Fair Use Policy

Material from third parties

Except where explicitly noted, Marketing Charts does not own the rights to pictures or logos displayed on our site. We use images under the ‘fair use’ copyright doctrine, from public sources and private organizations, or use images under Creative Commons/GNU licenses that make them available to the general public, or with explicit and noted permission. All rights remain with the original image owners. 

What this means is that you may not re-publish any photographs from our site using our name for attribution.

MarketingCharts graphs; Source Data

Charts created by Marketing Charts may not be republished in the absence of a significant portion of the accompanying text article. The source data used is generally compiled by a third party partner, and our policy is to allow re-licensing only in instances where our own editorial is employed and the data receives proper attribution.

If you wish to republish a chart, along with text satisfying the above, you may contact us directly for a price quote on its usage.

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