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Content Engagement Higher on Desktops Than Mobiles

Source: BrightEdge [download page] Notes: Consumers engage with 20% of B2C content on average, though average engagement with B2B content is higher (50%), according to a BrightEdge analysis. Content engagement – defined as traffic, conversions and revenue – differs widely by industry, with hospitality the highest of those measured and retail the lowest, based on […]

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Top-Indexing Retail Spending Categories Among LGBT Households

Source: Nielsen [download page] Notes: LGBT households (those with at least one member identifying as LGBT) are more likely than non-LGBT households to shop at specialty retail channels such as book stores (index of 172), beverage stores (155), convenience stores (135), pet stores (132) and electronics stores (128) reports Nielsen in a new study. That […]

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Friday Research Wrap, 7/31/2015

CPG and retail advertisers among the top 500 advertisers boosted Hispanic media spend by 67% between 2010 and 2014, far above the 20% aggregate growth in spend during the prior 5-year period of 2006-2010, reports AHAA [pdf]. The study indicates that 28% of these companies’ growth in top-line revenues between 2010 and 2014 is┬áthe result […]

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iPad Leads Mobile Devices in Revenue per Ad Impression

Source: Opera Mediaworks Notes: Android mobile devices continued to lead iOS devices in mobile ad traffic (63.7% vs. 21.7%) and share of revenue (47.7% vs. 47.2%) in Q2, reports Opera, though iOS devices were clearly ahead yet again in revenue per impression. The iPad sets the standard on this measure, per the report, accounting for […]

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What Do B2C Marketers and Agencies See As Mobile Advertising’s Top Challenges?

Mobile advertising is either a significant aspect or a top priority in the overall marketing plan for a majority of consumer-facing brand marketers and agencies. That’s according to a recent report [download page] from xAd, which found more than 8 in 10 respondents from each group saying that mobile ads play at least some role […]

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