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Are Billion-Dollar Strategic Decisions Being Made on the Basis of Data or Intuition?

Spending on data analytics is rising, and CMOs report that one of their most effective applications of predictive analytics has been to leverage consumer data to support intuitive hypotheses. With all the buzz about big data, recent studies have shown somewhat conflicting results regarding the extent to which data or intuition is used in decision-making. […]

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4 in 10 Senior Execs at Large Organizations Don’t Measure Customer Lifetime Value

A recent survey of global marketers found a greater focus on customer acquisition than retention, and a new Forbes Insights and Sitecore survey [download page] of North American senior executives indeed finds that attracting new customers is considered a greater priority for marketing organizations today than turning current customers into customers for life. And while […]

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Services Most In Demand From Local SEOs

Source: BrightLocal Notes: For the second consecutive year, local SEOs report on-site SEO is the service most in demand from their customers. Google+ optimization and website development are the next-most in demand, per the survey, with citation building taking a step up from last year’s results. Separately, 39% of respondents believe that social media is […]

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Companies’ Top Strategic Partnership Drivers

Source: CMO Council / Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network [download page] Notes: Some 85% of survey respondents report that strategic partnerships and alliances are at least important to their business, although 43% say that less than 60% of their partnerships have been successful. Effective partnerships are most beneficial in acquiring new customers (68%) and increasing […]

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Search Ranking Factors Data Points to Importance of Quality Content

Quality content creation is considered the most effective SEO tactic (and also the most difficult to execute) per recent Ascend2 research, and a new Google search rankings study from SearchMetrics [download page] gives further weight to the importance of quality, relevant content. Indeed, the study notes that “content is no longer an addition to, but […]

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