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Most Consumers Read and Rely on Online Reviews; Companies Must Adjust »
Most Consumers Read and Rely on Online Reviews; Companies Must Adjust

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Live Music Sponsorship Gets Spending Hike, Credited With Brand Favorability Lift

Live music sponsorship “consistently produces high favorability among fans,” declares Nielsen in its latest Music 360 report [download page]. Indeed, a majority of music festival goers say they view a brand more favorably if it sponsors an existing festival, per the study, and almost two-thirds say that product giveaways at live events make them view […]

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Which Digital Channel Budgets Are Most Affected by Attribution in Europe?

Companies in the UK, France and Germany are more likely to decrease (46%) than increase (28%) spending across digital channels as a result of attribution, per results from an Econsultancy report [download page] produced in association with AdRoll. However, this masks distinct regional differences, with the opposite pattern seen in UK.

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Pay-TV Penetration Down Only Slightly From 2015 As Cord-Cutting Rates Remain Flat

Some 82% of TV households in the US subscribe to a pay-TV service, reports the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in a new study, down only slightly from 83% last year. In fact, while pay-TV adoption is down from 87% as recently as 2011, it remains on par with levels from 2005.

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Lack of Integrated MarTech Platforms Hurting Omnichannel Activities

Just 5% of digital and e-commerce professionals describe their marketing technology as a single platform that manages data across multiple channels, while 10 times more (51%) say they have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels. Problems integrating platforms can present a serious barrier to omnichannel marketing activities, per the Econsultancy and Adobe report […]

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Retailers See Poor Marketing Efforts As Big Barrier to Customer Loyalty

Engendering retail customer loyalty depends more on consistent marketing efforts than on creating seamless experiences, at least from the perspective of senior retail executives at large companies. That’s according to a recent study [download page] on “retentionomics,” from Forbes Insights and Sailthru.

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