For Youth, Social Media Increasingly Means Just Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram

9 in 10 youth select Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat as their most-used social platform.
Continue reading » | March 27, 2017

How to Upgrade Your B2B Content to Meet Buyers’ Changing Preferences

Trust is becoming more important to buyers, who want more research and data.
Continue reading » | March 27, 2017

1 in 5 Online Video Customers Paying for At Least 3 Streaming Services

The proportion of online video customers who pay for 3 or more streaming services has steadily climbed over the past 3 years, per survey results from 451 Research. While only 9% of video streaming customers paid for 3 or more services in December 2014, that figure has more than doubled to 19% in just 2 years.
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The Channels Customers Want to Use to Engage With Your Brand

When engaging with brands, consumers turn first to their websites, blogs or social sites, presumably for the availability, ease and convenience in doing so, according to a recent survey [download page] from Lithium Technologies. This channel preference is also true when wanting to find out about the products and services offered, per the study.
Continue reading » | March 27, 2017

Programmatic Digital Ad Buyers Key In On “Brand Safe” Environments

The vast majority (81%) of programmatic digital ad buyers agree that ensuring a "brand safe" environment for advertising is a high priority, and an equal proportion feel that in today's fragmented digital landscape, using brand safe, trusted environments is more important than ever, per a Trusted Media Brands report [download page] that's timely given the recent furor involving Google brand safety.
Continue reading » | March 24, 2017

Native Ad Spend Poised for Continued Growth, Majority Share of Digital Display Market

US native digital display ad spending is predicted to continue to climb through this year and next to exceed $28B, per new eMarketer estimates. In so doing, native ads are expected to take a majority share of all digital display ad spending this year, per the forecast..
Continue reading » | March 24, 2017

Which Components Are Essential to Marketers’ Brand Strategies?

Almost 9 in 10 global brand managers and CMOs agree that brand marketing is an important component of their marketing program, according to a recent report [download page] from OnBrand Magazine. The survey - conducted among more than 560 respondents - also found that the majority have a documented brand strategy, with close to half updating it annually. So what aspects are being included in brand strategies?
Continue reading » | March 23, 2017

Number of Broadband Households Foregoing Legacy Pay-TV Continues to Rise

The share of US broadband households that don't subscribe to legacy pay-TV continues its steady climb, reports TDG Research in a new study. Some 22% of broadband households surveyed in 2016 could be classified as "Cord Nils" in that they don't use any TV services from legacy providers. That's double the figure from 2012 - a marked rise in a short time.
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