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Nielsen Measures the American Idol Phenomenon

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Most Popular Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Metrics

Source: CMO Council [download page] Notes: Familiar metrics top the list of those used to track the effectiveness of digital marketing or online advertising campaigns, with clicks, response and conversion rates (51%) the most commonly-cited top-5 measure, per the CMO Council’s survey of 525 marketers around the globe. Page views, time on site/page and registrations/sign-ups […]

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Which Industry Has the Most Active Email Subscribers?

Source: Yesmail Interactive Notes: Yesmail’s analysis of email database subscriber behavior during Q2 shows that just 1.3% of B2B email subscribers could be considered active (having opened or clicked within the past 90 days), the lowest proportion of the industries studied (as with last year). The B2B industry’s low activity rate appears to be the […]

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How is the Marketing Media Mix Changing?

Digital channels are beginning to rank among the top-budgeted areas of marketers’ program spend, finds the CMO Council in its latest State of Marketing report [download page]. Indeed, websites, microsites and communities now rival trade shows and conferences in share of planned program spend, outweighing TV advertising as well as lead generation and thought leadership (including […]

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Email Click-to-Open Rates Still Lag on Mobile

Mobile devices accounted for 64.5% of all email opens during the second quarter of this year, says Yesmail Interactive in its latest quarterly report [download page] covering Q2 email activity. The study – which uses a new adjusted figure for Android opens to account for those devices’ frequent default “images off” setting – indicates that while […]

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Top Cable Companies Now Have More Broadband Than Pay-TV Subscribers

Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG) Notes: After threatening to top the number of pay-TV subscribers last year, the number of cable companies’ broadband subscribers finally reached that milestone during Q2, per LRG data. Overall, though, the number of US broadband subscribers (85.9 million) boasted by the top providers trails the number of pay-TV subscribers (95.5 million) […]

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