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Consumers Shake Out into Post-Recession Camps »
Consumers Shake Out into Post-Recession Camps

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How Marketers Are Planning to Accelerate Personalization Strategies

Source: CMO Council / Microsoft[download page] Notes: Marketers will be turning to analytics and lifecycle management tools (49%) and personalization platforms (47%) to accelerate their personalization strategies in the coming year, reports the CMO Council in a recently-released study. Comprehensive journey mapping (44%), predictive analytics (41%), and social listening are also popular strategies per the […]

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Which Activities Do Smartphone Owners Prioritize on Their Devices?

Adult smartphone users in the US estimate spending as much time texting as talking on their devices, per results from a GfK survey of almost 6,000 adult smartphone users aged 18-64. On average, respondents estimated spending 22% of their daily smartphone time on each of these activities, although separately 2 in 3 agreed that they […]

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4 in 5 TV Households Now Using At Least One On-Demand Service

Some 81% of US households with a TV set have a DVR, get Netflix or use video on-demand (VOD) from a provider, according to the latest annual study of on-demand usage by the Leichtman Research Group (LRG). That represents an increase from 76% of households last year and 70% the year prior.

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Majority of Americans Projected to Watch Streaming TV This Year

Source: eMarketer Notes: Digital TV viewing is projected to exceed half of the internet-using population this year for the first time, forecasts eMarketer. Some 164.5 million Americans are expected to watch TV shows online via any device at least once a month, representing 50.8% of the population. That figure is forecast to climb to 183.6 […]

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Magazine Media Audiences Grew by More Than 7% in 2015

Source: The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) Notes: Total magazine media audiences – measured across online and offline channels – grew by 7.1% year-over-year in 2015 to reach almost 1.7 billion, reports the MPA. Magazine brands’ mobile web audiences showed the fastest growth, of 53.1%, followed by video audiences, which grew by 13.8%. Print, including […]

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