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Workers Want Employers Out of Their SocNet Biz

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Trust in News Media Types, by Generation

Source: Harris Interactive Notes: American adults have the most trust in local TV news, finds Harris Interactive, with 78% having at least some trust that it will get them the news fairly and accurately. Local newspapers (76%) and radio (73%) follow closely, while online-only news sites such as the Huffington Post are trusted by the […]

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US Omni-Channel Shopping Behavior, by Category

Source: GfK [download page] Notes: On average, 44% of US shoppers combine online and in-person shopping activities (“omni-channel shopping”) across 15 product and service categories, reports GfK in a recent study. Omni-channel shopping is most popular for consumer electronics (65%), apparel (64%) and toys (63%), while being least common in categories such as restaurant meals […]

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Holiday 2014 Data Hub

The holiday season – traditionally referred to as the November-December period – is almost here. That means, among other things, that there’s an abundance of holiday data on offer. This article (which will be updated periodically during the holiday period) highlights key points from holiday-related research for what appears to be a fairly bright season […]

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Email Open and Click Rates, by Subject Line Length

Source: MailerMailer Notes: Email newsletters with short subject lines of between 4-15 characters sported the best open rates last year, according to a MailerMailer analysis of almost 1.2 billion emails, with longer subject lines generally tied to lower open rates. That same pattern extended to click rates, which were highest for emails with the shortest […]

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Online Adults Report Spending Close to 3 Hours a Day Using the Internet At Home

Source: Leichtman Research Group Notes: The average time spent by an individual with internet service at home is 2.8 hours, finds the Leichtman Research Group, up from 2.2 hours in 2009. That 2.8-hour average rises to 3.3 hours among Millennials (18-34), who, for the first time, are spending more time online at home than watching […]

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