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Print Magazine Reach Twice As Large As Digital Issues Among Connected Adults

Source: Mequoda [download page] Notes: Among US adults with internet access, 7 in 10 surveyed report having read a print magazine issue in the past 30 days, almost twice the proportion (37%) who have read a digital magazine issue, according to a Mequoda study. Digital magazine readers are split on their favorite format, though, with […]

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Majority of TV Households With Kids Watch OTT Content Via Connected TVs

Source: GfK Notes: 4 in 10 US TV households stream video over connected TVs, most commonly via an internet-connected media player (23%), reveals GfK in a recent study. The results indicate that TV households with kids under 18 (54%) are far more likely than those without kids (34%) to watch OTT content via a connected […]

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Global Ad Spend Trends Forecast by Medium, 2015-2016

Source: Warc Notes: Global advertising spending will grow by 2.3% this year (current prices), a forecast slashed from December 2014’s predicted 4.8% growth, says Warc, based on an analysis of 12 countries that make up 75% of ad expenditures tracked by the company. Online (+16.1%), cinema (3.2%) and outdoor (+0.3%) are the only media expected […]

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Netflix Paid Streaming Subscriber Count, Q1 2012-Q2 2015

Source: Netflix Notes: Netflix turned in another strong quarter in Q2, the company said in a recent release, gaining more than 2 million paid international subscribers. Indeed, Netflix’s international paid subscriber base has grown rapidly over the past 3+ years, and is now more than half as large as the US subscriber base for the […]

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B2B Marketers’ Most Exciting Future Opportunity? Customer Experience

Content marketing may be B2B marketers’ greatest current opportunity, but its appeal looks set to recede in the years to come in favor of other exciting opportunities, according to a new report [download page] from Econsultancy and Adobe. Instead, it will be customer experience (CX) emerging as the single most exciting opportunity for most B2B […]

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