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Global Mobile Ad Spending Grows Rapidly; Majority Goes to Display

Global mobile ad spending grew by 68.1% to $49 billion last year, a faster rate of growth than seen in 2014 (65%), according to a new report [pdf] from the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe and IHS Technology. Display ad spending saw the fastest rate of growth (+93%), rising to capture more […]

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Live Music Sponsorship Gets Spending Hike, Credited With Brand Favorability Lift

Live music sponsorship “consistently produces high favorability among fans,” declares Nielsen in its latest Music 360 report [download page]. Indeed, a majority of music festival goers say they view a brand more favorably if it sponsors an existing festival, per the study, and almost two-thirds say that product giveaways at live events make them view […]

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Which Digital Channel Budgets Are Most Affected by Attribution in Europe?

Companies in the UK, France and Germany are more likely to decrease (46%) than increase (28%) spending across digital channels as a result of attribution, per results from an Econsultancy report [download page] produced in association with AdRoll. However, this masks distinct regional differences, with the opposite pattern seen in UK.

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Pay-TV Penetration Down Only Slightly From 2015 As Cord-Cutting Rates Remain Flat

Some 82% of TV households in the US subscribe to a pay-TV service, reports the Leichtman Research Group (LRG) in a new study, down only slightly from 83% last year. In fact, while pay-TV adoption is down from 87% as recently as 2011, it remains on par with levels from 2005.

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Lack of Integrated MarTech Platforms Hurting Omnichannel Activities

Just 5% of digital and e-commerce professionals describe their marketing technology as a single platform that manages data across multiple channels, while 10 times more (51%) say they have separate, non-connected technologies managing data for different channels. Problems integrating platforms can present a serious barrier to omnichannel marketing activities, per the Econsultancy and Adobe report […]

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