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Top Marketing Trends for 2009: Execs ‘Sick’ of Web 2.0 »

From Top Marketing Trends for 2009: Execs ‘Sick’ of Web 2.0 »

Top Marketing Trends for 2009: Execs ‘Sick’ of Web 2.0
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Growing Number of App Users Deemed “Mobile Addicts”

On average, mobile application users around the world launch apps 10 times per day, says Flurry, based on data culled from 500,000 apps across more than 1.3 billion devices as of March 2014. But, a growing number of app users launch apps at least 60 times per day, or more than 6 times the average. […]

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Small Businesses Look to Optimize Marketing Spend

Source: Constant Contact Notes: Small businesses and non-profits participating in the survey are clearly most interested (of the options listed) in optimizing the efficiency of their campaigns: their top-stated concerns are making their marketing dollars go further and selecting the best campaigns to run. The study also finds that 8 in 10 respondents have adopted multi-channel programs, […]

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Facebook Users Seen Most Engaged With Brand Posts on Fridays

Source: Adobe [pdf] Notes: According to Adobe’s analysis of organic Facebook activity by day of the week, Friday boasted the largest share (15.7%) of Facebook brand post impressions during Q1, as well as the highest engagement rate (3.3%) and share of brand post video plays (24.7%). Also, the largest share of comments (17%), likes (16%) […]

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Marketing Budget Shifts From Traditional to Digital Media Might Be Slowing

Over the past couple of years there has been a growing body of research demonstrating a shift in marketing spending from traditional to digital media (examples here and here). But new signs are emerging suggesting that the pace of that shift is slowing: Duke University’s most recent CMO Survey found pessimism around future traditional ad spend […]

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Streaming and Cord-Cutting: Is There A Link?

Conventional wisdom would have it that consumers who stream video are more likely to cancel their pay-TV services. But a couple of new reports offer mixed signals about the link between streaming and cord-cutting. On the one hand, data from Centris Marketing Science suggests that pay-TV households who stream TV series are actually less likely to […]

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