[Debrief] Reaching and Influencing B2B Buyers and Decision-Makers


As B2B buying undergoes a “consumerization” of sorts, it’s increasingly important to understand the individuals involved in business purchase decisions as well as those who sign on the dotted line.

A new MarketingCharts Debrief uncovers intriguing, highly practical – and sometimes unexpected – data for marketers aiming to reach B2B buyers and decision-makers through online and offline media buys, as well as through online content marketing.

By delving into the habits that set buyers apart from the general population, the Debrief provides targeted and actionable data for marketers in a concise, easily accessible format.

The Debrief features 21 charts and tables compiled primarily from data privately-sourced from leading providers and supplemented with publicly available research (some of which has previously been featured on the MarketingCharts website). MarketingCharts is grateful for contributions to this report from comScore and, in particular, Experian Marketing Services.

Insights for B2B marketers are presented from three angles, by:

  • Providing a demographic profile of B2B buyers and decision-makers;
  • Analyzing how buyers and decision-makers can best be reached through media; and
  • Indicating when – and how – they can be most influenced through content marketing assets.

Charts included in the Debrief

  • Demographics of B2B buyers and decision-makers
  • Media and device reach, B2B buyers and decision-makers
  • Top 10 indexing cable TV channels among B2B buyers
  • Top 10 indexing radio genres among B2B buyers
  • Top 10 indexing magazines among B2B buyers
  • B2B buyers’ top-indexing desktop retail websites
  • B2B buyers’ most-visited social networking websites from desktops
  • B2B buyers’ most-visited mobile social networking websites
  • B2B buyers’ most-visited mobile social networking apps
  • How B2B decision-makers are using social media
  • B2B buyers’ smartphone email behavior
  • B2B buyers’ tablet email behavior
  • B2B decision-makers’ smartphone email patterns, typical weekday
  • B2B decision-makers’ smartphone email patterns, typical weekend
  • B2B media users’ preferred industry sources
  • B2B media resources used by decision-makers
  • Top content on B2B vendor sites for establishing credibility
  • Content consumption during the B2B tech buyer’s purchase cycle
  • Most influential B2B content types, by journey stage
  • B2B buyers’ content length preferences
  • Impact of personal value considerations on B2B purchase outcomes
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