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What Motivates Americans to Engage in Digital Activism?

Among Americans who made a donation in the past 12 months, more gave online (27%) than via regular mail (23%), while about 1 in 1 donated via their mobile device, finds Cone Communications in a new study [pdf]. But donations aren’t the only form of digital activism: the report also notes that 58% of American […]

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What Tech Marketers Want From Their Media Partners – And Why

More than 9 in 10 senior technology marketers believe that it’s critical or very important that their media partners deliver on promises (92%) and demonstrate reach into key targets (91%), according to a new study from IDG Research Services. Beyond those top values, tech marketers are also looking for competitive pricing and demonstrated ROI (86%) […]

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Pay-TV Market Shrinks in Q3; Broadband Subs Pick Up Steam

Source: Leichtman Research Group (Pay-TV / Broadband) Notes: The largest pay-TV providers – representing about 95% of the market – shed roughly 150,000 subscribers in Q3, up from a loss of about 25,000 in Q3 2013. By contrast, the largest broadband providers – representing about 94% of the market – gained more than 700,000 high-speed […]

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Growth in Time Spent With Apps Not Being Driven by Top Apps

Source: Flurry Notes: Americans spent almost 3 hours per day with mobile apps and the mobile web during Q3 2014, reports Flurry, up by 15 minutes a day from Q1. Increasing time spent with mobile apps (155 minutes in Q3, up from 139 in Q1) accounted for all of the growth in time spent with […]

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Are TV Audiences Really on the Decline?

The topics of TV consumption and cord-cutting have been back in the national conversation with the recent rash of announcements regarding stand-alone streaming services from the likes of HBO and CBS. MarketingCharts has been tracking trends in traditional TV consumption on an age basis for several quarters; now new data from Rentrak’s Chief Research Officer […]

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