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Product Videos Found Boosting Purchase Confidence Among Viewers »

From Product Videos Found Boosting Purchase Confidence Among Viewers »

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Gen Z Turns to Newer Platforms for Music Discovery

Source: Jacobs Media [pdf] Notes: Among core radio listeners interested in finding out about new music and artists, AM/FM radio (on any device) is easily the top single option, for roughly 51% of respondents. But, about 3 in 10 Gen Z (born 1993 and after) listeners interested in new music turn to Pandora (14%), YouTube […]

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Search Marketers’ Take on the Ranking Factors Increasing in Importance This Year

Source: BrightEdge [download page] Notes: About 7 in 10 search marketers feel that it will be more important this year to understand the correlation between social sharing of pages and ranking for those pages. While studies (such as this one) have found social signals to highly correlate with search rankings, Matt Cutts has denied [YouTube […]

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The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Their Customers

American consumers don’t feel that their relationships with businesses are improving, according to a new study [download page] from Among the intriguing study findings: one-quarter of customers would switch to a different provider on the basis of a single negative experience, and about 1 in 5 would never re-establish trust in a provider after […]

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Radio Listening Gradually Transitions to Digital Platforms

Almost one-fifth of weekly radio usage in the US and Canada now occurs on digital sources, according to the 10th annual Techsurvey from Jacobs Media. That mirrors a similar shift in TV content viewing on alternative sources, and is being driven by younger core radio listeners, who are more apt to use digital platforms to […]

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Mobile Now One-Third of Google Organic Search Visits

Source: RKG [download page] Notes: Mobile’s 33% of Google search visits in Q1 2014 represented only a slight uptick from Q4 2013 (32%), but a more robust rise from 27% share during the year-earlier period. During Q1 2014, Yahoo actually saw a larger share (36%) of organic search visits come from mobile than Google. Overall, […]

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