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Same-Store Sales Thrived on Warm Weather in February »

From Same-Store Sales Thrived on Warm Weather in February »

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Trust in Sponsored Content Runs Low

Some 54% of internet users aged 18-65 say they generally don’t trust sponsored content, with most of the remainder only trusting such content¬†if they trust the publication it runs on (19%) or they already trust the brand (23%). That’s according to survey results from Contently, which also found that two-thirds of respondents have at some […]

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Global Internet Users: Brand Interactions As Likely on Google+ As on Twitter

Source: GlobalWebIndex (GWI) Notes: Internet users aged 16-64 from 32 countries around the world are far more likely to be sharing brand content on Facebook than on Google+ or Twitter, per GWI’s study covering Q1 activity, though that’s likely a reflection of adoption rates. Beyond Facebook, rates of sharing brand content (such as photos and […]

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Which Demographic Groups Are Most Confident in Their Physical Appearance?

Americans’ perception of (and potential concern over) their physical appearance “fuels a huge component of the US economy, extending across clothing, makeup, hair care, weight control, and cosmetic surgery industries” notes Gallup in newly-released survey results examining various demographic groups’ confidence in their physical appearance. Interestingly, older Americans appear most confident in their appearance, while […]

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FSI Coupon Distributions Increase by 3.4% Y-O-Y in H1

Source: Kantar Media Notes: 158 billion FSI coupons were distributed during the first half of this year, representing a 3.4% increase from the year-earlier period, per Kantar Media’s report. With the average face value of a coupon increasing by 4.5% to $1.69, the total dollar amount of incentives circulated grew by 8% to $267 billion. […]

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Mobile Commerce: Email’s Influence Largest on Phones; Paid Search Drives Tablet Revenues

A new report [download page] from Custora¬†detailing the growth in mobile commerce finds some interesting divergences in revenue drivers across mobile phones, tablets and desktops. According to the report, email drove 26.7% of revenues on mobile phones last year, compared to 23.1% on tablets and 20.9% on desktops, with this the latest finding to demonstrate¬†email’s […]

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