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1 in 4 Conversations About Brands Reference Online Content

Face-to-face is still the dominant form of word-of-mouth, accounting for 72% of brand-related conversations last year, according to a report [download page] from Engagement Labs. While online conversations about brands has grown in recent years, the study notes that the “most impressive trend” over the past decade has been the extent to which digital content […]

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Here Are the Top Reasons Why News Consumers Install Ad Blockers

News consumers who use ad blockers primarily install them because they’re fed up with the volume and distracting nature of ads in general. However, as results from Reuters Institute’s 2016 “Digital News Report” [pdf] attest, privacy and site performance are also key considerations.

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US Email Open and Click Rates, by Hour Scheduled, in 2015

MailerMailer has dug into its customer data and released its 16th annual “Email Marketing Metrics Report” analyzing results from almost 1 billion opt-in newsletters. Although there’s rightly a debate to be had on the usefulness of studies regarding email timing (and such efforts should always be based on an individual list’s performance), the sample allows […]

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Almost Half of America’s Gen Z Population Belongs to A Minority Group

Asian-Americans were again the fastest-growing minority group in the US last year, marking the fourth consecutive year in which their population growth has outpaced that of Hispanic Americans, reports the Census Bureau in newly-released estimates. In fact, Asian-Americans’ population growth rate of 3.4% was larger than the rate of increase in 2014 and 2013, reaching […]

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Which In-Store Personalization Tactics Are Creepy? And Which Are Cool?

Consumers are generally fine with the ability to scan a product on their mobile device to see product reviews and recommendations, according to a study from RichRelevance. But the second annual “Creepy or Cool?” survey finds continued opposition to several other forms of in-store personalization.

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