B2B Digital Marketing Insights Report

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Embark on a data-driven tour of B2B digital marketing trends with this report from MarketingCharts, based on a review of dozens of B2B research studies released in 2015.

Discover what your peers are doing across various marketing channels, technologies and lead generation vehicles, and benchmark your team’s use of multiple tools and techniques in an easily digestible format that emphasizes facts over fluff. Bring yourself up to speed on the latest trends in:

• Budgets • Strategies, Objectives, and Challenges • Marketing Channels
• Metrics, Analytics and ROI • Content Marketing • The Buyer’s Perspective
• The Customer Experience • Leads and Data Hygiene

Clocking in at 125 pages containing 101 charts (also separately delivered in an accompanying folder), this PDF report is an essential resource for B2B marketers. Use the data and charts not only for your strategies and benchmarking, but also to educate your sales force and to enhance your content marketing.

As always, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t glean anything of value from this report, we’ll happily refund you your money.

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