Retailers Are Shifting From Google Text Ads to Shopping Ads And Seeing More Mileage From Smartphones

Plus, Google Shopping ad benchmarks across major retail verticals.
Continue reading » | April 28, 2017

Global Luxury Ad Market Set to Recover

The internet is set to take print's throne as the leading advertising channel, as it thrives in the growing broad luxury ad market.
Continue reading » | April 28, 2017

Travel Industry Satisfaction Climbs: Which Companies Are Leading the Field?

Airlines are enjoying the highest reported customer satisfaction score since 1995, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The index for airlines rose to 75 on ACSI's 100-point scale, which is a 6-point boost over a 2-year period, and an improvement of 4.2% from last year.
Continue reading » | April 27, 2017

Baby Boomers Show Some Apathy Towards Digital CX Initiatives

Generational differences might play a larger role in attitudes toward digital innovations than company executives originally thought, according to research [pdf] from the IBM Institute for Business Value. Indeed, the data highlights Baby Boomers' relative lack of interest in embracing new initiatives compared to younger age groups.
Continue reading » | April 27, 2017

Personalization Efforts Mainly Limited to Email and Website Home Pages

Virtually all marketers believe that personalization helps advance customer relationships and that their prospects and customers expect a personalized experience, new research from Evergage has found. But only 45% agree that they're getting personalization right, and further results from the study indicate that personalization channels and experiences remain limited.
Continue reading » | April 26, 2017

Few B2B Marketers Feel That Their Company Is Effective At Maximizing Potential Revenue from Major Accounts

Only about one-third (35%) of marketers think that their companies are effective at maximizing the potential revenue from their major accounts, according to a report [download page] from Altify. Not too surprisingly, those in sales roles had more confidence in their ability to gain optimal revenue (48%) than their marketing counterparts.
Continue reading » | April 26, 2017

Mobile Marketing ROI Has Come A Long Way in the Past Decade, But Email’s Still Tops

Email marketing continues to provide the best ROI of any digital channel, closely followed by SEO, according to Adestra and Econsultancy in their latest Email Marketing Industry Census [download page]. The survey of almost 700 in-house marketers - the majority of whom are UK-based - found close to three-quarters (73%) reporting that email offers a good or excellent return on investment, with SEO (72%) also highly regarded.
Continue reading » | April 25, 2017

Where is Digital Ad Fraud Having Its Biggest Local Impact?

Fraud accounts for an estimated 6.4% of all digital ad spending in the US - or roughly $8 billion, according to a new report [download page] from Borrell Associates. But ad fraud has a bigger effect in some markets than others: in fact, it represents almost one-tenth of digital ad spending in some local markets, including New Haven, CT (9.8%) and Hagerstown, MD (9.6%).
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