[Debrief] Why Consumers Open Brand Emails



Email is considered the most effective digital marketing tactic today. Consumers themselves agree: email is not only their preferred brand communication channel, but it also acts as a purchase influencer to more US Millennials than any single paid advertising medium.

Email might be effective, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Indeed, research suggests that only half of a typical email list is active. As such, email marketers have made increasing subscriber engagement their top priority.

The simplest form of email engagement is, of course, the open. It’s also the crucial first step on the path to purchase – and the one most susceptible to competition from rising email volume.

So how can email marketers achieve better open rates? This Debrief presents insights for marketers from three angles, by:

  • Providing an overview of email’s influence among US consumers;
  • Measuring US consumers’ attitudes to email marketing; and
  • Analyzing the reasons why various groups of subscribers open brand emails.

Topics Covered in the Debrief Include:

  • Email as a medium for brand engagement;
  • Why consumers opt in to brand emails – and why it matters;
  • How often subscribers want to be emailed, and how frequently they open brand emails;
  • The primary reasons why various subscriber segments open brand emails;
  • Consumers’ take on the relevance of subject line personalization and timing;
  • The use and influence of email preview panes;
  • Subscribers’ preferred tones in brand emails; and
  • The importance of mobile email optimization.

Based primarily on survey research conducted by MarketingCharts through SurveyMonkey’s Audience panel, this Debrief provides essential guidance for marketers in a concise, easily accessible format that features 22 charts and tables. It also goes beyond existing research by identifying differences in how various groups of email subscribers approach brand emails.

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