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US Music Biz Up in 2016 on Strength of Streaming

It was a positive year in the end for the music business, declares Nielsen in the Nielsen Music Year End Report for 2016 [download page], as strong growth in on-demand streaming more than offset sales declines. In fact, on-demand streaming grew to account for 38% of all audio consumption, becoming the single largest consumption format […]

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Marketing and Sales Data Cleanliness Remains A Challenge

Marketing is becoming more data-driven, but the extent to which such efforts can achieve results is very dependent on the quality of the data at hand. According to new research from Allocadia [download page], some companies have it figured out, but many are still struggling with messy or silo’d data.

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Political Advertising in 2016 Showed Sizable Channel Shifts

Political advertising reached $9.8 billion in the 2016 election year, marking a more than 4% increase from the 2012 election cycle ($9.4 billion) and representing a new record, according to Borrell Associates. But while the spending amount was in itself interesting, the channel breakdown may have been more noteworthy.

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The 10 Fastest-Growing Grocery Categories in 2016

Americans looking to get their caffeine fix drove sizable increases in the dollar sales of ready-to-drink tea and coffee, with these emerging as the #1 and #3 growth categories in the grocery department in 2016, according to recent data from Nielsen. In fact, liquid tea sported not only the highest dollar growth (of 19.5%) but […]

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Half of Connected Teens Globally Say They’re Using Voice-Enabled Digital Assistants

One of the newer technologies getting buzz these days is the voice-enabled digital assistant – and new data from Accenture [pdf] suggests that it’s not all hype. In fact, the use of embedded voice-enabled digital assistants in smartphones and PC/laptops has reached the mainstream among 14-17-year-olds, per Accenture’s survey of almost 26,000 consumers across 26 […]

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