.5%; newspapers: -4.1%) declining. Read more »

              News Consumption on Large Tablets in Q1, by Age and Gender

              July 30, 2014


                Source: Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
                  Notes: Slightly more than 6 in 10 large tablet owners reported using their devices to get news stories or other content provided by news organizations in the week prior to the survey, with this behavior more prevalent among men (69%) than women (52%). Interestingly, news consumption by large tablet owners was higher among older age groups: 67% of respondents aged 35-54 and 64% of respondents aged 55 and older reported using their tablets to keep up with the news, compared to 53% of device owners aged 18-34. Read more »

                  Top 10 at Domestic Film Box Office, Weekend of Jul. 25-27, 2014

                  July 29, 2014

                  Content in Rentrak Theatrical box office updates is produced and/or compiled by Rentrak Corporation and its Box Office Essentials theatrical box office data collection and analytical service.

                  What Users Value in the Website Experience (Hint: Performance)

                  July 29, 2014

                  LimelightNetworks-Important-Factors-Website-Experience-July2014When it comes to a great website experience, internet users consider performance more important than fresh content, consistent experiences across mobile and desktop, and personalized content, finds Limelight Networks in a study entitled "The State of the User Experience" [pdf]. Delving further into attitudes regarding website performance, the study unearths some intriguing attitudes: for example, roughly 1 in 5 respondents aren't willing to wait longer than 3 seconds for a website to load before getting frustrated and leaving. Read more »