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October 2015

Digital Streaming Media Player Use Continues to Grow

October 30, 2015

GfK-Streaming-Media-Players-Use-2010-2015-Oct2015Source: GfK

    Notes: Almost 1 in 5 (19% of) Americans aged 18-54 use a digital streaming media player monthly to watch TV and movies, more than double the proportion from 2013 (9%), reports GfK in newly-released data. Smart TVs are also growing quickly, with 19% of 13-54-year-olds using them at least monthly to watch TV and movies. As GfK notes, "the TV set will continue to be the hub for video entertainment for the foreseeable future," with the change instead being in the mix of content sources. Read more »

    Total Halloween Spending Set to Dip This Year

    October 30, 2015

    NRF-Halloween-Spending-Forecasts-2005-2015-Oct2015Source: National Retail Federation (NRF)

      Notes: Almost two-thirds (64%) of American adults plan to celebrate Halloween or participate in Halloween activities this year, reports the NRF in a recent study, with the average celebrant expecting to spend about $74. That comes out to a total of roughly $6.9 billion in spending, down from last year's projected $7.4 billion. The International Council for Shopping Centers (ICSC), for its part, expects about 8 in 10 households to make Halloween-related purchases, up from 74% last year. Read more »

      How Are B2B Marketers Using Video?

      October 29, 2015

      WVMCReelSEOFlimp-B2B-Video-SEO-Practices-Oct2015Boosting brand awareness and engagement ranks as the top application of video in B2B online marketing programs, according to the latest annual B2B video content marketing study [download page] from the Web Video Marketing Council (WVMC), Flimp Media and ReelSEO. While limited budgets are the leading production challenge, 41% of respondents said their video marketing budgets have increased from last year, including almost 3 in 10 whose budgets have grown by more than 10%. Read more »

      How Do Baby Boomers Feel About Their Primary Care Doctors?

      October 29, 2015

      MDVIPIpsos-Boomers-Top-Frustration-Primary-Care-Doctors-Oct2015Baby Boomers (51-69) have generally positive attitudes towards their primary care doctors, as the vast majority agree that their doctor listens carefully to their questions and concerns (88%) and knows their name, history and medical issues (82%) as well as the medications and care they receive from specialists (79%). However, almost half report some frustrations with their doctor, and some have taken action as a result, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of MDVIP. Read more »

      Fortune 500’s Social Media Platform Use in 2015

      October 28, 2015

      UMassDartmouth-Fortune500-Social-Use-Oct2015Source: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research

        Notes: LinkedIn remains the most broadly used social network among the Fortune 500, with 93% of the companies analyzed maintaining an account, per the latest annual analysis from the University of Massachusetts. This year Glassdoor was measured for the first time, with 87% of companies active on their Glassdoor profiles. Beyond those platforms, Twitter (78%), Facebook (74%) and YouTube (64%) rounded out the top 5, with each dropping slightly from last year in usage. Meanwhile Instagram is the fastest-growing platform, up from 9% with an active presence in 2013 to 33% this year. Read more »

        What Helps B2B Sales Reps Close the Deal?

        October 28, 2015

        CorpVisions-B2B-Sales-Deal-Close-Factors-Oct2015Source: Corporate Visions

          Notes: From a training, coaching and content standpoint, B2B companies invest more time and budget in the sales process than in messaging and field sales conversations, according to a survey from Corporate Visions. However, when respondents were asked which of 4 factors is most important in driving deals to a successful close, sales conversations (defined as the reps' ability to deliver a distinct point of view that uniquely positions the company's solutions) outweighed sales process by a sizable margin, per the study. Read more »

          US Email Open and Click Rates, by Hour Scheduled, in 2014

          October 27, 2015

          MailerMailer-US-Email-Open-Rates-by-Hour-Scheduled-in-2014-Oct2015MailerMailer has released its latest annual "Email Marketing Metrics Report" analyzing data from almost 1.2 billion opt-in newsletters. Although there continues to be some debate as to usefulness of timing studies (and these¬†efforts¬†should always be based on an individual list's performance), it's interesting to look at general trends based off a large sample. Read more »

          Which Touch Points are Central to the Customer Experience?

          October 27, 2015

          EconsultancyAdobe-Touchpoints-Central-to-CX-Oct2015The number of different touch points and complexity of the customer experience (CX) ranks as the greatest barrier preventing organizations from improving CX, according to company marketers (primarily hailing from Europe) responding to a recent study [download page] from Econsultancy and Adobe. So which touch points do marketers see as being central to the customer experience? Read more »

          Consumers Still Value Performance Over Content in the Website Experience

          October 26, 2015

          Limelight-Consumer-Website-Experience-Expectations-Oct2015Source: Limelight Networks [pdf]

            Notes: A high-performing website is again more important to consumers than fresh and updated content, a consistent cross-screen experience and personalized content, finds Limelight Networks in its latest annual "State of the User Experience" study. Somewhat surprisingly, though, consumers appear to have more patience this year for site load times, with 51.6% (versus 40.8% last year) willing to wait more than 5 seconds before they get frustrated or leave the site. Read more »

            How Youth and Gen Xers Feel Brands Should Deal With Controversial Issues

            October 26, 2015

            Trendera-Brands-and-Controversial-Social-Issues-Oct2015Source: Trendera

              Notes: When it comes to controversial social issues, around half of youth (13-35) and Gen Xers (36-50) feel that brands should stick with their core believes even if goes against popular opinion, according to results from a Trendera survey. Still, roughly one-quarter of respondents feel that brands shouldn't react at all as they shouldn't be involved in social issues, with a similar proportion feeling that brands shouldn't react due to the likelihood of offending someone. Read more »