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Online Ads Spark Nearly as Many Searches as Clicks »
Online Ads Spark Nearly as Many Searches as Clicks

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Email Subject Lines: The Latest Data

The topic of email subject lines always generates interest (and some debate) as marketers try to fight through inbox clutter that sees consumers receiving a reported average of 416 commercial emails per month (and that was 2 years ago). A couple of recently-released studies provide some fresh data to review.

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US Now Sees More Mobile-Only Than Desktop-Only Adult Internet Users

Source: comScore Notes: There are now more mobile-only than desktop-only adult internet users in the US, says comScore, as the former accounted for 11.3% share of connected adults in March, versus 10.6% share for the latter. Interestingly, the milestone was reached as a result of an uptick in multi-platform users rather than a hike in […]

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Consumers Rate In-Store Personalization Tactics as “Cool” or “Creepy”

Source: RichRelevance Notes: Almost three-quarters of consumers feel OK with scanning a product on their mobile device to see product reviews and recommendations, but their attitudes swing decidedly to the “creepy” side of things when it comes to personalization tactics that use facial recognition technology, according to a RichRelevance survey. Indeed, it seems that tactics […]

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Weekend Reading, 5/1/15

The Pew Research Center has released its latest annual “State of the News Media” report, a wide-ranging and comprehensive summary of news media trends across various platforms. While one of the highlights relates to¬†mobile comprising¬†a majority of visits to 39 of the top 50 digital news websites, the report also points to legacy platforms being […]

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Facebook Commands Vast Majority of Social Sharing Activity in Q1

Source: ShareThis Notes: Facebook represented 84% of content shared to social channels in Q1, reports ShareThis, with its strength more evident on mobiles (87%) than desktops (79%). For the quarter, almost two-thirds of sharing came via a mobile device, up from 52% in the year-earlier period. In fact, more sharing activity occurred on smartphones (40%) […]

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