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Offline WOM More Prevalent, Positive and Credible than Online Buzz »
Offline WOM More Prevalent, Positive and Credible than Online Buzz

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Brands’ Use of Slang on Social Media is Annoying, Consumers Say

Consumers seem to have fairly clear ideas about brand personalities on social media, and the use of slang isn’t… woke. In a new study from Sprout Social, roughly 1,000 US social media users weighed in on brand personalities, with most feeling that it’s “cool” if brands talk about timely events, but not politics.

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US Millennial Affluents Expect Double-Digit Increase in Discretionary Spending

Affluent Millennials are far outpacing their generational counterparts in discretionary spending growth, reports YouGov’s Affluent Perspective 2017 Global Study. Affluents in other age brackets, such as Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, plan to spend┬áless this year than in the previous year, while Millennials expect to spent 12% more.

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Traditional Media Still the Best Way to Reach Boomers, Advertisers Believe

TV is, by a large┬ámargin, the best way to reach Boomers (born before 1965), according to marketers and agency professionals responding to an Advertiser Perceptions survey. Presented with 10 media categories and asked to identify the best one for reaching and delivering meaningful results from this large generation, fully half (51%) of respondents chose TV, […]

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IT Decision-Makers Say They Notice Ads While Watching Video, Shopping Online

Some 61% of IT decision-makers have an ad blocker installed on at least one of their devices, according to a Yahoo survey. The desktop (50%) – the device in which they spend most of their time – is the most common one on which they’ve installed an ad blocker, with fewer (28%) having an ad […]

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Demand-Side “Tech Tax” Takes 28 Cents From An Advertiser’s Programmatic Dollar, ANA Says

In what it says is an attempt to establish some “accountability and transparency in programmatic media,” the ANA has released a report [download page] in which it estimates how the flow of spending from advertisers moves through the supply chain to an exchange. The bottom line? The data it analyzed revealed that 28 cents of […]

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