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Do Consumers Think Brands Are Endorsing Ads Appearing Alongside Offensive Content?

Brands that advertise online have growing concerns that their brand’s image may be adversely affected by the placement of ads near certain types of offensive content. How bad is the risk? A new YouGov survey of more than 2,000 US adults reveals that almost one-third of US adults who see an ad alongside offensive content believe that the brand being advertised is endorsing that […]

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The State of Traditional TV: Updated With Q4 2016 Data

[By MC Editor, JC Lupis] The latest quarterly TV viewing figures from Nielsen were recently released, and we now have 6 years’ worth of data on Americans’ traditional TV viewing habits to examine. If you’ve been keeping track of these quarterly updates, you’re well aware that youth as a whole are watching less traditional TV. So […]

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Consumer Willingness to Pay A Premium for “Green” Products Climbs, Albeit Slowly

Consumers seem more willing to pay a premium and inconvenience themselves for environmentally friendly products in comparison to 2010, says GfK in a new release. But it’s a minor change at best, suggesting that for some, environmental friendliness might hit the heart more than the wallet.

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Here’s When the Top Internet Retailers Are Most Active With Emails

The top internet retailers moved away slightly from Friday sends in Q1 2017 relative to the year-earlier period, according to an analysis from Email Aptitude. The distribution of sends by day of the week was relatively stable on a year-over-year basis, with Monday remaining the most active day for emails from the IR 1000.

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Retail Site Search Queries Are Getting Shorter; Most Are A Single Word

In a unique look at the all-important field of retail site search, a new study from SLI Systems [download page] reveals that the majority of search queries are only 1 word in length – and that the percentage of single-word queries has gradually risen over the past 4+ years.

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