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$345MM Invested in Virtual-Worlds-Related Companies in 1H08 »
$345MM Invested in Virtual-Worlds-Related Companies in 1H08

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Who’s Spending More on What?

Some 45% of American adults claim to be spending more today than they were a year ago, with Millennials (51%) most likely to be loosening the purse strings, per survey results from Gallup. Interestingly, this increased spending comes despite a general tendency across generations to be unwilling to spend more on items they don’t need. The […]

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Mobile Share of E-Commerce Spending, Q2 2010-Q2 2014

Source: comScore Notes: Mobile commerce spending grew by 47% year-over-year in Q2, buoyed by a 75% gain in tablet spend (as opposed to a 29% rise in smartphone commerce). With desktop-based e-commerce growing by a more modest 10%, mobile accounted for 11.1% share of total e-commerce spend during the second quarter, up from 8.6% during […]

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Mobile Ad Response Seen Differing by Gender, Platform

Men respond more to ads in mobile browsers, while women are more likely to swipe or click on in-app ads, finds a new study [pdf] from Burst Media. The study – based on a survey of close to 750 US online adults who use a mobile device to access the mobile web and/or applications – finds […]

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Top 10 Local Markets by Tablet Penetration

Source: Nielsen [download page] Notes: Some 41% of US households owned a tablet in May per Nielsen’s report – with Washington, DC (56%) the top local market by penetration rate, as it was 6 months earlier. Tablet penetration exceeded 50% in three other markets – San Francisco (53%), Atlanta (53%) and Boston (52%) – while […]

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How Are Marketers Planning to Maximize Their Value in the Next Year?

Several pieces of research of late have demonstrated that marketers are having trouble proving their value – and are being increasingly pressured to validate their impact on their organizations. Putting aside the struggles with quantitatively measuring ROI – how are marketers planning to increase their impact and value in the next year? Survey results from the CMO […]

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