Millennials’ Top Source of Coupons and Deals? The Newspaper

Valassis-Millennials-Top-Coupon-Deal-Sources-Sept2013Surprising results out from Valassis in its 6th Annual RedPlum Purse String Survey. Millennials (18-34) – those digitally-obsessed individuals – say that they most often get their savings from newspapers, with 51% indicating this to be the case. Newspapers edged out emails and coupon alerts (50%), internet searches (38%), the mail (33%), and in-store offers (25%) as a promotions source for this demographic, with some also turning to links from savings sites and blogs (23%), retail circulars (21%) and coupon books (20%).

Millennials are more likely than the general population to be turning to digital methods to obtain deals and coupons, though. For example, 27% claimed to have used more mobile coupons in the past year, versus 17% of respondents overall. Millennials were also more likely to say they’ve: accessed a coupon in an email on their smartphone (45% vs. 24%); accessed a coupon code on their smartphone (41% vs. 24%); compared deals on their smartphone (36% vs. 20%); and downloaded a coupon from their smartphone to a loyalty card (32% vs. 20%). Just can’t tear those young people away from their phones.

While the findings concerning promotions sources are somewhat counter-intuitive, Millennials’ propensity to share deals probably isn’t. This generation ranks as the most likely to share deals, with 9 in 10 saying they do so. Roughly 7 in 10 share via word-of-mouth (versus 56% of the total sample), 43% share via social media (versus 29%), and 30% text their deals (versus 19%).

About the Data: The 2013 RedPlum Purse String Survey is based on insights from more than 5,100 respondents. The survey was conducted on from June 20 through July 21.